Avatar Puberty – by Bubba1995

Little Korra was out playing with her Polar Bear Dog Puppy, Naga, who’d only been born a Month ago.

Korra had recently been discovored to be the next Avatar, and had already begun training. She couldn’t wait to grow up and become the most powerful Avatar in the history of the World. At least, that’s what she believed.

Right now she could only do very weak Waterbending and little puffs of Earthbending, and Fire Bending. Nothing on Airbending yet. But she was only Eight. So she had time.

That night, she slept in her bed, with Naga curled up next to her.
The poor girl was tossing and turning, she’d been having nightmares recently, about evil. Bad people doing bad things, trying to hurt people, trying to hurt Korra and the ones she loved like her parents, or Tenzin or Katara.

The little girl gasped as she sat up wide awake. She woke Naga up and the puppy licked her face.
“It’s okay girl. I’m sorry I woke you.” Korra said as she petted the pup.

Suddenly there was a bright light that flooded her room. Kora shielded her eyes until the light died down a bit. When she looked at the source, she was shocked at what she saw.

Colored blue and transparent, was an Air Nomad Man, she knew by the clothes he wore and the arrow tattoo he had on his head.
“Hello Korra.” He said in a friendly tone.
“Don’t be afraid. Do you know who I am?” He asked. His voiced sounded echoy.

Little Korra got out of bed and walked closer to the man, looking up at him she tilted her head.
It took her a moment but her eyes widened when she realized who this was. It was none other than her past life.

“Aang?” The little girl finally said.
“That’s right.” Aang replied. “It’s good to see you again Korra.”

“See me again? But…you died before I was born.’ Korra replied.
“Yes. But I am always with you…we all are.” Aang explained. He reached out and touched her forehead.

Her eyes glowed and suddenly she was somewhere else. In the clouds, surrounded by other people. Her other past lives.

Roku, Kyoshi, and all the others.

“Woah…” Korra said in childish awe.
She then turned back to Aang.

“Why did you take me here?” She asked.

“I’m sorry. But theres much evil in the world Korra.” Aang explained. “You know this because of your nightmares.”

“So…those are real then?” asked Korra.
“Yes, the World is in great danger and it needs you’re help.” Aang explained.

Korra felt a little scared. “But…I’m so little, and haven’t trained that much!” She cried.

Aang gave her a smile. “Hmm..Never stopped me. And you’re braver than you think you are.” He said while kneeling down to her.

“Plus..we’re going to help you.”

“How?” Asked Korra.
“By doing something that’s only be done in the most darkest hours.” Aang explained.
“We’re transfering our power into you. You’ll be able to master ther four elements and gain the knowledge to do so, it will also change you physically to contain such power. Only until the danger is over.”

Korra listened to every word. Feeling braver all ready.
“Are you ready?” Aang asked.
Korra’s face turned serious, she gulped as she then nodded.

“Good…We’re counting on you Korra.” Aang reached out and touched her forehead again.

Korra awoke to Naga sniffing her on the floor. She sat up and then stood up, lookng at her body, she didn’t feel any different yet.

Then it hit her, a wave of energy flooded her whole body.

“WOOOAAAHHH!” She cried as her hair started blowing in a wind that came from nowhere.
She felt funny, falling on her hands and knees, her eyes shut tight and she gritted her teeth.
“HHHHNNNNGGGGG!!” She groaned as the knowledge of the Four Elements flooded her head.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and were glowing white, she had entered the Avatar State.
Her small body was lifted into the air as the wind got more intense.
Naga backed into a corner and just watched, not understanding what was happening.

Korra’s body twitched as she was forced into an arch as her transformation began.

First it started with her feet, they shook rapidly as they both grew bigger one after the other, as each one did so, a large snow boot formed on each one.

Next came her legs, they kicked as they grew longer in several spurts, her pants grew along with them. They became fuller and muscular as well as her thighs thickened as well swelling with a stretching noise.

Up next were her hips, they widened with several cracks, growing to child bearing proportions.
Her butt pulsed a few times before swelling larger and larger, growing into a large heartshape.

Now that her bottom half was finished, her top half was next.
Her torso and arms stretched longer at the same time, her hands twitched a few times before they grew bigger, her fingers followed, each one growing long and slender like that of a young woman’s.

Her arms pulsed rapidly as they swelled bigger as well, muscles growing all the way up them as her shoulders grew bigger as well.

Her torso filled out next, her baby fat sucked away rapidly as her body became heavier and stronger by the second. Her waist curved into a hourglass shape as a six pack popped onto her stomach.
Her back arched into a womanly curve as her back muscles grew big and strong.

From under her top, which had grown as well, her dark nipples had doubled in size, the skin behind them was pulsing rapidly as two buds slowly pushed out. Those buds then began to grow into two breast.

The sensation felt good as they pushed against her skin tight top, they swelled to a rather impressive size, as her Mother was well endowered as well.

Her collarbone popped out as her neck grew longer and thicker.
Her face was next as her childish roundness was left behind. Her head grew bigger and elongated into a more oval shape. Her teeth were replaced with adult ones as her jaw widneded and her chin became more angular.

Her cheekbones rose up as her nose grew bigger. Her lips opened as they became fuller. Her eyebrows thinned and her eyes grew bigger.

Lastly her ponytails twitched as her hair grew longer, her two front pig tails grew longer down to her shoulders, while her back one went to her upper back.

The wind faded and the glowing stopped, Korra let out a soft moan as she fell to the ground.

Gone was the little girl, now a fully groan young Avatar Woman was there.

Korra woke up again to Naga sniffing her. She groaned as she pulled herself up.

“Woah!” She said in her new voice as she looked down at her much larger body. She cupped her new boobs and then felt her muscles.

“This is…amazing!” She said as she twisted to check out her butt.
“I feel so much more…smarter!”
“And stronger!” She said flexing her muscles.

She understood all of the Elements now.
So she snuck outside and practiced a little with each one.

After she got used to her older body, she got serious.
“Time to head for Republic City.” She said to herself.
“But how?”

Suddenly Naga started glowing just like she did.
Korra watched as the small Polar Bear Puppy began to grow.

Naga grew bigger and bigger by the second until she was a full grown Polar Bear Dog.

Korra gave her a smile and then walked over and petted her much larger head.
“Yeah..that’ll do! Ready girl?” Naga barked in a deeper tone.

Korra hopped up on her back and they rode off into the night.
Little 10 year old Asami Sato was walking playfully down her street in Republic City.

Suddenly a large Polar Bear dog rushed past her, knocking over the little girl in a startle.
“Ahhh!” She cried. Whered that come from?

But before she fell in the mud, a gust of air from nowhere caught her and sat her back up.
“Sorry Kid! My fault.” The voice came from a young woman on top of the Polar Bear Dog.

She gave the little girl a friendly smile. “Anyways, gotta go!” She road off as a group of Metal Benders chased her.

Asami was speechless.
“Who was that?!” She thought to herself. She blushed and giggled.
“Well…whoever she was…she was kinda cute!”


An older story that Bela thought I should share here.


“Her name is Wendy,” Brian said, stroking the computer case. “Say, hello.”


“Hello, Wendy,” Adam said, addressing the machine.


“Oh, hello,” said a woman’s voice from the speakers near the monitor. “How do you do?”Continue reading

My Puberty Transformation (Epilogue)

Hey boys,

I think this will be my final update before moving to JustFans. I say this because my transformation is finally complete!

Puberty worked her magic on me, and now I have achieved my peak adult body.

Feast your eyes on the new me, and welcome your new sex goddess!

As you can tell, I had one last big growth spurt since my last update. Turns out puberty wasn’t done with me yet… she helped me grow another couple more inches, and she made my body even stronger and fitter!

And of course, I hope you’re getting hard at my enhanced tits and ass… I can’t believe it, but somehow they’ve swelled even larger.

My breasts are so large and painful, and my booty has become perfect! I guess this is what a peak adult body looks like…

Cardi B has got nothing on me lol. Black girls tend to have the horniest bodies, but puberty has given me the beauty and body to conquer the world! There’s no way men can resist me!

Just for fun, I thought I’d try on my old school uniform to see how much I’ve grown. But actually, I think the outfit now looks really sexy on me:

Can you believe how great my ass is? This skirt used to go down to my shins – now they show off every inch of my incredible legs, hips, and ass! Maybe I’ll wear this little outfit to school next week… help some of my younger classmates hit their sexual awakening!

Plus here’s a t-shirt I used to wear when I was a little kid and just starting these posts.

Hard to believe I used to be that small and have gotten so big in only a couple weeks.

So what do you think of my final form? I’ve grown so much over the last few weeks – I’m completely unrecognisable from that excited little girl who started this thread all that time ago!

She grew up. She filled out. Her body grew gleefully and reacted beautifully to all those sex hormones coursing through her veins.

Wouldn’t you agree? What do you think of the woman I’ve turned into? Do you like me? Do you want me?

Mom is sooooo jealous of the woman I’ve become! She’s nothing compared to me lol. I tower over the poor woman, and my growing body has already ripped through all of her old lingerie. Even my full womanly breasts put hers to shame.

And I’m so much fitter and stronger than she ever was in her prime – even better than her Sports Photographed days. I couldn’t have wished for a hotter body!

My hormones are starting to calm down too. Yes, I still need to get fucked right away… but I’m better to control my urges now – thank god! Besides, now that I have a woman’s body I have other goals and priorities…

‘OMG, you’re beautiful as a teenager, but you’re stunning as a woman! And, you know, you could use your body to gain some money, you understand what I’m talking about… 😏😏😏’

Why thank you Bigmc89! I have grown beautifully, haven’t I? Well, of course I intend to use this body to make a living, but I’m not going to be some prostitute! I’m definitely going to be a slut (I mean, how can I not be when I look like this) But I have more business sense than that haha.

‘Before you start to have sex, do you ever think to use sex toys to learn something about? Have you ever seen something about sex on internet? Are you interested in sex with more than one person at the same time? Have you ever thought about have sex with women?’

