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Dana’s Bathing Suit – Chapter 1 – by lostandwhatever

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_custom_box bg_color=”#ffffff” drop_shadow=”true” bg_stretch=”true”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1541148512250{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Author’s note: I wrote this story anonymously in 2013 as a series of chapters in the “Ty’s Power” interactive section of COYC. It’s my first attempt at writing a complete story with a proper ending. For this repost, I rewrote a lot of the first chapter to separate it from the Ty storyline. The rest of it is the same as it was 6 years ago. Enjoy!

Jason was sweating already in the hot sun as he dug deep to the bottom of his backyard sandbox to where the sand turned to dirt. That did not stop him this time. He kept on digging down into the dark soil. He wanted to dig to the middle of the earth this time. Like many preschool boys, he doubted it would take very long. He might even finish before his big sister, Dana, was done filling up his wading pool. He had his bathing suit on and was ready to play in the water now, but she was taking her time. So, he was digging deep with his plastic trowel, not caring if he got all dirty.

Then, he saw something shining in the dirt, a gold coin. “Treasure!” he said as he picked it out of the hole with his dirty fingers. The coin was so shiny, it glowed in the sunlight as if it had been minted a only moments ago. Something was written on it, but he was too young to read it. Even if he could read, he would have never understood the ancient language it was written in.

The gold coin was listening, though. It waited for him to say something it could act upon. It had waited a long, long time.

“Are you magic?” he asked the coin.

The coin would have said “yes” if it could.

“I wish that something magic would happen.”

The coin readied itself. That had been close to what it needed, but it was not enough. Still, it could sense a proper wish coming.

“Jason,” a teen girl called. “You’re pool is full. Come over here.”

“Okay!” he yelled back.

“Jason!” she said. “What are you doing getting all dirty.”

“I was just playing around in the sand.”

“Get in the house.” She said. “We need to wash your hands before you get in the pool.”



He sighed. “Why does she have to be so mean?” he said. “I wish she knew how to play like a kid again.”

The coin heard his words and vanished from Jason’s fingers in a bright flash. He looked down, thinking he had dropped it, but he could not see it anywhere. He poked around the dirt some more, but there was no sign of it. It had just disappeared.

“Where’d it go?” he asked.

“Jason!” his sister yelled.

“Coming,” he said. He left the hole in the sandbox and followed her inside to get his hands washed.


Invisible in the air, a new presence was watching and listening, searching for a way to grant the boy’s wish. The watcher was nameless and shapeless but incredibly powerful, and the boy had set it free.

It drifted towards a suburban home over the green yard and heard the boy’s voice again over the sound of splashing water. “Dana!” Jason shouted. “Dana! Come play with me, please.”

The watcher beheld two people.

A beautiful blonde girl, who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old, was reclining on a folding beach chair wearing nothing but a white string bikini and a pair of sunglasses. Her tan skin looked shinny with lotion. She was Dana, the wish’s recipient.

The preschool boy wearing a baggy pair of blue swim trunks was standing in a wading pool holding a little clear green plastic squirt gun. The boy shuffled impatiently as he looked at the older girl. He was Jason, the wishmaker.

It watched and listened and waited.

“Come on,” Jason cried. “Mom said you’re supposed to play with me.”

“No she didn’t,” Dana replied without stirring an inch. “She said I’m supposed to watch you while she’s out shopping. She didn’t say anything about playing. I filled your pool. You can make your own fun now without bothering me.”


“Leave me alone, twerp.”


“I’m way too old to be playing in a kiddy pool with my kid brother, and I’d much rather work on my tan. Besides, Kevin is coming over later, and I don’t want to mess up my hair.”

“You never want to play with me,” said the boy, dejectedly.

“Big girls don’t play with little boys,” She said and smiled. “Big girls play with the big boys.” The watcher felt that she was talking about Kevin.

“I don’t have anyone else to play with.”

“Tough luck. I don’t have any time for you, squirt.”

The boy sat down in a huff, splashing water out of the pool. “Stupid Dana,” he muttered to himself. “Never has any time for me.”

The watcher considered some options to grant the wish. It could make her younger, younger than her little brother even. That would make her eat her words about big girls and little boys, but the watcher knew better than to go for a simple solution. That was too easy. It needed a rule to found a wish on, one that would truly teach her what the boy wanted her to know.

It watched as the boy crept from the wading pool with his full squirt gun aimed at Dana. He tip toed up to her slowly, took aim, and fired a stream of pool water at her chest. She gasped and screamed, “Jason! You little maggot!” Jason giggled and ran as she stood up. “You come back here,” she shouted as she chased after him, but he was too nimble for her to catch. “Give me that gun!” she shouted. Jason had managed to get his sister to play with him after all.

Dana quickly tired of chasing the boy and said, “Fine then. If you don’t come back here and give me the gun, then I’ll pop that damn wading pool of yours.”

