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Bela04’s “Gina”


It’s Thursday, and it’s time for another dose of double updates!

Bela04 is back with another five page vignette which tells the story of a little sister who doesn’t want to be little any more, and an older brother naive enough to help her. “Gina” really has some great visuals from Bela04, with the last image being a complete knockout! We are also at the halfway point of “The AgeArts App”, and I’m sorry to say that we’ve had some difficulties with Lilly’s most recent update. The visual journal simply ends, and on quite the cliffhanger. I hope that all is well with Lilly, but I’m sure she’ll be back tomorrow with another update. I should also warn you that her inhibitions seem to be gone, as she has no problem showing off all the ways her body has changed…


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