Commissions are CLOSED!

Things I DO

From the Most Loved

Absolutely do!

Till the Least Loved

Not really do!

Female - Age Regression / Age Progression 100%
Reality Change 95%
Male - Age Regression 90%
Bimbofication 78%
Male - Age Progression 60%
TG Transform 30%
Weight Gain 20%

Special Requests

Never say never
There might be many things I do or won’t do, I’m always open to suggestions or requests for your idea! If we work together we have to be flexible! 🙂


It's harder then it looks
Animations are Extra Cost and they are always a matter of discussion. It’s not easy to make and I’m still just a beginner.


Creation and Publishing
I post most of the commissions here on the site sooner or later. You can ask it to be made only for you but that’s an extra cost since I won’t be able to create other content for the site.

Package Deals

What can I offer for a fix price?

$35-50Short a tales on few pages. Rendered in IRAY, High Quality Pictures

Short Comics

  • 15 pages max
  • Pictures Rendered in IRAY
  • Dialogues & Story Plan [Optional]

$200+I suggest to choose this if you have multiple parts or episodes in your head for your story.

Ultimate Comics

  • 30+ Pages (Matter of Discuss)
  • Pictures Rendered in IRAY
  • Dialogues & Story Plan [Optional]

Single Options

What else I can offer?

Upper Body Pictures

A Single Picture with an Upper Body shown.

Full Body

A Single picture with full-body shown – with a simple background.

Single Picture with Background

A single picture with a custom background.  

Extra Characters

Extra Characters on the picture – [Depends on complexity]