Avatar Puberty – by Bubba1995

Little Korra was out playing with her Polar Bear Dog Puppy, Naga, who’d only been born a Month ago.

Korra had recently been discovored to be the next Avatar, and had already begun training. She couldn’t wait to grow up and become the most powerful Avatar in the history of the World. At least, that’s what she believed.

Right now she could only do very weak Waterbending and little puffs of Earthbending, and Fire Bending. Nothing on Airbending yet. But she was only Eight. So she had time.

That night, she slept in her bed, with Naga curled up next to her.
The poor girl was tossing and turning, she’d been having nightmares recently, about evil. Bad people doing bad things, trying to hurt people, trying to hurt Korra and the ones she loved like her parents, or Tenzin or Katara.

The little girl gasped as she sat up wide awake. She woke Naga up and the puppy licked her face.
“It’s okay girl. I’m sorry I woke you.” Korra said as she petted the pup.

Suddenly there was a bright light that flooded her room. Kora shielded her eyes until the light died down a bit. When she looked at the source, she was shocked at what she saw.

Colored blue and transparent, was an Air Nomad Man, she knew by the clothes he wore and the arrow tattoo he had on his head.
“Hello Korra.” He said in a friendly tone.
“Don’t be afraid. Do you know who I am?” He asked. His voiced sounded echoy.

Little Korra got out of bed and walked closer to the man, looking up at him she tilted her head.
It took her a moment but her eyes widened when she realized who this was. It was none other than her past life.

“Aang?” The little girl finally said.
“That’s right.” Aang replied. “It’s good to see you again Korra.”

“See me again? But…you died before I was born.’ Korra replied.
“Yes. But I am always with you…we all are.” Aang explained. He reached out and touched her forehead.

Her eyes glowed and suddenly she was somewhere else. In the clouds, surrounded by other people. Her other past lives.

Roku, Kyoshi, and all the others.

“Woah…” Korra said in childish awe.
She then turned back to Aang.

“Why did you take me here?” She asked.

“I’m sorry. But theres much evil in the world Korra.” Aang explained. “You know this because of your nightmares.”

“So…those are real then?” asked Korra.
“Yes, the World is in great danger and it needs you’re help.” Aang explained.

Korra felt a little scared. “But…I’m so little, and haven’t trained that much!” She cried.

Aang gave her a smile. “Hmm..Never stopped me. And you’re braver than you think you are.” He said while kneeling down to her.

“Plus..we’re going to help you.”

“How?” Asked Korra.
“By doing something that’s only be done in the most darkest hours.” Aang explained.
“We’re transfering our power into you. You’ll be able to master ther four elements and gain the knowledge to do so, it will also change you physically to contain such power. Only until the danger is over.”

Korra listened to every word. Feeling braver all ready.
“Are you ready?” Aang asked.
Korra’s face turned serious, she gulped as she then nodded.

“Good…We’re counting on you Korra.” Aang reached out and touched her forehead again.

Korra awoke to Naga sniffing her on the floor. She sat up and then stood up, lookng at her body, she didn’t feel any different yet.

Then it hit her, a wave of energy flooded her whole body.

“WOOOAAAHHH!” She cried as her hair started blowing in a wind that came from nowhere.
She felt funny, falling on her hands and knees, her eyes shut tight and she gritted her teeth.
“HHHHNNNNGGGGG!!” She groaned as the knowledge of the Four Elements flooded her head.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and were glowing white, she had entered the Avatar State.
Her small body was lifted into the air as the wind got more intense.
Naga backed into a corner and just watched, not understanding what was happening.

Korra’s body twitched as she was forced into an arch as her transformation began.

First it started with her feet, they shook rapidly as they both grew bigger one after the other, as each one did so, a large snow boot formed on each one.

Next came her legs, they kicked as they grew longer in several spurts, her pants grew along with them. They became fuller and muscular as well as her thighs thickened as well swelling with a stretching noise.

Up next were her hips, they widened with several cracks, growing to child bearing proportions.
Her butt pulsed a few times before swelling larger and larger, growing into a large heartshape.

Now that her bottom half was finished, her top half was next.
Her torso and arms stretched longer at the same time, her hands twitched a few times before they grew bigger, her fingers followed, each one growing long and slender like that of a young woman’s.

Her arms pulsed rapidly as they swelled bigger as well, muscles growing all the way up them as her shoulders grew bigger as well.

Her torso filled out next, her baby fat sucked away rapidly as her body became heavier and stronger by the second. Her waist curved into a hourglass shape as a six pack popped onto her stomach.
Her back arched into a womanly curve as her back muscles grew big and strong.

From under her top, which had grown as well, her dark nipples had doubled in size, the skin behind them was pulsing rapidly as two buds slowly pushed out. Those buds then began to grow into two breast.

The sensation felt good as they pushed against her skin tight top, they swelled to a rather impressive size, as her Mother was well endowered as well.

Her collarbone popped out as her neck grew longer and thicker.
Her face was next as her childish roundness was left behind. Her head grew bigger and elongated into a more oval shape. Her teeth were replaced with adult ones as her jaw widneded and her chin became more angular.

Her cheekbones rose up as her nose grew bigger. Her lips opened as they became fuller. Her eyebrows thinned and her eyes grew bigger.

Lastly her ponytails twitched as her hair grew longer, her two front pig tails grew longer down to her shoulders, while her back one went to her upper back.

The wind faded and the glowing stopped, Korra let out a soft moan as she fell to the ground.

Gone was the little girl, now a fully groan young Avatar Woman was there.

Korra woke up again to Naga sniffing her. She groaned as she pulled herself up.

“Woah!” She said in her new voice as she looked down at her much larger body. She cupped her new boobs and then felt her muscles.

“This is…amazing!” She said as she twisted to check out her butt.
“I feel so much more…smarter!”
“And stronger!” She said flexing her muscles.

She understood all of the Elements now.
So she snuck outside and practiced a little with each one.

After she got used to her older body, she got serious.
“Time to head for Republic City.” She said to herself.
“But how?”

