Commissions are CLOSED!

Things I DO

From the Most Loved

Absolutely do!

Till the Least Loved

Not really do!

Female - Age Regression / Age Progression 100%
Reality Change 95%
Male - Age Regression 90%
Bimbofication 78%
Male - Age Progression 60%
TG Transform 30%
Weight Gain 20%

Special Requests

Never say never
There might be many things I do or won’t do, I’m always open to suggestions or requests for your idea! If we work together we have to be flexible! ūüôā


It's harder then it looks
Animations are Extra Cost and they are always a matter of discussion. It’s not easy to make and I’m still just a beginner.


Creation and Publishing
I post most of the commissions here on the site sooner or later. You can ask it to be made only for you but that’s an extra cost since I won’t be able to create other content for the site.

Package Deals

What can I offer for a fix price?

$35-50Short a tales on few pages. Rendered in IRAY, High Quality Pictures

Short Comics

  • 15 pages max
  • Pictures Rendered in IRAY
  • Dialogues & Story Plan [Optional]

$200+I suggest to choose this if you have multiple parts or episodes in your head for your story.

Ultimate Comics

  • 30+ Pages (Matter of Discuss)
  • Pictures Rendered in IRAY
  • Dialogues & Story Plan [Optional]

Single Options

What else I can offer?

Upper Body Pictures

A Single Picture with an Upper Body shown.

Full Body

A Single picture with full-body shown – with a simple background.

Single Picture with Background

A single picture with a custom background.  

Extra Characters

Extra Characters on the picture –¬†[Depends on complexity]