End of the Month – Progress Update

Hey boys & girls!

We reached the end of September and although the past few weeks were quite here on AgeArts, but in the behind, I wasn’t lazy! So I thought I give you some sneak peek about the upcoming projects! Many of you asked for Premium content in the past year and I’m glad to say, they are coming. Two at least!
I’m planning to bring out the first one in the next few weeks if everything goes as planned. The first one is called “Reality Glasses” which could show it’s user how he/she really sees the world. From the bottom of their minds. Our heroes both end up at the wrong end but who knows… Maybe it’s for their best? Reality Change /// Age Regression / Age Progression

The second one is a Last of Us tale, called “Joel’s Dream”. Joel’s and Ellie’s adventure takes an interesting turn when they meet with a Bloeater on the way home. Its release is unknown but I’m done with the pictures, the editing, and the postwork is still on the go on this one! I would like to release it in November sometime! /// Age Regression / Age Progression

The Short Voice over project is still waiting for volunteers, we have a male voice so far so come on girls! Still looking for a sexy hot female voice! šŸ™‚
Some small updates and Commissions will come also as I get back into continue the commissions list so be aware!



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