Suddenly Naga started glowing just like she did.
Korra watched as the small Polar Bear Puppy began to grow.

Naga grew bigger and bigger by the second until she was a full grown Polar Bear Dog.

Korra gave her a smile and then walked over and petted her much larger head.
“Yeah..that’ll do! Ready girl?” Naga barked in a deeper tone.

Korra hopped up on her back and they rode off into the night.
Little 10 year old Asami Sato was walking playfully down her street in Republic City.

Suddenly a large Polar Bear dog rushed past her, knocking over the little girl in a startle.
“Ahhh!” She cried. Whered that come from?

But before she fell in the mud, a gust of air from nowhere caught her and sat her back up.
“Sorry Kid! My fault.” The voice came from a young woman on top of the Polar Bear Dog.

She gave the little girl a friendly smile. “Anyways, gotta go!” She road off as a group of Metal Benders chased her.

Asami was speechless.
“Who was that?!” She thought to herself. She blushed and giggled.
“Well…whoever she was…she was kinda cute!”


An older story that Bela thought I should share here.


“Her name is Wendy,” Brian said, stroking the computer case. “Say, hello.”


“Hello, Wendy,” Adam said, addressing the machine.


“Oh, hello,” said a woman’s voice from the speakers near the monitor. “How do you do?”Continue reading

Stories by bela04

Greetings everyone!

In the past year, I did some great Role Plays with a friend who pushed me into it. I’m still not a big fan of it but I admit, it was great to share these types of ideas of mine with someone, and helped me to get creative a little. I’m aware that this type of thing only works if the players really like the exact topic they do.
But I thought why not turn some of these ideas into short stories? Well, here is a try  – once I tried it on our discord server with not much of a response – so please only read it if you like my type of stories and/or darker elements. If there is an audience for it, I might share more in the future 🙂

Note: Of course, I did my best with the language and used some help from an online translator but I’m aware it’s still far from a real “enjoyable read”.

I was babysitting little Amy… an easy job.
We were playing hide and seek so I had to find her… again.
It wasn’t too much fun for me but at least I got the right about of money for it.
“…3, 2, 1… I’m going”
It will be easy. She always giggles too loud so almost every time I know where is she. But I keep her waiting for a little to make her believe that I don’t know where she is hiding.
The sounds are coming from the upstairs, I walk up and search for the giggle’s source. Bathroom… there we go. I start yelling into the air.
“Oh, where could be you? Amy? I can’t find you! But I know you must be here…” – and I slowly take steps towards the bathroom.
“Giggle, come closer, David! It’s getting hotter and hotter!”
She’s definitely in the bathroom.
“Oh, I think I know where this little girl can be… is there an Amy in the bathroom?” – I wanted to finish it, I only had 10 minutes left from this sitting.
“Oh… Maybe… Maybe I’m not… why don’t you try it? giggle”
I try to open the door but It’s locked… strange.
“Alright, Amy. You must be in there, so why don’t you let me in?”
“Hmm… maybe I’m in here! Why don’t you take a peek through the keyhole, hon?”
What on earth she’s doing? I kneel since the hole is very low to peek through…
“Okay, our time is up your Momm…. my…?” – I look through and a wave rushes through my body!

OMG, SHE’S GOT BIG TITTIES! I’M LOOKING AT A PAIR OF BIG TITTIES!! – I went crazy like a little boy.
“Giggle, do you like what you see honey?” – I hear her talking to me on the other side.
I can’t take my eyes off the keyhole as I can feel the sudden change going over my body. In seconds I shrink so much that first I need to stand on my feet to keep watching her big titties and even in my standing I have to use my tiptoe to be able to reach the keyhole.
I can feel my clothes are now too big for my new size, all of them are now too baggy for me.
I must look like some little boy who’s playing dressing up in his big brother’s clothes… I want to check on myself and understand what’s going on but I can’t take my eyes off Amy’s huge tits.
It feels like I’m stuck on that bathroom door… almost like this would be the first time… to see big titties.
She stands up and gets out of the bathtub moving towards the door. I don’t have time to realize what’s going on when she opens the door making me fall out of my pants. I land on my bare bottom…

That’s the first time I can see how small I am! I look at my hands and realize, I can’t be older than 13! I lost 10 years just because of her enormous titties!
AS she walks out covering her huge tits with her arm, my erection becomes visible since my now oversized undies are too large for me now.
“Giggle, haven’t your Mommy told you before? It’s not polite to peep on girls! Aww… little David has a stiff on Amy’s big boobies?”
“B-but… how… w-what happened?!” – I asked.
She bends down to be still holding her massive tits with her now large arms and hands: “Let’s call it magic! I hope you like it this way since you’re going to stay like this for a week!”

I was shocked, I wanted answers, wanted to say something but I felt something is going to explode. I looked up one more time to the now-adult Amy who smiled at me and said: “Run along honey!”
I ran to the bathroom where she just was, locked the door, and started to do it until my Mom arrived and took me home.


Looking For Advice (6)

Hi Guys, it’s Bea!



Sorry, it took me longer than expected to get back. After shopping, Alleya insisted on taking Jossie and me to lunch. Imagine our surprise when she didn’t mean the mall food court but actually a very high-end cafe on the edge of the commercial district!

I can’t imagine we’d normally be allowed in such a sophisticated place without chaperons, in fact, I don’t even think this place has a kid’s menu!

I let Alleya order for me since I barely understood what anything was. Did you know that Fillet del Sole is fish?


Or at least, that’s what I thought I’d say before biting into it. I must have been starving because rather than tasting mushy and slimy as I expected, my mouth was filled with the flavors of soft flaky fish with a lingering aftertaste of butter and garlic. I ate the entire plate clean!

Alleya even ordered us some wine. Although I was hesitant to try alcohol without asking permission first, in my country, a single glass of wine is usually considered appropriate at lunch and I couldn’t imagine it would be harmful to my grown body.

It was very interesting, I have to say. It made my tongue dry when I took the first sip, but it was surprisingly sweet, with a floral aftertaste that cloyed up into my sinuses even after I had swallowed. Far better than grape juice.

