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“Her name is Wendy,” Brian said, stroking the computer case. “Say, hello.”


“Hello, Wendy,” Adam said, addressing the machine.


“Oh, hello,” said a woman’s voice from the speakers near the monitor. “How do you do?”Continue reading

Request: Help me transform (5)

Return of the Meg up in this place!

Hey guys, it’s your girl Megan reporting in for duty again 😉

Hope you like my new outfit? It’s cute right – but I also think I look so fuckable in it haha xx

Oh my God. Those jerks finally gave me back my phone. Really sorry about the long wait guys. I hope to post my updates more regularly but it’s tricky with all the adult orientation courses they have me doing. I will try my best to update you all more regularly 🤞

Anyway, I have so much to tell you guys!

I’ll start with the most exciting news – Amy! She’s all grown up now! Thank you guys so much for all your suggestions for her. You helped her out SO much with her new body. You boys have such good taste in women – Amy and I are proof of that! 😉

Now, I’m sure you’re all very thirsty to see how she turned out… but to wet your appetite, I’ll explain what approach we tried decided to take for her transformation…

The whole week I’ve been feeding Amy your suggestions and advising her on what I thought would be best for her. Now I love my Amy so much – but we both agreed there was a LOT we could improve. We could all see clearly that Amy was so shy and sweet – that’s fine for a little girl but not exactly attractive for a grown woman. Confidence, beauty! I insisted that’s what she needed and, after some tears and coaxing, she agreed with me too.

So, we agreed that Amy had to come away from her transformation a completely different woman. No more plain little Asian Jane – we wanted a goddess to be born! An exotic beauty that would get every man’s blood pumping! But first, she needed confidence and I knew just what would do it – height and muscles!

Together we selected her new genetic profile. We agreed that Japanese women often grew up beautiful, but they often lacked some love in the T&A department. We decided we’d change that. I selected the genetic code of a Sudanese female athlete (I had heard these were some of the tallest women in the world, and also some of the fittest).

But we didn’t want Amy to grow into a bean pole. That’s why I donated some of my own DNA to the project. Amy kept gushing over how beautiful I had become after my transformation, so I was more than happy to help her grow the body of her dreams!

The big day came and I heard a knock on my dormroom door. I was so excited to see how Amy had grown up. But my heart sank when I met a sobbing little Amy and Dr Smith at the door. The doctor told me that the experiment ‘didn’t take’ and seemingly the radiation had failed to kick-start Amy’s growth into a woman. He wasn’t sure if they would be able to try it again – but he asked if I would watch Amy for a while until they came to a decision.

Amy ran up to me a buried her face in my embrace. Once the crying had stopped, I decided to take Amy to the facility canteen, get her some ice-cream and cheer her up. That’s where the weirdness started… You see Amy usually eats like a bird (no, not literally like a bird lol – I mean she usually eats very little) but not that day! After her third bowl of ice-cream I thought that Amy was maybe just pigging out to help cheer herself up. But then she started ordering things that Amy never eats – chicken, beef, pork, tofu – and plates of it!

With my new adult metabolism I’m lucky enough that I can eat whatever I want and not get dumpy. But even I was looking at Amy in shock as she cleared plate after plate of the stuff. Protein, I thought, she’s loading up on protein, but why?

At this point Amy’s belly growled. What, still hungry?! But the little girl simply doubled over, clutching her belly. ‘Meggy… my tummy hurts,’ she groaned. Well that was hardly a surprise, I thought.

I scooped up her little hand and began leading her back to her dorm room. But I was alarmed to hear Amy moan that the pain was getting worse… and it was spreading to other parts of her body. My heart fluttered. She was starting her transformation.

I pulled her into the room and locked the door. In the light I could see she was now shaking and pouring with sweat. Her white top and yellow pants were clinging wetly to her skinny figure. It was then I noticed that the cuffs of her pants were starting to creep up her legs. She was starting to grow taller.

‘Oww.’ She raised a trembling hand to her face, watching in disbelief as her fingers popped longer, becoming delicate and unmistakably like a woman’s. ‘M-meg, what’s h-happening to me?’

I tried telling her she needed to lie down on the bed, but before I could she screamed out in pain. In a second, her legs stretched out in two massive jerks – turning from tiny twigs into long, strong branches. My friend was sent spiralling upwards on long slender legs that just wouldn’t stop growing. Her midriff became visible as her torso lengthened suddenly, her arms growing soon after to keep up.

I couldn’t believe it. Only minutes ago, my little friend had been only about 4’0. Now she was as tall as me. And her growth was only getting started…

She groaned as her hips snapped wider, first the left then the right, until she had a wide pair of hips that contrasted enviously with her child’s waist. But the force of her hip growth knocked her off her feet. She fell to her knees and her black hair fell in front of her face. It started lengthening, becoming luscious and silky until it was long enough to reach the floor.

I approached her slowly, asking if she was OK. A mature, unfamiliar voice answered. ‘Oh Meggy… it feels so… so… good. I’m finally growing up!’ She looked up at me and I saw her face was changing, going from round and pudgy to lean, angular and lovely, but still retaining something of her childish cuteness. Panting hard, she rose on wobbly, stilt-like legs. It occured to me that she now looked like a gangly pre-teen awkwardly coming into her adult body. But she wouldn’t remain a waif for long.

She moaned as her calf muscles bulged impressively into existence. Asian calves really were a thing of beauty! She looked down in disbelief as her body lengthened and strengthened. The growth slowly snaked up her legs as slender, feminine muscles popped and hardened. Her thighs trembled before thickening tremendously, engorging three times the size they had been. I thought right then that she’d grown the sexiest legs I’d ever seen.

Her hips followed, swelling outwards, gaining lots of healthy fat and muscle until she had an alluring hourglass figure. She rested a delicate hand on each hip and admired her new proportions. ‘Whoa, so womanly…’ she said in disbelief, with a voice that was breaking into adulthood.

Her shoulders and collarbone cracked wider as she was rewarded with another growth spurt that stretched the girl even taller. Now her body was truly unrecognisable for the little child she had once been. Her yellow trousers looked like undersized booty shorts. Her shirt barely covered her chest, leaving her lovely, taut belly fully exposed. Any Asian girl would have been delighted to grow into what Amy had become, but her true blossoming was about to begin.

Her dark eyes widened and she gasped loudly. ‘Oh! I can feel something coming…’ Her entire body was trembling and I saw her veins pump up as they filled with hot blood and hormones. Then it happened. All over her body, slender feminine muscles began throbbing, tensing against her bronze skin. Her vest started ripping as bulging feminine muscles ripped through the fabric, giving her a powerful, athletic body.

Sweat was trickling down her lovely tummy and I saw something moving beneath the skin. She moaned in pain and pleasure as a hardening six-pack started pressing against her skin, forcing its way to the surface. It was like an invisible hand was sculpting my young friend into the statue of a Greek goddess!

Amy raised her arm and looked at her pulsing bicep. Gingerly, she flexed her arm and smiled with delight as her bicep swelled even larger, ripping the sleeves of her shirt apart. She repeated the motion with her other arm to much the same effect.

Then she raised both arms and flexed all her new feminine muscles like some fitness model. ‘Oh God, this power!’ She winced and moaned as her six-pack hardened and surged into an 8-pack, soon followed by another blast of growth and power in her legs.

I could only stare in awe of what Amy was becoming. It was literally like watching puberty on steroids. Those Sudanese genes, female athlete genetics and my own DNA were combining to transform my little friend from a stick insect into a fitness goddess.

Amy groaned and bent forward, as if all the air had been forced from her lungs. In the mirror I saw her cute little butt shaking before it exploded outwards, greedily taking on mass. Her shorts were ripped apart as her full woman’s ass took shape, making her lower body even more gorgeous. I saw the juices dripping from Amy’s overstretched shorts and I knew she was finally a woman.

But her womanhood wasn’t finished quite just yet. Her ridiculously tight vest was soaked with sweat and clinging to her lovingly. I could see her nipples spring up and become erect. I knew what was coming. She lifted her head and started moaning hard, ‘Oh Megan… what’s happening to me?’

