Equinox (Commission) – lostandwhatever

Here is a detailed TG bodyswap story, commissioned by anonymous and originally published on my Patreon.

The curtains were closed, the candles were lit, the incense was burning, and they were both naked on the bed together.

“Time to begin,” Melanie said, picking up a small black velvet pouch.

“So…” Alan said, “that’s it?”

She nodded and pulled the medallion out of the bag. “The Aequinoctium Medallion,” she said, holding it by the silver chain, letting the metal disk twist in the air between them.

It was larger than he had expected, as thick as a mobile phone and about the same circumference as a can of cola. “What are the two gems in it?”

“Moonstone and sunstone,” she said, pointing to the marble sized stones set horizontally in the middle of the disk, each one equidistant from each other and the edge of the medallion. The moonstone was pearly white with iridescent blue and pink just visible in the candlelight. The sunstone was speckled orange and seemed to burn brighter in the same light. Besides the gems, there were swirling embellishments covering the silvery metal including indecipherable inscriptions. “Are you ready,” she asked, moving it closer to him.

He recoiled slightly. “Just what is this going to do to us? Swap our minds or something? How does it work?”

She sighed. “I explained it all to you before we put in our bid online.”

“Tell me again,” he said.

“The Aequinoctium Medallion,” she explained, “can allow two people to exchange bodies for an unlimited amount of time. When they both touch the medallion at the same time, their bodies begin to change shape to match the body of the other person.”

He was quiet for a moment. “Cool,” he said at last. “It’s not… permanent, right?”

“It isn’t… unless you want it to be,” she said and gave him a little wink.

“Are you sure it’s the real thing?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” She said, smiling, and hung the medallion from her neck, letting it rest on her breasts. She moved closer to him.

“Can’t we wait to try this in another week or two. It only arrived yesterday. We could prepare more, maybe…”

She sighed again. “Do you know what aequinoctium means?”

He shook his head.

“It means ‘equal night,’ referring to the two days a year when the night and day are the same length.”

Dim memories of science class returned to him. “The equinox,” he said.

“Exactly,” she said. “Today is the vernal equinox. It will only be active until midnight. Then, it will be dormant until the autumnal equinox.”

“So,” he said. “Then, we can use it as much as we want today. Right?”

“No,” she said. “See the two gems. Each one represents one time it can be used. After two uses, it goes dormant until the next equinox. We can only use it today, and we can only use it twice. That’s why we’re using it now. Understand?”

“Right,” he said.

“Ready?” she said.

“I guess so,” he said.

“You having second thoughts?”

“Not really,” he lied. “Will it hurt?”

“Maybe,” she said with a shrug.


“I know I’d love to feel you from the inside,” she said, rubbing his bearded cheek and letting her hand drift down along his hairy chest to his thick belly. He was slightly overweight but still muscular beneath it all. She wanted to feel that bulk on her and the strength that came with it. Her fingers drifted down to his cock. “I could feel what it’s like to penetrate myself.”


“You sure you don’t want to feel this body from the inside,” she said, fondling her ample breasts and lifting the medallion towards him. “It feels better than you can imagine, believe me.”

“Okay,” he said, growing visibly turned on by the prospect of being his girlfriend. “I’m ready.”

“Time for an unforgettable experience,” she said, grabbing the medallion in her hand and holding it out for him to grab. “Let’s do it.”

After a moment of hesitation, he reached for it slowly, but just before his fingers touched the metal, the doorbell rang downstairs, causing both of them to jump.

She sighed and said, “Who the hell is that?”

“Should I go answer the door?” he asked, standing up from the bed.

“No,” she said. “We’ll just wait for whoever it is to go away.”

They waited. The doorbell rang again. Then, after another long wait, it rang a third time.

She peeked through the curtains to look at who was at their door. Waiting there was a familiar young woman, wearing a black dress and matching tights. “Shit,” she said. “It’s my sister.”

“What’s she doing here?” he asked. “I thought the rest of your family was at some party today.”

“They’re supposed to be. It’s my grandma’s birthday,” she said, standing up from the bed and grabbing a red robe. “Wait here. I’ll find out what she wants. Then, when she’s dealt with, we can get started.” She slipped on her robe and cinched it closed before heading downstairs, leaving Alan alone in their bedroom.

When Melanie reached the front door of their house, she paused before opening it after realizing she was still wearing the medallion. She took it off and set it down by her keys on a table in the hallway, so she would not have to explain it. Then, she unlocked the front door, and opened it. “Hello, Liz,” she said to the young woman on her stoop. “Why aren’t you at the party?”

“I should ask you the same thing?” Liz replied. “Mom and Dad were asking about you.”

“I told them I wasn’t feeling well,” Melanie said and gestured down at her robe. “You just got me out of bed.”

Liz smirked and said, “Yeah, of course you aren’t. I know you hate family parties. I don’t love them either, but I’m still stuck living at home until I go off to college in the fall. I have to be there.”

“Then, why aren’t you there now?”

“There was a bit of a disaster,” Liz said. “A plumbing problem.”


A kid’s voice from behind Liz said, “The toilet exploded.”

Liz turned around to see her 8-year-old cousin wearing a t-shirt and shorts standing behind her on the driveway. “Joey!” she said. “What are you doing here? Did you follow me?”

He nervously looked down and twisted the toe end of his shoe into the pavement. “I just wanted to… you know… hang out with you two.”

Liz groaned and said, “I didn’t invite you to come with me.”

Melanie said, “What do you mean the toilet exploded?”

“Oh,” Liz said with a smirk. “Yeah, apparently someone tried to flush something that shouldn’t have gone down the drain, and all the drain pipes clogged and started backing up. The whole house smells like a sewer. Mom and Dad told everyone to relocate the party someplace else later tonight. I need to kill a couple of hours until then, and… well… You live just down the road here…”

“Go hang out with your friends,” Melanie suggested.

“They’re all working or out of town,” Liz said. “I checked. Then, I remembered my big sis lives just a short walk away. I figured you might be home, and if you weren’t, then I could probably sneak in here and watch some TV.”

“Sneak in? You don’t have a key to my house.”

“I might know where you hide your key.”

“You what?”

Liz shrugged.

“No,” Melanie said.

“Please,” Liz said.

“Yeah, please,” Joey said as he walked up to them.

“You’re not welcome here,” Liz said to the boy.

Melanie said, “Neither of you are welcome here.”

Liz replied, “I’m just going to be watching TV in your living room for a couple of hours. Then, I’m leaving.”

“Yeah,” Joey said. “Just a couple of hours.”

Melanie checked the clock. It was just before noon. They would still have the whole evening to use the medallion, even if they had to wait. “Fine,” she said, sighing. “You two stay in the living room. I’m going upstairs to put on something more appropriate.” She started walking upstairs and paused a moment to turn around and say, “Don’t. Touch. Anything.”