Really, I don’t know what I was worried about. What was I worried about again? Maybe I should have a second glass? Two glasses shouldn’t cause any harm, right?


“Anyway I wanted to ask, do you think Alleya and Jossie could describe their transformation experiences? It would be very interesting to know what it felt like for them and what they can remember about their bodies changing.” – Keyser

Oh right, well, I’ll just let them speak for themselves :

Hiiiiii Hoon!


You’re chatting with Alleya now!

I just wanted to let yall know that Beatrice has told Jossie and I all about you boys and I really REALLY appreciate what you’ve been doing for her. Beanie Baby can be a bit of wet blanket and all, and I don’t think this would be half as much fun without her.

But now, enough about Lil’Beanie, you wanted know all about this fine woman of color don’t you?

Well it might surprise you to know, Lil Alleya wasn’t exactly on board with the program either at first. She’s a shy little thang always hiding behind her Mama’s skirt! Goin into that doctors office, getting the vitamin shots, and standing in front of that machine has gotta be the bravest thing she’s ever done.

And y’know, I’m sure glad she did!

The second the radiation touched me it felt like my Lil’ol body was melting into foam, like a seltzer tablet. I closed my eyes, and gasped, and just let myself be washed away by the tingles that spread all through me, up and down and inside and out, until I couldn’t tell quite what was happenin, except that it was wonderful, that I was becomin’ somethin’ wonderful.

I was becomin a woman.

I remember thinkin, all doubts gone, there was no going back, I didn’t want to go back, so I threw my arms open and cried out in my changing voice as I drank up that amazing blue light until my every cell and tissue swelled up ripe and luscious as a summer strawberry. The radiation felt like more than just energy. It was confidence. It was womanhood. It was a brand new me just waiting to be born.

And before I knew it, I could feel that becoming my reality. Just -BAM- big ol’ boobies! And -BAMPH- a nice plump booty! And then -WHOOPA- a big ol’ bush on my cooty!

I was smiling an laughin an covered in sweat when the radiation treatment ended, didn’t want it to ever stop, and who could blame me?


I’m a goddess of womanhood blessed on the world. Just call me Black Aphrodite!

So tell me. What do you think?

Do you like my face? It’s nice right? Very mature and womanly?

How about my hair? I did it myself.

My . . . breasts? They’re nice too . . . right?

Tee hee! I’m just teezin. Well, sorta, I’m sure Alleya will share back anything you gotta say. Lemme know what I can . . . work on . . . Oh, I guess Jossie wants her turn now . . .

Bye for now, hon!

Hey, yo, like hi, nice to meet you all, I guess.

So like, I’m Josenia and stuff, but like, we’re supposed to change our name around a bit for the program, so like, you can call me Jossie, I guess?


So like, Bea asked me if it would be cool to tell you how my transformation from a piggy to a hottie went and I was like ‘yeah sure, but only if I get to tell it’ and so she was like ‘yeah that’s fair’ and so here I am.

Bea probably told you that I’m like, super big boned and stuff, and that’s true. Actually, I wasn’t really sure if it was worth getting with the Program cuz it meant I had to lose some weight. I guess the machine they use for the procedure has a weight limit or something and I almost maxed it.

It was a real pain having to lose all that weight, y’know, like when you’re really hungry after a whole two hours of not eating and you still have to go, like, ‘no Jossie, you need to stick to your diet’.

Buy anyway, even with all the work the doctors weren’t sure if I could undergo the procedure until they gave me a checkup the day before. And even then I had to undergo a special version of the procedure where they turn up the radiation on account of how fat I am.

They also had to give me a special outfit, like a bathing suit, or a leotard, since a normal hospital gown might get in the way while the doctor’s applied special adjustments to me treatment.

It took a while for the radiation to start to effect me, I kind of thought it wasn’t going to work. But then, when it started, I kind of felt like, well, y’know how it feels when you wake up in the morning and you haven’t eaten since your midnight snack, and your stomach is growling like crazy and kind of hurts like it’s eating yourself? Yeah, my body was kind of like that, only all over, cuz it had to eat up all of its fat..

My change wasn’t particularly fast either, even once it started. It was really strenuous and left me sweating and short of breath a lot. I kind of felt like my body was ‘hardening’ you know? Like, in class we watched a documentary about how they make rubber and how it starts off all soft and goopy, like putty. I was like that, I was putty and I was slowly turning into hard rubber as all my fat was digested and turned into muscles.

Well, I guess not all my fat, I already had a big butt and sort of had boobies before, but those were cuz I eat too much. When my grown up boobies grew in, even though they were much bigger, my breasts stopped being flat and saggy lifted up and started to feel firmer and more springy, and my butt cheeks sort of tightened and tucked in from the bottom of my butt crack.

In fact, I wound up feeling just this ‘tightness’ all over my body that still hasn’t gone away. It’s like all my muscles are clenched up, just a little bit, all of the time, and constantly reminding me that they’re there.

It was also super weird watching this face emerge as all the fat melted off of me, despite this nice body, it wasn’t the face I expected to have if I lost weight. Grandma says it sort of looks like my great-grandmother on my dad’s side. But I don’t know. Maybe it’s good looking, I guess . . .


Oh, but that wasn’t the end of the headache entirely. When the doctors first turned the machine off, everything seemed good for a couple of minutes at first. They let me move around and test out my new body, and it was kind of cool how easily I could move, it felt like I had super strength or something and I’m incredibly flexible.

I felt like I was completely full. Not of food. But of energy. Enough energy that I could never get tired or feel weak again.

But then, just as we were about to go run some more tests, I noticed my grown-up face getting puffy in the mirror, and then my abdominals started to loosen up and soften unexpectedly, like the hard rubber they’d been turned into was melting back into putty. I tried to tense them up, but that just seemed to make it worse.

The energy that filled me up, like, suddenly felt like a plug was pulled and it was draining out of me so fast it sent my head spinning. Or maybe it was because I was starting to get shorter again.

