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It has been some time since I have been on DA and while I have written a few stories I had never published any. Thus since my friend Areg said that although he does not like graphic descriptions, he did like this story. I hope that you all like it as well and that maybe someone could potentially make artwork of it!

Warning, This story contains strong sexual content, blowjobs, age regression, diapers, lactation, breastfeeding, transformation elements and unbirthing. You have be warned!


Emily beamed with joy as she walked out of the video game store, she had just bought the last copy of Immortal Battles the 9th installment in the infamous fighting game series. Today was her boyfriend Jim’s birthday and she could not wait to play it with him and then since she had a new sexy cosplay, he could “finish him” later. Emily and Jim were both huge gamers and while Emily preferred playing mostly RPGs and Real Time Strategy games she loved the thrill of playing fighting games with Jim.

Even though Emily loved the wonderfully written stories of her games she also loved playing fighting games with Jim, because they were both horrible at actually fighting and thus they never knew who would win each round. They both randomly massed buttons until something happened which would often end in either amazing accidental combos or spontaneous finishing moves. They also found it hilarious to hear the voice acting in many fighting games and always joked that they could do it better. Despite the closeness they had in playing games and hanging out with each other, there was one thing that Emily was not happy with, their thoughts of their futures.

Emily, although an avid gamer wanted very much to have a family, she wanted to have the perfect nerdy family. She wanted to be able to have a family that could go to comic and anime conventions and cosplay together. She wanted to be able to dress up a little baby of her own as her favorite anime or video game characters and show them off to other cosplayers. She loved cosplaying and the way that certain character outfits made her feel sexy especially when she wore things that showed off her long brunette hair, her D cup cleavage and round firm booty. She also enjoyed it because she had won many costume contests and it had become quite lucrative for her. Jim highly enjoyed fabricating elaborate cosplays and performing with Emily too but he did not feel the same way about starting a cosplay family.

While Jim loved being intimate with Emily he did not see himself as a father. They would sometimes even have sex whilst in their cosplays but whenever Emily brought up the fact that she wanted a baby and wanted to be married, Jim would always change the subject. He would tell her that he did not feel like he was ready to be a father, she however thought that he had never really grown up enough to be a father and despite his masculine broad shoulders and trim physic she secretly thought he was very childish. This did not matter though because today was his birthday and she wanted to make him happy and play the new game she bought him.

As she walked from the mall entrance to her car she began to read the back of the box. It stated the usual information of high character rosters and finishing moves but it also said that the game had a new feature know as “Fantasy Fulfilled”. It stated that “This new experimental feature makes it so that the winner of three straight rounds will have fantasies brought to life through the use of new finishing one of a kind finishing moves.” This intrigued her immensely, she wanted to open the box to find out more but did not want to ruin Jim’s gift. Thus she pulled out her phone and typed in the name of the Fantasy Fulfilled feature of Immortal Battles 9. To her surprise she could not find anything, no articles or advertisements for the feature, ‘Maybe its a misprint’ she thought to herself. She reached her car and got in with the game in her hands, as she drove off she continued to think about what the box meant by “Fantasy Fulfilled”.

She arrived at Jim’s apartment, because it was Jim’s birthday both of them had requested and had approved the weekend off which was good because they both wanted to see each other and also finish the game with all the characters by the time the weekend was over. She got out of her car with the game in her hands and Jim came out of the house to greet her, “Hi Emily Chan!” Jim said with a smile. “Happy Birthday Slim Jim!” Emily said as she ran up to Jim to embrace him and give him a long passionate kiss on the lips. She always loved getting kissed by Jim, he gave by far the best kisses she had ever had, that was one thing she could never get enough of. She giggled as Jim began to rub her butt, “I see someone who wants to unwrap his birthday present!” She said as they both walked inside of the apartment. They went inside and started passionately kissing each other and caressing each other though their t-shirts and jeans. Suddenly Jim reached under Emily’s shirt and slowly began to rub him fingers in a circle around her navel. He then lifted his hand up higher and gently cupped Emily’s D cup bra and began to stroke her silky smooth bra. This caused Emily to turn red but also made her remember her cosplay which was probably upstairs. She had made an exact cosplay of Mai Shiranui from the game SNK, she sent it to Jim and told him that it was her main birthday surprise for him. Emily caught her breathe and then gently guided his hand away from her tummy. “Jim wait right her I have to get your birthday present.” She smiled and clutched her breast through her My Little Pony t-shirt and then headed upstairs.

As she headed upstairs to change into something more “revealing” Jim waited patently downstairs. However, as minutes passed it was clear that because she wanted to look her absolute sexiest for Jim, it was going to take a while. He waited for her for what seemed like hours and in fact it had been over 30 minutes and she still had not come down. Emily knew it was taking a while but she wanted everything to be perfect, even though she saw that the box had been opened prior to her getting to his apartment. ‘I should have just brought it with me’ she said as she put on the cosplay, ‘He knows what the cosplay is now!’I wish it was actually a real gift for him, I mean I know he will like it but I wanted it to completely be a surprise he did not expect.’ She continued to put on the last pieces of her cosplay upstairs while Jim was waiting below.

