Cougar Drug

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Bran, Jake and Andy were waiting excitedly in Jake’s Apartment for the door to ring.
“I can’t believe this is happening!” said Bran in a nervous yet excited tone.
“I know, Isn’t it exciting?” asked Jake.

The door knocked and Andy got up to answer it. An older cougar woman was their waiting for him.

She was the hottest Cougar the three 18 year olds had ever seen. Large breast, dark brown eyes and hair. Some age lines but not much. And she was quiet thick and taller then all three of them.
“Are you my clients?” she asked in a sweet sexy voice.

A new project had been going on for the last year. A new drug was discovered that could change someone’s life forever.
Bran, Andy and Jake all shared the same fetish. They had a fantasy of becoming a sexy Cougar woman.

This fantasy started with them right as puberty started. They would dream about becoming a mature women almost every night.

Bran had medium brown hair, brown eyes hidden behind glasses. He was somewhat on the pudgy side.

Andy was skinny with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was the shortest of the three boys.

“Lastly was Jake. He had blonde hair and blue eyes with a small spray of freckles on his nose.

The trio met on a chatroom on a Cougar dating site. They used their allies-es, pretending to be women in their mid to late 40’s.
Brand’s name was Brandi, Andy’s was Ava and Jake’s was Julie.

As if the planet’s aligned, they discovered that they went to the same College as each other. The ended up meeting and became friends. Jake offered to allow Bran and Andy stay at his apartment.

The three would often dress up as cougar women and role play. Wigs and make up and skirts and dresses.
But soon, that would no longer be necessary.
Andy let the woman, who introduced herself as Lisa, into the apartment. She had a small purse with her.
“I’m required to tell you three, that once we do this, theirs no going back, you can never change back.” warned Lisa.

The three boys looked at each other and nodded. “We understand.” said Bran.
“Alright then, how about we all go to the bedroom?” suggested Lisa, while she touched Jake’s cheek.
She walked down the hall, Andy, Bran and Jake watched her large ass shake and sway as they followed her. They were already getting hard. Their hard on’s pushing against their pants.

The four of them went to Jake’s bedroom, Bran shut the door behind them.
“You boys really need all those clothes?” asked Lisa seductively as she pulled a strap on her dress and it fell to the floor, leaving her nude.

The three 18 year olds quickly stripped out of their clothes until they were nude, Lisa admired their hard dicks breaking free. She walked past each of them, giving them a quick stroke.
She then went to her purse and pulled out a syringe. Inside was a bright pink liquid that looked like it was glowing. She injected it into her right breast, wincing as she did. Every vein in her body briefly glowed pink as did her eyes before fading away.

She then crawled up on the bed and laid down, rubbing her breast.
“Cum, Milk, even my saliva will do it.” she prompted. ‘There’s plenty of room for three.”
Bran, Andy and Jake took the hint and got up on the bed with her, each of them hovering over her in different positions.Bran got in position to fuck her, Andy moved his face over her breast, and Jake’s dick hovered over her mouth. Lisa spread her legs for Bran to enter her with ease, he grew harder as he slipped inside of her, losing his virginity. Andy placed his mouth over Lisa’s nipple and began to suck, her milk going down his throat at a slow pace. Lisa stroked Jake’s dick a few times before sticking it in her mouth.

While Lisa blew Jake off, she used her free hand to stroke Andy as he fed on her breast. Bran moved slowly at first, growing more inside of Lisa, but as his friends began to pick up their pace, he too grew more confident. He began to thrust faster into Lisa, her moans muffled due to the dick in her mouth.

Andy would switch between boobs while Lisa twisted and turned Jake’s penis, gagging a few times as she did so. The three friends rotated places after a while. Jake fucked Lisa while Andy got a blow job and Bran sucked her milk out.

This was the best thing all three boys had ever felt, they had dreamed of this moment forever, and now it was here.

Soon they all felt what they’ve been waiting for. One by one, Bran Andy and Jake all grunted as they began cumming. Andy came inside of Lisa while Bran and Jake, in her mouth and on her stomach.
“OOOOHHH!” cried Lisa as she came all over Andy.

The deed was done.