My new super-strength started to fade away and I was getting all soupy and saggy, about halfway back to my normal self, by the time the doctors rushed me back. I was super bummed because I thought this meant the procedure had failed, but the doctors took me back to the procedure room and gave me a few more short doses of radiation that caused me to regenerate. It took a while, but eventually, they managed to make the changes stick.

I feel super lucky the doctors were able to make it work for me, and I’m stoked to be part of this with my friends.

Oh, and I saw you asked Bea what she likes about her body. What do I like?

Like, well, I learned I can use my muscles to make my butt-cheeks clap. That’s kind of cool, I guess.


So yeah, like, I think Bea wants her phone back now so, bye for now, I guess.

Hi guys, it’s Bea again and . . . I don’t know what I was worried about, two glasses of wine are nothing. But . . . I am starting to feel a little tipsy so . . . maybe I’ll stop that for now. I wanted to answer the rest of these questions while Jossie gets herself a dessert.

“First of all I love how you write, it seems that the more time you spend the more you are getting used to your new body. watch out for the guys, even though I think it’s okay for you to … have some fun. please choose a good match!” – jojo93able

Does it seem that way really? How so? I suppose because I am the one who is changing, it is hard to examine myself. So please feel free to tell me.

“One last question, are there people who knew about the project but who … don’t like them?” – jojo93able

Well, I believe I mentioned this before, but the very concept of the Program is quite fraught in political circles. The minority party is strongly opposed to the entire Program, calling it ‘unnatural’ and they aren’t above spreading all sorts of lies about the program and us participants.

For instance, they are claiming this is part of a secret initiative to shorten childhood and push us into the workforce to boost the economy. Other rumors are that the program is part of a super-soldier project owing to our superior physiques. I also read an article claiming that the program is just a cover story and that the real cause of Hyper Puberty is all the steroids and GMO foods we consume and that soon all children will become adults in half the time.

Do politicians always say such bizarre things?!

Thankfully, our President seems to be a very level-headed person. Although I was disappointed to hear that he has agreed to approve a special pharmaceutical intended to immediately abort Hyper Puberty if the need ever arises.

With this drug, all it would take to turn Alleya, Jossie, or I back into a little girl is a little injection. We might not even notice!

I don’t understand why these people can’t let the US decide what to do. It’s like they’re trying to control our bodies!

I’m sorry, I’m getting upset. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem anyways, even if the drug gets approved, they won’t just be allowed to use it on whoever they like. The identities of Program participants are confidential after all.

“I was wondering when we would hear from you again. I can’t say I’m particularly surprised that the people in your group are not allowed to have sex, but at least it’s harder for them to impregnate/be impregnated. Still, I know your desire for the men in your group is going to grow. I’d keep an eye on Alleya, she might possibly be the one who’s least concerned about breaking the rule. You should also keep an eye on Josie. Now that she’s lost all that weight and gained a lovely shape, she is definitely going to be coming out of her shell.” – BLZBub

I think you misunderstood. The program deeply discourages sexual relations, but there’s not really anything they can do to legally prevent or punish them. The laws about Partial Emancipation do not account for Hyper Puberty or the Program.

Personally, I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’m not sure I want to have sex. But the idea of someone else controlling my body . . . It doesn’t feel very good.

As for Alleya and Jossie. I see what you’re saying. This Alleya, well, she’s not exactly what I was expecting from my friend, almost like a stranger actually. And she seems almost more interested in the waiter that’s been serving us than in her friends here at the table!

And Jossie, well, Jossie is strangely unmotivated by her new body. But that could be worse, now that I think about it, Jossie usually goes with the flow. Which could be a problem if she’s left alone with one of our hunky schoolmates.

“I had thought this myself Planet. The effect of muscle memory is very interesting in working out. If you develop good musculature in your teens, the body ‘remembers’ that physique and it’s much easier to grow and maintain that muscle in later life.

The changes to the girls have been so intense with these transformations that I’d be surprised if their bodies forgot about the experience entirely. Hopefully, as the girls get older naturally their bodies will still blossom into the gorgeous specimens we can see now!” – Keyser

I’m not sure if it works that way, Keyser.

Remember that PHP is not just hormone therapy and vitamin injections. The secret ingredient is the special radiation that scientists learned to generate by studying deep space.

Normally this radiation is only created by exploding stars and the rare natural cases of hyper puberty are a result of a kid being in exactly the right place at the right time to catch one of these rays. These natural radiation bursts usually only impart enough energy to change a subject for a couple of hours, maybe half a day at most.

Meanwhile, I heard that operating the machine for a single procedure takes enough energy to power a row of houses for a year!

So I don’t think it’s natural to assume we’ll grow up the same way again. In fact, here’s a picture of my mom when she was 20.


I suppose you could say the difference between her and my current form is thanks to that radiation and the relative youth of my cellular and genetic structure.

Well, there’s probably not much point to speculating further. I’ll let you guys know when I learn more. Now I have to figure out how to get all these clothes home!

– XOXO Bea!

Looking for Advice (4)

Hi guys, it’s Bea again.

Just wanted to respond to some of your comments before turning in for the night.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not alone among your friends who is going through this program. And if Alleya is any indication, you’ll be looking quite beautiful yourself after the procedure. You’ll have to be sure to check on your other friends who are in the program.” – BLZBub

The Program selected students by lottery from all around the area. Unfortunately, not many of my close friends were chosen. And due to the Program’s guidelines, I am prohibited from interacting with any of them until I change back. This is part of the Program’s policy of separating our ‘normal’ and ‘adult’ lives to reduce psychological stress.

And yes, Alleya’s adult body did turn out quite lovely. It is not uncommon at all for Hyper Puberty to produce superior physical specimens. In fact, she sent this to me just a little while ago.



“Just wanted you to see some of the Pajama’s I bought. Feels naughty! XOXO” – Alleya

Honestly it has me a little worried again to see my friend acting suddenly so bold as to wear something so adult. Does she not realize what her body looks like now? I think she might be a little intoxicated by the effects of hyper puberty. But then, her parents have always been the kind to spoil Alleya rotten. With her newfound confidence, she no doubt intends to experience every aspect of being a woman.