“We won’t,” Joey said as he stepped into the house.

Liz followed him in and said, “Yeah, what he said.” She shut the door behind herself.

Melanie groaned slightly and headed back upstairs to Alan.

Liz started to stroll around the hall, investigating her sister’s house, looking for a way to disobey. She noticed Joey watching her every move. “It’s not polite to stare,” she told him.

“Why do you wear all black?” the boy asked.

Liz shrugged and started poking at things on the table by the door. “I’m into goth fashion. This is a slightly more conventional outfit than what I normally wear. My lipstick is red today instead of black. Still…”

“It looks cool,” he said.

Liz’s fingers slid over the medallion. “So, do you have a crush on me or my sister?” she asked him, bluntly.

“What!?” Joey said, blushing.

“You followed me here, but I think you might have been looking for her,” Liz said, picking up the medallion to examine it. “It’s okay if you do have a crush on her. She’s quite attractive… in a conventional way.”

“I just… I was only… I…” he tripped through his words into embarrassed silence.

Ignoring his discomfort to focus on the medallion, Liz said, “Where did she get this?”

“Wow,” Joey said, wide-eyed. “That’s so cool. Man, I wish I had a necklace like that.”

Liz glanced at him curiously and asked, “Why?”

“Uh,” Joey said, again feeling nervous. “I play this, kind of, role playing game with my friends. Sometimes we have costumes. That would make a great magic amulet for a wizard.”

“Well,” Liz said, turning the medallion around in her fingers. “You’ll have to get in line. I might have to borrow this one, first. Mel probably won’t miss it immediately.”

“Y-your just going to take her necklace?” Joey said, trying to conceal his outrage.

“Just for today,” Liz said, slipping the chain over her head to let the medallion rest on her chest, just at Joey’s eye-level. “It goes perfectly with my outfit.”

“That’s…” Joey controlled his voice and whispered, “stealing!”

Liz whispered back, “It’s not stealing if you plan on giving it back.”

Joey looked up the stairs nervously. When he heard footsteps approaching, he said, “I-I’m going to use the toilet.” He ran off down the hall to find a bathroom to hide in.

Liz smirked. “Boys,” she said.

“Hello, Liz,” Alan said as he walked down the staircase to her. He had dressed more quickly than Melanie and decided to greet their guest by himself. Liz was almost as pretty as her big sister, and he did not mind having a little alone time with her.

“Heya, Alan,” she said, spreading her arms for a hug.

Alan gladly accepted her hug and returned his own. They wrapped their arms around each other, pressing his chest into hers until the medallion rose up on her breasts and touched the bare skin just above the neck of his shirt.

They both felt a momentary tingle as their skin made simultaneous contact with the metal.

When they released each other, he looked down and gasped. He had recognized what she was wearing on her neck. “Oh…” he said.

Thinking that he was checking out her cleavage, she said, “Eyes up here, big boy” and pointed to her face. “I’m going to put on the TV. Come join me.” She turned and walked off to the living room.

Alan tried to stammer a response, realizing that his body had begun to tingle all over. “The magic,” he muttered to himself. “Oh no.” He turned and ran up the stairs. “Melanie,” he called to his girlfriend, who he found her in their bedroom, zipping up a pair of jeans.

“What is it?” Melanie asked him, noticing his panicked expression. “What’s wrong?”

“The medallion!” he whispered to her.

“What about it?” she asked, touching her chest. When she did not feel it hanging from her neck, she said, “Oh, I left it downstairs.”

“Liz was wearing it,” he said, sweat forming on his forehead. “She hugged me.”

“You both touched it?” she said, joining him in his panic.

He nodded. “I didn’t see it at first, but after we did… I felt a tingle.”

“Oh no,” Melanie said.

“I feel weird,” he said, taking a seat on the bed.

“Stay calm. I’ll go get the medallion,” Melanie said and left the room.


Meanwhile, downstairs, Liz was holding a remote and flipping through channels, searching for something to watch. She began to feel an odd twisting sensation in her gut. She grunted, rubbing her belly, and said, “I might have to kick Joey out of the bathroom.”

The feeling descended down to her crotch, where she felt her clit start to swell. “What the hell?” she asked as it started to poke out from her labia. Sometimes it would swell a little when she was aroused, but she was not feeling aroused now. Besides, her clit had never swollen up this much before. She uncrossed her legs to give it some space.

Cramps hit her then. It felt as bad as her worst periods. She lifted the front of her dress to see if there was any blood. There was none, but her stiffened clit was now visibly tenting the front of her tights. She was thankful for not having worn panties today. With all of the swelling down there, she knew she would be much more uncomfortable now with more fabric constraining her.

Liz briefly thought of calling for help, but her clit was starting to look embarrassingly large, almost like a…

“No,” she said, as it grew longer and thicker, bigger than any clit should be. “No,” she repeated, shaking her head. She did not say the word. She refused to even think it.

The pressure inside her became excruciating, and she felt as though she were about to explode. Suddenly, something egg-like pushed out of her pussy. Then, another thing just like it followed it out. For a moment, she wondered if she had just miscarried. When she realized she could feel the two tender objects that had just extruded from her pussy as if they were a part of her, she knew what they were. They hung there in a sack of skin, just beneath her impossibly huge clit.

Her tights tore open thanks to the pressure from her externalized genitalia. There was no denying what she saw there, naked before her own eyes. She had a man’s erect dick and a pair of balls. However, nothing else had changed about her body. The rest of her was the same as it had been before. For a moment, she hoped that it was over, that this was the worst it would get.

Unfortunately, she felt her feet begin to swell. Her black heels felt increasingly tighter, constricting her feet. She tried to slip them off by the heels, but already they were immovably attached to her, squeezing her painfully. There was no way to take them off. For a moment, she wondered what would break first, her shoes or her toes. Then, to her relief, the fronts of her shoes tore open at the seam where the sole met the top of the shoe. Her growing toes poked out, still partially covered by her black tights, which had torn open, exposing some of her lengthening toe tips. Her shoes continued to disintegrate as her feet outgrew them by many sizes.

As the growing slowed down in her feet, she felt the swelling sensation creep up her legs all the way to her hips. Her tights pressed on her thighs and claves like a sausage casing. She felt her leg bones stretch longer, dragging skin and muscle and fat along with them, giving her terrible growing pains. She was experiencing years of growth in moments, and it was like her body was tearing itself apart to reconstruct it into something else. Her growing legs tore holes open all over her overstretched tights, revealing patches of increasingly hairy skin.

The sensation of it all was so strange. Her whole body below the waist felt thicker and heavier. She seemed to be becoming more solid as she grew, losing her softness and gaining more bulk in her muscles. She recognized those sensations as masculinity taking over her body. It seemed that her femininity was gradually being erased.