Jason stopped. “No, wait!” he wailed. “Don’t. Please.”

She beckoned him with a finger. The boy sighed and sauntered over to her with his head hung low. The game was over.

He handed over his gun, and Dana just shook her head. “Such a baby,” she said. “Next time you want to play squirt guns, find someone your own age.”

An idea came to the watcher just then. It gathered up the magic, formulated the spell, and wrote her fate onto her very spirit. Dana would grow younger to be the same age as the first kid she sees whenever she puts on a bathing suit. Her mind would become just as immature as her body does as well. Her transformation would last for one hour each time she changes, but she can change again and again once every hour as long as she has a bathing suit on.

The spell was cast, and the watcher waited to see it take effect.

Dana looked down at her brother, and immediately she started to shrink. Feeling her body getting smaller and less mature, she said, “What the hell? What’s happening to me?” Her height diminished, and her chest flattened, as that beautiful teenage body of hers melted away into childhood. Her sunglasses slipped off her smaller face, and her bathing suit seemed to flow around her chest like water, reforming into a simple pink one piece bathing suit, a much more fitting piece of clothing for a little girl to wear than a bikini.

Dana stared wide-eyed at her brother as she rapidly found herself eye-to-eye with him. Then, the changes stopped. Two preschool kids stood there in the yard in their bathing suits, staring at each other.

“Whoa,” said Jason. “Dana. You’re little.”

“What?” she squeaked in her newly girlish voice. Her little hands ran over her flat chest and her slightly pudgy belly. “What!?”

“That was cool! How’d you do that?”

“Me? It wasn’t me. Why the heck would I do this to myself?” She looked around confused. “What the heck is going on?” She put a hand on her forehead and shook her head. “My head feels all funny. I’m, like, dizzy or somethin’.”

“Come on, Dana. How’d you do it? Did you make a wish. Can I have a wish too?” Jason was taking his sister’s transformation in stride. “Wait! Did you find the magic coin? Lemme see it!”

“Shut up, poop head,” she said, sounding more like a petulant preschooler. “Even if I had magic coins or wishes, I wouldn’t give one to a poop head like you.”

“You sound like a real little girl,” said Jason. “And, you’re the poop head.”

“Nuh uh, you are.”

“No, you.”

“No, you. Poopy face!”

“Well, you… you’re just a big baby.”

Dana pointed the gun at Jason and squirted him in the face. As he recoiled and sputtered, Dana took off running. She giggled and taunted him, “Poop head is all wet. Poop head is all wet. Poop head can’t catch me.”

He chased her around the yard. Once in a while she would stop and take a shot at him. They giggled, and shouted names at each other, and raced about on swift little bare feet. Anyone who might stop to look at the two of them would see nothing but a couple of kids having fun on a sunny day. The only thing anyone would find strange is that there was no apparent adult supervision.

Eventually the two kids found their way back to the wading pool and started gleefully splashing around in it.

Meanwhile, a jeep pulled up into the driveway of the house, and an athletic looking teenager stepped out of it. He wore a T-shirt and board shorts. He was the same age as Dana had been. The watcher decided he must be the Kevin for whom she was waiting. He was in for a surprise.

The watcher decided its work was nearly done, but it felt like there may be a problem with the spell. What if Dana stopped wearing bathing suits altogether once she figured out why she kept turning into a kid? Then, she would not learn what she had to know. It added one more rule to the spell. It made it so that Dana will always want to put on a bathing suit whenever the weather was nice enough to wear one. As much as she tried to resist, she would not be able to stop herself for long. If the watcher had a mouth or teeth it would have smiled, imagining all the playtime that Dana was destined to have in the future.

Happy that it had fulfilled its obligation to the boy, the watcher moved on into the world, leaving the three of them to their fun.

Continued in Chapter 2.




  1. lostandwhatever

    This one is a bit short and simple, but it should give you all something to read while I finish the last chapter of “Transference.”

  2. By the way, is anyone willing to consider recruiting Alphagor from CYOC for story writing on this site? I know for a fact that LuisJM already has an Agearts profile.

  3. Also, you should consider recruiting more writers from CYOC in general. Not that the request is mandatory, by the way.

    • bela04

      Not a bad idea, AgeArts is a platform what welcomes new talents both in Art or in Stories. I don’t know how to reach these authors but if you think you know someone who might fit in here, just let me know or tell them about AgeArts! 🙂

      • Let me see, there’s Alphagor, LuisJM, and Anonymonium, to name a few. I tried to post some links earlier, but the site was too busy processing them.

        • The reason for why I believe that these 3 authors would be perfect for AgeArts is that they all specialise in age change stories.

      • Well, there’s always the option of private messages.

  4. Also, have you heard from LuisJM lately? He hasn’t made any signs of activity on this site for 2 years. He’s probably busy thinking up some ideas for new age change stories as we speak.

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