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Desert Anomalies

Hello again everyone!

I’m back again with a brand new tale here on AgeArts.

This one is a little different maybe, so it will “taste” better for some of you. Have to say it was very interesting to create this one and challenging as well. I had many ideas in the past that involved changes during driving or situated in a car but such a scene like an inside of a car, was hard to make.

I was happy to see that finally with some great props to help me out, I managed to create a nice scene that could be believable finally.

Hope you guys gonna enjoy “Desert Anomalies” like I did making it! Look for it in the gallery!




  1. CheeseBurger

    Hi. I have a question regarding the premium comics. Two of them have animations, specifically “Little Boy” and “Full Moon”. I’m assuming that those are unplayable now that flash is unsupported. Am I mistaken? I’d just like to know beforehand whether or not the animations will work.

    • bela04

      Since Adobe killed flash they won’t work 🙁 But I have some of the animations so if you decide to buy them send me an mail and I can send them to you!

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