Just when her legs were mostly done changing, she felt the transformation shift to her hands and arms, as if whatever it was that was doing this to her was gradually working its way through her body parts, one part at a time. Her once delicate hands grew thick and heavy, her fingers looking more stumpy and blunt, her palms getting meatier. She even saw dark hair sprouting on the backs of her hands and spreading up her arms as they too grew meatier and heavier. Much like with her legs, she felt growing pains in her bones as they stretched and thickened. Soon, she had a pair of chunky man-arms stretching out from her feminine shoulders.

Then, it was her torso and waist’s turn to grow manly. Her belly swelled up, inflating like a water balloon as the opposite happened in her chest. Her breasts deflated, losing their shape but retaining some fattiness. Her rib cage and back grew, making space for her expanding organs. It did not take long for her manish torso to outgrow her dress, which tore at every seam as her body burst free from it. Meanwhile, despite her bra’s cups being half empty now, the band of it dug into her thickening flesh. Again, she felt as though something she was wearing was trying to crush her. In this case, she felt as if her bra were squeezing her lungs, attempting to suffocate her. The pressure released suddenly when the claps of her bra strap bent and came apart. With that pain relieved, her attention shifted to her skin, which tingled all over as thick and dark hair grew on it, even on her breasts. She felt gross, as if she were becoming a gorilla. Her man hands rubbed her oafish pot belly, feeling its fatty roundness.

“Liz!” she heard her sister’s voice say.

Liz turned to see her shocked sister standing by the stairs and realized that, while the transformation was occupying all of her attention, Melanie had recently entered the room to witness it.

“Melanie!” Liz replied as she felt her neck getting thicker. “Help ME!” she said as her voice dropped down octaves due to her enlarging Adam’s Apple. “PLEASE!” she begged in a manish voice. At that point all that remained of her female body was her head. It rested there incongruously on top of Alan’s heavy male body, as if she were wearing a man costume without the head.

That mismatch only lasted a moment. Liz’s face started to round out and expand. She put her hands to her cheeks to feel the prickly hairs of a beard sprouting around her jaw as her aching skull reshaped itself. Her feminine features grew thicker and blockier, her nose spread wider, her chin became squarer beneath the increasing fat on it. In contrast to everything else that was growing, her long hair shortened into a trimmed male style. Soon, she was unrecognizable as Melanie’s sister. Instead, when the changes had finished, Liz had become a perfect double of Melainie’s boyfriend.

Liz slumped in a heap on the couch, feeling totally spent. Physically, all the energy in her body seemed to have been drained as she had morphed into a new shape. Now, her thick limbs felt like lead weights, holding her down. Mentally, the pain of the transformation had utterly exhausted her. She was relieved, though, to feel that her body had once more settled down into a stable form.

“Oh my God!” Melanie said as she approached her sister. “Liz, are you all right?”

Liz groaned, but in her manly voice it sounded more like a rumbling growl. “What happened?” she muttered. Her deep voice felt powerful and more than a little frightening to hear coming from her mouth. It was a voice she recognized, though. “Am I…? Did I turn into…?”

“Alan?” Melanie said, completing the thought Liz was reluctant to finish. She nodded.

“Oh God,” Liz said, and lifted her thick hands to examine them. They were definitely the same as his hands. She looked past them to her crotch and immediately covered what she found there under the remains of her dress, but the shape of the lump beneath the fabric was impossible to hide. “Why?” Liz moaned. “How?”

But, before Melanie could respond, they heard a familiar voice call to them from upstairs. “Melanie!” they heard Liz’s voice yell.

“Alan?” Melanie yelled back up to him.


Since Melanie had left their bedroom, Alan had experienced the opposite of what Liz went through downstairs.

Alan had been pacing around the room, repeatedly checking in the mirror to see if his body was changing at all. He was hoping that the medallion had been a dud, a fake. Maybe nothing would happen, he hoped. Magic can’t be real…can it? He kept telling himself that, until he noticed his hair begin to grow.

“Oh no!” he said, grabbing his growing locks as his lengthening hair grew darker and draped around his face, realizing that it was happening after all.

He felt pressure all around his head, as if it had been dunked underwater. The pressure kept growing until it felt as though his skull would collapse. Instead of shattering, it began to shrink and reform. His nose narrowed and shortened. He felt a tingle as his beard retreated into his cheeks and chin as both shrank. He put his hands on his cheeks to feel the smooth skin that had replaced prickly hairs.

He looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the face of his girlfriend’s sister staring back at him, looking shocked. The head looked so out of place on his male body.

“Oh no!” he said and saw her female lips in the reflection form the words while hearing his voice come from her mouth. The pressure descended to his throat then as if it intended to strangle him, but instead of suffocating, he felt his neck and voice box shrink. His groans creeped up in pitch becoming increasingly female until his voice seemed piercingly high in his own ears. Again, his male hands probed his newly female skin and found it smoother. There was no sign of an Adam’s Apple left on his neck.

The pressure crept down into his chest, and once more he sensed that some force might be trying to smother the life out of him. His rib cage shrank in on his lungs like a vice, but thankfully, his lungs and heart seemed to deflate like leaking balloons. His belly began to deflate as well, losing fat and going flat in a way he had not seen since he was a boy. All the while, his skin tingled with what he suspected was his body hair disappearing one strand after another.

Then, he felt a new sensation as a part of his body began to grow, his chest. His nipples grew larger and stiffened as the flesh beneath them started to puff up, filling with soft fatty tissue. His shirt, which had become too large for his female torso, began to tent out in front as a pair of breasts swelled underneath it. The feeling of the fabric sliding past his increasingly sensitive nipples caused him to shudder at the pleasurable stimulation. As his breasts continued to grow, he kept expecting them to stop, but they just kept getting bigger and heavier. He knew Liz had a nice pair of tits, but he had never imagined that they would look this big from her perspective. They became so huge that he felt them begin to droop down his chest as gravity dragged them downwards. Finally, after he had started to fear that they would never stop, their growth ceased. He sat there shocked at the fleshy weight pulling on him. His male hands cupped them to try to support their weight. How many times had he imagined touching these breasts? Now, he could feel how soft they were in his hands, while experiencing the intense pleasure his groping was causing his highly sensitive nipples.

That mismatch of his male hands on his female breasts did not last long. He felt the pressure shift to his shoulders and arms now. His shoulders narrowed as his arms contracted into themselves, getting thinner, losing hair, losing muscle. Their bones creaked and retracted, getting shorter, narrower, giving him a feeling of growing pains in reverse. His hands had not left his breasts, so he felt the odd sensation of them shrinking while still clutching the breast flesh under his fingers. The breasts felt as though they were growing again, but he knew it was only his hands that were shrinking, pressing down on them. His fingers becoming slender and delicate, tit flesh spilling out between them.