“Good luck. Don’t forget who you are. You’ll be a great adult” – Ashmander

Thanks so much, Ash. I have to admit that this has weighed heavily on my mind since I met Alleya this morning. I was sort of afraid that the Procedure would turn me into a different person. In a way, I think it has. My body has been transformed into a grown woman’s body. My mind certainly cannot remain the mind of a young girl.

“now you can compare yourself with Alleya au pair!
I’m glad the process went perfectly, I hope you can teach your sister a lesson in humility.
in my opinion you should hear if you have friends who have participated in the project, go out together and have fun” – jojo93able

I have to admit, when I looked at Alleya’s e-mail I did feel compelled to measure myself against her and I was a little annoyed by how confident she seems. I guess I might be a little disappointed to be honest. This body is not bad at all, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I’m rather short for one and somewhat on the ‘thicc’ side as they say online. I have a rather fat bottom. I don’t know, perhaps I am being selfish wanting more?

“Wow Beatrice you grew into a real beauty. And your body is incredible! Did you expect to become so attractive or was it a complete surprise? Would you say your great new body is a side effect of the procedure, or genetically were you always destined to grow into this? If the procedure takes a while to come into effect, do you think more changes might happen to you?” – Keyser

Why thank you, Keyser! It feels quite incredible as well!

While I’m not exactly surprised how I turned out, I can’t exactly say I predicted it. The women in my family are not unattractive, but it is very unlikely I would grow into this naturally. I have to thank Hyper Puberty for my superior looks and physique.

So it is a little strange to be complimented when the woman you see before you is a product of science!

“Just try not to rub it in your sister’s face, envy can be an ugly thing. As for how to use your energy, adults usually work out. So if your parents have some exercise equipment, you can use those until you can get some gym clothes and go to the gym.” – BLZBub

The thing is, it has always been difficult being Valerie’s sister. But I was so hungry for her approval that I didn’t understand that until I came back from the clinic today. How to put it? When I came home in this form, all of her mean words and deeds suddenly felt so petty and small.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t resent Valerie as I am now, I just . . . don’t want her melodrama to interfere with my time as a woman.

I am a little worried however. My sister holds grudges. I’m sure she will bide her time until my hyper puberty fades and I return to my natural form. Which could be trouble for my normal self later.

I did decide to take your advice about exercise. Luckily my dad bought some exercise equipment a few years ago that he keeps out in the garage, and my mom has some workout stretchy workout clothes that I don’t she’d mind if I borrow. Honestly, they only ever seem to use them for a couple of months after Christmas each year, so I don’t think they’ll mind.


The Program Guidelines list many benefits to vigorous physical activity. Although my fitness is a product of science, exercise will help my brain to acclimate to its new form and prolong my Hyper Puberty by stressing my adult body to maintain heightened hormone levels.

And of course it just feels good.

In fact working out felt incredible. Testing my body was eye-opening to say the least and incredibly satisfying compared to my formerly puny self. My newly enlarged and densified muscles purred beneath my mom’s lycra workout clothes and it wasn’t long before I was soaked in my own sweat.


My ass especially turned out to be amazing. A huge amount of my muscle mass is concentrated there and I could feel it work and clench powerfully as I followed the exercises in the Program handbook. I quickly grew soaked with perspiration and could feel little rivulets of sweat slithering down my pillowed cheeks. The sensation was rather thrilling!


But most astonishing was my almost limitless stamina. I really had to work hard to exhaust myself. Each time I felt like I was about to reach my limit, gasping for breath and shaking, I would break through with another surge of energy and feel compelled to keep going. My shaking would cease, my breath would deepen, and I would push myself further again.

My adult cells felt like they were on fire, but it hurt so good. My body loved every moment of pushing until I found its limits. I just couldn’t stop until finally I felt my body reaching a contended state of exhaustion. I was totally drained yet totally satisfied with myself.

After working out, I was soaked in my own sweat. My adult body reeks much more intensely when dirty. Or maybe womanhood had enhanced my sense of smell. But in any case, I peeled off the workout clothes without delay and took another shower to wash away the filth.

But this time, showering too was different. The sensations were much heightened after working out. There was a warning in the hand book that exercise could create a heightened state arousal, but I didn’t really understand what that meant. What it mean was that the water hitting me, and my hands touching myself as I washed, caused waves of tingles to spark all across my skin.

I get really worm while I washing, much warmer than the water alone could explain and so I . . . well . . . I was curious about something and decided to experiment. I noticed that my nipples had swollen up and become a little sensitive. So I adjusted the water jets so that they would hit hardest on my breasts and after I sense of build up . . . I felt the surging feeling again!

Not as strong as when I changed, but enough to make me cry out and throw my hands against the show wall of balance. I really wanted to make it happen again, but I decided it was best to wait for now until I understand my body better.

My parents were home by the time I emerged from my shower and had brought takeout for dinner, so I dried off and put on my mom’s bathrobe.


I didn’t see Valerie, but I’m sure she’s skulking somewhere and I have to imagine she’ll be furious if she catches a glimpse of me.

So here I am now, laying in bed like a guest in my own home. The luxurious guest sheets caressing my equally luxurious skin. I think I’m going to sign for now. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

XOXO – Bea.

Looking for Advice (3)

Hello everyone, it’s Beatrice again.

As you can no doubt guess from my last post, I went ahead with the procedure despite my earlier misgivings, and well, this is me :




Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but now I don’t think I could be more pleased. It’s hard to describe, everything feels . . . like . . . new and stuff. Everything is different. I am different. I’m both excited and still a little frightened as the world changes around me, in response to me.

I have been changed for several hours now but my heart is still pounding. My stomach is full of butterflies. I’m still a little lightheaded. It’s a little tricky to type right now, I’m not used to my hands, so please forgive any spelling errors.

As I type this update, I am sitting in my family’s guest room. My parents have closed up my bedroom and put away my childish things so that I can live the next two weeks as much as possible as a real woman. This was a recommendation made by the Program’s guidelines. Participants are advised to create a mental ‘space’ between their normal and adult selves.