She craned back her beautiful neck and cried out in ecstacy as her breasts exploded into existence. Her shirt started tearing down the middle as her vest-puppies grew rapidly, taking on weight and mass. She looked down in delight, ‘Oh wow… I’m bigger than my sister.’ Her breasts trembled, and doubled in size again. ‘I’m bigger that mommy!’ There was a sudden tearing sound as her shirt ripped apart and two perfect, swelling adult breasts grew to their final size in the open air.

‘Oh my God…’

Amy collapsed forward onto the bed, stark-naked and covered with sweat. I couldn’t help but just stand there stupidly and take her all in. Little Amy was gone, erased by an incredible beauty with the body of a superhero. All at once, I felt envious… and a little turned on by the transformation…

Eventually, I snapped out of it and ran to get Amy some adult-sized clothes. I wasn’t sure if my new wardrobe could contain a body like that, but there was only one way to find out!

When I came back, Amy was still very weak from her transformation. But I managed to perk her up and help her put on my vest and panties. She rose to her feet. I gasped. My tiny little friend was now towering over me. She had to be six foot – at least! She realised this too and curtly said: ‘I want to see myself.’

She turned to the mirror and began to move slowly towards it, her new hips swaying seductively as she walked. Disbelief was frozen on her beautiful face. ‘Oh wow… is that me?!’

She wasn’t quite as curvy as me, but her increased size and voluptuousness filled out my lingerie nicely.

I couldn’t help it anymore. The whole thing had made me so horny for some reason. I excused myself, saying I needed to tell the doctors what had happened. I did do that… but first I took care of my own business. And I could tell that Amy wanted to get acquainted with her new body too.

So anyway, that’s how Amy became a woman. Dr Smith told me later that this was a classic case of ‘delayed-onset hyper puberty’. The presence of my own enhanced DNA is probably what caused the issue, but it also turned Amy into a real beauty – so I don’t feel too guilty about it haha.

Speaking of which, Amy is dying to thank you guys personally for your transformation suggestions. I’ll give her my phone so she cam message you directly:

Holy shit guys! Look what you’ve turned me into:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys so much! ❤ xxx

Megan says I have transformed into a real goddess, but what do you guys think? Do you like the woman I’ve become?

Everything feels so different right now… I’m so big, so tall and SO fit! I never thought I’d grow to have so much energy, so much strength! I was positive I would grow up to be just like my small and mousy mother – but I’m at least double her height and so much more lovely teehee.

And don’t even get me started on the mental differences… my head is throbbing with all this new information. I’m rapidly becoming more intelligent, more mature. I’m a woman now and I have all these new sensations…

Megan says I shouldn’t say this… but I have this powerful urge that I never felt before. It’s not just that I’m horny 24/7 (although God that’s true) but it’s something stronger, more primal… you see I want babies so badly. It’s embarrassing but I want to be a mother so fucking much! 😤

It could be my conservative family background, or maybe it’s all these new hormones pumping through me, but I’m so desperate to breed with someone! I know this body and I can feel that I’m in my prime. I’ll never be more healthy or fertile than I am right now…

So… my question is… are there any takers? Do any of you guys want to breed me? Ugh, that sounds so dirty… but seriously though. I’m just so grateful to you guys – I’d be so honoured to have your offspring. I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t expect anything more from you… I just want a baby like NOW.

And if you’re having any doubts about it, just look at my body:

I think you’ll find I’m the perfect genetic speciman to carry your seed. And just think how attractive our children will be 😉 x

Lol Megan looks about ready to kill me. But before I go I just wanted to answer a question from galaxyhammer:

‘…Maybe I will get the chance to tell her in person, go shopping and grab a bite to eat. Wonder what she likes to do for fun.’

That sounds like a date to me – thanks for taking an interest in the real me, hun 😘 In terms of what I like to do… I’m actually a pretty big gamer as you can see:

Maybe we can go to the arcade and I can kick your ass in a game of Time Crisis. Then we can go home and you can do anything you want to this sweet ass of mine… 🍑

Anyway I better hand Megan back her phone. But please let me know what you think of me and if you have any questions for the new me!

Kisses, Amy ❤

Oh my God. I’m so sorry about that guys. Amy is still a little confused, hot and bothered after her transformation as you can see…

I’m going to take her to the beach so she and I can ‘cool off’ together. But before I go, let me answer some of your questions from my last update:

‘I really can’t believe it… that you’re still growing in all the right areas and looking more like a goddess every day. I just, I just don’t think I would fully be able to control myself if I saw you in person and all, Meg.

I guess I sort of missed my shot with things though as clearly Brutus is a better charmer than I am and all… I certainly would do much of the same as he said; treating you like a gentleman should treat an amazing woman and all. Sigh…’

Wow Antillesfan555, you really know the words to make me feel like a real woman ❤. When we finally meet in person I have many ways to thank you for your sweetness… in other words, I’m going to make you cum buckets haha 😉

And don’t feel bad about Brutus’s success. I have a LOT of love to give and once I’m out of the facility there’s everything to play for. I’ll be sure to thank you all individually at least once, but this body will belong to the biggest, most charming stud. We’ll see who that is soon I hope… 😁

‘Megan, I would definitely love to see you on the beach. I’m sure you’ll attract so many guys, you’ll have to beat them off with a stick. Speaking of guys, I wouldn’t worry too much about Jason. He might be a creep now, but if the treatment did this for you, imagine what it could do for him. Of course, that may not change Jason’s personality so you might need to watch out for that.’

Lol eww, Jason? Trust me BLZBub, there’s no way I’ll give that little creep the time of day. No matter what the experiment does to him!

As to seeing my beach body… your wish is my command 😉

I took a couple photos of Amy and I on the beach – I hope you can enjoy them again and again:

Did you enjoy Amy and I’s little photo shoot? I was thinking we could try being models once we get out of here – do you think we’re hot enough to succeed? 🔥

Also did you see Amy’s body? Such great muscle tone! My genes really did her body good haha! Some day, she’s going to make a lucky man VERY happy!

‘Looking gorgeous and that boost in confidence is doing wonders for you keep going strong. Is there a way that little perv who snuck into your closet could be turned into a girl? Have him see what it feels like to be stared and lusted over or would that be too good of a fate for him?’

Why thank you galaxyhammer! I’m flattered that you and jojo93able noticed my new-found confidence 😉 I’m putting it down to all those adult-orientation classes I’ve been having. They’ve really helped me grow into this new body, and use my feminine beauty to get what’s mine haha. There’s so many fake thots out there, so I’m delighted you can see the real lady in me!

As for Jason, I don’t think it works like that unfortunately – bar some serious malfunction in the machinery. But we’ll see what happens I guess. If it were up to me, I’d much rather see him transformed into the little rat he is lol!

‘Hey, Amy! As pretty as you’ll be simply growing up, Im sure you’ll have the most fun if you fully remake yourself. I think you should transform into a tall, statuesque Scandinavian blonde. An it you have a Caucasian friend in the program, maybe you could convince her to become Asian in turn!’

Hey hey Planet! Brad was always a big fan of yours! I think it was through your content that he actually found this forum, come to think of it.

But sorry Planet, we saw your comment too late to contribute to Amy’s transformation. However, I’ve heard that Amy’s little friend Rachel, who happens to be Indonesian, wants to transform into a Scandinavian beauty. I’ll be certain to let you know how she turns out… 😉

‘Also there no need to apologize or feel embarrassed talking like that with me. Besides…I will do all those things with you and more. As I have said before, as a gentleman I put the lady’s satisfaction first…as a matter a fact I enjoy it. So I hope your ready for a whole night of bliss because I’ll please you until can’t take it anymore; your toes will curl and your begging for release, drowning in sea of ecstasy that only I can save your from as I kiss you from head to toe…my hands stroking you all over, kneading your breasts and the cheeks of your ass until finally I take you…that will just be the beginning of an entire night of passion that ends with us cuddling together until the dawn.’

Oh God Brutus I really can’t wait for you! You’re making me so hot I can barely control myself… these hormones are making me want you so much.

