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Before School Program

Another story from the great ARWander! Soon we are arriving to the last tale and the vote will begin! 

Before School Program
By ARWander1600 aka ARColt67

Picture 1: (Classroom, the bell has just rung and the last few students have left the class for the day.)

Picture 2: (The classroom is now empty with the exception of two people. One is a teacher in the front of the classroom in his 40’s with glasses and blonde hair. He is wearing a white button up shirt, vest and black slacks. The other is a young woman with black hair, multiple piercings and wearing all black and red gothic clothing. She looks at the teacher, her eyes showing a lack of interest, as she remains cross-legged in the desk.)
Teacher: Thank you very much Francine for staying after school with me, I need to discuss your graduation.

Picture 3: (Francine rolls her eyes and cocks her neck back, he mouth making a smug half grin as she replies.)
Francine: Yeah, Teach… I know I’m not graduating this year, just like I didn’t graduate last year! I mean, I’m 19, I’m too old to be in high school and I don’t wanna go to college so I think I’m just gonna drop out!
Teacher: My name is not Teach, its Mr. James Frederiksen, but since you have never called me Mr. Fredrickson, just call me James. I want to ask you a serious question, I know that your father left you and your mother when you were two and your mother works three jobs to take care of you… do you have any goals that you wish to pursue? Do you want to at least try to make your mother proud and at least graduate with a C in all of your classes? I mean, you have a month in a half, I have talked with your other teachers and they will pass you if you just put in the work for these final weeks!

Picture 4: (Francine gets out of her chair and walks over to James, her blue eyes filled with anger and tears.)
Francine: What do you mean “make my mother proud” that bitch hasn’t been a mother to me in years! In fact the reason why she has her “three jobs” is to drink and party as much as she can! I have been more of a mother to her lately, she comes home drunk at least once a week and I have to bring her to her bed and make sure she doesn’t have a hangover the next day! So James, I have nobody to make “proud” and don’t see why I need to do all this hard work if I don’t have any goals I want to accomplish…

Picture 5-6: (In response to this James holds his hands out and embraces Francine, her eyes widen and suddenly she begins to relax with him holding on to her. His hands begin to glow causing blue energy to appear around Francine.)
James: Francine, I know you think that nobody cares about you but you need to know that is not true. You do have people who care about you but because of everything that has happened to you and what your parents have put you through, you have lost sight of that. So, maybe you’re right you are not ready to graduate this year, but maybe with my help, I am confident that you will be ready one day.

Picture 7: (James slowly lets go of Francine and while grinning takes a step back. Francine smiles as she starts to shrink, she starts to look like she is in middle school as her black and red dress and tights start to become baggy.)
Francine: What’s happening to me now… I feel tingly…but I like it… I feel warm inside… it seems almost familiar…
James: Well Francine, using some of my magic, I have given you the physical energy of love, and not just any love, I have given you paternal love… the love of a parent to a child… Oh, Mrs. Barbara Watson, what a pleasure seeing you here!

Picture 8: (Barbara walks into the room, she is in her 40’s with brown hair a plaid miniskirt and a white button up blouse. She smiles as she looks at Francine, who grows even younger, becoming an elementary school student.)
Barbara: Oh, James I’m so happy that it’s working on her!
James: I know, the last person we tried this with it didn’t work because we were too late! Anthony had already gone down the wrong path and had already dropped out of school, but we got her right before it was too late! So the spell is working as you can see!
Francine: Miss Watson, what’s going on and why do I feel so warm inside?

Picture 9: (Both James and Barbara beamed down at Francine as she looked like she was going into the second grade. Her tights had fallen down and her dress looked like a tent on her, despite all that was happening Francine felt relaxed around both of the teachers before her.)
Barbara: Well, I heard a little bit of what James had said before I walked in and it’s exactly as it sounds, he gave you the gift of paternal love and it’s changing you!
James: Barbara’s correct, you see we are an ancient witch and wizard who were born in medieval times, and we found out that we could extend our lives indefinitely by using the ancient magic of mentors and parenthood. You see, as long as we remain teachers of students and give at least one troubled youth a proper upbringing every 80 years we are able to live indefinitely. So when we saw you, we knew that you could potentially be someone whom we could re-raise!