All over, from his waist up, he felt weakened. So much mass and muscle had just melted away, leaving him feeling diminished and vulnerable. It did not help that his breasts seemed to be begging for attention, as if they wanted to demonstrate just how unmistakably female his top half had become.

The pressure spread down his legs, squeezing them smaller just as it had done with his arms. In this case, though, the changes were less pronounced. His hips and thighs retained a lot of their shape even as his aching legs pulled in shorter, dragging his big feet closer. He felt the legs of his pants start to fold on themselves as their fabric collected on his feet. All over, he could feel his leg hair tingling, disappearing, leaving his skin smooth.

His feet were next. He watched as their many bones each shrank away, painfully pulling at the bones connected to them until they reformed as well. His thick toes became delicate little nubs at the end of a petite pair of female feet.

Then, only one male part of him remained, the most masculine part of all. At some point as his body had transformed, he had developed an erection in spite of the pain. Maybe it was from fondling his new breasts, which he had not yet let go of. Maybe it was the sensation of being so near to female flesh, even if it was his own flesh now. He could not be sure. He did find it strangely intimate, being a man in a woman’s body. Of course, getting inside of a woman’s body was what sex was to him. Only, normally, he only entered one part of her. He realized that he had experienced an inverted penetration. His whole body had been enveloped by a woman, leaving only his genitals behind, this time.

Then, his erection felt the pressure as well. The magic squeezed against his already excited dick, and he felt himself tip over the edge into an orgasm. His male genitalia blasted pleasure back into his female body, eliciting moans and gasping shudders as he came into his oversized pants, pumping out cum. Through the pleasure, he could feel his dick shrinking away with each pump as if it was draining out his remaining masculinity with each spurt. He felt his balls retract up into his body one after the other, each one feeling tender as if it had just been hit. A cavity formed where they left, which felt increasingly moist. He could feel his gonads continue to travel up inside of him leaving a new hollowness behind them. His dick was only a couple of inches long then and still shrinking as it leaked out the last of his semen. Folds of sensitive skin formed a slit beneath it, until what had been his dick retracted underneath the folds as well.

The magic dissipated as did the orgasm, and he realized that none of his masculine body remained. The only male thing left was the sticky semen on his underwear pressed against his female crotch. He was female, inside and out, every inch of him. He sat up to get a look at himself in the mirror. In the reflection he saw only Melaine’s sister wearing his clothes. He had become Liz, an exact double of her. Panic started to grow in him as he realized he was no longer himself.

And, he was alone. He was small. He was scared. He needed help. So, he called for it.

“Melanie!” he yelled, wincing at the sound of his own shrieking voice.

“Alan?” Melanie’s voice yelled back from downstairs.

“Help me!” he cried. “My body. I’m not… It’s… Oh, God!” He began to cry.


Downstairs, Liz and Melanie exchanged a look.

“I should go up and check on him,” Melanie said.

“Don’t leave me alone here too long,” Liz said.

“I’ll just be a minute,” Melanie said and hurried upstairs.

“What the hell?” Liz said as she readjusted her scrotum since it had started to press against her hairy thigh in an uncomfortable way. (Not that anything it might do would be “comfortable” to her.) Wanting to do something instead of just sit there and worry, she tried standing up, but felt a bit wobbly on her destroyed shoes. She sat back down and tore the remaining bits of her shoes off with her meaty hands. As she did, she appreciated how useful a man’s muscles could be. She tried standing again and was amazed to see how much taller she had become. As she looked down wearily at the ground far below, she noticed that she was still wearing her sister’s necklace. Not wanting to get herself into any more trouble, she took it off, carried it over to the hallway table, and returned it to where she had found it.

She froze when she heard a toilet flush just a couple of rooms over.

“Joey!” she said, remembering her tag-along cousin. With all that had happened to her, she had completely forgotten that he was even there. She looked down at her body—Alan’s body—wearing her torn dress. “I can’t let him see me like this.” There was only one place to go. She headed upstairs to find her sister and to locate her own body as well.

Standing in their bedroom doorway, Liz was shocked by what she found inside. Melanie was sitting on the bed next to a crying duplicate of Liz’s real body. Melanie was patting the doppelganger’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort her emasculated boyfriend.

“What’s the matter?” Melanie asked after spotting the worried look on Liz’s face.

“Joey is still downstairs,” Liz said, pointed her thumb back over her shoulder. “What do we do about him?”

Melanie stood up and asked, “Did he see you?”

“No,” Liz said. “I headed up here before he left the bathroom.”

“Liz? Melanie?” Joey called up to them from downstairs. “Where is everybody?”

Liz hurried into the bedroom to hide, while Melanie replaced her in the doorway.

“We’re up here,” Melanie called back to the boy.

He walked to the foot of the stairs to see his cousin standing at the top in a doorway.

“What’s going on?” Joey asked.

“We had a bit of a problem with… Liz’s dress. We’re trying to fix what happened.”

“Oh,” he said. “Okay.” He sounded a bit uncertain about how to reply.

“Maybe you should head home,” Melanie suggested. “We’re going to need some time to fix the problem.”

“Really?” he asked, sounding disappointed now.

“Yes, really,” she said. “Are you okay with walking home alone? Do you know the way?”

“Yeah,” he said, dejected. “I can get home safe.”

“Okay,” she said. “Bye. Sorry, I guess.”

“Bye,” he said.

Everyone upstairs waited breathlessly for what seemed like a whole minute until they heard the front door open and close. Then, they let out a sigh of relief. Melanie ran down the stairs to do a quick check to make sure that the boy was truly gone. When she was confident that the three of them were alone, she rushed back up to the bedroom to find Alan and Liz sitting on opposite corners of the bed while each avoided looking at the other one.

“He’s gone,” she informed them.

“What the hell is going on?” Liz asked.

“It’s that stupid medallion,” Alan said and sniffled.

“What?” Liz asked. “You mean the necklace I was wearing? What about it?”

“The necklace is a magical medallion,” Melanie explained. “It can swap people’s bodies, like…” she gestured at the two of them. Liz and Alan gave each other an uneasy glance. They had found that there was something deeply disturbing about seeing your body from the outside while it is being controlled by someone else. It was something like hearing your voice on a recording, something intimate that seemed both familiar and indescribably wrong in subtle ways.

“Can it turn us back?” Liz asked, hopefully.

“Yes,” Melanie said. “You just need to touch it again at the same time that Alan does, and it will turn you both back to normal.” She looked at Liz’s neck, expecting to see the medallion hanging there. When she noticed it was gone, she asked, “Where is it? What did you do with it?”

“I put it back down on the table by the door.”