And that body of yours… 🥵 are those muscles real? You’re like a real-life Captain America! What did your parents feed ya to turn you into such a hunk?! I’ll be your Peggy Carter if you’ll be my Steve Rogers. Because you’ll need super soldier stamina to keep up with all the fun I have planned for you. I’ll make you work hard for this body, Steve 😉

‘You’ve grown some melons, can we see your 🍑 babe?’

Well, well, are you an ass man then Steve? So cruel of me to deny you this booty so far… but let me put things right:

I think I’ve developed a great ass, but what do you think babe? Is it everything you hoped? 😘

That’s just a taste haha. When I meet you in person I’ll give all of this body to you x

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have for now. Amy wants to go out for some food and dancing. But I hope I can talk more with you guys real soon!

And as always, keep the questions for me and Amy coming! We get off on your attention…

Love Megan xxx

Request: Help me transform (4)

Hey fellas.

It’s your girl Megan reporting in from ‘who-knows-where’!

I hope you guys are having a day that’s as good as I look 😉:

My first night as an adult was so amazing… I was feeling so hot and sweaty so I basically wore nothing but my t-shirt, bra and panties. I know it’s not common to wear lingerie in bed, but I just love how they feel and the way the bra lifts up my beautiful breasts! Don’t you agree:

The weird thing is, (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) but I think I might still be growing. Particularly my breasts!

As you can imagine, I was having a bit of trouble getting to sleep… I was just too excited to explore every inch of my new body, which was responding very nicely to my caresses. My perfect skin and generous curves felt so good to stroke and touch. My breasts were so sensitive and I swore they were swelling larger the more I played with myself.

That’s when I felt a sharp pain in my nipples. The skin of my breasts really felt like it was being stretched out. My bra felt so tight and I could feel my boobs spilling out over the top of the cups now. The pressure got so bad and then suddenly – SNAP – my bra flew across the room. My newly released breasts gleely enlarged in the open air and I could feel them swelling larger and larger during the night.
It hurt so well… like it was painful but it was a good kind of pain…

So yeah I definitely think I got bigger during the night. Like maybe a whole cup bigger! What do you guys think – do my breasts look larger to you?… And have my hips gotten wider as well?

Maybe it’s hard to tell with my top on. Would you like to see my naked breasts in my next update so you can get a better look? 😉

I can’t believe I’m still growing after my transformation… I mean how can this body get any better?! I wonder what’s happening to me…

I must say, it’s good to have some actual men to talk to and ask these kinds of questions of. The facility has finally allowed me out of the temporary holding wing where all test subjects stay post-transformation. I was so excited to go back to the dorm to meet with my friends and show off the new me but… ugh… the boys. 🙄

They’re like obsessed with me. First off they wouldn’t believe I was actually Megan. She was so ugly and I was too hot to be her, they said. Then they started following me everywhere. Never speaking to me, mind you. Just drooling over me from a distance. I think – no doubt – that I’ve given some of these boys their first wet dream last night! Since I’ve returned to the dorm I’ve heard them moaning late at night almost one after the other. That never used to happen before…

There’s one boy who’s particularly troublesome. This little pervert’s name is Jason:

Unfortunately, I think he has a bit of a crush on me. I was in my room, stripping off to get ready for bed, when I started to hear this heavy panting coming from my closet. I fling it open only to find Jason inside jacking off furiously to me! I chased him back to his room and I think I heard him finish himself off a few minutes later…

What a little brat! Though I have to admit, I am sort of flattered by the whole thing. I mean it seems my new body has literally triggered puberty in some of these guys! It just shows you how much I’ve changed and how irresistible I’ve become to males now…

Hmm, best to get this out of my mind. I know! I’ll reply to some of your absolutely lovely comments from my last post. Thank you so much for your kind words guys. I’m so happy that you think I’ve become so beautiful and that you’re excited to see more of me:

‘Wow… just… wow… you look amazing Megan.

And nice to know that you’re still somewhat the same still after all this but…

Sorry, I’m just so stunned by the beauty you’ve become. I, man, I just wonder if I’m going to far to say that you look almost dead on to my dream girl.

Sorry, sorry, I don’t want to make this life-changing decision of yours come off wrong.’

Antillesfan555 don’t apologise, please. You’ve made me so happy by saying that xxx

Am I really your dream girl?

You have to remember that for my whole life boys have been ignoring me. I’ve practically been invisible to them. So the fact I’ve actually grown into a man’s dream girl just means so much to me. Thank you ❤

Your comments are always so sweet. I remember before my transformation you were so worried about my wellbeing. But now that you’ve seen me as a woman, I think your perspective has shifted. You’ve stopped seeing me as a little girl you need to protect, and you’ve started to look at me as the ideal woman you need to conquer and possess. God, that turns me on so much…

Yes, deep down I guess I’m still that little girl you wanted to look after. But her body has changed beyond all recognition now. She grew up, she filled out. She became the perfect woman and now has all the urges and desires a woman in her sexual prime should have.

So please, put aside your memories of that little girl. She’s gone. I’m your dream girl now. But I bet in all your wildest dreams you never expected your dream girl would have curves as incredible as mine!

I just wonder, what is it that you like about me? You don’t need to lie and say it’s my A+ personality haha… 😜

I think you love my body. But which part is your favourite? Let me know and I’ll get more pictures of it for you. You helped me grow this bombshell of a body, so I want to help you enjoy it as much as possible… 🍆💦

That’s just a temporary measure. I hope someday real soon I can finally meet you and I can show you just how much I appreciate your kindness. I’ll let you enjoy every inch of me then. I want to make your dream become reality x

‘Oh, wow, you have really good tastes when it came to choosing what kind of ethnic mix you wanted. This probably won’t be part of what you automatically get as your brain catches up with your body, but have you considered learning Spanish? That could really boost your charm. And I wouldn’t mind seeing you in other bikinis or workout clothes.’

Haha, gracias BLZbub! You’re right, I should really brush up on my Spanish. Such an amazing language and I think it would add so much to my mystery and charm as a Latina.

And yeah totally agree with you on the mix. Thank you so much for suggesting I explore my ethnic options in the first place. Really think I got the best of both worlds here. I wasn’t sure it would work out in the end but I really hit the genetic jackpot! A black woman’s curves with a Latina’s beauty seems to be a combination that everyone loves haha.

Aha, so you want to see more of this body working up a sweat? I’m more than happy to oblige:

My first gym session as an adult was a real eye-opener! It’s incredible the raw power and energy that was flowing through this body for the entire set. It almost felt as good as the climax of my transformation! I suppose I should really thank the fitness model who donated her DNA so I could have this body.

A couple of the male scientists came to ‘supervise’ my workout. But I think they were sweating more than I was for the whole session. I’ll admit, I was feeling a little naughty so I put on a bit of a show for them to enjoy. Basically, I moaned very suggestively when I was straining against a particularly difficult exercise. One of the men was staring at my ass the whole time, so when he was standing right behind me I made sure to bend over veeeeeery slowly to pick up some weights. He excused himself and stayed in the bathroom for a very long time afterwards… 🤭

BTW There’s also a gorgeous beach really close to the facility. So get ready for some hot bikini pics real soon. x

‘OMG Megan! Look at you! You truly have become a goddess! And yes, 100% worth the wait! You’re walking wet dream now! Sexy AF! Despite that though, I know your still that sweetie from before…don’t lose that, that is a noble quality about you.
When I saw the picture of the new you, it took my breath away, especially when I saw you consider my offer. It still stands by the way. Give me a call! My number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. We’ll make those boy’s who snubbed you super jealous, especially when they see us together!
We’ll have dinner at the beach bar with some adult beverages and then later we can head back to my place for some adult activities and give that body a real test drive if you know what I mean.
I hope to hear from you soon and really hope to meet you and take on that date, treat you in the way that a gentleman is supposed to treat a woman.

Oh Brutus89, you’re making me so hot! 🥵
Can’t believe I took your breath away… I’m just so touched you find me so attractive… and that you’re so eager to take me to your bedroom and make me a real woman.

When we finally meet I will wear this dress just for you:

I think it’s a good mix between formal and fun. And it just shows off my growth so nicely, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

I’ll admit, I’ll be super nervous the whole date knowing I’m about to lose my virginity. But I know you’re a good guy so you’ll care about me and treat me nicely.