Honestly, I can see now why this would make things easier. In fact, it is for that reason that I would like everyone to stop thinking of me as Beatrice, I go by just Bea now, which I think sounds much more mature and appropriate for a young woman.

Today is day (0) of the Program which is calibrated to last for two weeks or most of our inter-semester break. Day (0) is designated as an acclimation day and is a period for us to familiarize ourselves with our new bodies and their capabilities.

But first I want to describe how I got here.

At the heart of the Program is the Procedure. I have been calling it just the Procedure, but fully it is known as Hypo Precocious Developmental Therapy or HPDT. HPD Therapy uses a special form of radiation to induce a state called Precocious Hyper Pubescence, PHP, or ‘Hyper Puberty’.

Naturally occurring cases of PHP have been studied in the past and are believed to be caused by encounters with bursts of cosmic radiation. However, these naturally occurring events are highly unstable and reversion usually occurs within a few hours. The Procedure stabilizes PHP so that the effects last much longer.

When I had the procedure done, I was seated in a special examination chair and a burst of radiation was fired at me from a device that looked like a dental x-ray machine. Instead of x-rays, however, I was bathed in an intense blue light that caused my skin to prickle.

I was surprised to learn that the procedure was not instantaneous, I required a five-minute dose before I began to feel my body changing.

The first thing I noticed was my stomach start to sort of growl and my inside shifted a little uncomfortably. A pressure built just above my pelvis as my reproductive system began to experience Hyper Puberty and then all at once a rush of warmth spread out as my uterus began to release sex hormones into my body.

I gasped for breath as my body surged. It happened so quickly, the hormones were telling my body to become a woman and my cells, nourished by the radiation, quickly began to multiply, building my body and reshaping my tissues into a mature form.

I was suddenly incredibly hot and sweaty, soaking my hospital gown as my body first stretched out and then began to fill in. This was really the scariest part of the whole procedure as my body was incredibly confused by years of maturation spontaneously happening to it.

My small flat butt clenched up involuntarily as my glutes began to develop under the influence of my hormones. I could feel my ass expanding until each butt cheek was larger than my entire bottom moments before. My hips cracked painfully and then my vertebrate crackled and popped one by one as my spine elongated.

In my chest I could feel the energy concentrating, pushing against my child form. First, my nipples hardened painfully, then they began to soften as they swelled and softened, tough fibrous mounds pushed them outwards. They were soaring at first, and painful, but with each passing second my little bee stings budded into grapes, and then ripened into tangerines, before swelling into full round melons. With each moment they grew warmer and more pleasant until my childish cries were replaced by deep feminine moans of delight.

It was so distracting that I hardly even notices the other changes racing to completion. My voice deepening and my lips grew pouty as my face remolded itself, shedding immaturity. My short mousy hair spilled down past my shoulders in a darkening waterfall and I felt an itching where my body was a developing hair under my arms and on my privates.

The radiation began to fade as the machine was turned off, and in a final wave, my body surged towards completion. Strength filled me as my muscles melted away the remaining puppy fat on my stomach and molded my thighs and calves. My breasts seemed to heft themselves a little higher as my pectorals swelled beneath them for support.

All at once the heat that filled my body broke, I spasmed, arching my spine and clenching up all over. I cried out in an unfamiliar voice as a deep sense of release blanked my mind. It was totally terrifying but also strangely exhilarating and when sense returned to me I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

Although, oddly, I think I might have let out a little pee when it happened as my groinal area felt sort of wet and it was starting to soak uncomfortably into my hair down there. When I asked the doctors about it, they referred me to the Program’s manual. I’ll have to read up on the part they recommended.

When I first stood up, I was totally disoriented. Not only was my body bigger and a different shape, but the way I related to it had also changed completely. Everything from strength to my balance, to the way my legs moved when I walked, had subtly or not so subtly changed.

I felt both heavier and lighter at the same time. My greater size was offset by my much greater strength but I wasn’t used to the momentum of my new limbs.

Other things were different as well. I felt strangely more aware of not just my body, but my surroundings too. I noticed the individual medical machines in ways that I had not before and found myself casually reading the name tags of the doctors and nurses at a glance. This too is a side effect of PHP, causing the brain’s plasticity to drastically increase, allowing me to quickly adapt.

A good thing too, as I needed to acclimate myself to walking once more. Anyways, once my procedure was completed I was released to the custody of a Program nurse who performed a baseline physical, provided me with some basic garments, and escorted me home.

My family was waiting there to greet me and sign all of the paperwork. Basically, the Program requires my parents to sign off confirming that I am in fact their daughter and granting me partial legal emancipation for the duration of my Hyper Puberty.

I have to see that both my mother and father were very surprised to see me and I found myself feeling much like Alleya must have when she was talking to me. It was not that they didn’t believe me, but they were astonished by how significant the change was, and, this is a little embarrassing, my mom said she could hardly believe how beautiful I had become!

Of course, although my parents seemed to be taking it very well, even our dog Poilu was happy enough after sniffing me, someone else in the house was not.

That person is my older sister Valerie. Or rather, my ‘younger’ sister Valerie.

This is probably the most complicated part of things on my family side. Valerie is a year older than me and has always been a bit of an early bloomer while, up until today, I was just the opposite. This means our sibling relationship has often been strained to say the least as she has often been impatient with me. Even worse, she has often resented me when our parents made her be nice.

No, I will say it honestly, there are times when she has been a bully to me.

But now, despite being a little disappointed with my mature height, I am merely five foot two as an adult, I still stand several inches taller than my sister who is on the taller side for her age. My body is that of a woman while hers is still a child’s and with my new attentiveness, I can see the complicated feelings crossing her face as our parents explain how things are going to be for the next few weeks.

Is it wrong that I feel a little pleased with this reversal?

I don’t want to be a bully to my sister, of course, but I feel Valerie missing out on the program by a year while I get to be a bigger sister for two weeks is something she deserves.