They got off of Lisa as she stood up, they were all covered in sweat.
“Well, I think that outta do it!” said Lisa as she reached for her dress, slipping it back on.
“You three should just relax, it will get intense soon.” she instructed reaching for her high heels. “And I’ve already received the money you “guys” sent me, so I’ll just leave you alone for this next part.” she said as she got up and headed for the door. She turned back to the three soon to be former 18 year olds and smiled. “Good luck!” she said as she left.

“Thank you!” said Jake.
Inside each of them, Lisa’s essence was flowing through each of them, re arranging their cells, to those of a Cougar, and preparing to make the necessary corrections.

Bran, Andy and Jake just laid on the bed together & nude waiting. Getting more and more excited at the inevitable.

“We’ve done it!” Bran said excited.
“I can feel it flowing through my body!” said Andy.
“No more cosplaying, we’ll actually be Cougars!” said Jake.

A few moments later, Bran could feel it.
He felt a tingling in his penis, he looked down at his spread legs and watched it grow and grow, he then felt an all too familiar feeling as he began to cum one last time as a man. This time, it was much more intense. His dick and balls then began to suck up into his body, as his reproductive systems began to change.

All of a sudden, his left hand started to tingle intensely. He held it up to his face and watched as it rapidly shook.
“Yes!” he whispered as it forced itself into a clench. Several small pops and cracks could be heard as his hand grew bigger, age lines appeared on the back of his hand as if forced open, each finger was now longer and slimmer, more womanly.

He felt his other arm shaking, as it did, his body began to grow.
His legs were growing longer as he stretched them out on the bed, his feet twitched and with several cracks, grew larger and older. His legs pumped as they grew thicker along with his thighs.

“AAHHH!” he grunted as his torso expanded, adding to his height. His shoulders widened and her collar bone popped outwards. The small weight on her belly sucked up into her with a rumbling noise, making her much skinnier. Her waste curved into a hourglass as her bell began to harden. With several pops a six pack formed on her abdomen.

“OH! OH! OH!” she moaned as her butt rubbed against the bed while it grew bigger and bigger and fuller. She felt presser on her back as it cracked and forced itself into and arch. She was forced to hunch over, her arms wrapped around her chest as her spine throbbed. It quickly pushed outwards down her back with several small pops.

Bran looked up at her friends and let out a laugh that was new to them, a more mature womanly laugh as her voice changed. Her face began to pulse and bubble. And with a loud *eeeerrrrrrkkkk*, her face elongated. She shut her eyes with a smile as her dream was coming true.
Her cheekbones rose, her nose shrank, her lips grew fuller, her eyes bigger and her features aged.

As her face continued to change, her nipples grew larger as small puffs formed behind them, they rapidly pulsed getting slightly bigger. Then they suddenly swelled like balloons with a stretching noise. Her womanly hands went to them as she felt them swell up. Bran moaned as they grew into large D-cups. They jiggled and sagged slightly but not too much.

Her body continued popping and changing as her light brown hair turned dirt blonde and started to grow. It became fuller and longer and went down her back.

Bran had become Brandi, as the last few changes finished up such as her aging, Brandi felt and intense feeling from her new pussy.
“OOOOOOHHHH!” she moaned in her mature voice as she had her first female orgasm. Her cum leaked onto the sheets as she leaned back against the headstand.

Her changes were complete.

Brandi laid their in pressure, moaning and grunting as she studied her body. She smiled as a tear flowed down her cheek.

Andy and Jake looked at her in amazement. Their dicks hard from what they just witnessed, they both could feel the drug flowing through both of them as their cells were being overwritten.

Andy was admiring his best friends new Cougar body when he felt an tingling in his chest.
His penis and balls slowly began to suck up into him while his chest started to puff out.

He looked down at his new buds and watched them throb. Then they suddenly began jiggling rapidly until, *POP* *POP*. Two large H-Cup breast popped onto his chest one after the other. They dropped and jiggled onto his chest.

He marveled at them when the rest of his body started to tingle. He began to grow bigger, taller until he was just short of Brandi’s height. By now her privates had rearranged making him a her.