That being said, I don’t want you to go gentle on me. Just like you, I want to see what this body can handle. When I look in the mirror now, I see a body that was perfectly made for sex. So womanly but so strong and energetic as well. I want to know if I’m right. So go hard, do anything you want to me, indulge your every fantasy. I hope you can handle this much woman 😜

Maybe you want to ravish me on the stairs up to your bedroom… maybe we won’t be able to control our desires that long and we’ll find a quiet alley for some heavy petting on our way back from the beach… maybe you’ll want to explore my body in the shower and lose control, entering me forcibly and waking the neighbours with my moans…

Sorry, I’m just getting off at this point… but while I’m on a roll, let me tell you how I imagine our first time will be:

You’ll have been such a gentleman for the entire date, treating me like a lady and showing me off to the people around you. But deep down that primal part of you will want me. I’ll have encouraged it over the course of the date (not too much, but just enough) – brushing my body up against yours, crossing my legs so you get a good look at my thighs, ‘adjusting’ my skirt when I feel your eyes on me. I’ll have gotten you all worked up and frustrated in anticipation of our first night together.

We’ll have just entered your home. I’ll be tipsy, unaccustomed to the buzz of the alcohol. I’ll pretend to trip as I remove my high heels, and I’ll fall straight into your arms. I’ll laugh scandalously but then look into your eyes, letting the silence and tension build between us.

Then we’ll kiss for the first time. I’ll probably be awkward initially (I’ve never kissed before remember) but soon I’ll get into it, my adult hormones will take over and we’ll start to really enjoy each other. Maybe you’ll start kissing my neck and moving down towards my collarbone and heaving chest…

At this point I would hope you have your hands on me and you’ll be getting a good feel of the woman I’ve become. But if you need some encouragement… I’ll reach down into your pants and start getting you warmed up.

Now you’ll lose control. You’ll throw me against a nearby cabinet and really start groping me. I’ll spin in feigned reluctance and plead with you that I’m not ready… but in reality I’ll be arching my back, presenting myself to you and brushing my hips and ass against your crotch.

You’ll decide you’ve had enough and that you want me from behind. Your hands will travel slowly up my long legs and you’ll raise my skirt above my hips. My ass will now be in view. With both hands you’ll grip the sides of my panties and rip them apart, giving you full access to me. Then you’ll take…

God I can’t believe what I just wrote… I’m so sorry Brutus, I’m so embarrassed 😳 I really need to stop reading those fanfics lol. Now excuse me while I find a corner where I can die of embarassment.

(PS I’ll message you as soon as I get out of here so we can set things up 😉).

‘Hello Beautiful!
well what to say, you have become a sensual and attractive woman.
I hope I can give you this body the life you wanted.
Now that a day has passed, do you feel any personality changes?
who knows what Brad XD will think.
Then tell us how Amy’s transformation goes! she seemed very worried about how you were talking about it.

Congratulations again the woman you have become, you are truly enjoyable’

Why thank you jojo93able! I’m so glad you enjoyed how I turned out after my transformation ☺

Personality changes? Oh yeah, big time! I mean you’ve been seeing what I’ve been writing right haha? New Megan is so much more confident than old Megan ever was. And who can blame me when I’ve grown into this!

When I was still a child I was so terrified to share those old photos of me. Now, I’m taking pictures of my adult body from every angle and I want to share them all with you guys so badly! It makes me feel like such a woman when you tell me how beautiful I’ve become and how badly you want me… ☺

In terms of Brad… who knows what he thinks?! I shared some photos of my new body with him on WhatsApp. I know he saw them, but he never responded 😒 But who cares when I have you guys to talk to! 👄

It’s funny you should mention Amy! I caught up with my adorable best bud and she’s just so happy for me! She loves styling my new hair and discussing makeup and the boy she has a crush on from down the dorm. She’s just so cute!

But… it’s weird. I can’t help but recognise the age gap between us when we talk now. I suppose I feel more like her protective big sis than her friend at points. I suppose with this new older body my maternal instincts are really starting to kick in 🤔

Anyway, yes she was super nervous about transforming and – after a good chat – I finally understand why. In fact, I recommended that she talk to you guys about it!

You all were just so wonderful to me and your advice helped me become the goddess I am today. So I really hope you can do the same for her (I’m counting on you guys! 💪)

So, without further ado, I’ll pass Amy my phone so she can type her message:

Good afternoon.

My name is Amy Minato. I am 11 years old. I live in Austin Texas. I am American but my parents are Japanese. My favourite colour is-

Sorry. Meg just informed me that I don’t need to be so formal with you guys…

Umm… Sorry, I’m just not used to talking to boys. Maybe I should just pass the phone back to… no? Do my best? Oh OK, Meg.

So I think Meg has told you that I have a problem. Well, it’s because I’m terrified to go through with my transformation. Mostly it’s because I’m worried that I won’t become beautiful after it’s finished 😔. I know I’m not particularly pretty right now and I’m worried I’ll be the same as an adult… 😥

But then I saw how beautiful Meg turned out and it gave me hope! Is it true that you guys really helped her become so big and pretty? C…could you do the same for me as well, please?

I haven’t submitted my desired body specifications just yet, so there’s still some time for me to decide how my adult body will be. Can you please give me some advice and suggestions?

Sorry, I’m blushing so hard right now! 😬

I think I want to go. But please help me with my body guys, I’m really counting on you!


Amy Minato

Great. Thanks Amy…

Well, you heard her guys: make her a drop-dead gorgeous, 10/10, smokeshow babe-and-a-half just like me! And when we’re both grown, we will show you our appreciation x 😉

I think that’s enough from me for one day. Unfortunately, they are taking my phone away again for analysis pretty soon so it might be a while before I post again.

But in the meantime keep the questions and suggestions coming guys – and put in your requests for Amy’s body. I’m checking and passing them on to her. If you need a base to build off, I’ve shared a picture of her now:

Sweet dreams boys. I know I’ll be in them!

Love Megan xxx

Stories by bela04

Greetings everyone!

In the past year, I did some great Role Plays with a friend who pushed me into it. I’m still not a big fan of it but I admit, it was great to share these types of ideas of mine with someone, and helped me to get creative a little. I’m aware that this type of thing only works if the players really like the exact topic they do.
But I thought why not turn some of these ideas into short stories? Well, here is a try  – once I tried it on our discord server with not much of a response – so please only read it if you like my type of stories and/or darker elements. If there is an audience for it, I might share more in the future 🙂

Note: Of course, I did my best with the language and used some help from an online translator but I’m aware it’s still far from a real “enjoyable read”.

I was babysitting little Amy… an easy job.
We were playing hide and seek so I had to find her… again.
It wasn’t too much fun for me but at least I got the right about of money for it.
“…3, 2, 1… I’m going”
It will be easy. She always giggles too loud so almost every time I know where is she. But I keep her waiting for a little to make her believe that I don’t know where she is hiding.
The sounds are coming from the upstairs, I walk up and search for the giggle’s source. Bathroom… there we go. I start yelling into the air.
“Oh, where could be you? Amy? I can’t find you! But I know you must be here…” – and I slowly take steps towards the bathroom.
“Giggle, come closer, David! It’s getting hotter and hotter!”
She’s definitely in the bathroom.
“Oh, I think I know where this little girl can be… is there an Amy in the bathroom?” – I wanted to finish it, I only had 10 minutes left from this sitting.
“Oh… Maybe… Maybe I’m not… why don’t you try it? giggle”
I try to open the door but It’s locked… strange.
“Alright, Amy. You must be in there, so why don’t you let me in?”
“Hmm… maybe I’m in here! Why don’t you take a peek through the keyhole, hon?”
What on earth she’s doing? I kneel since the hole is very low to peek through…
“Okay, our time is up your Momm…. my…?” – I look through and a wave rushes through my body!