Oooo, you’re asking the kinds of questions I like bad boy. But yeah, I’ve been obsessed with internet porn since puberty triggered my boobs to start growing… and as for sex toys, I’ll let this pic answer your question

Hopefully I won’t need to use it for much longer now that men are queuing up to jam their cocks in me!

‘Listen to me, forget about these kids, you need a real man to know all the pleasure about adulthood, but you’ll be addicted to this without my knowledge and experience. I’ll let you control your emotions and feelings to use them to your advantage, you’ll be in dominance with sex, you’ll become every man and every woman’s dream. They will want you, THEY WILL DESIRE YOU.

‘You have to do only one thing: say me ‘yes’ and hang on my lips. What’s your choice?’

Well that’s quite an offer… would you like me to be your business partner in this? A business partner you get to dick down and fuck on the side? 😉

My answer to your proposition is… maybe 😜I’ll need to think about it.

Truthfully though, there’s already a guy I want to own and possess me… Brutus baby I can’t wait until we’re together. All those things you’ve said to me are making me so hot and horny. I want you to do all those things to me and more… but there’s one thing in particular you said that I want to focus on;

‘And if you become pregnant…just imagine how beautiful our daughter will be and what she will someday become!’

OMG Brutus… I’m choking up… I’ve only been grown a few days and you already want to make me a mother? That’s so sexy!

Don’t you want to give me a baby? I mean, just look at these wide, child-bearing hips. I was made to carry your child:

Keep jerking for me baby. Soon you won’t need to use your hand, you can use my tight virgin pussy to help you cum. Don’t stop stroking, keep tugging that huge manly cock. God I want it so bad. I want you to rip off my clothes and fuck me without mercy. Don’t worry about hurting me, just pump me until you explode inside me and give me all your seed!

I badly want you to put a baby between my hips. I’m extremely fertile now and my body was made to be bred! Just look at this fitness and these proportions!

Mom had me soon after her transformation. Turns out guys just couldn’t keep their hands of her after she hit puberty and dad couldn’t wait to knock her up as soon as he could. With a body like this, I think my experience will be the same!

After puberty, a woman’s body is at its peak and stays there for a few years. I’ll never be so fit, beautiful, and fertile ever again. That’s why I want a baby now, so I can give birth to a healthy child able to grow up perfectly like me!

You’ve gotten me so hot Brutus… I can’t wait to meet you IRL. And if you’re really as much of a stud as you claim to be, then we’ll definitely be fucking and I’ll seriously consider having your babies. And if you get me pregnant, just remember that it’ll trigger my breasts to grow even bigger – I’ll become even more of a goddess for you xxx

‘An amazing transformation so far, can’t wait to see the end results. Any updates on your cousin and how she is turning out or any of your other friends or classmates? Was also curious if anyone ever swaps genders during this accelerated puberty or is there a different process for those who wish to transition.’

Thanks galaxyhammer. I hope this woman was worth the wait. What do you think of me now? 😉

As for my cousin, she’s doing awesome! She’s already got tonns of modeling gigs lined up, and she’s offered to help me get started in the industry too. Obviously she could see my pretty big ‘potential’ haha.

Funny you should mention gender-swappers… it’s rare of course but it does sometimes happen that a little boy will grow into a gorgeous bombshell of a woman, or a little girl will transform and bulk into a fully grown man.

Maybe someday a gender-swapper will think about posting their story here… would you like that galaxyhammer?

‘It’s really crazy how your body has evolved. and with pain I hope that the sequel will be very painful.
You should try some cream to apply to your breasts, maybe it will make them grow more intensely.

‘Also, you should take some cream and put some of your DNA and pass it on to your best friend… Maybe its growth will be more intense and painful.
I hope your growth goes wonderfully and try to share this experience with your friend maybe her breasts will grow more painfully.

‘You are and will remain the best. Kisses’

Haha thanks Erze, though I think my tits have grown to a perfect size already, don’t you think?

As for helping my friends to grow up like me… you bet your cock I will! I’m not sure donating my DNA to them will help them become as hot as me… but I’m willing to try!

And you best believe I’ll be encouraging my classmates to post their puberty transformation stories here too! Sharing my body’s growth from little girl to sex goddess with you guys has been just incredible. At first, it was an amazing boost to my confidence to see fully grown men tell me how beautiful I was becoming, then it made me so frustrated and horny to hear how you guys were furiously masturbating to my body’s growth and falling in love with the sex goddess I’ve become. Seriously, I won’t forget these last few weeks for the rest of my life!

Boys, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m so grateful to Bela for letting me post my story here and I feel I should apologise to you guys as well because I’m kinda the reason Bela didn’t post for a while… he’s been so distracted by my development and was obsessed with my teenage and adult body. Good thing is he’s back now and should be posting more hot and sexy content for you guys in the future.

Still, you guys need to look me up on JustFans – you can find me under ‘queen_b_sexy_bexy’. You can look forward to my first video, which should be Brutus taking my virginity and filling my newly adult body with his cum…

Bexy signing out – I’ll see you boys real soon!

Oh and one last picture of me before I go… hopefully this will keep you boys busy until my big debut… just imagine that we’re in bed together, you’ve ripped off my panties and now I’m about to let you cum inside…

And if you want to see the uncensored versions of these photos… remember to find me on JustFans 😉

Love Bexy xxx

My Puberty Transformation (4)

Boys, my transformation is almost complete…

I had another huge growth spurt last night and, well, it turned me into this:

I can’t describe how incredible I feel. The power, the boundless energy, the raw sex appeal… puberty has turned me into a goddess!

I mean just look at me! That perfect face, piercing blue eyes, generous heaving breasts… I have cleavage now, really DEEP cleavage thanks to these new ‘enhancements’ haha.

Just imagine how good these look out of my bra:

God, I feel so sexy! These hormones are making me so hot and horny all the time… and they’re still forcing my body to grow and enhance… I can feel my body tightening, my muscles bulging, and my breasts constantly growing even as I write this update! I’m about to reach my peak soon, I can feel it! But I can’t wait any longer! Grrrrr, somebody fuck me please!

In case you’re wondering – yes, I’ve completely outgrown Mom now – in every department and much to her annoyance. She hoped that I’d be able to live in her hand-me-downs, but my growing body had other ideas!

On the same day I posted my last update, my butt (let’s be honest though, I’ve grown a real woman’s ‘ass’ now) went through a massive growth spurt. I was wearing some of Mom’s old shorts when I felt my lower body began to quiver and shake. It took me completely by surprise and I screamed out in ecstasy as my waist caved in and my hips spread out to incredible new womanly proportions!

My body was maturing, growing fitter and stronger. My hips and legs were getting built up with some powerful, but feminine muscles. All my puppy fat started melting away and my body became extremely toned and athletic. I really felt the changes on my face as well, and I really love how mature and beautiful I’ve become:

Then my ass cheeks felt like they were on fire and, sure enough, they started exploding with growth. They greedily gobbled up my Mom’s shorts like they were groceries, and they finally snapped apart as my hips widened again. I was left only wearing my panties, which were soaking wet with my juices. It was painful, but I was also so aroused by the change… if you’d been in the room to watch me grow, your view would’ve been something like this:

I definitely need to buy some new panties, or maybe a thong so I can show off my new assets. What do you guys think? Xx

Plus you may have noticed my breasts had another huge growth spurt! They basically exploded out of my bra a few hours ago. The expansion was so violent that it ripped my top to shreds. They swelled so big and so heavy, causing my nipples to stiffen and my breasts to perk up as they grew. I thought I was big as a teen… I had no idea I’d grow so big as an adult! They put my Mom’s tits to shame and my parents have had to buy a whole new set of lingerie just for me.

Do you like what you see?

Oh, and if you’re curious I just had another Bio-Checker reading done… and it turns out you’re looking at the body of a 19 year old! Pretty impressive, right? I know women in their mid-20s who’d kill for a body as hot as mine! I also can’t believe how much I grew in only a few ‘years’ of biological ageing… seems my late teens were crucial in my body’s development haha.

Still, I think my puberty transformation will bottom out at age 20 or 21. So my growth is mostly complete, but I should expect to see a few more small enhancements before my body is finished.

Then, I’ll finally be allowed out of the house, and I can’t wait for what will happen next 🥵

I was never interested in sex as a kid, but now that I’m grown I just can’t stop thinking about it 24/7. I need a man inside me right now! I don’t want to be a virgin anymore, I need a stud to pound me furiously until I can’t move for a week!

And it sounds like I won’t have to wait too much longer…

‘Like seriously babe, over the past few days I have been checking in very few hours to see if you posted any updates. I was at work when you posted today’s update and when I saw those pictures of what you’ve grown into so far…let’s just say that I spent my lunch break in the restroom.🍆💦’

Oh Brutus… I love it when you talk to me like that. That you couldn’t even wait to get home before you started jacking and cumming to me… and at work?! Naughty boy x

I hope you’re not getting too horny at work now, baby. I don’t want you getting frisky around the other women at your job – and don’t you dare ever beat off to them! I don’t care how sexy they are or how tight their little skirts are. From now on, your cock belongs to me and only to me! But don’t worry big man, I will give you plenty of reasons to mash your cock!

I’m curious though… which of my pictures from my last update finally made you lose control and start beating off your cock, and why? And while we’re on the subject… which picture from this update is forcing you to stroke? God… just thinking about you beating off to my adult body is getting me so hot 🥵

‘Your so hot I can’t stand it!!! I can’t stop thinking about you! And the fact that you are going to get even bigger and sexier…it turns me on when I imagine what is to come. You are turning into a living wet dream!’

Wow, I don’t know what to say… it’s so sexy. You found me so hot as a teen? You wanted to fuck and pleasure me even back then… Well, what do you think of me now that I’ve grown into a woman? My breasts are so much bigger, I’m taller and stronger now. My face has become even more beautiful and perfect. Have I become the sex goddess of your dreams yet?