Melanie ran back downstairs again, feeling somewhat winded after having made the trip several times. She checked the table and saw nothing there besides her keys and a potted plant. “I don’t see it here,” she reported. “Are you sure you put it here?”

“Yes,” Liz replied. “I’m positive.”

After moving the plant and checking on the floor under the table, Melanie said, “It’s not here.”

“What!?” Alan said. Then, Alan and Liz both headed downstairs, taking the steps carefully on their unfamiliar legs. Alan had ditched his pants and underwear, letting his T-shirt cover him just down past his crotch. Liz had draped a blanket over herself like a toga.

“Are you absolutely sure you left it here?” Melanie asked Liz.

“Yes,” Liz said. “It was right there.” She pointed at the empty space where the medallion had been.

“Well, where is it?” Alan asked, sounding as though he was about to become hysterical again. “It couldn’t have just walked away on its own… could it?”

“Oh,” Liz cried.

“What?” Melanie asked.

“I just remembered something,” Liz said. “I was saying that I might borrow the necklace from you, and Joey said that he wanted to borrow it too.”

“Why?” Alan asked.

“He said something about a wizard game. I don’t know. He wanted it for a costume I guess.”

“So he stole it?” Alan asked in disbelief.

“Borrowed it,” Liz said, regretting her own intention to take the medallion for herself.

“Oh, no!” Melanie said. “This is bad. If he accidentally touches the Medallion along with someone else, then they’d swap bodies as well.”

“That’s bad,” Liz said. “But, we could just swap them back. Same as we’re going to swap Alan and me back to normal.”

“No,” Melanie said, shaking her head. “The necklace will only work twice today. After that…” She was afraid to even consider it.

“What?” Liz asked.

“We would have to wait until the autumn equinox for it to work again.”

“Oh, God,” Alan said, his hands on his cheeks, tears filling his eyes again.

“Well,” Liz said, ignoring Alan’s weeping. “Let’s go get him, then.” Liz was feeling a strange new assertiveness with her new male body. She had a dick and felt like swinging it a bit.

“I’m not going anywhere looking like this,” Alan declared.

“What’s the matter with how you look?” asked Liz, offended.

“I’m not a woman!”

“And, I’m not a man. Big deal. Nobody will be able to tell what we really are if we put on something that fits. I’ll get dressed in your clothes. You can put on what’s left of mine, or you can borrow some of Mel’s stuff. It’ll probably fit.”

“B-but…” Alan stuttered. “I c-can’t! I won’t!”

Liz turned to her sister and asked, “Is he always such a bitch or is it just because he’s got my pussy now?”

Melanie sighed. “He’s like this sometimes, but usually it’s not this bad.”

“Hey!” Alan whined. “Stop making fun of me. I’m scared.”

Liz sighed and said, “Suck it up, princess. If you want these balls back soon, you might want to pretend like you have a pair. Come on.” She took Alan by the wrist and dragged him to the stairs. He felt too weak and worried to resist. “Let’s get dressed. Mel, you try calling the kid’s parents. Tell them about the necklace. Okay?”

“I can’t tell them about it,” Melanie said. “How would I explain why I had it?”

“I don’t know,” Liz said as she led Alan upstairs. “Make something up. Tell them it’s fragile. Use your head. Do I have to think of everything?” She disappeared into the bedroom with Alan in tow.

Melanie found her phone and took a minute to come up with a story before dialing Joey’s parents.


After the phone call, Melanie headed back up to the bedroom to check on Liz and Alan. She heard their voices before she saw them.

“Stop fidgeting,” Alan’s voice said.

“You’re squeezing me,” Liz’s voice said.

When Melanie looked in through the doorway, she saw what appeared to be her boyfriend, Alan, fiddling with the clasps of a bra worn by her half-naked sister, Liz.

“Hey!” she shouted, feeling furious at the apparent betrayal. “What are you doing?”

The two paused and looked at her curiously, without showing any trace of remorse at being caught.

“Oh,” Melanie said, realizing her mistake. “Sorry, when I saw you two, I forgot for a moment.” Now that Liz was wearing Alan’s clothes, Melanie could hardly believe that the man standing before her was actually her sister. The torn up remains of her black dress were lying on the floor at her feet. Looking at Alan in Liz’s body, she recognized the bra being put on him. “That’s my bra.”

“Yeah,” Liz said as she tried to connect the clasps in the back. “The clasps on my bra were all bent out of shape. Your panties fit him just fine, but the bra is a bit too tight. Hold on.” She gave a sudden pull, eliciting a grunt from Alan. Then, she let go of the straps, and the bra stayed in place. “There,” she said. “Just took a little muscle.”

Alan cupped his breasts and sighed. “It’s squeezing me. Look, you can see it pressing into the skin.” He pointed to a fold of breast flesh spilling out over the top of the bra. Melanie tried not to think about how her boyfriend was unintentionally outclassing her with her own sister’s breasts.

Liz sighed and said, “Just deal with it for a little while. You won’t be wearing it forever. You just need to have it on while we’re outside so that your tits won’t bounce around everywhere when you walk. Once we turn back, you’ll be breast-free again.” She shook her head. “I swear, the amount of whining you do about spending a few minutes in my body is ridiculous.”

Alan readjusted himself in the cups so that his breasts would rest a little more comfortably, but he still had a disgruntled look on his face.

“So,” Liz said, turning to Melanie. “What did Joey’s parents say?”

“They haven’t seen him yet, but they said they would call me when they find out where he is. Apparently, when he left them after the party, he said he was going to hang out at his best friend’s house just down the street. They thought he might have ended up there at last. They’ll call the friend’s parents to see if he showed up. Also, they told me where his friend lives.”

“Did you tell them about the medallion?” Alan asked as he pulled up a pair of gym shorts.

“I told them he had taken it from me. I said the medallion was very old and very fragile, so they should have him immediately put it down somewhere safe and make sure that no one else touches it.”

“Good,” Liz said.

“But,” Alan said as he pulled on a T-shirt and pulled his long hair back out of it. “We still don’t know where he is. He might be at his friends house, or he might still be on his way home.”

“He might be somewhere else, even,” Liz said with a shrug.

Melanie thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to his friend’s house, first. If we don’t see him there, then we can split up to look for him.”

Alan paused, setting down a pair of Melanie’s pink flip flops that he had just found in the closet. “‘Split up?’” he asked. “You mean look for him by ourselves? Alone?”

“Yes,” Melanie said.

“I dunno,” Alan said, crossing his arms and wrestling his hands on his shoulders as if he wanted to simultaneously hide his chest and hug himself. “Maybe I’ll stay here.”

“You gutless little wimp,” Liz said. “You do realize it’ll be harder for us to find the kid if there’s only two of us looking for him, right? And, the longer he’s wandering around, the more likely it is someone else will touch the medallion.”