OMG, SHE’S GOT BIG TITTIES! I’M LOOKING AT A PAIR OF BIG TITTIES!! – I went crazy like a little boy.
“Giggle, do you like what you see honey?” – I hear her talking to me on the other side.
I can’t take my eyes off the keyhole as I can feel the sudden change going over my body. In seconds I shrink so much that first I need to stand on my feet to keep watching her big titties and even in my standing I have to use my tiptoe to be able to reach the keyhole.
I can feel my clothes are now too big for my new size, all of them are now too baggy for me.
I must look like some little boy who’s playing dressing up in his big brother’s clothes… I want to check on myself and understand what’s going on but I can’t take my eyes off Amy’s huge tits.
It feels like I’m stuck on that bathroom door… almost like this would be the first time… to see big titties.
She stands up and gets out of the bathtub moving towards the door. I don’t have time to realize what’s going on when she opens the door making me fall out of my pants. I land on my bare bottom…

That’s the first time I can see how small I am! I look at my hands and realize, I can’t be older than 13! I lost 10 years just because of her enormous titties!
AS she walks out covering her huge tits with her arm, my erection becomes visible since my now oversized undies are too large for me now.
“Giggle, haven’t your Mommy told you before? It’s not polite to peep on girls! Aww… little David has a stiff on Amy’s big boobies?”
“B-but… how… w-what happened?!” – I asked.
She bends down to be still holding her massive tits with her now large arms and hands: “Let’s call it magic! I hope you like it this way since you’re going to stay like this for a week!”

I was shocked, I wanted answers, wanted to say something but I felt something is going to explode. I looked up one more time to the now-adult Amy who smiled at me and said: “Run along honey!”
I ran to the bathroom where she just was, locked the door, and started to do it until my Mom arrived and took me home.


Getting in Shape

“And now raise your hands above your head.”

Tiffany followed the instructions of the work out instructor on the TV screen. She grumbled as she felt the loose skin on her arms jiggle around. After realizing she had broken the 220 pound marker earlier this week, she was now determined to lose some weight. Hopefully with enough dedication she could bring herself down back underneath the 200 mark. It would make her small 5’ 2” frame look less pudgy.

She followed the movement of the toned female instructor as the video continued playing. Tiffany wished she could look like that. A 18 year old girl with that body and all the guys who be hitting on her. She glanced down at her current body, her large floppy breasts hidden underneath her sweatshirt, her thick thighs and wide hips straining in her sweatpants, and her fat butt jiggling with her every movement.

“Guys like curves and all,” she thought to herself, her eyes tracing her buldgy body, “but sadly not this many.”

The sound of tiny footsteps alerted Tiffany to turn around to see her 9 year old sister, Lily, scamper into the room. She flew to the couch behind Tiffany with her light blue dress and long brown hair flowing behind her. She hoisted herself up, leveraging her frail 4’ 4” frame upon the comfy sofa. She glanced curiously at her older sister and the TV show that she was watching.

“Watcha doin’ sis?” Lily asked in a soft voice. “Never seen this TV show before…”

Tiffany sighed as she reached over to the remote to pause it. “It’s really nothing Lily,” she replied nonchalantly as she brushed her own sweaty blonde hair out of her eyes. “You would have no interest in it.”

“Why are you standing up instead of sitting?” Lily continued to press as her white sneakers dainty bobbed off the edge of the couch. “And why are you sweaty? And why are you-”

“Fine! I’ll tell you!” Tiffany huffed as she gave in to her little sister’s persistence. “This is called a ‘workout video’, where you follow the instructions of the person on screen. They go through a workout that requires standing, to answer your previous question.”

“Why?” Lily questioned once again, along with annoying Tiffany again as well. Tiffany unpaused the video, hoping that ignoring her sister’s repeating “Why?”s would push her younger sister away. When it didn’t, she whipped her back around to face her.

“Because,” Tiffany snapped, “I want to lose weight!”

A weird feeling overtook Tiffany as the words escaped her lips. Her body shook for a moment, almost knocking her over. As she gathered herself again, bits and pieces of fat slowly deteriorated. Her arms became slightly slimmed, her legs and thighs slightly thinner, and her face slightly less puggy. Fat dimensioned from her chest as well, dropping her nearly a full cup size.

Weight wasn’t the only aspect of her that changed though. Her pants rolled up to above her ankles, changing into capris. On the flipside, her sweatshirt thinned slightly and acquired a zipper in the middle. The zipper was pulled down a bit to give her breasts some room to show. Her hips contracted a bit, narrowing her stance. Her nose and eyes shrunk slightly, hinting at a more youthful appearance. She shifted her attention, and her 175 pound body, towards the couch.

On the couch, Lily also experienced a slight twitch as a strange feeling overtook her. Her dangling legs stretched towards the floor, pulling her overall height four inches taller. Her dress grew in length as well, along with the new existence of a decorative belt pinching her dress at her waist. Her face lost some of its roundness as signs of baby fat dissipated. Youthful freckles began to disappear around her growing nose and eyes. Lastly, the neckline of her dress dipped slightly as a newly worn training bra materialized underneath.

“Why do you want to lose weight?” Lily questioned once again, ignoring the fact that her free flowing brown hair tried to organize itself with parted bangs. “I think you look just fine.”

Tiffany chuckled a bit at Lily’s supportive comment. “I appreciate you thinking that sis,” she replied with a warm smile. “When you get a little bit older, however, I think you’ll understand. When you’re 16 like me, and weigh as much as most of the guys, you get…criticized for it. Kids your age, at 11 or 12, don’t necessary think like that.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Lily answered slowly. “I think there’s a lot of mean kids in my class who call each other names. I guess I’ll understand more when I’m older…”

The words “that’s right” got caught in Tiffany’s throat as another wave of strange sensations overpowered her. Excess fat wringed itself off her arms and legs as they thinned even more. Tiffany could hear her stomach gurgling as it shrunk, receding inwards. She looked down to see her two large breasts dwindling to a large B cup, allowing her to finally see her feet once again. She took off her sweatshirt to reveal a yellow tanktop underneath. She felt lighter than she had in years.

A sudden twitch in her legs caused her to almost fall again. When she regained her posture, her height was now 4’ 10, roughly 4 inches shorter than she was before. The feet she had been celebrating finally being able to see waned in size as well. Her hips retracted even more, causing her capris to almost fall off, before they tightened into a kid’s size of jeans. Freckles and pimples sprouted out on her face as it and its features diminished in size. She now looked like a 13 year old at roughly 125 pounds, debating about following this exercise video or not.

During the time that Tiffany was collapsing downwards, Lily was shooting upwards. Her arms and legs stretched outwards, allowing Lily to finally touch the ground while sitting. Her 5’ 2” frame grew some muscle and even less fat. Some fat grew on her chest to bring two small bumps that peaked out into the world. They were still mostly covered by her free flowing top, which had torn itself away from the skirt that was created from the remains of her dress. Underneath her skirt, slight expansion began in her hips and rear, forcing her to adjust her sitting position. The last of her freckles exchanged themselves for pimples and blemishes on her narrowing face. Her lips puffed up and now hid the sight of her braces from the world.

“I mean, I’ve learned so much about myself in this past year alone.” Lily’s eyes widen while they kept eye contact with Tiffany. “I bet you’ll understand yourself way more when you’re in high school like me.”

Tiffany groaned at her older sister’s comment. “That’s only one year away Lily,” she replied dryly. “You’re only one year older than me. You’re not that much more experienced than I am.”

“Well, I do have more experience than you do, even if it is only one year,” Lily replied plainly. “And, as you know, I’m always here to share my advice and to guide you.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes and her sister’s words before one final wave of quivers struck her. All over her body, parts of her contracted inwards. Her feet dwindled in size, almost slipping out of her shoes, before they changed into a pair of bright pink sneakers. Her legs weaken and reduced in stature, bringing her height downwards even further, This, along with signs of maturity leaving from her hips and thighs, forced her jeans to shrink once more.

Upwards, her breasts, the signature piece of a mature women, disappeared from sight, bringing her bra along with it. The tank top she was wearing, in order gain a more youthful appearance, grew pink stripes and hearts. Her arms compressed some more, although bits of baby fat still remained. Most of her baby fat was located now upon her face, making her cheeks round and chubby. Her blonde, shoulder length hair snarled up became unorganized. She was told to brush it daily, but she didn’t listen. Even when her Lily advised her to do it.

