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Cheerleader Annihilation (Cruel/Dark/Inanimate/Mixed-TF Story) – by lostandwhatever

Inspired by Intoxiton, in particular the images Winner and Top Shelf.


Cheerleading practice was coming to an end. The girls were exhausted and sweaty, but they had done some good work. The tournament was only a week away, but they knew they would be ready. Still, Crissie, the head cheerleader, had some words for them.


“That was pathetic,” Crissie said. “Amy, you were too slow. The rest of your were looking a bit sloppy. We’ve got a lot of work to do still. That’s it for tonight, though. Let’s head home.” She knew it was harsh, but she had to push them hard if they wanted to get that trophy.


Amy held back as the other girls headed towards the doors of the gym. She gave Crissie a resentful stare and wondered what had pissed her off. Still, she kept quiet. She had fought hard to be on the varsity team, and they had only just accepted her. She was too afraid of losing her spot to say anything.


When Amy caught up with the rest of the team, the gym doors opened in front of them, and Bill Bogart walked into the gym right in front of them. For some reason, he was holding a shoebox in his hands.


“Well,” Crissie said. “If it isn’t ‘Billy Boogers?’ What do you want, loser?”


Amy looked at the boy and felt a shiver run down her spine. Normally, he was a quiet and nervous nerdy guy. Now, he looked confident, not a trace of fear on his face. He was even smiling at them.


“Hi, Crissie,” he said. “I’m having a party at my place, and I wanted to invite you all over to join me.”


A few of the girls started to laugh. Then, the whole team, all ten of them, joined in laughing and mocking him.


“That’s very funny,” Crissie said when the laughter started to die down. “What makes you think that we would ever be caught dead within a hundred yards of your house?”


Billy pulled something out of the shoebox. At first a few of the girls ducked, thinking he had a gun in his hand. Instead it was some kind device, covered in shinny chrome, looking like a strangely shaped phone or a hand-held video game.


“Well,” Billy said, pressing some buttons on the device. “First, I’m going to turn you all into mice. Then, I’ll carry you to my house in this shoebox.”


At first, the cheerleaders started to laugh again, but they went quiet when they saw the girls around them start to shrink into their increasingly baggy clothes. Their faces grew pointy as their ears grew bigger and rounder. They started shrieking and squeaking as gray fur covered their bodies and tails grew from their backsides. Finally, they shrank right out of their cheerleading outfits. All that was left of them was a bunch of mice crawling out of piles of clothes.


Some of them scurried off to the bleachers to find a place to hide. Others cowered in fear at the feet of a seemingly giant Billy.


“Come here,” he commanded them as he set the open shoebox sideways on the floor. “Either you get in the box now, or you’ll be trapped as mice forever. Your choice.”


The mice hesitated a moment. Then, one of them furtively crawled into the shoebox.


“No one else?” Billy asked. “What? Do you think some wizard is going to swing by to turn you back into humans again? I’m the only one who can do that.”


More of the mice scampered into the box, until their furry round bodies were practically piled on top of each other.


“Is that everybody?” he asked. No other mice showed up. “Fine,” he said, closing the lid on the box. “Time for the party.”


As he walked out of the gym, he checked his device to make sure it was still jamming the cameras in the school. Everything seemed to be working as planned. He smiled as he listened to the faint squeaking coming form within his shoebox.


When the door slammed shut behind him, one remaining cheerleader mouse crept out from beneath the bleachers. She had run away the farthest when the team had been transformed and had not heard Billy calling them into the box. She crawled over to their uniforms and searched around them, looking for any sign of the other mice, but none of them seemed to be there anymore. As she wondered where they were, she found her own pile of clothes and situated herself on top of the pile. Although it was a long shot, she thought she might have a chance of convincing someone that those had been her clothes.


Meanwhile, one of the school’s mice crawled out from under the bleachers as well. He had just finished eating his fill of Cheetos crumbs out of a discarded bag. Now, he had the scent of a new female. He decided to go see if she wanted to mate.




Billy carried the shoebox into his bedroom and shut the door behind himself. It was not really necessary, since neither of his parents would be home that night. Aside from his new pets, he had the house to himself.


He walked over to his empty hamster cage and tipped the box of mice out inside of it, letting the transformed cheerleaders drop onto the soft bedding of wood shavings at the bottom of the cage. Then, he shut the top of the cage.


The mice scurried around, searching for a way out of the bars and finding no escape. They were thankful, at least, that there did not appear to be an actual hamster anywhere.


Billy pressed some buttons on his device, and the mice began to transform back into girls. But, they noticed that even though they returned to human shape, they stayed about the same size of mice still.


They also noticed how naked they were all of sudden once their fur had disappeared. Most of them tried to cover themselves up as best as they could, but they were left pretty exposed in front of Billy.


“Welcome to my room,” Billy said. “Make yourselves comfortable. You’re going to be here a while.”


Crissie looked around the room and recognized it for what it was, a virgin’s lair. Billy had anime and superhero posters on his walls, interspersed with pin-ups of models. There were figurines and toys on his shelves, and one wall was covered in sci-fi books and movies. The other side of the room had a TV and an expensive gaming computer. It all screamed, “hopeless geek” to Crissie.