Picture 10: (Francine smiled as she shrunk more, she looked to be five and starting preschool. Her long hair had shortened and her cheeks became chubby and cute. )
Francine: So will you be my new Mommy and Daddy?
James: Yes little Francine, Our magic is changing everything slightly, I’m going to be your new Daddy and Mrs. Watson will be your new Mommy! Your old Mother who drank so much and did not pay attention to you, she will eventually forget about you. And your father was not a father to you at all, but don’t worry we will always be there for you! Oh, I think the change for us is starting again!
Barbara: Fantastic, I was starting to feel a little bit old!
James: But you don’t look a day over 600!
Barbara: Oh James, you know just what to say to cheer me up!

Picture 11: (Within a matter of seconds, both James and Barbara physically become 20 years younger. Barbara’s brown hair becomes long a wavy with lots of volume and James’s hair, which had been thinning becomes fuller, now fully covering his hair. Both James and Barbara also experience a change in their bodies, Barbara’s breasts become two cup sizes larger while her butt tightens and James becomes more muscular filling out the shirt he wore.)
Barbara: Wow, you look amazing honey!
James: Not as good as you! But now we need to take care of our new little daughter.

Picture 12: (Francine now three, holds up her dress which does not fit her anymore. She shyly gazes at both of them unsure if it she is looking at James and Barbara.)
Francine: Ah yuuu still mia new mommy an daddy?
James: Yes we are and we love you very much!
Francine: Yay! I wuv yuu tooo!
James: Well, I think we should get her some more appropriate clothing.
Barbara: I agree! I think she’ll like this dress!

Picture 13: (James bends over and picks up the now naked two year old Francine and brings her to the desk which suddenly transforms into a changing table complete with diapers and a little yellow dress.)
Francine: Dada wuvs me!
James: Yes I do pumpkin and I always will! Daddy will always support you in anything you want to accomplish but I will make sure you finish school this time!
Francine: Skool be goo dis time?
James: Yes I will make sure of it, also since your new Mommy said that her music class was the only class you were passing, maybe we can start you early with music! Would you like that sweetie?
Francine: Yay! Me wuv sing! La la la!!

Picture 14-15: (He proceeds to lift up her legs, apply baby powder on her bum and slides a diaper beneath her cute bottom, he then tapes the sides as she becomes a year old. He slides the dress over her head, James smiles at the incredibly adorable baby girl before him and she smiles and giggles back.)
James: There we go princess, you are just the cutest little girl ever!
Francine: Fank yuu dada, buh me hungy!

Picture 16: (Barbara smiles and then lifts Francine into her arms and sits down in a rocking chair which materialized as she sat down. She proceeds to unbutton her blouse whilst cradling baby Francine in her arms.)
Barbara: Don’t worry baby girl, Mommy’s got more than enough milk in her boobies for you!

Picture 17: (Barbara takes her massive breast out of her bra and guides her nipple to Francine’s mouth. Francine takes the nipple and begins to suckle the sweet nectar from her new mother’s breast, whilst kicking her legs in excitement.)
Barbara: My, what a hungry little baby you are!

Picture 18: (Francine quickly falls asleep while suckling from Barbara’s engorged breast. She smiles as she plucks Francine’s lips from her nipple and rocks her back and forth in her arms. James walks towards Barbara and places his hand on her shoulder.)
Barbara: She is such a beautiful baby.
James: I know and this time she will have a good life with a good mother and father to take care of her and guide her.
Barbara: I’m happy that because of the milk she won’t remember anything of her former life, I was kind of a difficult teacher.
James: I know but when we teach her, her entire life, she will not turn out the same way she was before. None of our children have and that’s because you’re a great mother.
Barbara: No, that’s because you are such a loving and encouraging father.

Picture 19: (A wooden picture frame is seen with James and Barbara holding baby Francine. They beam down at Francine as she giggles, picture of innocence and hope.)
The End


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