Speaking of Lily, her body bloomed as she reached the end years of puberty. Her body maintained relatively lanky though, as her slim legs pushed her height a couple inches past the five and a half foot mark. In contrast to her thin proportions, her hips and butt grew outwards and became curvier. The fashionable pleated skirt, which sat upon her narrow waist, kept most of this covered. Her top, however, dropped off her slender shoulders to display them to the world, perched itself upon the two moderate sized breasts that had expanded from their petite proportions before.

Lily’s growing eyes glanced down at her younger sister. Tiffany was smiling, showing off the variety of adult and baby teeth in her mouth. This, in return, made Lily smile, showing off her flawless smile that she had gotten after slaving through years of braces. Her lips swelled a bit more and darken in color, due to the new brand of lipstick she was wearing. Hints of makeup spread to her eyelashes and cheeks as well. Finally, her long brown hair styled itself into a wavy pattern, something that she had been training her hair to do for years.

“And remember,” Lily advised as she reached over to the remote to turn off the TV, “if you ever feel self-conscious about how you look now, just look at me. I looked like you when I was your age.”

Tiffany gasped. “You looked like me?!” she exclaimed, looking between herself and Lily. Lily looked glorious and beautiful though, while Tiffany looked like plain and a little fat at around 80 pounds. There was no way they could have ever looked the same.

Lily smiled at her 10 year old sister’s reaction. “Yes I did,” she confirmed. “All I did was remember to take care of my body, and I looked like this in no time. It’s been 7 years since I was your age. I bet you’ll look just like me when you grow up as well. For now, however, let’s go eat some lunch. I bet you’re hungry!”

Tiffany nodded as she followed her older sister into the kitchen. Her face was beaming as she thought about looking like her older sister in some 7 years. If she maintained a healthy lifestyle, she knew that her future would be as beautiful as hers.

The Rise Of a New Queen

Lucian was an orphan wandering the streets of Eastern Verdermont. Being only five years old left him as weak even among the other homeless kids in the district and what little coin he could salvage was quickly beaten out of him by the older kids as soon as he found it. Nearly every night, he would look up to the sky wherever he chose to stay the night and wish he could have some type of confidence. Some type of power! Something to get him through this little nightmare of a kingdom that he had no choice but to call home. But that was all he could do. Wish…Continue reading

The Witch’s Power

Bailey, Shelby, and Zanna, Three little innocent Elementary School girls.

Bailey with Bright red hair and freckles, her hair kept up in pigtails.

Shelby, blonde, always had a plastic headband on. And dark-rimmed glasses.

Zanna, a black girl with poofy dark hair.
No one would suspect that they were in fact, Witches.

Well…witches in training that is. They did not have their full powers yet, which had to be earned from their Coven.

The Coven in which Bailey’s mother was the leader. She’d always pushed her daughter to harden than other Young Withes. Because she wanted her to be the best of them.

“You’ll be the best of us one day Bailey! You and you’re friends.” Assured Alara to her daughter.
“I have foreseen it in a vision.”

Continue reading

The Spider Gwen Team.

All right, people, let’s start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two years, I’ve been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest. I joined a band. Saved my dad. I couldn’t save my best friend, Peter Parker. So now, I save everyone else. And one day, this weird thing happened. And I mean, like, *really* weird.

I was no longer the only Spider-Woman.Continue reading

Anime Town Anthology: Akachan Experience

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Anime Town Anthology: Akachan Experience
By ARWander1600


Anime Town Chan: Oh, you have returned to Anime Town, my name is Anime Chan and of course I’m here to tell you about this wondrous place. Anime Town, a small section of the sprawling downtown Tokyo dedicated to all things otaku. Here locals and tourist alike can escape the stress of life and enjoy their love of nerd culture from the past and present. Unfortunately, few travelers listen to my warnings… All of the shops, items and entertainment, especially in the back alleys, are meant to either bring back memories of childhood or to create a powerful nurturing instinct. Let’s see if Gregory and Yuzuki, a lovely couple on their honeymoon, will find a common interest to rekindle their desire for each other or if they will both find new purpose through the effects of Anime Town!

Picture 1:
Gregory: So where are you taking me and why am I blind folded again?
Yuzuki: Well our time at the love hotel didn’t go as planned…
Gregory: I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to perform well last night…it’s our honeymoon and I—
Yuzuki: It’s okay sweetie, I still love you and last night just wasn’t your cup of tea! But I have faith that you’ll love this place, especially with what I found out about last night
Picture 2:
Gregory: What’s that supposed to mean?
Yuzuki: Please don’t be mad at me, but when I was using your computer the other day while trying to plan the rest of our trip in Japan…I saw a link you left open…and I think I like the idea of bringing your fantasy to life! Okay, here we are, you can take off the blindfold now!
Picture 3:
Gregory: Whoa…this is a—
Yuzuki: Fetish bar? Yes it is, and to be more exact a bonyu karabu or breast milk bar! Anime Town is full of them, but this one is a little special!
Gregory: I-I don’t know what to say!
Yuzuki: A thank you would be nice.
Gregory: Oh Arigotogozaimashita!
Picture 4:
Bonyu Receptionist: Kon’nichiwa, mamamirukukurabu e yōkoso! Kore wa anata no akachandesu ka?

Yuzuki: Hai, watashi wa kare o dainashi ni shite, kare ga kare no gensō o taiken dekiru yō ni shitai! Shikashi, watashi wa itsumo doko made iku koto ga dekiru ka o mitai to omotte imasu!

Gregory: So what are you two talking about?
Yuzuki: Oh just which package we should do! I hope you like the one I chose, it’s the super deluxe set, its only $3000!
Picture 5:
Gregory: Are you sure you want to do that? Doesn’t $3000 for a “super deluxe experience” sound…expensive…? I mean, I know we’re on our honeymoon and you wanted to visit your hometown but–
Yuzuki: –Nonsense, don’t you remember the huge promotion I was given before we left? This is nothing and you’ve been paying for everything since we got here so I want to pay for something big! Besides, I’ve read most of the basics of the package and it should give us both what we want!
Bonyu Receptionist: Minasan kon’nichiwa, watashi ni shitagatte kudasai!

Yuzuki: Ah, she is saying to follow her!

Picture 6:
Bonyu Receptionist: Kanojo wa anata no dairihahadesu! Misu Yuna! She speak English, bye bye!

Yuna: Hello, I am Yuna, nice to meet you! : I prefer talk English, want learn better want to go America one day! I am your Mama today!
Gregory:Ko –kon nichiwa! I-it-its nice to m-meet you too!
Yuzuki: Hmm…I can tell by your “standing ovation” poking through your pants that you like this, Gregory!
Picture 8:
Gregory: Oh, I’m so sorry Yuzuki!
Yuzuki: Its okay Gregory, I think she’s hot too! Besides, I’m your wife and I want to learn everything that gets you going…even the way out there things…this way we can have a family eventually!
Gregory: But…some of the things I like…are impossible…
Yuzuki: They are possible here…it’s why I chose this particular Bonyu Karabu and Yuna is going to help!
Yuna: Come to room please! Everything ready!
Picture 9:
Gregory: Wow, this room is a…
Yuzuki: …nursery…yes it is…can you understand now why I want to experience your fantasy…if you’re going to dream about being breastfed and about becoming a baby…I want to experience what it is like to take care of a baby…I want you to think of me as both your wife…and mommy…
Picture 10:
Yuna: Drink this both please, taste good!
Gregory: Wait, why are you drinking too?
Yuzuki: You’ll see, cheers!
Picture 11:
Gregory: Uggh…that was horrible…Whoa, everything looks…fuzzy…Yuzuki…
Yuzuki: Wow, this works fast! You’re getting so small!
Picture 12:
Yuzuki: Mmmmm…I can feel them growing…
Gregory: Yuzuki…Yuna… you both look bigger…
Yuzuki: Well, that’s because you’ve gotten smaller and cuter! But you’re still shrinking so you’re not done yet, little akachan!
Picture 13:
Gregory: Wha akachan mean?
Yuzuki: It’s Japanese for baby…and you’re going to be one soon! You see I don’t actually know much about caring for babies, but after Yuna has me practice on you I know I’ll be ready!
Picture 14:
Yuna: Akachan ready!
Gregory: Mah Ba?
Yuzuki: Aw, kawaii!! He is so cute, I could just pinch his little cheeks! Can you still understand me Gregie?