“Why are you doing this?” one of the cheerleaders cried.


“Are you serious?” he replied. “After what you did to me, you need to ask me that?”


“What is he talking about?” Amy asked, but none of the other girls replied. They all looked worriedly at each other.


“Oh,” Billy said. “You’re new to the team. Aren’t you? Sorry you got caught up in my little revenge plot, but I’m afraid I can’t let you leave now.


“Let me explain, though. You see, there was a party with a bunch of high school kids at one of the cheerleaders’ houses a few months ago. I went with some friends, but it was clear we weren’t really wanted there. Still, we brought alcohol, so they let us in.


“Anyhow, I got to chatting with Crissie. I tried to put a move on her, you know, did my best flirting. I was trying to be more confident around girls, like my mom said I should. She starts acting like she’s interested as well. Then, she invites me into the garage and tells me to take off my clothes. Of course, I do, but then she says she has to leave for a moment. She tells me to wait there until she comes back. I didn’t notice she took my clothes with her when she left. A few minutes later, the garage door opens and someone has their phone out, shining a light in my face. The whole team is there. They start cheering at me, one of those taunting cheers. I look for my clothes, but I can’t find them. I try to run into the house, but the door is locked. Instead, I run off naked into the night. I can still hear them laughing at me in my mind. Somehow, I manage to sneak home. I find my clothes in a bag on my house’s front porch the next day with a note on the bag that says, ‘Nice try, loser.’”


Amy gave the rest of the girls a look to see if they would deny what he said. They all looked terrified.


“But, it doesn’t end there,” Billy said. “They recorded the whole thing when they opened the garage door and taunted me. Then, they posted the video all over social media. Everyone in the school saw it. Some of them saved it on their phones and would play it back near me to taunt me again and again. I was humiliated. I felt like killing myself after a while. Instead, I decided it would be better to just destroy all of you.”


“But,” Amy said. “How are you even doing this?”


“Oh, you want to know what this thing is,” he said, holding up the chrome device. He smiled and rapidly began to explain, “Maybe I found it in the wreckage of an crashed UFO… Or, maybe my dad invented it in his secret lab… Or, maybe it’s some kind of high tech classified government technology that accidentally fell into my hands…” He took a breath. “It clearly works. Does it really matter how it works?”


No one replied.


“No more questions, then?” he said. “Good. Let’s get down to the fun part. Now, where to begin? Any volunteers?”


“This isn’t going to change anything for you,” one of the girls said. She was gorgeous and blonde and very popular. Even in this situation she maintained confidence enough to speak back to the giant that had trapped her in a cage. “At the end of the day, you’ll still be the same person you were this morning. This won’t fix anything that’s wrong with you.”


He listened to her with a blank face and seemed to consider her words thoughtfully. Then, he gave her an evil grin. “Thank you for volunteering.”


“Wait,” she said as he pressed buttons on his device, but it was too late for her.


“You all love trophies, don’t you?” Billy said and pressed one more button.


Suddenly, she was standing on a wooden base in the back of the cage as if she had just been teleported there. She looked around and realized that she had grown slightly, but she was still less than a foot tall. She looked down at the base and saw that there appeared to be some kind of plaque on the front of it. She tilted her head sideways and was able to read the words, “Biggest Loser?” To her surprise, she stood up on her toes and lifted her arms in the air. “Help,” she screamed. “I can’t control body! It’s moving on its own!” Her right leg lifted high and straight into the air next to her. She took her foot in her hand, and her body froze solid in that triumphant cheerleading pose. Then, her body transformed from flesh to shinny gold.


Billy opened the cage again and retrieved his new trophy, holding the solid girl around her middle and under her raised leg. “Wow,” he said. “She’s heavier than I expected.” She looked just like any other trophy, besides the fact that she was naked and showing off her bare crotch. He carried her over to a shelf, cleared a space for her, and set her down. Then, he stepped back to get good a look at her. He frowned. “Something’s missing,” he said. “I mean. This is almost too good for her. If I leave her like this, then she’s always going to look young and pretty. Hmm…” He thought a moment, and then his eyes lit up. “I know,” he said as he picked up his device again. He pressed some buttons and looked back at his trophy. The golden girl began to swell up with fat. Moments later, the weight gain stopped, and the trophy girl had become covered in rolls of shinny fat. Still, the golden obese girl continued awkwardly posing like a cheerleader. Billy smiled. “Perfect,” he said.


“You can’t do this!” screamed another girl. “Turn us back right now!”


Billy shushed her. “Shh!” he said. “You’ll get your turn soon enough.”


One of the other girls whispered, “Quiet!” to her, but she kept screaming.


“I won’t be quiet!” she said. “I’m not just going to let him take me without a fight. Fuck you, Billy! I’m not scared of you. You won’t shut me up.”


The other girls quietly stepped away from the screaming girl.


Billy pressed some buttons on his device. “Fine,” he said. “You keep on screaming then.”


“I will!” she yelled, but she stopped when she noticed that the wood shavings seemed to be moving at her feet, she looked around and saw that the cage appeared to be growing larger around her. Even the other girls around her seemed to be getting bigger. “What the hell?”