I have to thank you for suggesting I start taking protein drinks BTW. They’ve made me so much bigger and fitter, and they’ve really encouraged my body to firm up and enhance. I mean, just look at these muscles:

I really hope you’re fit and strong too baby… do you work out a lot? I’m really hoping you’re ripped and muscular. I need an alpha stud to fuck me all night!

‘I just can’t stop thinking about you. I’m going to be dreaming about you tonight, dreaming of sharing my large bed with you and me worshiping your body from your head to down to your toes.’

Oh yes Brutus… you’re making me so wet! My hand is down the front of my black silk panties and I’m fucking myself for the fifth time today! I really can’t wait until I receive your big manly cock…

I want to get fucked. Forget all that stuff about taking my virginity… I want you to ruin me, to pound my back walls until there’s nothing left!

This body is so fit and athletic, so go to town on it. I can keep up with the work. And my libido is insatiable. I’ll make you cum buckets all night long! And finally, I’ll let you cum inside me. Fuck the consequences! Make me your sex slave. I want you to explode inside of me and fill me with your sweet nectar!

But I think I’ll still need to wait a little longer before I can meet you in the flesh. So in the meantime, tell me how beautiful you think I’ve become. Tell me how my body makes you feel? Am I getting you hard? Are you masturbating over me right now? Wouldn’t you like to beat off right in front of me in real life and cover me with your cum?

Please don’t spare me any details – I need you to tell me about your fantasies to help me get off too! I won’t have a cock in me yet, but it’s the best a girl’s got for now!

Ah, I really shouldn’t call myself that anymore. There’s no ‘girl’ left inside me. What you’re looking at now is 100% woman, with all the cravings and sex drive a real woman should have. All packed into a body that’s pure estrogen!

‘Update: I could hardly sleep.last night. I kept thinking about you and how you talked to me directly. I kept waking up in the middle the night with a hard on no other and I had to jerk off to your pictures just so I could get back to sleep. 🍆💦’

Daaaw, poor baby X I’m so sorry I’ve made you so horny and frustrated. Consider it payback for making me so hot and sexy! But don’t worry, stud, I promise that when we finally share your bed you’ll never have to jack off again. Cuz when you’re not exploding inside me, I’ll be jacking off your cock with both hands, my beautiful mouth, or stroking it between my gorgeous breasts…

‘And when we are not doing that, I’m going to pamper you with everything your heart desires, everything from trips around the world to late night snog and cuddling…

‘I want you Bexy! I need you! I want to be your man.

‘Will you be my girl?’

Yes, with a body like this I deserve to be worshipped by men. You’re lucky Brutus that you tried it on with me so early haha, but your confidence and assertiveness are so hot to me… so yes, I’ll be your girl.

Buy me all the nice clothes, incredible trips and sexy lingerie I ask you for – and you can keep doing whatever you want to this body of mine…

‘The description of your growth is just magnificent, I hope that in the future your chest will grow with pain at the time you write. Beautiful slow and intense growth😍. You are perfect.

‘The only thing I find unfortunate is the fact that your chest grew too quickly and was not so painful. I would have loved a small sore chest that was very painful under the effect of growth of developing little by little as you write.

‘You still remain the best woman in the world, thank you for the time you give us.’

Wow, thank you Erze! I’m glad you’re enjoying my transformation almost as much as I am X

And I’m sorry for holding back the details on my massive chest growth – I didn’t know the pain would turn you on so much 😘

Well you don’t need to worry… because it has been slow and painful this whole time. Even since I was a little girl, feeling my nipples perk up for the first time. They were so stiff and sore… then my breasts started to develop behind them, stretching my chest out further and further. I went through 3 pairs of bras in one day after I shared my last post. It was painful, yes, but I was so excited to see how big I was getting. It was a good kind of pain, and when I went to touch and play with my developing breasts it always sent a lightning bolt of pleasure straight to my pussy!

Now these tits are so full and heavy… the mark of a beautiful woman… every boys’ wet dream. I hope you like them Erze? Imagine how good it would feel to take out your cock and let me titty-fuck you. I was too small before but I’m all grown up now, and I know how to use these breasts to make you love me forever X

I’m afraid that’s all I have for tonight guys. I hope you enjoyed stroking your cocks in appreciation of the woman I’ve grown into! I’ll keep you updated on any final changes to my body, but I think I shall be seeing you all IRL soon…

Time for bed – wishing I had a man here with me! In the meanwhile, one last picture for you boys. Hope you’re dreaming of my massive tits and the fantasy of spunking all over them. God… they’re so big and they’re stretching this bra so tautly across my magnificent body:

Love Bexy xxx

My Puberty Transformation (3)


Something’s happening to me… something incredible!

When my transformation started, it mostly felt uncomfortable and a little painful. But now it feels really, really good… My hormones are starting to flow and my body is filling up with estrogen, and it’s really starting to turn me beautiful! See?

The best thing is that my womanly curves are starting to grow in! My body is starting to fill out and become a little sexy haha. I was starting to worry that I was going to grow into a bean pole or something. But I don’t think I’ll need to worry about that! Take a look at my growing body:

What do you think? I’m starting to look sexy, right?! I love how this dress has gotten so tight around my hips and thighs. I’m also starting to build some serious mass on my butt, which I didn’t expect! Mom is pretty flat back there, so I guess I’m just lucky lol. It’ll give you boys something nice to hold onto once I’m fully grown haha JK! 😘

My body is starting to build up nicely and I’ve finally got a bit of muscle! Not too much, but a nice tone that really signals my health and beauty.

And don’t even get me started on my breasts! They grew in just today, but they’re awesome! Take a look:

Pretty nice right? Hope you like my ‘nerdy girl’ look lol! I’ll admit, growing them out was a little painful but I think it was really worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, the nipples are still a bit sore… I think that means I still have plenty more potential to grow!

You see how nicely my new breasts stretch out the bra cups? That’s my Mom’s bra! Pretty soon I think I’ll outgrow even her! 😝

That’s the really crazy thing though, I’m not even at my peak yet! What you’re looking at is still a girl’s body guys, though I happen to be really developed for my age and at this part of the process! It really makes me wonder what kind of a woman puberty is turning me into… I mean, how much bigger and sexier can I get?

Actually, I noticed a few of you guys wondering that too:

‘You’re definitely got potential to work with, Becky. If Rachel can bloom like that, you’re definitely a shoe-in for becoming a beauty. Out of curiosity, do you have any cousins or sisters to compare with?’

Thanks for noticing BLZbub! So the woman that Rachel turned into pleases you, huh? Well, you better feel the same about me once I’m fully grown! Not that I’m jealous or anything… 😛

You actually reminded me of the other girls in my family! I’m an only child but my cousin Ellie is a few years older than me and has already transformed. Come to think about it, puberty for her lasted quite a while too…

This was her last year:

And this is what she became once puberty was done with her:

She could be a really good comparison for me! And she also grew hot enough to become a popular Instantgram model!

People used to think we were sisters when we were younger. Though TBH I hope I grow more curvy than her – she’s a bit skinny for my tastes. A little short too. What do you boys think? 😉

Oh and Brutus89, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you… I’m really appreciating your romantic comments x

‘Oh wow Brexy! You are getting there! I can see the goddess you are going to become eventually. Your like a caterpillar becoming gorgeous butterfly! You will become quite the stunner, I just know it!

‘Oh by the way Bexy, those pictures of your mom…she’s hot but I’m willing to bet your going to be even hotter. I mean judging from how beautiful you look now….*phew!*your going to be hotter than fire baby!

You really know what to say to make a girl’s heart melt! You really thought I was beautiful earlier? Well, I’m going to knock your socks off once my adult body has fully grown in and we can finally meet in person…

‘As far as me not being interested in you, let’s just say that all good things come to those who wait…and I’m willing to wait if you are?’

Oh Brutus don’t tease me! I can hardly wait for you! I want to become so beautiful and sexy for you! This body is growing… I’m getting urges… urges that I need a man to fix…

That reminds me:

‘Also at the end of your post you said that you were feeling weird down there, Has that been more intense the bigger you get? How have you been dealing with it? I think.I got a good idea how. 😉’

I think I’ve gotten there before you big boy… but thanks for your suggestion haha!

What I mean is, I think I’ve matured sexually now. The other night I couldn’t sleep because of growing pains and I started to really feel my body getting thicker and more womanly. I really liked that feeling – sort of like when you’ve been sitting down all day and you finally get up and do a big stretch… but this time it felt even better.

All over my body, I felt my muscles pulsing larger. My body was maturing, burning away my puppy fat, getting more athletic but also more womanly. My hips started splaying out and my breasts finally began growing! I was groaning loud enough to wake the house as my legs started to lengthen again and pack on a bit of muscle – in case you’re curious, I grew another two inches, all thanks to my long, supple legs!

And then… oh I’ll I’ll just say it – my vagina was pulsing and contracting like crazy as I grew! I couldn’t help myself… I started touching and stroking myself there. It felt so hot, so wet, and so fucking awesome! 🥵

Lol sorry, thought I’d try out some new vocabulary there… Anyway, I think me discovering masturbation is a pretty sure sign that I’m officially a woman now lol… to think, I could have sex now and my body can get pregnant. Wow, it’s so crazy!

In case you’re wondering, my parents have a portable Bio-Checker – you know, that machine that shows what biological age you are as you accelerate through puberty. As everyone knows, legal age is a bit of a gray area during puberty, especially for ‘slow-growers’ like me. That’s why this machine was created – so that if a girl starts feeling ‘frisky’ during her transformation, she can be tested to see whether she’s biologically old enough to act on those urges.

Well, my parents tested me today. I think they saw I was getting a little horny and were a bit worried. So anyway, my age reading came back as… well, I’ll just tell you guys that I’m legal… just about! 😉

Actually, I was a little surprised how young the reading came back as. I thought with a body like this I’d be a fully-grown woman by now… but it turns out that I’m still a teen! I still have ‘years’ of hormones to develop and enhance my body. I’m so excited to see the finished product!!!