Melanie sighed and said, “We’re all going. We’ll figure out what we do next on the way. Come on.” She left the room, followed by Liz. Alan put on the sandals and took a few seconds to readjust his tight underwear again before trailing behind both of them.


Later, Alan and Liz waited in the car while Melanie talked to Joey’s friend’s mother at her front door.

“He’s not there,” Liz said, watching the two women talk.

“He might be,” Alan said, hopefully.

“If he was there, she would have called him to the door immediately. He’s somewhere else.”

The conversation ended, and the mother stepped back into her house and shut the door. Melanie returned to them. The look on her face indicated that Liz was right about Joey. Melanie got into the driver’s seat.

When her door was shut, Alan asked, “Did she have any idea where Joey is?”

“No,” Melanie said. “She hasn’t seen Joey all day, but her son is at the playground down the street. He might have run into Joey there.”

“So,” Liz said. “Either Joey is going home now, or he’s still heading here, or he might be at the playground, or he’s God-knows-where.”

“Pretty much,” Melanie said. “We have to split up.”

“I’ll go check the park,” Liz said. “I know that one pretty well. I used to play there, too.”

“I’ll stay here,” Melanie said. “I’ve already talked to the mother, so she won’t think it’s weird for me to hang around outside.”

“What about me?” Alan asked.

Melanie said, “You can go search around Joey’s house. He might be playing somewhere nearby.”

“Okay,” Alan said, but he sounded as though he would rather not.

“Everyone have their phones?” Liz asked.

They took them out and made sure that they had each others’ numbers.

“Right,” Liz said. “Send a text to us all if you find him. Let’s go.”

Liz got out of the car and walked down the sidewalk to the right. Alan hesitated for a long minute, until he noticed the stern look that Melanie was giving him. Then, he apologized, got out of the car, and walked the other way.


Alan arrived at Joey’s house about fifteen minutes later. Every step of the way, he had imagined eyes looking at him, peering through the female exterior to the man underneath. Somehow, he suspected that everybody who saw him would know immediately that he was not a real woman. Just the idea of being called out on it filled him with dread. Part of him realized that he was being sexist. There was nothing inherently shameful about being a woman as opposed to being a man. Besides, there was no believable way that someone could know he was a man just by looking at him now. At least in that thought, he knew he was being silly.

Still, he was aware that he had been diminished in frightening ways that went beyond his size. He felt exposed, vulnerable, and, above all, weak. He knew how sexy Liz was, and now he was trapped inside that sexy body. Other men would look at him the way he had looked at her. They would want him as he had wanted her. He really regretted not covering up more of his skin while getting dressed. Although he had not passed a single man on his walk, he could not help but worry about what one could do to him since he had lost most of his strength to defend himself. He wondered if women felt this way all the time. He wondered how they managed to go anywhere or do anything with that potential risk always waiting for them.

After realizing that he had been standing in front of the boy’s house for a few minutes lost in his worries, Alan decided to do a quick look around. He snuck up along the driveway and followed the property line to their backyard, but he saw no sign of the boy back there.

However, while standing there, he heard the giggling and shouting of children coming from somewhere nearby, accompanied by the sound of splashes and music from a stereo.

“A pool party,” Alan said as he followed the sounds to a neighbor’s backyard. Peeking over a wooden fence, he saw the underground pool with a small crowd of boys in bathing suits playing in and around it. Some were Joey’s age. Most were considerably older. A few looked as though they might be in college even. At first glance, he did not see Joey among them, but it was possible that the kid might be inside the house or playing somewhere else on the property that was out of sight. He sighed. “I’ve got to check with them,” he told himself.

Alan rounded the edge of the fence and walked towards the backyard party along the other side of the fence. A couple of younger boys chased each other towards him while squirting water guns at each other. A stray shot hit Alan square in the chest, soaking the front of the white T-shirt he wore. The boys stopped chasing each other the moment they saw him, and stared at him in dumb amazement. Then, as if on cue, the other boys all seemed to notice him, one by one, until his worries came true and dozens of eyes really were focused on his feminine body. Noticing that their eyes were mostly staring at his chest, he looked down and saw the bra he was wearing was clearly visible through the damp see-through fabric of his shirt.

With a light yelp, he crossed his arms and rested his hands on his shoulders, again. He felt like running but decided that he might as well ask now that he had come this far already. “Excuse me,” he said. “Has anyone seen my cousin Joey around here?”

No one replied, but one of the older guys approached Alan with a dry towel and said, “I don’t think he’s been around today.” The young man held the towel out to Alan, who took it and draped it over his shoulders, letting it cover his chest. He tried to avoid looking at the man’s bare upper body. Alan decided he would rather not acknowledge the man’s mostly naked, athletic physique. The man turned to one of the boys and asked, “Hey, Kyle. Did you see your friend Joey around?”

A boy Joey’s age replied, “He’s out at some family party. I think.”

“O-okay,” Alan said. “If you do see him, please tell him to go home right away.”

“Will do,” the man said. “Hey, you could just wait here to see if he turns up. I don’t think anyone would mind. You might even have some fun.” He gave her a welcoming smile.

Alan felt the desire radiating from the flirting young man in front of him. He could sense the same desire from all the other boys around as well. As he felt their eyes undressing him, Panic started to build inside of him.

“Uh,” he said, slowly backing away. “I think I should go look around somewhere else. S-sorry. B-bye.” He turned and began to run, to escape, but he barely made it ten feet before he tripped on his sandals and tumbled to the ground.

Before he could stand again, the muscular young man was hovering over him. “Are you okay? Let me help you up.” He held his hand out to Alan, who crawled away from it as if it were a weapon.

“Gotta go!” he said and took off running at a more controlled pace this time, making sure to avoid tripping up again. Once he was back at Joey’s house, he slowed down to catch his breath. It was then that he discovered that he had left the towel behind, meaning that his bra was once more visible through his wet shirt. Also, he realized that Joey was still nowhere to be found. Time was running out on his chance to end this embarrassment today. He had to keep looking no matter what. Again, he covered his chest with his arms and continued his search in the opposite direction down the street.


Liz had a much less anxiety-filled walk to the playground. For one thing, she was enjoying the hell out of just walking around in Alan’s body. Yeah, he was not the most fit or handsome guy around, but he was big. There was just something nice about being big. Liz felt as though she was safe in a way she had never experienced before. At this size, everything seemed much less threatening. Then, there was the feeling of power that came with that size. She felt as though she were behind the wheel of a muscle car. Yeah, this body was not the most maneuverable vehicle, but it had an almost frightening amount of horsepower. She felt tough, dangerous even. It was cool.