“She’s shrinking,” one of the other cheerleaders said, unable to keep from stating the obvious.


“Wait!” the shrinking girl shouted. “Fine, I’ll be quiet.”


Billy did nothing. He just watched.


“I’m sorry!” she yelled as she became half as tall as the other girls. “I’ll do anything you say.”


She turned to the other cheerleaders when she was about knee high to them and cried, “Help me!” One of them picked her up before she became lost in the wood shavings and held her in her hand. “Stop this!” she cried to Billy desperately. “Please!”


Billy just waved goodbye to her.


“Noooo!” she wailed as she shrank away on the other girl’s palm. She became finger sized, then grape sized, then bug sized. Then, she was only a speck on the girl’s palm. Then, finally, she vanished completely.


The other girl held her palm up with terror in her eyes after witnessing one of her friends disappear into nothing in her own hand.


“Oh my God!” she yelled. “Oh my God! He’s going to kill us all. Oh my God!” She kept repeating the words over and over again in an endless chant, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”


“Ugh,” Billy said. “Would someone please quiet her down before I do? Anyone willing to help me out here.”


While the rest of the remaining girls just stood there holding each other, frozen in terror, Amy saw an opportunity. She walked up to the chanting girl and slapped her hard in the face. That startled the panicking girl into silence as she rubbed her cheek.


“Good,” Billy said. “What’s your name, new girl?”


She walked closer to Billy and said, “I’m Amy.”


“You willing to do whatever I say?” he asked her.


“Yes,” she said.


“Ready to prove that?”


“Yes,” she said.


“What are you doing,” one of the other girls whispered, but Amy ignored her.


Billy opened the cage and grabbed Amy with his giant fingers. He lifted her out and held her in front of his face on his sweaty palm. “You’re cute,” he said. “I like girls with dark hair. You’ve got some nice curves too.”


“T-thank you,” she said as the giant nerd ogled her naked body. She tried not to cringe. “So,” she said in her most eager voice. “What can I do to prove myself to you?”


He smiled, and there was no doubt about what he wanted.


“I think I’ll need to be bigger first,” she said.


“Good point,” he said. “I’d have to be inside of you for it to count, I suppose.”


He set Amy down on the filthy carpet at his feet, and pressed some buttons on the device. She felt herself begin to grow. As soon she was knee high to him, her eyes focused on the device. Once she was big enough, she decided, she would try to distract him and take the device from him. It was their only hope now.


But, before Amy got to be even three feet tall, her growth stopped. Billy was still twice her height and much heavier than her still. There was no way she could pull the device away from him at this size, she realized. She would have to be careful.


Billy unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly, letting his pants and underwear drop to floor together. “How’s that for big?” he asked her as his half erect penis pointed at her face.


“That’s… really something,” she said, still trying to sound enthusiastic.


“Biggest you’ve ever seen, I bet,” he boasted.


“It sure is,” she said. At her scale, it appeared to be almost nine inches long and nearly two inches thick, but a quick bit of figuring told her that meant he was actually only about four and a half inches long. Nothing to brag about, really.


He stepped out of his jeans and lay down on his bed. Then, he patted the sheets next to him. Amy got the message and went to join him on the bed. It was chest high to her now so, she had to climb up onto it. Soon enough, though, she was sitting next to him. She really wished he had washed his sheets more recently. The smell was a bit overpowering. Again, she did her best to seem enthusiastic and tried to smile through her disgust.


“Well,” he said, nodding towards his erection. “Let’s do it.”


She knelt before it and did some mental measurements. “I’d love to,” she said. “But, I think it’s still a bit too big for me. You’re so huge. I don’t even think I could fit the tip of that inside of me.”


“Oh,” he said. “You sure?”


“Maybe if I was a little bigger,” she suggested.


He nodded and pressed some buttons on the device as she waited to start growing again, feeling pleased that she had managed to manipulate him into making her even bigger.


She felt her body begin to change again, only this time the changes seemed to be focused only on her head and around her hips. She felt her head swell up larger as her ass ballooned out behind her.  Her hips spread out cartoonishly wide as she felt her crotch enlarge as well. Then, the changes stopped, and she put her hands to her head. It felt huge to her hands, but her hands felt tiny to it. She stood up and looked down worryingly at her extremely pear shaped body.


“There,” he said. “Your butt, your hips, and your pussy are all now 75% of their normal size.”


“Why is my head so big?” she asked.


“Well,” he said. “You know, for blow jobs.”


“Right,” she said, feeling kind of perverted now with her body having been transformed to be just large enough in certain places to be fuckable. It was more than a little humiliating. Still, this was her best shot now at getting the device from him.


“Well,” he said. “I think we’re both ready now.”


“Uh,” she said. “How about a bit of foreplay. I need to get warmed up, you know?”


“Oh, of course,” he said, sounding a bit nervous.


She wanted to laugh. Even with all of his power, he was still a fumbling virgin. Still, best not to embarrass him. She looked up at the fat cheerleader trophy on his shelf as a reminder of what he was capable of when he was angry.


She started kissing him on the lips and stopped when he opened his mouth. “Got any gum?” she asked. “I don’t think my breath is great right now.”


