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Update!!!! Davey-Baby – A new Comic!


I’m back, I’m still alive! I’m sorry that I don’t give you too much comics these days, I don’t have an excuse, it’s just the upper case word: LIFE! So let’s look ahead into the future, what is waiting for you? Well, first, we have a nice comic what was made by an idea of ARWander!  You’ve got a nice male AR with a cute tale! Hope you will all like it! With 45 pages it should be enough! 😉

Other than that, you can expect another Comic from me on Sunday, as well as another one on the next week and a new Premium comic! This time I tried to make something new and try something around the Sci-Fi era! We are also making a Christmas comic, this month – yes we didn’t forget about it – and probably a nice story for it!

Planet  is almost at the end of the story called: “The Cursed Ones”  so you can also expect that!

As for the vote, I think I can say, that everybody who wanted to vote are done with it so as I see it, the Miracle Cosplay won! So I start to set up and gather some stuff for it, to have prepare for it!

That’s all for now, see you soon! Very soon! 😉


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