When she made it to the playground, her initial impression was that it was much smaller than she remembered. Of course, she was a child the last time she had spent any time there, but being a big dude now probably contributed to the sense of relative smallness. Behind the playground, was some open park land with patches of wooded area surrounding it. It was a sunny afternoon, so a lot of parents had brought their young children out to play. Liz did a quick scan of the area to see if Joey was anywhere in sight. When she saw no sign of him, she decided to go investigating.

Some children close to Joey’s age were hanging around the swings, doing more talking than swinging. Liz approached them and said, “Excuse me. Have you seen a kid named Joey around? He’s my cousin, and I need to find him.”

The kids shared a nervous look with each other. None of them seemed as though they wanted to speak, but the bravest of them replied, “No, we don’t know anyone named Joey.”

“Oh,” Liz said, feeling a bit taken aback by their fearful reaction. She had tried to seem harmless and polite, but the kids seemed genuinely afraid of her. “It’s all right. I’ll keep looking.”

The kids got off the swings and walked off, leaving Liz feeling bad for scaring them. She had never thought of herself as being threatening before. Being a man really did make people see you differently, she was starting to realize.

Another slightly younger boy was nearby climbing along some monkey bars alone. Trying to be more gentle this time, Liz said, “Hi, how’s it going? Say, have you seen my cousin?” She described Joey to the boy who just kept on swinging from bar to bar without stopping. When she was done, she asked, “So, have you seen him?”

“I’m not… um, supposed to talk to strangers,” the boy said.

“Excuse me?!” a woman said behind Liz, causing her to jump and spin around.

“W-what?” Liz said, feeling ambushed.

“What are you doing talking to my son?”

“I was just trying to find-”

“I didn’t see any kid with you when you showed up here,” the woman said, channeling the same sort of attitude normally reserved for demanding to speak to a manager.

Realizing what she was being accused of being, Liz said, “No, I was looking for a kid. My cousin is-”

“‘Looking for a kid?’” the woman repeated, sounding horrified. “Danny,” she said to the boy on the monkey bars. “Come here.” He walked up to her, and she hugged him to her.

It was then that Liz realized that other parents were standing and watching her now, their eyes staring at her, full of suspicion. To them, she was a dangerous monster, a threat to their children.

“Whoa,” Liz said, holding up her hands defensively. “I’m just looking for my lost cousin. I’m trying to bring him home safely. I’m not hurting anybody here.”

The woman did not appear convinced. “Well,” she said. “Maybe you should look somewhere else. If you don’t see him here, then you’d better move along.”

“Right,” Liz said, backing away. “I’m going. Sorry to bother you.”

Liz turned and walked away. She only glanced over her shoulder once to see that all the parents were still keeping an eye on her as she walked off deeper into the park. They had made her feel like a creep, and in retrospect, she understood why. She was a big burly dude now, not the kind of random stranger you want to be striking up a conversation with your kids. She decided that she would need to be more careful so as not to raise suspicion as she kept up her search. It turned out that being powerful also made you potentially dangerous.

She kept walking on the open grass near the tree line, keeping her eyes and ears open for any sign of Joey.

“Hey,” a boy’s voice said. “Check this out.”

“Whoa!” said another boy. “Cool!”

Liz looked for the source of the voices and realized it was in the woods to her right. She crept towards the boys and peeked at them from around a tree. One of the boys was unfamiliar to her, but the other one was definitely Joey. She had an impulse to confront him immediately, but she knew that looking like Alan would only frighten her cousin. Instead, she got out her phone and sent a text to Alan and Melanie.


Melanie found Liz about five minutes later. Alan texted to say that he was on the way, but he had a long walk ahead.

Liz pointed out where the boys were, and Melanie peeked at the boys who had begun sword fighting with a pair of sticks. Melanie and Liz exchanged a look. Then, Melanie nodded and approached Joey carefully.

“Joey?” she said.

Joey stopped fighting, and his head spun to look at her. Shocked at seeing her there, he and the other boy took off running in opposite directions.

“Wait!” Melanie said.

“I’ll get him,” Liz said, chasing after her cousin. Joey was fast, but Liz had longer legs to work with. She caught him by the wrist a short distance away.

“Lemme go!” Joey said, struggling to pull himself free.

“Hold still, you little thief,” Liz said, feeling total control over the boy’s arm. “You’re giving that medallion back to Melanie.”

“I was just going to borrow it,” he said.

“Yeah,” Liz said, feeling a tinge of guilt. “I get it, but you have to give it back now.”

Joey stopped struggling, having finally admitted defeat to himself. Clearly, there would be no running away from this.

Melanie caught up with them at last. Seeing the medallion hanging from Joey’s neck, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry,” Joey said, his head hanging low.

“You should be,” Melanie said, more harshly than she had intended. Now that her worries about finding the medallion were relieved, it seemed that the frustration she had been suppressing at being interrupted earlier was being released at last. “What were you thinking? It’s not nice to take other people’s things.”

Liz said, “Hey, take it easy on the kid.”

Joey looked like he was about to cry. “I didn’t think you would mind so much. I’m really sorry.”

“Well, you’ve caused me… and Alan… a lot of trouble today. You’ve even put Liz in an uncomfortable situation.”

Joey, realizing that he had accidentally hurt his favorite cousins, felt a tear drip down his cheek. “I’m so sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

Melanie let out an exasperated sigh. “Enough,” she said. “I’ll be talking to your parents about this later. For now, just take off the medallion.”

Liz let go of Joey’s wrist. Sniffling, he lifted the chain up over his head and held the medallion out to Melanie.

Melanie took a step back, letting caution calm her anger for a moment, and said, “Wait! Just… put it on the ground.”

“Really?” Joey asked, confused at why Melanie appeared reluctant to take it from him. “It’ll get dirty. I don’t want to make you more angry.”

“That’s fine.” Melanie said, holding her hands up defensively. “I don’t mind. Just put it down now.”

He set the medallion on the dirt between them and took a step back. Slowly, deliberately, Melanie crept forward and picked up the medallion with extreme care, as if she were handling a bomb. Joey watched with growing confusion, not able to understand why she was so worried about the old necklace.

Once Melanie had the necklace in her hands, she let out a sigh of relief. It seemed as though everything was going to work out fine, after all. “Good,” she said. “We can head home once Alan… I mean, Liz gets here.”

“She’s coming?” Joey asked, feeling as though he wanted to run away again. He did not know how he could face her after what he had done.

“Melanie?” they heard Liz’s voice call from just beyond the trees.

“Over here,” Melanie replied. “We have it.”

Joey waited and listened as he heard someone approach through the bushes and trees. Seeing who he thought to be Liz emerge in front of him, his eyes filled with tears again. He needed to beg her forgiveness. He needed to make things right between them somehow. He rushed towards her with his arms held out to hug her.

But, as he ran past Melanie, his hand brushed against the medallion she was holding.