I think the best revenge will be to live an amazing two weeks as a woman while Valerie can only watch and wait and hope for the day she can enjoy adulthood naturally.

I wound up spending quite a bit of time talking with my parents. We had a lot to go over with the nurse before signing all of the paperwork. Valerie got bored, or maybe she was just irritated about having to call me Big Sister, and wandered off to her room.

After everything was finished up, I unpacked in the guestroom and went to take a shower and wash off the sweat from the procedure. I was given a basic bag of toiletries, everything essential that I will need to care for my new body. But for this first time, I just scrubbed myself in soap and stood in the jets and steam.

It’s a little embarrassing to tell you all this, but I really couldn’t stop touching and exploring myself while I stood under the shower. I was surprised by every new curve and contour of my flesh. And I was even more surprised how right they felt. I’ve never been very aware of my body before today, you know, but now I am intensely aware of it. And my body feels like this other me. Do you know? It’s part of me, but also it’s own animal, and it’s confused by why it has suddenly inexplicably flourished. It doesn’t know what to do with its new strength and neither do I.

That’s actually why I started writing. It was either write or pace the guestroom like a caged animal. I just have all of this energy right now. And also impatience. I don’t want to waste any of my precious time.

Just a little while ago my parents told me they were going shopping with Valerie. I think they wanted to get my sister out of the house before she starts to sulk. Maybe getting out of the house would be a good idea. But I’m now I’m not sure what I would do.

I’ve never had so much energy inside me before. But when I was frustrated I would normally go burn it off at the park. However, I don’t think the park managers or the Program staff would be happy with a grown woman misusing the playsets.

What do adults do with their excess energy?

I can do whatever I want, but I can’t seem to choose.

Looking for Advice

Hello everyone. My name is Beatrice Rivera and I am in Grade 5.

I hope it is okay that I am posting here because I have a problem and I am looking for advice. But when I used the internet there were not many places that could help. I will start at the beginning so that you can understand.

In my country a new program has been suggested called the ‘Self Reliance Internship Initiative’ which is aimed to help encourage children to becoming more self reliant and socialized for when they get older.

Under this program children in grade 5 like me will undergo a procedure that temporarily accelerates our development so that we can experience what it is like being a young adult so that we can plan for our future.

The program has not officially started yet but members of the government including the president of my country want to test it out with a small number of students first and I was selected for this special program.

Only I am not sure if I should do it. It seems a little scary and I am really worried that something embarassing will happen since I do not know how to be a woman at all. Even if it is only for a little while.

Also, although the doctors think the procedure is very safe and it has received approval from our government, a lot of people do not approve and think it might actually be unsafe or they think it is wrong for us kids to do this even if it is only for a little while.

Lastly, the program is completely voluntary, I do not have to do it. However, the government is also offering money to the family’s of volunteers in the test program. Whily my family is not very poor we are also not very rich. But I have talked to my parents and they want this to be my decision.

So that is why I am looking for advice.

Thank you for listening,

Love Beatrice

P.S. Sorry if my writing is not good. I got a C+ in grammar class.

The Kinky Wizard’s Ring – Ch 2 – lostandwhatever

Continued (at last) from Chapter 1. Originally published on my Patreon.




It’s Mo again. Sorry for leaving things on a bit of a cliff-hanger there. Let me finish up what I was saying in the last part.


Quick recap: I have a magic ring stuck on my finger. There’s a wizard’s spirit living in the ring that can magically transform my body anyway he wants. (Yes, that sentence is both true and totally insane.) At the end of the last part, he had turned me into a little girl, and I had been called in to work a shift at the coffee shop. Let’s see how that went.Continue reading

Getting in Shape

“And now raise your hands above your head.”

Tiffany followed the instructions of the work out instructor on the TV screen. She grumbled as she felt the loose skin on her arms jiggle around. After realizing she had broken the 220 pound marker earlier this week, she was now determined to lose some weight. Hopefully with enough dedication she could bring herself down back underneath the 200 mark. It would make her small 5’ 2” frame look less pudgy.

She followed the movement of the toned female instructor as the video continued playing. Tiffany wished she could look like that. A 18 year old girl with that body and all the guys who be hitting on her. She glanced down at her current body, her large floppy breasts hidden underneath her sweatshirt, her thick thighs and wide hips straining in her sweatpants, and her fat butt jiggling with her every movement.

“Guys like curves and all,” she thought to herself, her eyes tracing her buldgy body, “but sadly not this many.”

The sound of tiny footsteps alerted Tiffany to turn around to see her 9 year old sister, Lily, scamper into the room. She flew to the couch behind Tiffany with her light blue dress and long brown hair flowing behind her. She hoisted herself up, leveraging her frail 4’ 4” frame upon the comfy sofa. She glanced curiously at her older sister and the TV show that she was watching.

“Watcha doin’ sis?” Lily asked in a soft voice. “Never seen this TV show before…”

Tiffany sighed as she reached over to the remote to pause it. “It’s really nothing Lily,” she replied nonchalantly as she brushed her own sweaty blonde hair out of her eyes. “You would have no interest in it.”

“Why are you standing up instead of sitting?” Lily continued to press as her white sneakers dainty bobbed off the edge of the couch. “And why are you sweaty? And why are you-”

“Fine! I’ll tell you!” Tiffany huffed as she gave in to her little sister’s persistence. “This is called a ‘workout video’, where you follow the instructions of the person on screen. They go through a workout that requires standing, to answer your previous question.”

“Why?” Lily questioned once again, along with annoying Tiffany again as well. Tiffany unpaused the video, hoping that ignoring her sister’s repeating “Why?”s would push her younger sister away. When it didn’t, she whipped her back around to face her.

“Because,” Tiffany snapped, “I want to lose weight!”

A weird feeling overtook Tiffany as the words escaped her lips. Her body shook for a moment, almost knocking her over. As she gathered herself again, bits and pieces of fat slowly deteriorated. Her arms became slightly slimmed, her legs and thighs slightly thinner, and her face slightly less puggy. Fat dimensioned from her chest as well, dropping her nearly a full cup size.