‘Also to answer question, no I’m single at the moment. But if your offering to change that 😉 then I’ll take you up on that!’

Haha thanks Brutus, though I’m still a bit shy to ask… But now that I’ve grown up a good bit, what do you think of me? Do you like my body? If you meet me in real life, would you like to date me and maybe have sex with me?

Sorry to ask you… I’m just so horny right now! I’m on the cusp of becoming a woman and I don’t think I know yet how to process all the changes happening to my body. Mentally, physically, and sexually…

I really hope all you guys like the woman I’m growing into. And if you want to jack off over me and my updates, you totally have my permission lol!

Actually, I’d be super flattered if I knew you guys were beating off to me. It would really boost my confidence to know that I’ve become so attractive to men that you guys just can’t control yourselves… And if you don’t like me yet just know that I’m still young and my body is still developing. Hopefully I’ll grow into something you want bad x

And if you’re not getting hard at my updates, maybe this will give you some encouragement:

Some nice fap-fuel for you boys haha! Don’t tell Mom but I wanted to show off this new body in some of her bikinis… by my next update, they’ll probably be too small for me 🥰

Maybe after seeing my body like this you’ll reconsider my request Brutus? Will you please take my virginity? I’m probably a lot younger than the other girls you’ve been with, but I’m 100% legal and my body is really developed for my age!

I mean, just imagine sliding the bra and panties off of this hot young body. Caressing and kissing my curves…

I want you to play with my nipples and make my breasts swell even larger. They feel so good when I play with myself. I can only imagine how good it is when a man’s hands and lips are touching me 🥵

Plus it’s not just about my pleasure. I’m a virgin so my pussy will be really tight for you. Also you don’t even need to wear a condom when you’re inside me. Just… please take it out when you’re about to cum. You can cum over my back, hips, thighs, even my face if you want, just don’t cum inside me. I’m not ready for a baby yet!

Whoa… I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore! It must be all these hormones – they’re making me so hot and confused right now.

Actually guys, I think I can feel another growth spurt coming on! My body is quivering and my vagina is starting to pulse again. My head is all fuzzy… I think I should go guys so I can rest and focus on my body growth. But maybe I’ll have sone ‘private time’ in the bath first…

One last thing:

‘I was thinking Bexy what if you took protein shakes? That might help with your muscle aches.’

Thanks baby, that’s so sweet of you. I already asked Mom to get me some. Hopefully some protein can help to ease the growing pains… and maybe they’ll encourage my body to tone and my muscles to grow a bit more! 🤞

Wish me luck! I love you guys!

Bexy XXX

Watch Me Transform! (2)

Hey boys!

A good morning to all my fans out there! And what a goooood morning it is…

It’s your girl Bexy here, though honestly I don’t think I’m going to be a girl for much longer! 😁

My body is really starting to develop guys. There is growth everywhere, like I don’t even know where to start! I mean, just look at me!

OK lol well I’ve still got a long way to go before I really look beautiful. But you have to admit, it’s crazy what just a few days of hormones have done to my body.

For one thing, I’ve grown tall! Like really tall. I’m 5’8 now whereas I was only 5’1 just last week! My legs have really grown like crazy. They hurt quite a bit TBH and I can still feel them stretching out, inch by inch, as I type this. But I think my torso has also lengthened nicely and in the process my tummy has gotten flat, which is awesome!

Even more awesome is I’m now taller than Mom! 😱 Like by an inch, but I’ll take it haha!

I think my face has also changed a bit, you guys… what do you think?

Do I look a bit more mature to you? Like my face has gotten a bit more angular and adult? I really like it! I feel like I’m slowly turning into a beautiful actress or something. Yeah, puberty rocks!

One thing that doesn’t rock though are the growing pains. In case you’re wondering, I’ve been given the week off school to complete my transformation. That’s pretty normal for slow-growers. But it’s not much fun because I’m bed-bound for most of the day with the pain in my arms and especially my legs! Well I say it’s painful, it’s more like a constant dull ache. Like how your body feels after a really long run.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean my bones are literally stretching out and getting denser by the minute. Plus, my muscles feel like they’re on fire! I’m pretty weedy now, but I feel like I’m going to get much stronger and fitter soon haha! 💪

Oh, and when I’m not lying in my bed, sweating buckets into my sheets, you can find me in the kitchen devouring the entire fridge! It’s so embarrassing, but I’m sooooo hungry like all of the time! 🫠

Normally I’d be super scared about getting fat, but puberty isn’t a normal time for a girl… you see I’m slowly gaining an adult’s metabolism and my body is growing so much that I need to eat all that food – to fuel my body’s insane development so I can grow up health and strong, and so as not to pass out from the effort! My accelerating metabolism is also probably where this super hot fever is coming from too…

Lol sorry, stop rambling Bexy! 😵‍💫 You guys had some comments on my last post… I guess I gotta get used to interacting with my fans a bit more haha.

‘Hi Bexy, let me welcome you to Agearts! We have had had some girls come here before with similar situations as yours so you definitely have come to the right place!’

Gosh, thanks Brutus! That’s really nice of you haha. It’s good to know other girls have come here with their stories before. That makes me feel a lot less nervous 😀

‘If I may be so bold as to say, as you have already pointed out, you are a rather pretty girl and I can only imagine what your going to look like when you get bigger!

‘You must have some pretty impressive genes of your going to go through the process as quick as your describing, I had to go through it the slow and steady way.’

Oooo you’re making me blush haha 😚 You really think I’m pretty? I like you. You can stay haha! 😜

And yeah, I’m really excited to see what puberty turns me into. I hope you’re excited too… actually if you’re curious what I might look like, maybe a few more pics of my mom can help you imagine too:

OMG she’d kill me for sharing these old pics from her modeling days! But I still really wanted to give you a taste of what could happen to me…

I know you said I have some ‘impressive genes’ so… do you like her? Would you say she’s hot? I think I have pretty good potential thanks to her, but I hope my dad’s genes have an impact too! He was a pretty famous athlete back in the day. So I’m really hoping my adult body will be a good mix of Mom’s beauty and Dad’s fitness.

‘I can’t wait to see what kind of woman you will become, surely the popularity you have now will be nothing compared to what you will have.’

Thanks jojo93able! I’m so glad you want to see me transform! I’m really excited too – I mean I’m so pretty already who knows how attractive I’ll become when my body has grown into its prime 😁

And oh yeah, I’m already queen of my year so once I’m all grown up I’m definitely going to rule the entire school haha! The other girls will despise me and the boys will be drooling over my new body 😈

‘I see that you are very confident as a character, do you have any ideas about what to do when you grow up?’

Well! Thank you for noticing Jojo93able! Trust me, I have big plans haha… for one thing, I’m definitely going to become a model. I’m already a child one (you may have already seen me in a few commercials?) but I’m determined to become an adult model soon… they make the biggest money and their fans are obsessed with them… you see I love it when boys pay attention to me, and Momma always says to do what you love!

‘let us know if you have friends who are experiencing this transformation. any crushes?’

So I’m pretty lucky in that I’m the first girl in my year to enter puberty. I guess it’s because I’m so mature and precocious haha!

The good thing is it means no girl is about to kick me off the hierarchy – I really will be a goddess amongst all these kids once I’m finished growing! 😆

But it’s funny you ask if anyone else is going through the process… there’s this girl called Rachel in the year above me who must have really been a late bloomer. A week ago, she used to look like this:

But just before I left school for my own slow transformation, puberty hit Rachel with a vengeance! Us girls heard her moaning and groaning in the girls bathroom, and when we entered we saw her body exploding out of her school uniform! She actually grew a really nice body:

The magic of puberty folks! She grew from fugly into a full-blooded Latina beauty! Needless to say, her Instantgram is pretty popular with the boys right now… 🤭

‘When you do get big and you want someone to help you adjust to adult life, keep me in mind.😉’

Oh wow, I sure will! I’m just thinking… how tall are you Brutus and… do you have a gf?

Haha JK 😜

Well actually, I am really curious what it’s like to have a real adult relationship… all the boys my age just wanna hold hands and stuff. When I’m an adult I want to have fun and go to parties. And I want a big strong man to hold onto teehee 🤭

But I guess I’m still too little for a man like you to take an interest in me 😞

But that’ll change! I can feel my body growing and changing every minute! I’ve already grown so much over the last few days, and my transformation is only getting faster and more intense. In fact, I want to show you Brutus…

I’m a bit embarrassed by it, but I guess if I’m going to be a JustFans model I should get used to showing a bit more skin lol. So here goes…

I know I still have a long way to go, but it’s a good start! I think I’m already starting to look more mature, and underwear modeling just seems to come naturally to me! 😄

But boy, I really hope I start filling out soon! Growing tall is great… but I don’t think you want a bean pole for your gf 😑

All the models and actresses I see these days are so big and thick! I really want a hourglass figure with big boobies, wide hips, and a decent butt! I like my face so far, but I really hope my body starts to look more beautiful as well.

Maybe that’s going to happen soon… I mean I’m startling to feel a bit tingly even as I write this. And… I’m starting to feel a bit weird… down there. Ooooh, it’s getting me all hot a frustrated! 🥵

Maybe I need to go to bed guys… Thanks for all your lovely questions so far and for your patience with me. I think the show should start getting more interesting for you soon haha 😉


Bexy xx

My Puberty Transformation

Hey guys!

Bexy here – I sure hope I’m in the right place!

I’ll cut to the chase… I’m a high schooler who just got the most exciting news of her life – I’m about to hit puberty! 🙊

As yall know, puberty is a pretty intense process for a young girl like me. Like, I’m about to completely transform! My body is going to change in a biiiiiiig way… 😉

For some girls, puberty takes a few minutes. Girls can grow from children into fully-grown adult women in the blink of an eye! Or puberty can happen slowly over a few days or even weeks sometimes.