“Yeah,” he said, and found her a pack on his nightstand. She took out two sticks and handed one to him. He got the message and they both chewed for a little while. Then, they got back to making out.


Unsurprisingly, he was terrible at making out, terrible at foreplay, and she was struggling to get aroused at all. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine someone handsome. That sort of helped, but after a while, she realized that there was no more putting it off. She had to do it.


“You ready?” she asked him.


He nodded.


“Got a condom?”


He shook his head.


“I see,” she said, neutrally. “Well, here we go.”


She slid down over his crotch and just before she was about to slip him inside of her. He tensed up and grunted. Then, his cock began twitching. Cum spewed out of it onto his T-shirt as he moaned in ecstasy. She just hovered there above him, struggling to believe her luck. Never before had she been happy about premature ejaculation.


She sat down on the bed next to him as he calmed down from his orgasm. “Oh, man,” he said. “That was a bit too much for me. I guess.”


“It’s fine,” she said, patting his shoulder. “Happens to a lot of guys. We can try again later.”


“Aw,” he moaned. “But… but…” Then, he started to smile. “I know,” he said. “I’ll just make a little change to myself.” He pressed some buttons on his device and his penis immediately began to go erect again. “There,” he said. “I shortened my refractory period. I should be ready to go in less than a minute.”


She forced a smile. “Great,” she said and hoped that he would be satisfied with just a quick fuck.


She mounted him again, and positioned herself to take him inside of her. It was fortunate that he had already come, since the lubrication of his semen made fitting his still relatively enormous penis inside of her somewhat easier. It was a tight fit, definitely the biggest she had ever had. She gingerly began to slide him deeper inside and then out again. It was awkward for her to keep her balance with his body being so much bigger than her own, but she eventually figured out how to move on him, and he helped her with his enormous hands. Soon, they were fucking comfortably, and just when she felt like she might even enjoy the experience. His body tensed up again, and she felt him start pumping semen into her.


She faked an orgasm, screaming and moaning. Then, she lay on his giant heaving chest, in the mess of he previous ejactulation, feeling thoroughly disgusted with herself, but satisfied that she had satisfied him.


“I did it,” he said at last. “I finally did it.”


“You sure did,” she replied and patted him on the chest. “That was amazing,” she lied. She sat up and straddled his chest. “So?” she said. “Do you trust me now?”


He nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “I really do. Can I ask you something?”


“Of course.”


“Would you be my assistant?”


She wanted to laugh. He had sounded like a boy magician looking for a girl stage partner to saw in half. Then, she realized that, in a way, he had already sawed her in half. “Sure,” she said. “I’d love to be your assistant.”


He smiled and pressed some more buttons on the device. “Watch this,” he said excitedly.


Suddenly, the sticky mess on his shirt and her skin disappeared. She even felt a bit of suction inside of her that made her think the semen was gone from there as well.


“Thank you,” she said. “That thing can really do miracles.”


“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said. “Watch.”


More button presses and a folding step stool appeared on the bed next to them.


“It can even make something out of nothing,” he said, proudly.


Amy realized that the stool was a gift for her. “Thank you,” she said. “But, wouldn’t it be easier to just make me bigger? I could do a lot more for you if I was more of a normal size.”


“What?” he said, sounding genuinely confused. “I thought you liked how big I felt to you.”


“Oh,” she said. “Of course I do.”


“I think I like you at this size as well.” he said, gently placing his hand on her cheek. She wanted to bite his fingers off, but she controlled herself. “You make me feel so powerful.”


“You are powerful,” she said, affectionately putting her hand on his. “The most powerful man alive.” It terrified her how true those words were.


“Go fetch me the asian girl,” he order Amy. “You know… what’s her name? Bring her to me.”


Amy climbed off the bed and took her step stool with her. Then, she used it to climb back up to the hamster cage. The girls inside of it looked like dolls to her now.


“Don’t do this!” one yelled.


“You can’t!” another one shouted. “How can you help him like this?”


“Move aside,” Amy said and reached for the asian girl, whose name she had forgotten as well.


The girl made no sound at all as Amy picked her up. She was silent on the whole trip over to the bed and made no sound even when Amy set the girl down on Billy’s stomach.


She just sat on him, her eyes focused downwards, her knees drawn up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them.


“Well,” he said. “Got anything to say?”


She did not respond in any way.


“Stand up,” he said. “Let me get a good look at you.”


She shook her head almost imperceptibly and pulled her knees up closer to her.


“You know, I like Asian girls,” he told her.


She did not move.


“Fine,” he said, going back to using the device again. “I know what to do.” He pressed a few buttons and the girl disappeared.


Amy looked around for girl, wondering if she had disappeared like the shrinking girl, earlier. “Where’d she go?” Amy asked.


Billy pointed to his wall. There was a new poster pinned there, a picture of the naked Asian girl posed in front of a featureless white background. The girl was moving around as if she were on a TV screen, but she was clearly only ink printed on paper.


Inside the poster, the girl tried to walk away or cover herself, but her movement felt very limited, as if she had been flattened between two planes of glass into a 2D version of herself.


