Bela04’s “Emotions”


On this beautiful Saturday we’re pleased to bring you updates that number in the… Well, there’s two. There’s two updates today.

Bela04 is up first with a little vignette called “Emotions” that has a little girl trying to make sure her older crush know how she feels. It’s a nice little four pager that can be found in Bela04’s Gallery. Then we have a brand new “The AgeArts App” update from Lilly which can be found in TGTrinity’s Gallery. Lilly seems to be pretty angry today, so it looks like fans of muscular transformations are finally going to get their wish. Then again, she does show a softer side in the end… And I mean that she shows everything…

Tomorrow will see the publication of Bela04’s newest long-form work, a thirty one page comic titled “The Attic” that I think is really great. We also wanted to thank everyone who has been visiting the site and leaving their comments. It really means a lot to those of us who put in a lot of time to provide free updates like this, so thank you!


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