Picture 15:
Yuzuki: Aw, you nodded your head! It’s so adorable, can you say mama?
Gregory: Mama Mama!!
Yuzuki: You’re still you! Aw, you’re so sweet, let Mama pick you up!
Picture 16:
Yuna: Wrong way pick up!
Yuzuki: Huh?
Gregory: Gah?
Yuna: If pick up that way, is wrong way! I show right way!
Picture 17:
Yuna: Best way to pick up!
Gregory: Nah Mama…
Yuzuki: Ah, so one hand under his bottom and one hand on his back…now for diaper!
Picture 18:
Gregory: Wahhhh!!!
Yuzuki: He didn’t seem to enjoy being diapered by you at all…
Yuna: He just cry, not done demonstrate! Show how breastfeed!
Picture 19:
Gregory: Waaaaahhhh!!!
Yuna: Now lower bra an—
Yuzuki: Stop it! Can’t you see he doesn’t want your tits?!
Picture 20:
Yuzuki: Come to Mommy my baby, I’ll make it all better…
Yuna: What you do?!
Picture 21:
Yuzuki: There we go, while I’ve never changed a diaper before, I saw the way that you did it and I could tell it was incorrect.
Gregory: Mama gah!
Yuzuki: That’s right I am your Mama now and I’m going to take care of you the right way and not let this hussy touch you again!
Picture 22:
Yuzuki: Much better baby, I believe your diaper is facing the right way now! It’s funny…you always like to ogle other ladies but I’m the only one you want to ever do anything with…you really are loyal…So…since my tits feel really full…may I reward your faithfulness my little prince?
Gregory: Ba ba!
Yuzuki: Okay, open wide little one!
Picture 23:
Yuna: Why be so gentle? All men want me be mean and all men deserve be mean to!
Yuzuki: That’s because he’s different from other men…and babies…
Gregory: (suckle)
Picture 24:
Yuna: Most men when baby want me spank them…most men want me mean to them when back to normal…most men suck more woman’s boobs when finish with mine…most men like my man…leave you when baby dies…Most men make me MAD!!
Yuzuki: That’s horrible, I know my Gregie would never do that! Even though he is shy and has difficulty telling me things, he is gentle…he is the most gentle man I’ve ever met! Even now as a baby, my nipple doesn’t hurt as he suckles… he’s so nice…
Gregory: (suckle)
Picture 25:
Yuna: You have good man…good baby…hope you enjoy him for 3 days!
Yuzuki: Wait three days? I thought this was just for the night?
Yuna: You got deluxe set! Usually medium set 1-2 hours! That why deluxe include three day hotel room! Also there option of having him be true baby! He grow up again, forget everything, you be true mother!
Picture 26:
Yuzuki: Hmm, well that’s what I get for just skimming over the details! Well, let me unlatch you real fast…
Gregory: Gah ba?
Yuzuki: I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, and I can tell that you’re really liking me as your mother! But would you want me to really be your mother? Like full time? I would already have the perfect gentle baby who would become the perfect gentleman but you would lose me as a wife…So do you want to be hubby or baby?
Picture 27:
Yuzuki: I’ll take that head nodding as a yes…I know now that you love me too much to lose me as a wife!
Yuna: So should I end deluxe set?
Yuzuki: Will he immediately turn back to normal?
Yuna: No, he grow back up in three days!
Picture 28:
Gregory: Ba gah?!
Yuzuki: Well, then I might as make get as much use out of him being a baby as possible! Although, I’m wondering can I add any additional people to the deluxe set?
Yuna: Yes why?
Gregory: (giggles)
Picture 29:
Yuna: Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!
Yuzuki: Now Yuna, be a good baby for mommy and let me bathe you! I thought she’d like a bath as much as you did!
Gregory: I awways wike baff! Mahbee Wuma beebee no wike baff!
Yuzuki: That’s true, she’s a different baby from you! And even though you’re still a baby, your speech is getting better! The receptionist said that you’ll grow back to normal overnight on the third day and until then we get to stay in this deluxe suite with most adorable crib for both of you!
Picture 30:
Gregory: Wuma noisy beebee buh see cute! Wan me hewp?
Yuzuki: You’re silly, you can’t really help me take care of her at your current age! I’m changing both of your diapers as we speak! Just enjoy being a baby and let Mommy take care of both of you!
Gregory: Otay Mama…
Picture 31:
Yuzuki: After everything that happened, I felt bad for her…she’s had such a rough life and the receptionist said that she had no family either. She looked happy when she took the potion… since we used the super deluxe potion she won’t remember her former life, we’ll be her family…she did say that she wanted to go to America…and I know you’ll be a great father to her…
Gregory: Yu weewee fink toe?
Yuzuki: Of course! Well, once you grow up again! Oh and there was one last part of the package, it said there is a professional photo op included and I have just the thing I want to do to remember you both as babies!
Picture 32:
(Picture is seen with Yuna and Gregory as infants suckling from Yuzuki’s breasts. She beams down at them maternally and has this written on the photo. “Hello Yuna, this is our first family photo taken during our honeymoon. When you get old enough, both me and your father will tell you who the other baby is in the picture. It’s kind of a weird story but it might make you laugh, but just know that me and your father love you very much and are so happy to have you in our life. With Love, Your Mom and Dad!”)
Yuzuki (voice): Let’s hide this until she is older, we don’t want her to see how cute you were!
Gregory: (voice) Stop it honey, we don’t want to wake her up and besides you’re embarrassing me!
Yuzuki: (voice) Well, you didn’t seem to mind breasfeeding during the photo shoot, in fact I’d say you enjoyed your Akachan Experience![/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Anime Town Anthology: My Little Cynthia

By ARWander1600
Anime Town Chan: Konnichwa and welcome back to Anime Town, my name is Anime Chan and I’m here to tell you about this wondrous place. Anime Town is a small section of the sprawling downtown Tokyo dedicated to all things otaku. Here locals and tourist alike can escape the stress of life and enjoy their love of nerd culture from the past and present. However, unwary travelers beware, all of the shops, items and entertainment, especially in the back alleys, are meant to either bring back memories of childhood or to create a powerful nurturing instinct. We now follow Cynthia and Himari, one of them wishes to find a familiar pleasurable thrill, but what will it take for both of them to experience something new.

Picture 1:
Cynthia: Wow Himari, I’ve got to say this love hotel’s lobby is amazing! I’ve been all over Anime Town and seeing all the hentai shops made me really want to meet some sexy Japanese ladies on Tempter!
Himari: Well Cynthia, I’ve been on the site for a while but I’ve never been with an American woman! So how is my English?
Picture 2:
Cynthia: I’m actually very impressed with your English!
Himari: Subarashidesu! So what kind of room do you want to get for our “session”?
Cynthia: Whatever one you’d like cutie! I’m paying!
Picture 3:
Himari: What do you mean by cutie?
Cynthia: Well, I’ve been with ladies all over the world but I’ve never been with someone as well, “cute” as you! I mean your profile says your 22 but you look like you’re in middle school, are you sure you’re not under aged?
Picture 4:
Himari: No, I’m actually 23 and it’s okay, I’ve just never “blossomed” like you… women like you are so lucky, you’re tall, sexy and have huge…oppai…
Cynthia: Oh I’m so sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to make fun of you… and what does oppai mean?
Himari: …it means breasts…

Picture 5:
Cynthia: Well, don’t worry I’ve got more than enough “oppai” for the two of us!
Himari: Nenrei kaiki-shitsu o kashite mo yoroshīdesu ka? Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

Front Desk: Watashi wa anata no heya o sugu ni junbi shimasu.

Cynthia: So what kind of room did you choose for us?

Himari: A room very familiar to me but new to you…

Picture 6:

Cynthia: Wait this looks like…an oversized nursery!

Picture 7:

Cynthia: I thought you didn’t like being called cute… let alone have all this baby stuff!

Himari: Well…I actually do… because I’m so small I sometimes pretend to be a little girl…sometimes even a baby…

Cynthia: Aw, I bet you must look adorable wearing all of those…especially the diapers!

