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Christmas Comic & TimeReversal!

Hello everybody!

It’s 27th of December so I hope all of you are done with the Christmas days and enjoyed it where ever you were! Hopefully most of you try to celebrate this whole “feeling” and “spirit” in every day’s life so it would never end! 🙂

Anyway, I had a great time with my family also at home in Hungary! Other than that, I had a few problems accidents health issues but let’s put it all to the side. Today I would like to give you a short Christmas tale what I hope you will like. It just popped out of my head on the 24th so it was a quick work, but no matter how hard I tried, this was the day when I could finish it!
Better late than never! I tried to put the tone in this one on the little details so check the background as well when you read the comic!

Other than that, I would like to present to you my latest work in the Premium section! This one is called: TimeReversal ! It has a history actually… I already started this weeks ago but thanks to some malfunctions, half of it was deleted… like it wasn’t me… :/ However, I recreated it to but the thing is that this isn’t what it makes it special!

I don’t know how many of you know this picture, but it has a big influence in me! I was browsing on Deviantart for new works and inspirational images – as you can see it worked again – when I found this picture! It was made by HamsterBurritO  and just by looking at it, it gave me the shiver! So simple but telling so much! Founding yourself in an outer space where you have absolutely no control over you and helplessly you lose everything!

So I decided that I want to create my own version of this! I started to search for the best backgrounds and tried many renders when I could finally said: I love it! It was 3 single short picture! But hey, let’s put a story around it! Few pics in the front and few in the back… wait a minute… okay one more… damn…. and I could stop! Now as you can see, it is done and I’m presenting to you! I hope all of you gonna enjoy it just as me!


You can be rich, you can be successful, you can be poor, or a complete disaster. No matter who you are or what you are, there is always a point in each and every one’s life when changes are coming. Destiny is not judging you… You can accept it or you can fight against it but no matter what you do, it will happen.
We don’t know much about our hero Crystal. But this is not important, all we know that she is a gorgeous woman with a killer body and listening her, she know about it. And she likes it. But as the facts above said, changes can and will happen in our life. But to stand on Crystal’s side here… No-one can be prepared for a change what she experienced here. Nor she, me or you my dear reader can know what happened her – we can only guess – and we don’t know if it was a planned action or it was just an accident. Was it a science team? Was it an Alien? Was it just her imagination? We don’t know…
All we know is, she is not the same person she was before and by looking at her new surrounding, she won’t be that person for a long time…

Rendered in IRAY and contains 49 Pictures on 46 Pages!



  1. Really enjoyed it. One suggestion. While she was a crying baby you could have put up a mental bubble where she sees herself as her adult version crying as her baby version cries. Would have made for great contrast. Just a thought. Again, loved it.

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