Weight wasn’t the only aspect of her that changed though. Her pants rolled up to above her ankles, changing into capris. On the flipside, her sweatshirt thinned slightly and acquired a zipper in the middle. The zipper was pulled down a bit to give her breasts some room to show. Her hips contracted a bit, narrowing her stance. Her nose and eyes shrunk slightly, hinting at a more youthful appearance. She shifted her attention, and her 175 pound body, towards the couch.

On the couch, Lily also experienced a slight twitch as a strange feeling overtook her. Her dangling legs stretched towards the floor, pulling her overall height four inches taller. Her dress grew in length as well, along with the new existence of a decorative belt pinching her dress at her waist. Her face lost some of its roundness as signs of baby fat dissipated. Youthful freckles began to disappear around her growing nose and eyes. Lastly, the neckline of her dress dipped slightly as a newly worn training bra materialized underneath.

“Why do you want to lose weight?” Lily questioned once again, ignoring the fact that her free flowing brown hair tried to organize itself with parted bangs. “I think you look just fine.”

Tiffany chuckled a bit at Lily’s supportive comment. “I appreciate you thinking that sis,” she replied with a warm smile. “When you get a little bit older, however, I think you’ll understand. When you’re 16 like me, and weigh as much as most of the guys, you get…criticized for it. Kids your age, at 11 or 12, don’t necessary think like that.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Lily answered slowly. “I think there’s a lot of mean kids in my class who call each other names. I guess I’ll understand more when I’m older…”

The words “that’s right” got caught in Tiffany’s throat as another wave of strange sensations overpowered her. Excess fat wringed itself off her arms and legs as they thinned even more. Tiffany could hear her stomach gurgling as it shrunk, receding inwards. She looked down to see her two large breasts dwindling to a large B cup, allowing her to finally see her feet once again. She took off her sweatshirt to reveal a yellow tanktop underneath. She felt lighter than she had in years.

A sudden twitch in her legs caused her to almost fall again. When she regained her posture, her height was now 4’ 10, roughly 4 inches shorter than she was before. The feet she had been celebrating finally being able to see waned in size as well. Her hips retracted even more, causing her capris to almost fall off, before they tightened into a kid’s size of jeans. Freckles and pimples sprouted out on her face as it and its features diminished in size. She now looked like a 13 year old at roughly 125 pounds, debating about following this exercise video or not.

During the time that Tiffany was collapsing downwards, Lily was shooting upwards. Her arms and legs stretched outwards, allowing Lily to finally touch the ground while sitting. Her 5’ 2” frame grew some muscle and even less fat. Some fat grew on her chest to bring two small bumps that peaked out into the world. They were still mostly covered by her free flowing top, which had torn itself away from the skirt that was created from the remains of her dress. Underneath her skirt, slight expansion began in her hips and rear, forcing her to adjust her sitting position. The last of her freckles exchanged themselves for pimples and blemishes on her narrowing face. Her lips puffed up and now hid the sight of her braces from the world.

“I mean, I’ve learned so much about myself in this past year alone.” Lily’s eyes widen while they kept eye contact with Tiffany. “I bet you’ll understand yourself way more when you’re in high school like me.”

Tiffany groaned at her older sister’s comment. “That’s only one year away Lily,” she replied dryly. “You’re only one year older than me. You’re not that much more experienced than I am.”

“Well, I do have more experience than you do, even if it is only one year,” Lily replied plainly. “And, as you know, I’m always here to share my advice and to guide you.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes and her sister’s words before one final wave of quivers struck her. All over her body, parts of her contracted inwards. Her feet dwindled in size, almost slipping out of her shoes, before they changed into a pair of bright pink sneakers. Her legs weaken and reduced in stature, bringing her height downwards even further, This, along with signs of maturity leaving from her hips and thighs, forced her jeans to shrink once more.

Upwards, her breasts, the signature piece of a mature women, disappeared from sight, bringing her bra along with it. The tank top she was wearing, in order gain a more youthful appearance, grew pink stripes and hearts. Her arms compressed some more, although bits of baby fat still remained. Most of her baby fat was located now upon her face, making her cheeks round and chubby. Her blonde, shoulder length hair snarled up became unorganized. She was told to brush it daily, but she didn’t listen. Even when her Lily advised her to do it.

Speaking of Lily, her body bloomed as she reached the end years of puberty. Her body maintained relatively lanky though, as her slim legs pushed her height a couple inches past the five and a half foot mark. In contrast to her thin proportions, her hips and butt grew outwards and became curvier. The fashionable pleated skirt, which sat upon her narrow waist, kept most of this covered. Her top, however, dropped off her slender shoulders to display them to the world, perched itself upon the two moderate sized breasts that had expanded from their petite proportions before.

Lily’s growing eyes glanced down at her younger sister. Tiffany was smiling, showing off the variety of adult and baby teeth in her mouth. This, in return, made Lily smile, showing off her flawless smile that she had gotten after slaving through years of braces. Her lips swelled a bit more and darken in color, due to the new brand of lipstick she was wearing. Hints of makeup spread to her eyelashes and cheeks as well. Finally, her long brown hair styled itself into a wavy pattern, something that she had been training her hair to do for years.

“And remember,” Lily advised as she reached over to the remote to turn off the TV, “if you ever feel self-conscious about how you look now, just look at me. I looked like you when I was your age.”

Tiffany gasped. “You looked like me?!” she exclaimed, looking between herself and Lily. Lily looked glorious and beautiful though, while Tiffany looked like plain and a little fat at around 80 pounds. There was no way they could have ever looked the same.

Lily smiled at her 10 year old sister’s reaction. “Yes I did,” she confirmed. “All I did was remember to take care of my body, and I looked like this in no time. It’s been 7 years since I was your age. I bet you’ll look just like me when you grow up as well. For now, however, let’s go eat some lunch. I bet you’re hungry!”

Tiffany nodded as she followed her older sister into the kitchen. Her face was beaming as she thought about looking like her older sister in some 7 years. If she maintained a healthy lifestyle, she knew that her future would be as beautiful as hers.