Picture 8:

Himari: Well…I do like them a lot but…

Cynthia: Do you want to play house? I’m so much taller than you, with all of these cute clothes I could be the sexy mommy and you could be my adult baby girl!

Himari: I’ve done that before, with other ladies… I want to try something…different…

Picture 9:

Cynthia: Well, you’ve never done that with me, I’ll make it feel really different! We could pretend you’re my baby girl…I could hold you in my arms…I bet your lips would feel so good wrapped around my nipple…

Himari: Mmm, that sounds wonderful…but I wouldn’t mind seeing you in just your underwear first…

Cynthia: Alright so tell me…

Picture 10:

Cynthia: What do you think?!

Picture 11:

Cynthia: Do you like my big boobies and I bet my ass would be more than a handful for you! I bet you want to see more, don’t cha?!

Himari: You are quite stunning but…could you lie on the bed for me?

Cynthia: Seductively?

Himari: Sure!

Picture 12:

Cynthia: Why are you taking your time, any other girl would be trying to make out with me by now!
Himari: You’ll know soon enough, please just sit on the bed for now…

Picture 13:
Cynthia: Like this? Don’t you just want to spank my big ass?!
Himari: Yes, exactly like that! Although, your ass won’t be big for long…

Picture 14:
Cynthia: Wait—why can’t I move?!
Himari: Don’t worry sweetie… I just need to adjust the bed…
Picture 15:
Cynthia: So is this like an electric BDSM bed? If so you’re kinkier than I thought!
Himari: No, but this bed does control everything in this room and can even change a person depending on the theme of the room…
Cynthia: Ah, so you want to be in control! So do you want me to wear a collar or maybe you want me to be the adult baby, hmm?!
Picture 16:
Himari: Well, I wouldn’t say adult baby…
Cynthia: What does that mean?
Himari: You’ll see…
Picture 17:
Cynthia: Whoa…I just felt a tingle up my spine!
Himari: Well that’s because I just switched the settings, so how do you feel?
Picture 18:
Cynthia: I feel great, like a weight’s been lifted off my chest!
Himari: That’s good to hear, little Cynthia…
Cynthia: Umm… Himari…

Picture 19:
Cynthia: Is it just me or do you look bigger?
Himari: Well, I wouldn’t really say bigger…
Picture 20:
Cynthia: What do you mean by that?
Himari: Well that’s because you’re getting smaller…to be more exact…
Picture 21:
Himari: You’re becoming younger…
Cynthia: Really th—this bed can do that!?
Picture 22:
Himari: There are a lot of new features that Japanese beds and products can do that American beds cannot do.
Cynthia: Well, I’ve never heard of a bed that can change people’s ages!
Himari: That’s because this one is the first of its kind! The Bela Bed will allow any kind of sexual fantasy to happen that always been impossible to do! Everything from injecting temporarily injecting animal DNA in a guest’s skin turning them into true “furries”, to completely creating a guests perfect body so they can be bimbofied or even making people younger!
Picture 23:
Cynthia: That’s Crazy! So is this temporary?!
Himari: Yes it is sweetie… You see I haven’t told you everything about myself. I’m at student at Tokyo University and I noticed a rise in Love Hotels and fetish bars all throughout Japan, especially in Anime Town. I realized that just like me so many people in Japan and throughout the world wish they could make their fantasies come true. However they are not able to due to having very busy careers and living in reality.
Picture 24:
Cynthia: So you made a bed? And are my boobs gone now, I haven’t been able to move!
Himari: Yes your breasts are gone now and it’s more than just a bed, when you get young enough the Bela Bed transforms…into a crib!
Cynthia: …I’m turning into a–
Picture 25:
Himari: –a baby? Yes you are! But due to all of my trials on animals and some volunteers at my school, this is just temporary!
Cynthia: First you say that you like being an adult baby and then you want to turn me into a baby…I’m so confused… what do you want?!
Picture 26:
Himari: While I like being an adult baby nobody that I met in fetish clubs would let me try to do what I really wanted to do because of how I look…
Cynthia: So what do you want to do?
Himari: I want to feel what it’s like to be a mother…even if it’s temporary…
Picture 27:
Himari: Even though, I made this bed have a lot of other functions to be able to be used with a variety of fetishes for the Love Hotels in Anime Town… I really just wanted to experience being a mommy…
Cynthia: Okay…so then so how old am I now?
Himari: …Seven at the most…but now that I’ve made you this young I feel terrible…unlike the volunteers at the school, who the teachers all took care of… I didn’t ask your permission to turn you into a child, even if it is only for a few hours…so if you want me to turn you back now and never see me again…I would understand…
Picture 28:
Cynthia: …well, I’m already this young…I met with you because I wanted to try something new…so you know what, yeah make me a baby! I bet I’ll make those diapers look good!
Himari: Aw, of course you will, little Cynthia…thank you…you don’t know how happy you’ve just made me!
Cynthia: You’re welcome Himari or should I say Mommy?
Picture 29:
Himari: Aw, I can’t believe you called me Mommy! You’re getting so cute!
Cynthia: Hah old am me now? Eh tee bars comin up!
Himari: I would say four…and I put in a special change for myself that should start in…
Picture 30:
Himari: 3!
Picture 31:
Himari: 2!
Picture 32:
Himari: 1! So how do I look now? Do I look like I’m in middle school anymore?
Cynthia: Yu wook toe pwetty, Hemahwe!
Himari: Aw thank you akachan, you’re so kawaii my little Cynthia!
Cynthia: Do dat meme beebee? Am me beebee?
Picture 33:
Himari: It does mean baby and you almost are one now! You’re about 2 years old now, so you’re a little toddler! But you’re definitely young enough for me to hold you! Would you like Mommy to pick you up akachan?
Cynthia: Uppie Mommy! Yu weewee tawl!
Picture 34:
Himari: Yes I am I, I’ve never been this tall in my life…I must be 6 feet tall… And Mommy needs to get your cute little bum in a diaper before you have any accidents!
Cynthia: Otay Mommy!
Himari: Okay baby girl, let me set you down…
Picture 35:
Himari: Aw, you’re such a good girl for Mommy! We’re almost done…
Cynthia: Yay! I cwean me good! I fink eh will wike diapees!
Himari: Aw, thank you akachan…you’re so precious!
Picture 36:
Himari: There we go! So what do you want to do now, I’ve got so many toys you can play with!
Cynthia: Me wan oppai!
Picture 37:
Himari: Aw, you remembered! I should have known, you liked yours so much as an adult and I completely forgot to give myself new boobs in the transformation!
Cynthia: Boobies peas! I hungwy!
Picture 38:
Himari: Okay little Cynthia, my Akachan…let’s see if the bed can give me bigger oppai for you! Let me set oppai dial up to 9…
Picture 39:
Himari: Mmmm…there we go…look at how big Mommy’s oppai are…do they look delicious?
Cynthia: Goo baa gaa gee!
Himari: Oh and look at that, the machine made you even younger! You must be around 7 months old…the perfect age for breastfeeding! Let me just get you adjusted in my arms…
Picture 40:
Cynthia: (suckle)
Himari: Wow you must really like my Mommy’s milk, you’re not letting go of my breast!
Picture 41:
Himari: Aw, you’re starting to look sleepy…I’ll rock you back and forth… and then I’ll bring you back to your crib…
Picture 42:
Himari: There you go little one…thank you for helping me experience being a mother…it was truly amazing…but now I should turn you back…
Picture 43:
Himari: …Hmm…something seems to be wrong with the bed…maybe if I just recalibrate the—
Picture 44:
Himari: Chikuho!! The bed exploded! Cynthia…Cynthia, where are you?! Wait…I feel…kicking…in my belly…
Picture 45:
Himari: I…I can’t believe it… I’m really a mommy now and it’s all because of you Cynthia! Yatta! I’m sorry that the Bela Bed malfunctioned…looks like I still have some modifications to work out before I can sell them to the Love Hotel’s in Anime Town…but at least now I get to re-raise such a cute baby girl! I know you won’t look anything like me when I give birth to you but you’ll be mine…my baby…my little Cynthia…