Now, if I’m anything like my mom then I think my puberty transformation is going to be slow but pretty incredible as well 🤞

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m getting at?! Well, there’s been this popular trend on TokTik lately of ‘slow-grower’ girls sharing their ‘puberty progressions’ as they grow through them. The kids at my school are super judgey, so there’s no way I’ll be doing that… well, not on TokTik anyway teehee 🤫

I was thinking this site would be a nice, private place to share my puberty updates. I can feel from the early changes in my body that my transformation is going to be something special. Plus, I like it when boys pay attention to me haha. After all, when I grow up I wanna be a JustFans model!

I’m thinking this blog will be a nice safe and quiet place where I can get comfortable showing off my adult body and interacting with my admirers 😊

So… what do you guys think? Do you want to see me grow up? Please tell me you do!

Wait, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. You probably want to know more about me before signing up? Well, I’m not going to tell you guys too much about me (who knows, there’s lots of creeps out there!) But hopefully I can tell you enough to keep you interested 🤪

Haha you probably think I’m pretty precocious for my age. Well I guess that’s true! I’ve never ‘done it’ with a guy before but people have always told me I’m really pretty and I really take care of how I look.

What do you guys think?

Needless to say, my looks have helped me become pretty popular at school. Queen B, they call me! Don’t mean to brag, but a lot of girls hang on my makeup tutorials and boys be sneaking love notes in my locker all the time!

That’s why I’m really excited about my puberty transformation… I mean, I’m already beautiful so what are all those hormones going to do to me! Surely I’m going to be a bombshell once all this is over… 👙

I ain’t just guessing either. Judging by what puberty did to my mom I’m feeling pretty confident about things lol!

Don’t tell Mom I shared them, but here’s a picture of her when she was about my age:

Nothing special, right? But then puberty kicked in and hit her body like a truck! Here’s another pic of her just a couple weeks later at her first modeling gig:

Holy smokes! She became so lovely, right? So beautiful. And what a body, right guys? She basically doubled in height overnight and grew some serious jumbos lol 🥥🥥

What do you guys think? Do you think my mom got hot or not? Don’t be shy haha, you can tell me. I won’t be jealous… yet! 😛

Based on Mom’s transformation, I’d say I have pretty good ‘potential’ right? Just thinking about what I could grow into has gotten me all giddy and excited! Especially as I’ve already started growing… heck I grew 3 inches just last week. Dad says I’m ‘growing like a weed’ and will probably be taller than Mom by the end of the week!

So yeah, there’s my pitch to you guys. What do you think? Are you eager to see the woman I’m about to become? If you are, let me know! And do let me know how you think I’ll turn out after puberty has worked her magic on me… 🪄

Also ask any questions you have. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Kisses xx


Puberty Evolution: Mia

‘Mia, come down here at once young lady! You have a visitor…’

Mia Latasha Jones awoke with a start from her nap. She had been napping a lot lately since she had received her news… She rushed over to her mirror in a groggy haze, feeling no different but hoping her change had already finished.

Nope. The short, chubby, 12-year old black girl was still staring back at her.

She sighed, opened her closet, and strained with all her might to reach her favorite, figure-concealing hoody.

Presently, she wondered who could possibly want to visit her on the week of her change. She had few friends at school, never mind a boyfriend. So why did her mom’s voice sound so excited and playful all of a sudden? She wouldn’t have long to wait before finding out.

Her mother, Monica, was waiting in the kitchen with a sly smile. ‘Mia, honey, look who’s come to check up on you!’

Mia scanned the room and stiffled a scream when she saw who had come for her. He looked cool as could be – leaning back against the kitchen counter with his hands in his pockets. Rippling muscles all too noticeable under his All-star t-shirt.

‘T-terry?!’ Mia’s voice came out as a squeak.

The man smiled devilishly. ‘Hey kiddo, long time no see.’

It really had been a long time. Mia hadn’t seen her best friend since the night of his transformation the previous year. She had to admit, it wasn’t too surprising. A guy’s social circle changes a lot when he grows from a tiny pipsqueak into a ripped hunk overnight! So… why was he here now?

Monica broke the silence with a cough. ‘I’ll give you ‘kids’ some time to catch up in private.’ She left the room, wide hips swaying as she went. Mia couldn’t help but notice Terry staring at her mother’s ass the whole way out the door. She felt a tinge of jealousy at that. Why’d he have to perve on her mother when, rumor had it, he had three girlfriends waiting for him back home?!

Terry stood up. At his full height he must have been 6’4 if not even taller. He was at least twice as tall as Mia. She blushed hard thinking about how silly they’d look together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He rested his hands on his hips, towering over her. Mia saw his eight-pack peaking beneath his t-shirt. He winked. ‘So how is my old pal doing?’

‘Uhh… I’m g-good’ she stammered.

‘Oh yeah?’ he smirked. ‘I hear you’re going to be doing a lot better pretty soon…’

Mia’s heart skipped a beat. Where was this going exactly?

‘I’m just bummed I probably won’t be there to see your transformation, the way you were there to watch mine…’ his velvety smooth voice triggered a recollection in Mia’s mind. She could remember his high-pitched yells thickening into deep, bass grunts as the boy he had been transformed into the man he was now.

They had been out late that night, returning from basketball practice. Mia could tell he was trying to ask her out the whole way during the long walk home. But back then Mia just couldn’t see Terry as anything other than her best friend back then. But that all changed when his puberty hit…

The transformation was all a bit of a blur now, but she could remember a few things. Her friend’s limbs stretched longer. His weedy frame fills up with muscle. His manly moans of ecstasy. His biceps burst through his shirt. Terry ripped his shirt open to reveal his swelling pecks and strengthening abs. The fact he was now taller than Mia’s dad but still growing. His muscular back ripped his shirt apart. And finally, the hulking man he had become standing nearly naked in the moonlight, staring in disbelief at his crotch – the bulge in his pants was going crazy, getting longer and harder every second. When his pants finally ripped, Mia fainted and didn’t wake up until she was safely back at home.

After that, Mia only saw glimpses of her old friend at school. Now that he was grown, he was constantly surrounded by older girls who had already achieved puberty. He seemed to stop noticing her after that, and she was now too shy and embarrassed to approach him. Though there was nothing more that she wanted in the whole world.

‘You still there, Mia?’

The girl snapped out of her fantasy. ‘Uhh… yeah… I’m sorry, w-what?’

Terry shot her a gorgeous smile. ‘Anyway… I just came over to say good luck with your transformation. It’s scary at first but I hope you enjoy it… I know I did…’ he winked at her again. ‘Me and the guys are actually really curious to see how you turn out. So once your tits pop, be sure to hit me up.’

Mia turned bright red and almost fainted again. Good thing Terry steadied her with one powerful hand around her back. ‘Be seeing ya…’ he didn’t wait long to go. But he did leave his digits on the kitchen counter.

Mia could only stare after him in disbelief. What the Hell just happened?

‘Isn’t it obvious honey?’ Monica had just finished straightening her daughter’s hair. ‘Terry heard that your puberty was just around the corner, so he visited to make sure you don’t forget about him once you’re grown!’ Mia betrayed an excited smile at that. ‘I always thought you two were cute together when you were both little. Who knows how good you’ll both look together as adults!’

Mia frowned and looked down at her pudgy, shapeless body. ‘But Momma, how do I know I’ll look good as an adult? I want to be beautiful for Terry, but I’m scared puberty won’t be good to me…’

Monica rested a reassuring hand on Mia’s head. ‘Sugga, you got nothing to worry about. Let Momma show you something.’

Monica took out an old photo album, one Mia had never seen before. ‘I’ve been waiting for years to show you some pictures from Momma’s modeling days… but first, here’s a snap of me age 13.’ Mia blinked in disbelief. That frumpy little girl in the photo could have been her! She looked identical to her mother at that age. ‘Now…’ Monica smiled, ‘here’s a photo of me just one week later, at my first modeling gig!’

Mia’s jaw hit the floor.

The woman in the photo was gorgeous. A true work of art. Her long legs and lightly muscled arms were perfectly sculpted. Her curves were flawless and her face angelic. Monica’s hefty breasts and butt were like something out of one of those dirty movies her daddy used to watch.

‘Momma, is that really you?’

‘Damn right!’ Monica guffawed and turned page after page of centerfolds, lingerie pics and nudes. ‘Whoops! Sorry honey!’ she slammed the album shut.

Mia couldn’t stop smiling. ‘So, you mean I could grow up to look just like that?’

‘Mia baby, I think you’re gonna grow up into something even better. Your daddy used to be a real stud back in the day. When your hormones start flowing, you’re going to turn into something special… I’m sure Terry is dying to see the woman you’ll become!’

Mia hugged herself and beamed with joy. For the first time since she was given the news, she felt excited for her transformation.

That night, Mia was dressing for bed. She looked into the mirror and gingerly removed all her clothes. She looked for a while at her body and shook her head, feeling very upset. There’s no way it could happen to her.

She thought about her mother in those pictures and tried to copy one of the modeling poses. Would her flat chest fill out? Would her body become enticing and arousing? Could puberty really turn her into someone else?

As luck would have it, biology class the next day was on that very subject.

The boys in Mia’s class gawked breathlessly as the gorgeous Mrs Goodwin explained in intimate detail the process of puberty.

‘It’s been a known fact for a very long time that humans have been sexually maturing earlier and earlier with each passing generation. In our current age, puberty has evolved once again. The maturing process, which would have taken years before, now happens in a day or even a few minutes.’

Her dark eyes scanned the room and fell ominously on Mia. ‘Some of you are right on the cusp of this miraculous transformation.’

She rose from her seat and started strutting down the centre aisle. The boys’ eyes were glued to her inviting hips and bouncing breasts. ‘Last week, I described the puberty process for boys. Now, it’s the girls’ turn and – I’m happy to say – I can finally speak from experience…’ somewhere in the classroom, two boys exchanged a high-five. Mrs Goodwin allowed herself a smile.

