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Back again, Verification of your Profile!

Hello there!

I’m back from my “holiday”! While I was away I got many emails about the registrations. Still, the system is new and not fully working, having trouble making it work with the Captcha and everything since bots found us again! So far I tried many solutions but all I was managed to do – with the response from your end – that you couldn’t register properly while the bots still flow in.

So I’ve got to use a hand-made method for now. PLEASE ask for VERIFICATION of your ACCOUNT when you finished the registration! I’m gonna put this on the registration form as well. This is critical so your account won’t be deleted! Many fake registrations arrive from bots and computers that use fake email addresses.
PLEASE use a normal email address like yahoo Gmail etc. and don’t use any 1secmail or spam mail system! I’m going to delete accounts with fake names or fake emails instantly! If you want to make sure that I won’t delete you by a mistake, please use the ACCOUNT  VERIFICATION under your profile! With that, I’m sure that you’re a human!



    • bela04

      If I want to be honest with myself, hard work is something that I still need to improve :’D But thank you for your kindness! 🙂

  1. PhoenixZS96

    I like the comic as well as the update to the site but I noticed that a few comics are missing from the gallery. Are there plans to bring them back or are they gone for good? Just asking.

    • bela04

      I uploaded most of my comics to the new site! There might be some missing which I don’t have anymore! Some were deleted since I thought they were too old to represent the site or I never was fully satisfied with it! But if you name the ones you miss, I can look into it! 🙂

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