While Joey wrapped his arms around Alan’s waist in a suppliant hug, Melanie stared at the medallion she held in utter disbelief at what had just happened. She whispered, “No!” For a moment, she hoped that she had been mistaken. Maybe the boy had bumped into her hand and not the medallion. That hope died when she felt her bones begin to contract.

Melanie felt as though her body were collapsing, trying to crunch itself smaller. She watched as her perspective began to drop, and felt the immense pain deep in her bones as they crumpled in on themselves. Breaking and reforming smaller and shorter, again and again. She groaned and heard Joey groan in response.

Joey was experiencing the opposite to her change at the exact same time. His face had begun to slide upwards against Alan’s breasts as bones went through the mother of all growth spurts. He let go of his hug and stepped back to look down as his limbs and torso sprouted longer. While he felt growing pains in his bones, it was his flesh that suffered the most ache as it was stretched out like rubber by the lengthening bones beneath it.

Soon, Joey was standing as tall as Melanie had been only moments ago, while Melanie was now as short as her 8-year-old cousin had been. However, that was all that had changed about them, just their heights.

Joey still had the face of a young boy, even as he had a body that was nearly six feet tall. He looked like a cartoon character that had been stretched out on a rack since no extra mass had been added to his body. He had broomstick arms and legs, and his T-shirt no longer covered his skinny belly, revealing the bottom contours of his rib cage. At some point, his narrow heels had popped out of his too small shoes.

“What’s happening?” he cried, pitifully. “Help me!”

Melanie, on the other hand, had become a squat dwarf woman. All her adult weight had been compacted down onto a frame that was barely four feet tall, which only served to give her an exaggerated hourglass figure with a slight pot belly. Her clothes had become a bunched up wrinkled mess on her as they fit her width but not her height anymore. She looked at the medallion she held in her stubby fingers, still struggling to believe what it was doing to her.

Then, they felt their weight begin to transfer between them. Joey’s body began to thicken, gaining meat on his skinny limbs. Melanie’s body thinned out at the same time, her chubbiness melting away. Her clothes began to hang loosely on her as Joey’s own clothes started to feel stretched tight over the swelling flesh beneath them. Soon, the button popped on his shorts as his fly split open against the pressure of his growing waist.

Moments later, their weights had finished swapping, but as with their heights, that was all that had changed this time. Joey now had the height and weight of a grown woman, but he still had all the immature features of a young boy. Meanwhile, Melanie was as short and skinny as a young boy, but she still had her breasts and hips and womanly face. She was a grown woman, miniaturized down to the proportionate size of an 8 year old.

The next change was first felt in their crotches.

“My pee pee!” Joey cried as he felt his immature dick shrink away followed by his mostly nonexistent testicles, which sucked up into his body, leaving a hairless slit behind them.

Melanie felt her own genitals turn themselves inside out and slide out of her, like her organs were falling out of her body. Her clit rapidly swelled into a man’s thick cock as her former ovaries hung below it as a pair of testicles in a scrotum. She moaned, and her voice dropped down octaves until it sounded more masculine than feminine, even on her small body.

The changes spread to the rest of their bodies. Joey felt a slight shift in his hips, while Melanie felt her muscles swell slightly, gaining a little definition, but not much size. When the changes reached their heads, Joey felt his hair grow longer and change color to match Melanie’s dark hair. His face took on a feminie softness as it began to resemble Melanie more, while Melanie felt stubble grow on her face as it became more masculine. Her own hair became shorter and took on the color of Joey’s blond hair.

When their genders had finished reversing, they had an odd moment of seeing themselves in opposite genders and sizes while retaining their regular ages. Joey appeared to be what Melanie would look like if she had never gone through puberty. He had the face of her as a young girl and all the soft skinny flesh that fit with it on a body sized up to adult proportions. Melanie had the appearance of Joey as a grown man who had not grown at all but remained the short skinny size of a boy. She touched her adult cock for a moment, feeling how alien and strange it was on her small body.

Then, the final change began. Years of maturity passed between them. Melanie’s manish appearance softened away, losing facial hair and body hair and muscle definition. Her face rounded out until it had become the exact same as Joey’s young face had been. Meanwhile, that man’s cock she held in her hand dwindled away, getting soft and small until it was only a little nub belonging to a boy. Joey felt his body go from girly to womanly, first feeling his hips spread even wider, ripping apart what was left of his shorts. Then, he felt his chest swell up as a pair of breasts formed and ripened under his increasingly tight T-shirt. There was a tingle in his crotch as a patch of pubic hair filled in. Above it all, his face lost its innocent appearance and became more angular and sexy.

Finally, it was over. The changes were complete. Joey had become Melanie as completely as she had become him.

Joey shifted his weight, and his already torn clothing ripped apart even more. “Oh my gosh!” he said, and heard Melanie’s voice come from his own mouth. He was a woman. He was Melanie! His hands rose to cup the weighty breasts that hung from his chest. They were like nothing he had ever felt before, soft and sensitive. He squeezed them. They felt good, especially around the nipples. As he played with them, he felt a strange sensation in his crotch where his pee pee used to be. At first, he thought he might have peed a little since he felt a bit wet, but there was no dripping, just a moistness. Overall, the sensation was very pleasant, exciting even. He decided that he might like being Melanie… a lot.

Melanie stood there, staring up at Joey as he fondled her body from inside of it, using her own hands to grope herself. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she was too scared to speak. She doubted she could handle hearing his voice coming from her mouth at that moment. Instead, she focused on the medallion she held in her little fingers. Some part of her hoped that looking at it would give her an idea about what to do now, but no ideas came. Her mind went blank staring at it, unable to cope with what her reality had become. She felt emotionally dead.

Then, Melanie’s pants slipped down off her narrow hips, dropping to her ankles. A cool breeze blew past her little boy dick, and she felt it shrivel away slightly. That was enough of a trigger to unleash her emotions. She began to cry. First, there were only tears filling her eyes. Next, she began to sniffle. Then, she started sobbing and wailing. At that point, she was merely a little boy, bawling woefully and alone.

The medallion slipped out of Melanie’s fingers, and Liz walked over to the crying boy and picked it up from the dirt without bothering to try to console her sister at all. Liz exchanged a look with Alan and the two of them approached each other. Liz in Alan’s body held the medallion out to Alan in her body. He gripped it with his fingers as she held it. They waited like that for a full minute, while Joey felt up his new body and Melanie sobbed.

As Liz and Alan had both feared, nothing happened.

“I guess it’s done for now,” Liz said, and Alan let his fingers slip from the medallion.

“Oh, God!” Alan said, looking down at his body, realizing that he would now have months to get used to it. “Oh, God!” he repeated and again covered his chest with his crossed arms.

Liz did the only practical thing she could think of just then. She took out her phone, unlocked it, and did a search for the date of the next equinox.

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