The teacher crossed to end of the classroom. She sat on a boy’s desk and quickly crossed her supple legs so he couldn’t see under her miniskirt. He looked ready to burst. Mia’s heart was thumping in her chest and she leaned in with anticipation.

‘First girls, a change in your brain chemistry is going to trigger the release of estrogen into your bloodstream. What’s estrogen you might ask? Well, it’s a hormone that’s responsible for giving you everything a man wants in a woman…’ Mrs Goodwin uncrossed her legs and let down her long luscious hair.

Mia found herself sweating, and there was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach.

‘Next thing you know, your body is going to start growing…’ Mrs Goodwin stretched her arms above her head and twisted her back seductively. Her breast looked ready to pop out of her blouse. ‘You’ll stretch taller as your limbs and spine start getting longer. Your puppy fat will start draining away and your pubescent body will start becoming leaner and more athletic. But don’t worry girls there’ll be so much adrenaline in your body that you won’t feel much pain. Only pleasure.’

Mia shifted uncomfortably in her seat as her body started aching suddenly. She tried kicking off her shoes, which had become painfully tight.

Mrs Goodwin rose from her desk and let her hands travel greedily up and down her body. ‘But before you know it, your proportions are going to completely change.’ She bit her lips and moaned as she caressed her curves, seeming to remember an event from her past. ‘You’ll stop being a bean pole as your body matures into a woman’s shape. Your muscles will bulge gently as you grow healthier and stronger in womanhood. Your hips will spread suddenly, signalling your newfound fertility to the men around you.’ The goddess leaned against another boy’s desk. Her wide hips stretched her skirt out nicely, and her taut pelvis was only inches from the boy’s flushed face.

Mia felt weird down under her skirt. She clasped her legs together, but the throbbing sensation only got stronger.

‘Your awkward teenage years will fly past you as your face becomes symmetrical and attractive. But Mother Nature leaves the best for last…’ The class gasped as Mrs Goodwin raised her skirt to reveal bright red underwear.

‘Your sexual reproductive organs will activate and you’ll have so many hormones in your bloodstream that you’ll be desperate to use them!’ She turned and bent over, giving everyone an amazing view of her generous buttocks. ‘Your little butt will start to grow and it won’t stop until you have to shop for new panties! And finally…’ The teacher ripped open her blouse and exposed her huge breasts to the class. ‘Your girls are going to take your training bra for a ride!’

There was an eternity of stunned silence. Mrs Goodwin seemed to snap out of her trance and hurriedly rebuttoned her blouse. She laughed nervously ‘At least, that’s how my puberty was…’

Following the lesson, a few boys excused themselves to the bathroom and didn’t return for some time.

‘Umm, Mrs Goodwin?’ Mia’s heart skipped a beat. What had happened to her voice? Had her time finally come? ‘I think I need to go to the bathroom too…’

She didn’t have to say anything else. ‘Of course, Mia, you don’t need to ask,’ the teacher sounded suddenly alert and determined. ‘Go quickly. And good luck!’

Boys jeered at Mia as she stumbled through the hallways. By now they could see what was happening to her. They mocked her and laughed, shouting ‘Hope you look better as an adult, Mia!’ and ‘How about a date when you’re grown?’

Mia pushed past them into the girls bathroom. It seemed no one was around to watch her change. She didn’t make it into one of the cubicles but slumped over a sink instead. She looked up and saw her sweaty face and hair peering back at her. Her school uniform was drenched with sweat and clung to her quivering body.

Her bag was filled with emergency supplies for her sudden onset of puberty. With shaking hands she attempted to open the zip. Then a sharp pain shot through her hands. She stared at them and went pale as they started to twitch and snap longer in little bursts.

Her shoes felt like agony. She wrenched them off just in time to see her growing feet rip through her socks. ‘Oh my God… it’s happening… I’m changing!’ She felt her knee-high socks start to slowly slither down her legs when she realised they were getting longer. Her tights laddered and then snapped apart as her thighs and calfs started taking on mass.

Mia groaned and felt the enormous need to stretch out to her full height. As she did, she felt her spine decompress and start to become longer. Her shirt seperated from her waistband as her torso lengthened, exposing her belly underneath.

‘This-this is incredible. I barely feel any pain. It must be the adrenaline or the hormones, but I feel amazing!’ As she laughed, another growth spurt hit her. Before her transformation began, the sink was chest-level. Now, her lengthening legs were lifting her head above the mirror and her thighs were coming into view. In fact, they were growing so long that Mia’s white panties could be seen just under her skirt. In vain, she pulled her skirt down but her legs continued to grow and she couldn’t hide her modesty, as her skirt rose higher on her body.

Mia was also aware that all her excess body fat was draining away. Her figure became tall and slim. Her now clearly visible tummy tightened. She gasped in disbelief as her face became lean and thin. She almost looked attractive now! Like a pretty preteen girl, flushed with excitement for her first date.

‘Puberty is doing my body good!’ She laughed and then hunched over in discomfort. Her bones lengthened again and started thickening all over. Her shoulders and collarbone stretched out, giving her a much more adult profile. And something new was happening in her pants. Something that felt like it had to be touched. She reached down and felt that it was wet, but it also felt good when she touched herself. She moaned in surprise and touched herself again. Her eyes rolled back and she bit her lip reflexively. ‘Is this what being a woman feels like?’ She asked in a shaking, now silkier voice.

Then all of her body was filled with an intense, pleasurable burn as her body forced her to become a teenager. Her parents’ genetics really started to establish themselves. In seconds, she became much fitter. Slender athletic muscles bulged under her tightening school uniform. Her naked legs trembled and then developed rapidly, filling up with powerful muscles. Her back, biceps and torso tensed and then rapidly strengthened with muscle. Her shirt ripped at the arms and down her middle. She rested a hand on her stomach and felt subtle abs force their way to the surface. Her other hand was still rubbing her latent womanhood – the sensations only getting stronger and more intense.

In the mirror she could see her face changing. Bones were shifting underneath, making her face angular and striking. Though her eyes were still doughy and cute. She gasped as her lips swelled to become prominent and kissable. Her silky hair lengthened and started to creep down her back.

‘Terry, can you see me?’ She panted. ‘Terry, I want to become so beautiful for you!’ Her hand now passed directly down and into her panties. The more she rubbed, the hornier she got!

It was at age 16 when Monica’s superior genetics began to manifest in her daughter’s body. She had already grown tall and beautiful. Now she was about to achieve the body of an ebony goddess. A perfect woman.

‘Oh God, what’s happening to me?’ She was forced to grab the sink below her as her lower body trembled and shook tremendously. Then in agonising spurts, her legs and thighs thickened, gaining even more muscle and a little healthy fat. The growth snaked up her legs and the feeling concentrated in her pelvis and thighs. ‘Ah! Momma! Am I becoming like you? Am I turning into a model?’ Her request was answered as her hips cracked painfully apart, first and right and then the left. She was getting wider and yelled with each crack. Her white panties and pencil skirt were stretched wider and wider across her growing hips until they felt about to snap apart.

Then she felt the cold air tickling her behind. With an effort, she twisted to see her profile. She was shocked to see how strong and sexy her lower body had become, and now she knew it was her ass’ turn. Momma had always had a great ass! Her cheeks jiggled as they pushed up what was left of her skirt. They engorged and jiggled again as they consumed the back of her panties, turning them into a thong. Then the scale and intensity of the growth forced Mia to bend forward and stick her ass out. Anyone luck enough to be standing behind her would have seen a gorgeous young woman assume a very erotic position as her ass plumped fuller and even sexier. She screamed out in ecstacy as her incredible ass ripped through her panties and broke through her skirt, which fell futilely to the ground.

But ass wasn’t the only gift her her momma gave her. What was left of her shirt snapped open as she pushed her chest out. Now she was standing almost completely naked and small mounds had appeared on her once-flat chest. ‘Yes, oh yes… I’m growing breasts!’ She moaned in pleasure as buttons popped and her chest heaved forward, taking on size and mass. Her training bra was straining to keep her bombshell of a body contained, but only served to maximize her amazing, deep cleavage.

Mia laughed out loud. She loved how sexy and demure her voice had become now. She looked down at her rising breasts. ‘Yes… yes… keep growing girls! Give me all the perks of a black girl’s body! Make me irresistible to men!’ Finally, her bra gave up the ghost, snapping apart and letting her burgeoning breasts swell into their full adult size. ‘Oh my God… Momma never had tits as good as these babies!’

All that was left was for Mia to mature sexually into her prime. Develop from a college sophomore into a fully grown lady in her early twenties. Her glistening body was racked with final changes as she grew from full-bodied to statuesque. Her muscles bulged again as they were filled with new strength. She grew taller and stronger as her entire body toned again. Her hips widened and her ass filled up, giving her an incredible hour-glass figure.

Momentarily distracted, Mia began to masterbate again. But this time it felt even better than before. All the while, she begged ‘Yes! Yes! Give me more! Oh God Terry, look what I’ve become for you… more power, more beauty, more booty! Make me perfect!’ She came as her transformation finally ended. Her yell shook the school as her legs buckled and the floor became soaking wet.

For a while she crouched trembling on the ground as the last of the adrenaline passed. Feeling strong and suddenly energised, she rose slowly to her full, impressive height. She looked at her body and started laughing to herself. Her taut, muscular abdomen pulsed where her fat, childish head used to be. Her hips, thighs, and ass were so delicious. She caressed them with her hands and with a gorgeous, unfamiliar voice said ‘Whoa, baby got back! What a body I’ve grown!’ She lifted up her huge, fully grown breasts, feeling the weight and causing the nipples to perk up. ‘And what a woman I’ve become…’

She bent down to look at her face and froze in amazement. ‘Is that really me?’ there was nothing to recognise the little girl she had been only minutes ago. Her face was perfect – slender and bright. With sexy, inviting lips and dark and encouraging eyes. There wasn’t a trace of childishness any more. Just raw sex appeal.