Billy pressed some buttons and she felt herself move into a sexy pose and froze in place there. He pressed more buttons and she posed again, showing off her backside now. He did this again and again, trying to find the right pose for the girl. All the while, the girl had a slightly worried look on her face.


“Oh, I have an idea,” Billy said. He pressed a few more buttons, and the image of the girl became less realistic until she had been transformed into an cartoon version of herself. Billy made some more tweeks to her image so that she looked like a more curvy anime version of the girl she had been, leaving her feeling more flat than ever. “Perfect,” he said. He pressed a button, and she started trying to move again.


To Amy, it was almost hypnotic to see a cartoon on a poster trying to move as if she were a real person.


“Hmm…” Billy said, signaling his dissatisfaction. “Still, not good enough.”


“What’s the matter?” Amy asked, trying to sound helpful.


“Well,” he said. “She’s way up there. I feel like I want her closer somehow.” He thought about it for a moment. “Oh, I know what to do.” More button presses and the poster vanished. Amy looked around until she noticed a new body pillow on his bed. “There,” he said, lifting up the pillow. Amy saw the anime girl was now printed on the pillowcase. She still squirmed a bit but remained trapped in place. He rested the pillow back on the bed. “Now, I can keep her close to me.” He patted her anime belly, and she felt his fingers against her as if he had touched her skin.


“What next?” Amy asked.


“Bring me Crissie,” he said.


Amy went to collect the head cheerleader. As she reached for her, one of the other girls spit on Amy’s finger and punched her hand away.


“Fuck you!” the girl said. “You traitor! Eat shit! You hear me. Eat shit!”


Suddenly, the girl stopped screaming at Amy and dropped to the woodchips as if she had just been paralyzed. Amy looked back at Billy to see him holding the device and smiling. The girl’s skin blanched white and she began to expand. Her features and limbs disappeared as she grew bigger, until she had become a pile of plastic fabric.


Amy asked, “I she a…?”


“…a diaper?” Billy said. “Yes she is. She seemed so focused on shit eating. I thought she ought to try it herself.”


“Uh huh,” Amy said, not sure if this was meant as a chivalrous gesture towards her.


“Bring them both to me.”


Amy collected the diaper and Crissie from the cage and brought them to him, setting them on his belly.


“Hi, Crissie,” he said. “Bet you’re regretting what happened at the party now. Aren’t you?”


“I’m sorry,” she said, sounding utterly defeated.


“Good,” he said. “But, that’s not enough. I’m not sure yet what your final punishment will be, but I think it will probably take more than one night to set it up. For now, we need someone to wear that diaper.”


He pressed some buttons and little Crissie grew younger, her gorgeous breasts deflated and her hips narrowed as she dropped back through puberty. Then, her limbs shrank away and her body diminished until she was just a small baby laying on his belly. He used the device to grow Crissie back to a normal sized baby. The baby did not cry or even moan. She just lay on his belly, looking unfathomably depressed for someone so young.


“Put that diaper on her,” he told Amy.


Amy diapered the baby on his lap. It was a bit of work at her size, but she had some experience with babysitting. Then, when she was done, a horrible realization occurred to her. “Can she still think and feel as a diaper?” Amy asked him.


“They can all still think and feel,” he said. “…and taste. What would be the point of these punishments if they were no longer conscious?”


Amy looked back at the gold trophy girl on the shelf and tried to imagine what it would be like to be trapped like that, possibly forever. She decided not to think about it for now.


“Go take the baby to the bedroom next door and put her on the bed. We’ll deal with her later.”


Amy picked up baby Crissy, who was surprisingly heavy, and carried her to the door. She had to reach up for the door knob and struggled to turn it while holding the baby, but eventually she got it open. Then, she carried the baby to the room next door and set it on the bed in the dark. Finally, she returned to his bedroom and shut the door again behind herself.


“Let’s get this over with,” he said, climbing off the bed himself. He walked over to the cage and looked down at his three remaining captives. “Which one of you will have sex with me right now?” he asked them.


They all looked at each other and then started shaking their heads at him.


“No,” one of them said.


“Never,” the second one said.


“You can do what you want with us,” the third one said. “We can’t stop that, but we’ll never give ourselves to you.”


He sighed. “Well,” he said. “I’m not going to take you by force, but maybe I can persuade you somehow?”


“I’ve never done it before with anyone, and there’s no way I’ll ever do it with you,” the first girl said.


“Talk about cold fish,” he said grabbing the first girl out of the cage and setting her on the floor. He pressed a few buttons, and the girl started to grow larger. Her limbs shrunk into her body and her skin became scaly orange. Then, her eyes grew big and thoughtless as she grew fins. She began gasping when her lungs disappeared to be replaced by gills. She flopped around on his floor like the fish out of water she had become, her goldfish mouth opening and closing, trying to pump water into her flapping gills but finding only useless air.


“You going to let her die there?” Amy asked as the fish’s flopping became less vigorous.


“You’re welcome to find some water for her,” he said.


