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Bela04’s “A Favor”

page_1Today we bring you a lovely little comic by Bela04 entitled “A Favor” . It tells of the lengths a sister will go to make her younger brother happy, and how a little sister is roped in to help. It comes in at 28 pages, with a great age swap sequence in the middle. “A Favor”  is up now in Bela04’s Gallery, so head over there and let him know what you think!

Today also marks the beginning of a long awaited holiday for Bela04, which leaves you saddled with me: TGTrinity. Bela04 has prepared a lot of content, and we’re hoping to literally bombard you with new content over the next month. Bela04 will still be available by email for those with any purchasing issues, but I’ll be running the day to day of the site.

Let the shenanigans begin!



  1. ahh there are 23 pages. are there more or was that a typo?

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