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Daycare (AR Vignette) – by lostandwhatever

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Suggested by Anarchy Anubis


The toddler was momentarily stunned as the magic dissipated around her. When her head cleared, she looked down at her self and gasped. “What did you do to me?” she shrieked.


“Isn’t it obvious?” the teen girl said. “I cast a spell on you.”


“You turned me into a little girl!” the toddler said. “How could you?”


“With magic,” the teen said. “Some of my friends are in a coven. I just got invited in. This is actually one of my first major spells. Seems to have worked perfectly.”


“Perfectly? I’m practically a baby!”


“And, you’re such a cutie,” the teen cooed back at the girl. “You make such an adorable little brat in that pink dress.”


“I’m not a brat,” the toddler said firmly. “I’m your mother, and you will turn me back to my normal age right this minute, young lady.” She pointed up at her daughter threateningly. Her daughter started to laugh hysterically.


“Oh, this is too good,” the teen said, wiping away a tear. “I should be recording this. Wait, let me get my phone.”


“Stop it!” the toddler shrieked.


“Calm down, young lady,” the teen said in her most mature voice. “I’ll have to give you a time out if you keep raising your voice.”


The toddler balled her fists and groaned in frustration. “Turn me back!”








“You have to!”


“Not right now, I don’t,” the teen said and checked the time on her phone. “Actually, I need to go. My shift at the daycare is starting soon.”


“You can’t leave me like this.”


“Of course, I’m not going to leave you like this.”


“You won’t?”




“Good,” the toddler said, relieved that her daughter seemed to be coming to her senses at last.


“I’m taking you with me,” the teen said. “You get to spend the day at daycare with me while I work. Won’t that be fun?”


“What? Are you crazy?”


“Maybe,” the teen said. “But, I’m still taking you with me.”


“I don’t want to go to daycare with a bunch of little kids.”


“Well, neither do I,” the teen said, her voice taking on an icy tone. “But, you kept on insisting that I get a job. Then, you said I had to help out at aunt Kelly’s daycare. You said I had no choice. You even threatened to take away my driving privileges if I didn’t do it.”


“I-I was just trying to help you learn responsibility,” the toddler said, looking worried.


“By taking away my freedom to choose what I do?” the teen replied. “How does that make me responsible. You were just trying to control me again. Well, I’m not a child anymore, and I’m tired of you trying to run every little part of my life. Now, it’s your turn to feel what its like to be treated like a powerless child for a while.”


The toddler looked ready to cry. “I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. I-I’m sorry.”


“No, you’re scared. That’s not the same a sorry. It’s a good start, though.”


“Please don’t do this to me.”


“It’s happening.”


“What if I refuse to go?”




“So, you’ll have to drag me there kicking and screaming, and when I get there, I’ll tell everyone who I am and what you did to me.”


“Fine,” the teen said and crouched down at the toddler’s level to look at her eye to eye. “Tell anyone you want, but if you do… if anyone even suspects you are actually a grown woman, then I won’t turn you back to your normal age again… ever.”


“What?” the toddler said, taking a step back. “You wouldn’t leave me like this.”


“Yes, I would. Oh, people would be angry, and you might find a way to get me in real trouble for it, but I would suffer any punishment if it meant that you would be too young for grade school until I’m old enough to move out on my own.”


The toddler tried to think of another way out of the situation, but nothing came to mind. There seemed to be no reasoning with her daughter. She sighed. “What do you want me to do then? Huh?”


“You’ll go to daycare with me today and pretend to be a sweet little girl. You’ll have snacks with the kids and play with the kids and take naps with the kids and get your diaper changed with the kids.”


“‘Diaper?’” the toddler said and pressed a finger into the thick crinkly thing that had replaced her underwear during the spell.


“You’ll do all of that,” the teen said. “And, if you do it all well enough so that no one thinks you are anything but a toddler, then I will turn you back to normal tomorrow morning, and you will never order me to do anything ever again. Deal?”


The toddler realized she had no choice. She refused to start her life over again, so she would have to give in to her daughter’s demands. “Fine,” she said, sounding defeated. “It’s a deal. I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever you want.”


The teen smiled. “Excellent,” she said as she stood up. “We’re going to pretend you’re one of the neighbor’s kids, little Jenny.” She opened the front door, picked up the toddler, and carried her to her car, where a car seat had appeared in the back. The teen carefully placed the toddler in the seat and strapped her in. Then, she got in the driver’s seat and said, “Ready to go, squirt?”


“I guess so,” the toddler replied with a sigh.


“Hmm,” the teen said, doubtfully. “That didn’t sound like a real toddler back there. Let’s try that again. You ready to go, squirt?” She repeated more forcefully.


The toddler looked worried for a moment, and then she cheered, “Yay, let’s go to daycare!”


“Better,” the teen said, sounding unconvinced still. “Now, don’t forget to keep behaving like a good little girl at daycare today, mother, unless you want to spend a lot of days there from now on.” She put the car in gear, and they drove off to daycare together.


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