Amy grabbed the squirming fish and held it to her chest as she raced to the door. She fumbled with the door knob again and almost dropped the fish, but she got the door open. Then, she raced down the hallway, looking for a bathroom. She found one and went to put the fish in the sink, but she realized could not reach the handles at her height. There was no a tub in the bathroom, and the fish had stopped moving. That left only one option. She lifted the toilet seat, and plunked the fish into the toilet bowl. It floated there motionless for a moment, then it began to swim around. Amy watched it circle the toilet bowl once. Then, it looked up at her, and Amy thought she could just make out something like fear on it’s simple fish face when it realized where it was.


“I won’t flush you,” she said. “I just need to find you some other water. Wait there.”


Amy left to find something she could use as a makeshift fish tank, but Billy called for her before she got far. “Amy, come back here,” he said. “I want you to see this.”


She returned to him without hesitation, hoping to find time to save the fish a little later.


He was holding one of the remaining girls in his hand. He set her down on the bed and used the device again. “She said she won’t consent,” he said. “But, if she’s not alive, then do I need consent?”


The girl on the bed began to grow. She remained human shape the whole time, but she was not moving. Instead she lay on her back with her mouth open in shock. She had her arms at her sides, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and her legs spread apart. Her skin took on a plastic sheen and she no longer looked solid. In fact she looked hallow, like an inflated pool toy. When the changes stopped, Amy realized the girl had been turned into a blowup sex doll.


Billy picked her up with one hand. Held her high in the air, and let her gently drop to the floor. He chuckled. “I mean,” he said. “I’m not going to ask a tissue for consent, am I? How is this any different?”


Amy wanted to point out that he had just explained that the girl inside that blowup doll could still feel what was happening, but she held her tongue. There was no stopping him now.


He made the sex doll give him a blow job. Then, a short while later, thanks to his reduced refractory period, he fucked the doll. When he was done, he opened her air valve and stepped on her chest, causing the air inside of her to blow out of the valve. Her limbs grew limp and her body flattened out. Then, he left her on the floor of his bedroom, leaking out air and cum.


“One more left,” he said, as he went to grab the final girl. “Now,” he said as he lifted her out of the cage. “You said you would never give yourself to me.” He set her on the ground at his feet not far from where her plastic friend was still deflating. “What if that was your only function?” He pressed some buttons, many buttons in fact.


The girl quickly grew back to her normal height.


She was so shocked to have been transformed back to normal that she just stood there a moment, not sure what to do. Then, she felt her body stiffen. Her skin became solid in most places, but her joints still remained mobile. It felt as if she had become a doll. The changes continued. Her limbs became chromed as did panels on her torso and head, leaving only her crotch, her enlarged breasts, and the lower half of her face still looking soft like flesh. Those parts had a silicone smoothness to them now, while the rest of her appeared to be robotic.


While her mouth remained motionless, a monotone robotic voice spoke, saying “What did you do to me?” The voice had come from a speaker in the front of her neck. She held up her hands to the red lights that had replaced her eyes, her cameras focusing on her fingers’ mechanical joints as she tested flexing them.


“I turned you into my own personal sexbot,” Billy said. “Made and manufactured just to please me in bed in anyway that I want.”


“Oh God,” she said in passionless monotone. “No.”


“Yes,” he said.


Then, the robot moved with frightening speed with her hands outstretched to strangle Billy.


“Stop!” he cried when she was just inches from his throat.


She froze completely in her charge, while he stumbled back in fear. He stepped around her, but she just stood there with her arms outstretched towards where he had been, ready to strangle him still. She wanted nothing more than to kill him, but she had lost all control of her body. Now, she just felt like a statue.


“That was close,” he said, breathing heavy. “You almost got me, but that’s the last time I give you freewill.”


Amy felt her heart sink. Her last potential ally had been bested at last. If only the robot had managed to strangle him…


“Now,” he said. “First of all, Sexbot, I am setting you on pure compliance mode. Acknowledge.”


“Pure compliance mode activated,” she intoned as she stood there, still poised for murder.


“Pure compliance more means the robot can’t do anything except what I order it to do,” Billy explained to Amy. “Watch this. Sexbot, stand at attention.”


The robot stood up straight with her arms at her sides and faced him. Then, she waited motionlessly for his next instruction. Inside, the girl wanted to scream and tear him apart, but she had no control over any part of the mechanical body she was trapped inside. Her mind was just a passenger within it, unable to move even a pinky finger, now.


“Sexbot, report: what are your capabilities?”


“I am programmed with over one hundred different sexual positions. I can perform on a single battery charge for at least 16 hours of continuous use. I have semen storage and analysis capabilities as well.” Inside the bot, the words “semen storge and analysis” terrified her.


“Excellent,” he said, then he looked down at the soiled and deflated blowup doll on the floor. “Your first task, Sexbot, is to dispose of this old sex toy. Now, that I have you I won’t be needing it anymore.”


The girl who had been transformed into the blowup doll had been the sexbot girl’s best friend, but when he gave the order, the robot crouched on the floor, gathered up the blowup doll, balled it up, and then unceremoniously deposited the used doll in his trash can. Finally, she turned her back on her best friend’s discarded body to stand facing her master and wait for his next command.


“Good,” he said. “You’re going to be a lot of help around here when it comes to chores. Now, Sexbot, let’s test out some of those positions.”




