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Caption to Comic

I never really was a fan of captions. I always find it odd and lame, they just looked odd in the ARArchive’s gallery between all the great art made by Dreamtales and  Bojoy. It was a long time ago and in the past year, I found my joy in it. Probably since the AI art opened up new possibilities to create various pictures that could work as a caption. Or the fact that I have too many ideas that sometimes it’s just easier to write them down next to a sexy picture. 😀

Well, Titties was the only one I shared here on AA and since there was a request to make it in a comic form I decided to try it. I don’t think it brings the same “feeling” as the caption but it ended up as a nice try. 🙂

So now you can find Titties both in a caption form and as a comic in the Gallery!


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