She was on her knees and fell onto her hands, Andy watched as they grew larger with several cracks as each finger grew longer and slimmer. She grunted as her shoulders widened and her back arched. She felt a wave of tingles as flesh began to rumble onto her skinny body as she became thicker.

“Yes!” she grunted in a higher mature voice as her vocal cords changed for good. A healthy amount of fat formed on her stomach to help with the weight of her new boobs. Her butt and thighs started to rumble as they grew larger, her butt pushed out into a full and thick heartshape. “OOOOHHAHHH!” she grunted as it grew.

While her body continued to shift and age, she could feel the tingling move to her face. Her 18 year old features began to mature and feminize, her nose shrank and cheekbones rose while her lips became thicker and fuller. Her face kept some of its roundness compared to Brandi as her eyes grew bigger.

Her brown hair grew longer and silkier as it made its way to her lower back.

The last few changes finished up as Ava felt her own orgasm coming on. Her arms that were holding her up were wobbling as she felt it coming on.

“AAAAHHHH!” moaned Ava as she began to cum several times.

Her Transformation was over.

Andy was now Ava the sexy Cougar woman.
His now her dream had finally come true. She felt so much more bigger and stronger and sexier.

Jake could feel an intense pressure building up in his body. He was on his knees with his arms wrapped around his waist. His back was turned to Julie and Ava and his whole body was trembling.
His penis had already sucked up into him and was in the process of being changed into a bright pink vagina.The cells in his body were quickly being assimilated by Lisa’s cells.
His spine grew stronger down his back.

Suddenly his waste curved inwards into an hourglass shape. With several cracking noises, he grew taller until he was Brandi’s height, leaving Ava still the shortest out of the three of them.

Her butt twitched several times before bloating bigger into a heart shape, dropping and jiggling into place. Her hips twitched next as they widened with several loud cracks as her thighs grew thicker and her legs fuller.

Her blonde hair began to grow longer, all the way down to her upper back.

“AAAAHHH!HAAAAHH!” she groaned in a changing voice as her back suddenly arched as her whole torso pulsed as it grew thicker, leaving a healthy amount of fat behind.

She fell back onto the bed, catching herself with her hands, putting her body in an arch position.
Her breast had already started to develop, already at small buds.
They twitched a few times before her left breast grew a little with a *pop* followed by the right one with another *pop*
This pattern continued until she had two large D-cup jugs. She moaned the whole time.

Her face had changed while she had her back turned to her new Cougar friends, leaving behind a hot mature woman’s face. She let out a soft sexy laugh as she knew what she now was. And that her dream had come true.

She fell back onto the bed as she experienced her first of many orgasms. “OOOOOHHH!” she came all over the sheets as her fate became sealed.

Jake was now Julia.

Brandi and Ava hovered over her.
“Are you alright?” asked Brandi already knowing the answer.
Julia slowly sat up, grunting through her teeth. She examined her cougar body, feeling it all up.

“Better than alright!” said Julia.
“You can say that again.” said Ava, playing with her breast.

“Ladies! It worked!” said Brandi in a joyful tone. The three woman hugged each other, their nude bodies pressed against each other. They laughed and screamed in pleasure.

“We did it! We finally got here!” said Ava.

“I think this calls for a selfie.” said Brandi grabbing her phone. She held it up and the three new women smiled.

The didn’t stop their, they got up and took a few more photos, to admire their transformed bodies easier.
They were looking forward to what their new lives were going to bring.
They knew they’d have to tell their families about this and they hoped that they could respect their decision.

But even if they didn’t, they didn’t care, for they were happy being this way.
The best part about it was, they didn’t lose any years of life, the drug only did physical changes.Later they choose to contact their families to come and visit them.

A few days later Brandi Julia and Ava were all waiting for them to arrive.

They were all wearing dresses they had picked out after they turned.

“Alright girls, we should take this slow, this will be a shock for everyone.” instructed Brandi.
“I really hope they accept us.” said Julia. “I mean, I think my parents probably will, but I don’t know.”
Ava put a hand on Julia’s leg. “Well if they don’t we’ll always have each other!” she assured her girlfriend.
“Thanks Ava.” said Julia.

Suddenly the door knocked. “Okay ladies here we go!” said Brandi.
“Lets show the world the new cougars!”


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