She turned to her bag and pulled out a pair of her mother’s lingerie. ‘Whoa, so tight…’ she strained to get it on. ‘I’m even better than mother… but it will have to do for now.’ Then she practiced posing in the mirror like the night before. But now the movements came naturally and confidentially. The motions and lingerie loved the shape of her new body. And soon, she thought, the world would fall in love with her too.

She pulled on a pair of her mother’s clothes. Even fully-clothed she was undeniably a goddess!

But before she left the bathroom, there was one more thing she had to do. She thought of Terry, his sharp jawline and heroic muscles. The feeling in her vagina started again and wouldn’t go away. Excited and titillating, she pulled out her phone and began to undress.

Terry was shirtless and half-awake when the message came. He sat up on his desk and checked his phone. He saw that a message had come from Mia. Could it be? His blood was racing as he opened the message. He read her words ‘Come and make me into a real woman xxx’. Then the image file landed.

Terry couldn’t control himself. He’d expected Mia to become hot like her mom, but he didn’t think she’d grow into a walking wet dream! His dick was already rock hard when he whipped it out. It only got longer and harder as he furiously stroked it up and down.

He gritted his teeth and slammed the table with his fist so hard it nearly broke. His arousal and frustration were only growing stronger. ‘Fuck Mia, you’ve grown so much…’ his stroking got faster and harder. ‘I want to jam this cock between your fully-grown tits!’

His phone buzzed and another pic came through even hotter than the last.

Her body was so good, so fertile. Her curves and perfect face triggered something primal in Terry’s brain. He couldn’t deny it. He was going to breed her. And his body was so big and strong that she couldn’t resist him.

‘Mia! Mia!’ Every muscle in his body tensed as he came powerfully all over his phone. He moaned desperately as the river continued to flow over his desk and down onto the floor. He had never came so strong before in his life, not even since he had been a man. When the feeling subsided, he fell back into his chair, totally spent. Then he felt a twitch in his cock. He looked down and saw it was getting hard again.

He laughed incredulously. ‘God Mia, I think you’re the one…’


It had been a few months since Mia and Terry had hooked up. Now they were going steady and had sex that could wake up the neighborhood on the regular.

Terry held Mia’s naked body close and whispered into her ear, ‘I want to make you my wife.’

Mia looked up at him with her deep, beautiful eyes which were welling with tears. ‘That’s a relief baby, because…’ she gently stroked her toned stomach, ‘I’m going to be mother to your child.’

‘You’re pregnant?’ Terry couldn’t believe it. Mia smiled and nodded her head. She then screamed scandalously as Terry began groping her body and kissing her chest and neck. He spun her around and forcefully ripped her panties away from her legs.

He panted in her ear as he started thrusting again and Mia moaned rhythmically. ‘Come on Mia, let’s make another one!’

Wish Upon a Star AP

Little Bonnie Baker is a little nervous about entering high school, so she makes a wish on a star hoping to eliminate her worries. She states to the bright light, “I wish that know one would look down upon me in high school”. The request was answered…and then suddenly, she began to grow. Her entire body blew up like a balloon as she gained the body of a senior. Radiant hair, gorgeous good looks, and incredible confidence. She was all grown up and ready to take on anything!

Request: Help me transform (5)

Return of the Meg up in this place!

Hey guys, it’s your girl Megan reporting in for duty again 😉

Hope you like my new outfit? It’s cute right – but I also think I look so fuckable in it haha xx

Oh my God. Those jerks finally gave me back my phone. Really sorry about the long wait guys. I hope to post my updates more regularly but it’s tricky with all the adult orientation courses they have me doing. I will try my best to update you all more regularly 🤞

Anyway, I have so much to tell you guys!

I’ll start with the most exciting news – Amy! She’s all grown up now! Thank you guys so much for all your suggestions for her. You helped her out SO much with her new body. You boys have such good taste in women – Amy and I are proof of that! 😉

Now, I’m sure you’re all very thirsty to see how she turned out… but to wet your appetite, I’ll explain what approach we tried decided to take for her transformation…

The whole week I’ve been feeding Amy your suggestions and advising her on what I thought would be best for her. Now I love my Amy so much – but we both agreed there was a LOT we could improve. We could all see clearly that Amy was so shy and sweet – that’s fine for a little girl but not exactly attractive for a grown woman. Confidence, beauty! I insisted that’s what she needed and, after some tears and coaxing, she agreed with me too.

So, we agreed that Amy had to come away from her transformation a completely different woman. No more plain little Asian Jane – we wanted a goddess to be born! An exotic beauty that would get every man’s blood pumping! But first, she needed confidence and I knew just what would do it – height and muscles!

Together we selected her new genetic profile. We agreed that Japanese women often grew up beautiful, but they often lacked some love in the T&A department. We decided we’d change that. I selected the genetic code of a Sudanese female athlete (I had heard these were some of the tallest women in the world, and also some of the fittest).

But we didn’t want Amy to grow into a bean pole. That’s why I donated some of my own DNA to the project. Amy kept gushing over how beautiful I had become after my transformation, so I was more than happy to help her grow the body of her dreams!

The big day came and I heard a knock on my dormroom door. I was so excited to see how Amy had grown up. But my heart sank when I met a sobbing little Amy and Dr Smith at the door. The doctor told me that the experiment ‘didn’t take’ and seemingly the radiation had failed to kick-start Amy’s growth into a woman. He wasn’t sure if they would be able to try it again – but he asked if I would watch Amy for a while until they came to a decision.

Amy ran up to me a buried her face in my embrace. Once the crying had stopped, I decided to take Amy to the facility canteen, get her some ice-cream and cheer her up. That’s where the weirdness started… You see Amy usually eats like a bird (no, not literally like a bird lol – I mean she usually eats very little) but not that day! After her third bowl of ice-cream I thought that Amy was maybe just pigging out to help cheer herself up. But then she started ordering things that Amy never eats – chicken, beef, pork, tofu – and plates of it!

With my new adult metabolism I’m lucky enough that I can eat whatever I want and not get dumpy. But even I was looking at Amy in shock as she cleared plate after plate of the stuff. Protein, I thought, she’s loading up on protein, but why?

At this point Amy’s belly growled. What, still hungry?! But the little girl simply doubled over, clutching her belly. ‘Meggy… my tummy hurts,’ she groaned. Well that was hardly a surprise, I thought.

I scooped up her little hand and began leading her back to her dorm room. But I was alarmed to hear Amy moan that the pain was getting worse… and it was spreading to other parts of her body. My heart fluttered. She was starting her transformation.

I pulled her into the room and locked the door. In the light I could see she was now shaking and pouring with sweat. Her white top and yellow pants were clinging wetly to her skinny figure. It was then I noticed that the cuffs of her pants were starting to creep up her legs. She was starting to grow taller.

‘Oww.’ She raised a trembling hand to her face, watching in disbelief as her fingers popped longer, becoming delicate and unmistakably like a woman’s. ‘M-meg, what’s h-happening to me?’

I tried telling her she needed to lie down on the bed, but before I could she screamed out in pain. In a second, her legs stretched out in two massive jerks – turning from tiny twigs into long, strong branches. My friend was sent spiralling upwards on long slender legs that just wouldn’t stop growing. Her midriff became visible as her torso lengthened suddenly, her arms growing soon after to keep up.

I couldn’t believe it. Only minutes ago, my little friend had been only about 4’0. Now she was as tall as me. And her growth was only getting started…

She groaned as her hips snapped wider, first the left then the right, until she had a wide pair of hips that contrasted enviously with her child’s waist. But the force of her hip growth knocked her off her feet. She fell to her knees and her black hair fell in front of her face. It started lengthening, becoming luscious and silky until it was long enough to reach the floor.

I approached her slowly, asking if she was OK. A mature, unfamiliar voice answered. ‘Oh Meggy… it feels so… so… good. I’m finally growing up!’ She looked up at me and I saw her face was changing, going from round and pudgy to lean, angular and lovely, but still retaining something of her childish cuteness. Panting hard, she rose on wobbly, stilt-like legs. It occured to me that she now looked like a gangly pre-teen awkwardly coming into her adult body. But she wouldn’t remain a waif for long.

She moaned as her calf muscles bulged impressively into existence. Asian calves really were a thing of beauty! She looked down in disbelief as her body lengthened and strengthened. The growth slowly snaked up her legs as slender, feminine muscles popped and hardened. Her thighs trembled before thickening tremendously, engorging three times the size they had been. I thought right then that she’d grown the sexiest legs I’d ever seen.

Her hips followed, swelling outwards, gaining lots of healthy fat and muscle until she had an alluring hourglass figure. She rested a delicate hand on each hip and admired her new proportions. ‘Whoa, so womanly…’ she said in disbelief, with a voice that was breaking into adulthood.

Her shoulders and collarbone cracked wider as she was rewarded with another growth spurt that stretched the girl even taller. Now her body was truly unrecognisable for the little child she had once been. Her yellow trousers looked like undersized booty shorts. Her shirt barely covered her chest, leaving her lovely, taut belly fully exposed. Any Asian girl would have been delighted to grow into what Amy had become, but her true blossoming was about to begin.

Her dark eyes widened and she gasped loudly. ‘Oh! I can feel something coming…’ Her entire body was trembling and I saw her veins pump up as they filled with hot blood and hormones. Then it happened. All over her body, slender feminine muscles began throbbing, tensing against her bronze skin. Her vest started ripping as bulging feminine muscles ripped through the fabric, giving her a powerful, athletic body.

Sweat was trickling down her lovely tummy and I saw something moving beneath the skin. She moaned in pain and pleasure as a hardening six-pack started pressing against her skin, forcing its way to the surface. It was like an invisible hand was sculpting my young friend into the statue of a Greek goddess!

Amy raised her arm and looked at her pulsing bicep. Gingerly, she flexed her arm and smiled with delight as her bicep swelled even larger, ripping the sleeves of her shirt apart. She repeated the motion with her other arm to much the same effect.