After an hour or two had passed, Billy finally collapsed on his bed next to his sexbot partner. Amy had almost fallen asleep siting on her stool as she waited for him to finish the “test” of his sexbot. She had lost interest after the third or fourth time that he had come, but now that he was done, she paid attention to him again.


The sexbot had not lost interest. She was incapable of losing interest. She recorded and catalogued every thrust and moan that came from him, analyzing his performance, trying to determine his preferences. The girl’s mind inside of the bot, tried not to think of those things. She tried to fall asleep or let her mind wander elsewhere, but her programming forced her to focus on her machine body’s main function: being the best sexual partner to Billy that she could be. She ran though a list of sexual positions with Billy, and each time she felt him orgasm inside of her, she tried to determine the best position to try next for maximum pleasure.


She had endless statistics running through her electronic brain. She knew that Billy had orgasmed in her 8 times that night. The size of his ejaculate had ranged from 6 ml to 3.8 ml, averaging out to 5.1 ml. She knew this because her “throat” and her “vagina” measured the volume and temperature of his semen each time. Then, the semen was deposited in an small analysis tank in her chest. Inside the tank, the chemical composition of the semen was analyzed, checking its fluidity, salinity, and ph balance, even doing a rudimentary sperm count. All the sensors were overwhelming. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, but the best comparison she could make was that she was tasting his semen inside of her. She felt like his cum was resting on her tongue right under her nose. Finally the semen was drained into a large storage tank in her abdomen.


More than anything, she wanted to drain his semen out of her, but she could not. Not only was she unable to do anything without his command, but the semen storage tank was sealed inside of her for some security reason that was not clearly spelled out in her internal files. Even if she had full control of herself, she discovered, after a quick examination of her programming, that she had no way to clean herself out. Her files said that only a licensed technician could remove the storage tank during maintenance after it was full, and at the moment, her sensors said that her tank was only 2% full of semen.


“That was fantastic,” he said just before Amy could reach for his device. She had hoped he had gone unconscious. He sat up while the sexbot just lay there next to him, not moving.


“Would you like to make love again?” the sexbot asked him in monotone. “You may want to stop for hydration. Also, I would recommend you eat more walnuts in your diet.”


“I think I’m done for now, Sexbot,” he said. “Go stand in the corner and plug yourself in to charge.”


She got out of bed, feeling his semen slosh around inside of her, and walked to the corner of the room. She opened the charging port on the side of her leg, unspooled her charging cable, and plugged it into a power strip, right next to the cables for his lamp and his fan. She felt herself starting to charge up. It was almost like eating very slowly, one pitiful drop and crumb at a time.


“Sexbot,” he said. “Enter sleep mode.”


For the first time in hours, she got her wish and lost consciousness.


Amy realized that she was now truly alone with Billy. Everyone else was gone in some way. At the very least, she was the only one left for him to talk with now.


“Well,” he said. “I think I will get something to drink after all.” He stood up from the bed and put his underwear back on for this first time in hours. Then, he headed for the door.


Amy’s eyes were glued to the device. She could hardly believe her luck. He had left it on the bed. Once he was gone all she had to do was…


“Whoa,” he said. “Almost forgot.” He turned around and picked up the device. Then, he pulled up his pants and slipped it into his back pocket. He patted it affectionately and said, “There. That’s better.” Then, he left Amy alone in the room.


She had been so close. The device had almost been in her hands. Now, she just had to wait for another opportunity, she decided. He had to slip up again sometime, and when he did… What then? She realized that she had no idea how to use the device. She didn’t know if it had a password lock screen or if it needed a thumbprint. Who knows what it might do if she used it without permission? There were so many things that could go wrong if she rushed it. “Be patient,” she told herself. “Learn what you can. Let him get comfortable with you. Then, take the opportunity when it comes.”


Suddenly, she heard a sound that made her blood run cold. He had flushed the toilet. “The fish!” she said. “Oh no!” She had forgotten that she had left it in the toilet. She felt sick inside. Sure, he had been the one to turn the girl into a fish, but it was Amy who had put it in the toilet despite the danger. That one was her fault. She felt like crying.


He returned to the bedroom, and said, “Well, this night might have been the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.”


“Did you notice something in the toilet?” she asked.


“No,” he said. “Was there something wrong with it?”


She was horrified. He had no idea even what he had done. “No,” she said. “It doesn’t matter now.”


“Hey,” he said. “Whatever it was. You don’t need to worry about it at all. In fact, you never need to worry about anything ever again. I’m going to take good care of you from now on. You’re my assistant afterall.” He placed a hand on her head affectionately, which did nothing to reassure her. In fact, she just felt creeped out. He might as well have just called her his pet.


“Now, what?” he asked himself.


As if in answer to his question, they heard a baby crying from the next room.


“Oh yeah!” he said. “Crissie. I almost forgot about her.” He left the room and returned with the diapered baby a minute later. “Here’s our sweet little girl,” he said as he handed the crying baby over to Amy.


Amy tried to cradle the oversized screaming infant in her arms, but she found she needed to sit down on her stool again and rest Crissie on her lap. “Did she… you know?”