Then she raised both arms and flexed all her new feminine muscles like some fitness model. ‘Oh God, this power!’ She winced and moaned as her six-pack hardened and surged into an 8-pack, soon followed by another blast of growth and power in her legs.

I could only stare in awe of what Amy was becoming. It was literally like watching puberty on steroids. Those Sudanese genes, female athlete genetics and my own DNA were combining to transform my little friend from a stick insect into a fitness goddess.

Amy groaned and bent forward, as if all the air had been forced from her lungs. In the mirror I saw her cute little butt shaking before it exploded outwards, greedily taking on mass. Her shorts were ripped apart as her full woman’s ass took shape, making her lower body even more gorgeous. I saw the juices dripping from Amy’s overstretched shorts and I knew she was finally a woman.

But her womanhood wasn’t finished quite just yet. Her ridiculously tight vest was soaked with sweat and clinging to her lovingly. I could see her nipples spring up and become erect. I knew what was coming. She lifted her head and started moaning hard, ‘Oh Megan… what’s happening to me?’

She craned back her beautiful neck and cried out in ecstacy as her breasts exploded into existence. Her shirt started tearing down the middle as her vest-puppies grew rapidly, taking on weight and mass. She looked down in delight, ‘Oh wow… I’m bigger than my sister.’ Her breasts trembled, and doubled in size again. ‘I’m bigger that mommy!’ There was a sudden tearing sound as her shirt ripped apart and two perfect, swelling adult breasts grew to their final size in the open air.

‘Oh my God…’

Amy collapsed forward onto the bed, stark-naked and covered with sweat. I couldn’t help but just stand there stupidly and take her all in. Little Amy was gone, erased by an incredible beauty with the body of a superhero. All at once, I felt envious… and a little turned on by the transformation…

Eventually, I snapped out of it and ran to get Amy some adult-sized clothes. I wasn’t sure if my new wardrobe could contain a body like that, but there was only one way to find out!

When I came back, Amy was still very weak from her transformation. But I managed to perk her up and help her put on my vest and panties. She rose to her feet. I gasped. My tiny little friend was now towering over me. She had to be six foot – at least! She realised this too and curtly said: ‘I want to see myself.’

She turned to the mirror and began to move slowly towards it, her new hips swaying seductively as she walked. Disbelief was frozen on her beautiful face. ‘Oh wow… is that me?!’

She wasn’t quite as curvy as me, but her increased size and voluptuousness filled out my lingerie nicely.

I couldn’t help it anymore. The whole thing had made me so horny for some reason. I excused myself, saying I needed to tell the doctors what had happened. I did do that… but first I took care of my own business. And I could tell that Amy wanted to get acquainted with her new body too.

So anyway, that’s how Amy became a woman. Dr Smith told me later that this was a classic case of ‘delayed-onset hyper puberty’. The presence of my own enhanced DNA is probably what caused the issue, but it also turned Amy into a real beauty – so I don’t feel too guilty about it haha.

Speaking of which, Amy is dying to thank you guys personally for your transformation suggestions. I’ll give her my phone so she cam message you directly:

Holy shit guys! Look what you’ve turned me into:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys so much! ❤ xxx

Megan says I have transformed into a real goddess, but what do you guys think? Do you like the woman I’ve become?

Everything feels so different right now… I’m so big, so tall and SO fit! I never thought I’d grow to have so much energy, so much strength! I was positive I would grow up to be just like my small and mousy mother – but I’m at least double her height and so much more lovely teehee.

And don’t even get me started on the mental differences… my head is throbbing with all this new information. I’m rapidly becoming more intelligent, more mature. I’m a woman now and I have all these new sensations…

Megan says I shouldn’t say this… but I have this powerful urge that I never felt before. It’s not just that I’m horny 24/7 (although God that’s true) but it’s something stronger, more primal… you see I want babies so badly. It’s embarrassing but I want to be a mother so fucking much! 😤

It could be my conservative family background, or maybe it’s all these new hormones pumping through me, but I’m so desperate to breed with someone! I know this body and I can feel that I’m in my prime. I’ll never be more healthy or fertile than I am right now…

So… my question is… are there any takers? Do any of you guys want to breed me? Ugh, that sounds so dirty… but seriously though. I’m just so grateful to you guys – I’d be so honoured to have your offspring. I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t expect anything more from you… I just want a baby like NOW.

And if you’re having any doubts about it, just look at my body:

I think you’ll find I’m the perfect genetic speciman to carry your seed. And just think how attractive our children will be 😉 x

Lol Megan looks about ready to kill me. But before I go I just wanted to answer a question from galaxyhammer:

‘…Maybe I will get the chance to tell her in person, go shopping and grab a bite to eat. Wonder what she likes to do for fun.’

That sounds like a date to me – thanks for taking an interest in the real me, hun 😘 In terms of what I like to do… I’m actually a pretty big gamer as you can see:

Maybe we can go to the arcade and I can kick your ass in a game of Time Crisis. Then we can go home and you can do anything you want to this sweet ass of mine… 🍑

Anyway I better hand Megan back her phone. But please let me know what you think of me and if you have any questions for the new me!

Kisses, Amy ❤

Oh my God. I’m so sorry about that guys. Amy is still a little confused, hot and bothered after her transformation as you can see…

I’m going to take her to the beach so she and I can ‘cool off’ together. But before I go, let me answer some of your questions from my last update:

‘I really can’t believe it… that you’re still growing in all the right areas and looking more like a goddess every day. I just, I just don’t think I would fully be able to control myself if I saw you in person and all, Meg.

I guess I sort of missed my shot with things though as clearly Brutus is a better charmer than I am and all… I certainly would do much of the same as he said; treating you like a gentleman should treat an amazing woman and all. Sigh…’

Wow Antillesfan555, you really know the words to make me feel like a real woman ❤. When we finally meet in person I have many ways to thank you for your sweetness… in other words, I’m going to make you cum buckets haha 😉

And don’t feel bad about Brutus’s success. I have a LOT of love to give and once I’m out of the facility there’s everything to play for. I’ll be sure to thank you all individually at least once, but this body will belong to the biggest, most charming stud. We’ll see who that is soon I hope… 😁

‘Megan, I would definitely love to see you on the beach. I’m sure you’ll attract so many guys, you’ll have to beat them off with a stick. Speaking of guys, I wouldn’t worry too much about Jason. He might be a creep now, but if the treatment did this for you, imagine what it could do for him. Of course, that may not change Jason’s personality so you might need to watch out for that.’

Lol eww, Jason? Trust me BLZBub, there’s no way I’ll give that little creep the time of day. No matter what the experiment does to him!

As to seeing my beach body… your wish is my command 😉

I took a couple photos of Amy and I on the beach – I hope you can enjoy them again and again:

Did you enjoy Amy and I’s little photo shoot? I was thinking we could try being models once we get out of here – do you think we’re hot enough to succeed? 🔥

Also did you see Amy’s body? Such great muscle tone! My genes really did her body good haha! Some day, she’s going to make a lucky man VERY happy!

‘Looking gorgeous and that boost in confidence is doing wonders for you keep going strong. Is there a way that little perv who snuck into your closet could be turned into a girl? Have him see what it feels like to be stared and lusted over or would that be too good of a fate for him?’

Why thank you galaxyhammer! I’m flattered that you and jojo93able noticed my new-found confidence 😉 I’m putting it down to all those adult-orientation classes I’ve been having. They’ve really helped me grow into this new body, and use my feminine beauty to get what’s mine haha. There’s so many fake thots out there, so I’m delighted you can see the real lady in me!

As for Jason, I don’t think it works like that unfortunately – bar some serious malfunction in the machinery. But we’ll see what happens I guess. If it were up to me, I’d much rather see him transformed into the little rat he is lol!

‘Hey, Amy! As pretty as you’ll be simply growing up, Im sure you’ll have the most fun if you fully remake yourself. I think you should transform into a tall, statuesque Scandinavian blonde. An it you have a Caucasian friend in the program, maybe you could convince her to become Asian in turn!’

Hey hey Planet! Brad was always a big fan of yours! I think it was through your content that he actually found this forum, come to think of it.

But sorry Planet, we saw your comment too late to contribute to Amy’s transformation. However, I’ve heard that Amy’s little friend Rachel, who happens to be Indonesian, wants to transform into a Scandinavian beauty. I’ll be certain to let you know how she turns out… 😉

‘Also there no need to apologize or feel embarrassed talking like that with me. Besides…I will do all those things with you and more. As I have said before, as a gentleman I put the lady’s satisfaction first…as a matter a fact I enjoy it. So I hope your ready for a whole night of bliss because I’ll please you until can’t take it anymore; your toes will curl and your begging for release, drowning in sea of ecstasy that only I can save your from as I kiss you from head to toe…my hands stroking you all over, kneading your breasts and the cheeks of your ass until finally I take you…that will just be the beginning of an entire night of passion that ends with us cuddling together until the dawn.’

Oh God Brutus I really can’t wait for you! You’re making me so hot I can barely control myself… these hormones are making me want you so much.

And that body of yours… 🥵 are those muscles real? You’re like a real-life Captain America! What did your parents feed ya to turn you into such a hunk?! I’ll be your Peggy Carter if you’ll be my Steve Rogers. Because you’ll need super soldier stamina to keep up with all the fun I have planned for you. I’ll make you work hard for this body, Steve 😉

‘You’ve grown some melons, can we see your 🍑 babe?’

Well, well, are you an ass man then Steve? So cruel of me to deny you this booty so far… but let me put things right:

I think I’ve developed a great ass, but what do you think babe? Is it everything you hoped? 😘

That’s just a taste haha. When I meet you in person I’ll give all of this body to you x

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have for now. Amy wants to go out for some food and dancing. But I hope I can talk more with you guys real soon!

And as always, keep the questions for me and Amy coming! We get off on your attention…

Love Megan xxx