“The diaper is still dry,” he said. “But, it’s only a matter of time before she has to use it. The nice thing is, we can keep reusing the same diaper. We won’t need to buy a new one ever.”


Amy doubted that the girl who had been transformed into the diaper would find that to be “nice” after being filled with disgusting baby shit and piss over and over again.


He looked at Amy and Crissie for a moment and said, “Ah, I have one last idea for the night. I mean, if we want something to come out. We have to put something in first, right?”


He pressed some buttons on the device, and Amy felt her breasts swell up on her chest like a pair of water balloons. Soon they were as big as her head.


“That should do it,” he said.


Amy just sat there on the stool looking at her absurd little body, not really sure what to say about her ridiculous new breasts. She was getting tired of faking enthusiasm. She was getting tired of everything, actually.


“Well,” he said. “Start feeding her. That baby needs her mommy.”


“Mommy?” Amy said. “I’m not-” she started to say, but stopped when baby Crissie took hold of her enormous breast and pulled a nipple down to her mouth. The baby quieted down as it greedily drank Amy’s breast milk.


“There,” he said. “See? You’re taking to motherhood so well.”


Amy wanted to start crying now herself. Instead, she forced a final, “Thank you.”


Billy lay down on his bed, making sure to position the crotch of his new body pillow behind his head. Then, he put on his headphones and turned on some music.


Amy focused on the device resting on the bed by his hand. It was right there. She could probably grab it without him noticing now, but she knew she had to be careful. She had to have a plan before she tried to take it from him, but when she did…


“I’ll be the one in charge, then,” she told herself.


The baby stopped sucking for a moment and shared a look with Amy. Then, it went back to feeding.


Amy would turn herself back to normal first, she decided. Then, she’d turn him into a mouse and make him crawl and beg and suffer. Of course, later, she would help her friends too. At least, she would help the ones that could still be helped. It was too late for most of them, she realized, thinking back to the toilet again. However, she could definitely save herself, and in time, once she had set everything right that could be set right, she might just have a bit of fun with the device on her own.


“Just wait,” she said as she shifted the baby cheerleader to drink from her other breast. “Just wait ‘till it’s my turn.”




  1. I loved this! I like when authors explore darker themes, way too little of it. And you really have a knack for it!

    Also I believe i have said this before, but I love it when different TF’s are in a story. I especially loved the shrinking into nothing. Amazing work!

    Should we expect a follow up to this? Also, just a curious question. In your stores, is everything taking place in the same “universe” or are they independant?

    • lostandwhatever

      Thanks for liking the story. Fun fact, I wrote this one in a single day-long binge. It was the most writing I’ve ever done at once. My arms were sore when I was done. That was probably too much typing for one day.

      I like a good variety of TFs as well. Too much of one thing would get boring for me, but I usually try to split up the different TFs into separate stories/chapters to give people a chance to skip some if they’re not into something. In this case, I just kind of went for it. There’s a good chance that something in there will interest someone and something else won’t.

      As for follow ups, I’m trying to avoid starting longer series. For one thing, I think people prefer shorter, self-contained works. There’s less time commitment. Also, I’m already working on three multi-part series. (One is Mary. The other two are still in the works. You might see the first part of one of them very soon, though.)

      Is it all one “universe”? Maybe? Some things would probably conflict, especially world-changing stuff like the existence of elves and Santa. Are you suggesting a cross-over? Could happen. I’ll see how I feel when Mary is done. (More on that soon!)

      Thanks again for taking an interest in my work. Comments like yours are what keep me wanting to write more.

      • I really wish people made more of an effort to comment on the things they read. Interaction, good or bad, is vital for a community to grow. Even more so for smaller ones like these. I’m sure most people just dont consider it, but im guessing it matters a lot to you and Bela. So i hope people that enjoy your work consider that side of it. How else can you know what your audience enjoys or not?

        Anyway thanks for answering my question. I would not be opposed to a crossover! You have some dark masterminds in your arsenal, and seeing them battle it out with no holds barred, would be amazing.

        • Rather cruel, and I loved even the nuance of this bizarre tale.

          • lostandwhatever

            Thank you. It’s nice to know that people are interested in this type of thing. Now, I just need to figure out an idea for another one.

  2. bela04

    Okay, so it took a long time but now I’m here and… WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW! What was that story! Oh, my… I’m not that type of guy who are into many fetish or change but in this, I was eager to see what happens next…

    I could hardly wait to see how things turns out for each and every one of the characters and I wasn’t disappointed! All those, ideas, skills and experiance what you gathered by writing the “Mary” story were payed off wonderfully in this story!
    I think when you write soemthing like this, something new and fresh all those ideas in your head are just get’s down to the paper wondefully.

    I really hope you gonna build this story more at least for one more eposide with twists and surprise changes! I’m happy that you are still full with ideas especially on the darker tales! Thank you again, for the share!

  3. Cant wait for the next installment pretty good start

  4. How long til the next part it’s a good start

    • lostandwhatever

      I’m not sure yet what the next part would look like. This story just came to me one day, when I happened to have enough free time the write the whole thing. Maybe I’ll have another idea like that later, but I don’t know when. It seems to have been very popular, so I’ll definitely try to continue it.

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