Jim looked around for something to do while he waited, he saw that a bag was on the ground with what looked like a video game inside of it. He opened it and his face formed a grin so big it actually pushed up his thick glasses (Emily had a thing for guys with glasses). It was the Immortal Battles game he had wanted so badly, she must of gotten it today! He could not wait to play it with her. “Emily! I know its supposed to be a surprise but you were taking so long and I looked in the bag, thank you so much! Do you want to play it?!” Emily heard what Jim had said and became somewhat disappointed, “Aww Jim I wanted to save that for later…” She said looking at her barley covered frame, the silky red and white clothe loosely covered her D cup boobs. The clothe tightly wrapped around her thin frame and the long but narrow almost dress-like front of her garment scarcely covered her red g-string which made her ass stick out and jiggle with each step. The part of the cosplay that had taken her so long to do was the extended swoop on her long hair that seemed to defy gravity, she had to use all the hair gel in the box to make the hair stick up right. Emily frowned as she looked at the cosplay she had put together, feeling sexy but now she did not want to show it to him, ‘First he opened the box before I got here then he opened up the game before I got to play it with him! He is so impatient’ she thought to herself, ‘he is just like a child!’ Jim shouted back up “I’m so sorry Emily Chan, I have a deal for you, even though its my birthday if you can beat me in this game I will do anything that you want because seeing you smile would be a wonderful birthday present!”

Emily heard this and immediately felt crossed ‘how could he just expect me to want to play after having get all dressed up for nothing, she was about to start taking her skimpy gown off when she saw something white poking out from under his bed. ‘I wonder what this could be,’ Emily thought as she bent over to examine what was under his bed. She grabbed it and pulled out an adult diaper, ‘A diaper what is this doing here?’ she got on her knees putting her jiggly butt in the air and having her barely covered breasts hang in mid-air while she reached under the bed. She pulled out an extra-large baby bottle, pacifier, more diapers, baby wipes and stuffed toys. Emily giggled as she looked at the baby accessories, most women would have been confused and even wanted to dump their boyfriends if they saw this but Emily just smiled as she continued to pull out more baby toys. ‘Well this explains why he does not want to be a Daddy, he’s just a big baby!’ She then smiled while she cupped her breasts, ‘This also explains why he likes to suck on my boobs so long when we have sex, he must be so hungry!’ Emily looked at all the baby things in front of her, ‘I bet he would love for me to put him in one of these, maybe this could be is present!’ Then an interesting thought came into Emily’s head, while she bit the bottom of her full lip, ‘I know its a long shot but maybe that game actually can make fantasies come true’ but even if it was real, I could make both of our fantasies come true!’ She now had a plan, she was going to turn him into her baby if the game worked and if it did not work she would act out being his mommy upstairs. Either way she would be giving him a present he did not suspect.

Emily headed downstairs and gave her butt a little wiggle when she saw him. “Will you let me win baby?!” Jim smiled as he embraced her in his arms, cupping her boobs through the cloth. “Absolutely, I might try to win one round so that it’s not too one sided!’” Emily smiled, “Okay Jimmy”, she said, she wanted to see how many cute baby things she could call him, maybe it would turn him on just as much as it was with her.

They both walked to the living room which had various video game and anime characters lining the high hanging shelves. Over the last two years that they had been together they had cosplayed as nearly every character which stood up there. Emily looked at all the characters and wondered if there were any of them who had children or had been very caring towards kids throughout the series. Most of the ones that she cosplayed as were either very shy or were extreme examples of sexiness (like the one she was wearing now). Maybe she could be Cattelya from Queens Blade, she had a massive six foot tall sword but she also had a small son that she would do anything for. If anything, if it did work at all and was not just a misprint maybe she could create her own original cosplay to take him to cons with emphasizing that she would be him mother. A flash of light illuminated the living room more as Jim turned on the TV and started up the game consul. Both of them grabbed the wireless controllers placed on top of the TV and sat next to each other on the couch, her big as squishing into the couch. She glanced at Jim who looked intensely at the PS4 startup screen as he began to select the screen for the Immortal Battle title sequence. She could tell that he was really into the games but she wanted to see if he wanted to still have some “fun” before she executed her plan.

Emily wrapped her arms around Jim’s waist and started to seductively rub circles around his chest. “So would you like to have a “warm up round” before we start playing?” Emily began to slowly kiss Jim from his shoulder up to his neck. Jim smiled as she got closer to his lips, he adjusted himself and began to kiss her on the lips. If the game ad was true which she still did not know if it was, this would be her last chance to really get some major action out of Jim before she played the game and who knows what would happen then, maybe nothing at all but she wanted his touch. Jim smiled as he continued to taste the inside of Emily’s mouth, “I think that we finish one full round I want to cosplay as well, your choice, what would you like me to be?” ‘Crap’ Emily thought, ‘he still is not giving up the game for me, he is really just like a…’ “Baby!” Jim tilted his head a little, “What?” Emily then realized what she said and then quickly thought of a character “Um, Baby from DBZ because he has those awesome hawt tights, you know how much I like you in tight!” Emily puffed as she began to grope the bulge that had formed in his pants. “Hmm, I have not been him in a while, it bet it will be good to give you another Cumehumeah!!” Emily giggled, ‘he still has that cheesy humor I love’ “Okay my Super Saiyan, after we are done with this round” she clutched her ample breast with one arm and made circles on the top of her cleavage, “I’ll make sure my little Jimmy will get a better look at these.”

They both smiled as the game title sequence came on, of course the usual video of flashy animation and fighting from all the different characters and bosses showed on the screen. While Jim looked in awe at the high-def graphics and digital audio, Emily kept waiting for the title sequence to see if there was a new mode. As the intro video ended with a long haired man kneeing another fighter in the face knocking his head off in an over-dramatic fashion the title Immortal Battles appeared on the screen. Both Emily and Jim had big smiles on their faces, “How about since I opened up this game so early and I did not get to fully enjoy your awesome sexy cosplay, I think you should be the 1st player!” “Thank you Jim Jim!” Emily was very happy that Jim had given her the controller she wanted to see what this new mode was. She pressed the down analog stick to see the different modes and of course Adventure, VS, Time Battle and other modes came up but no Fantasy Fulfilled. She began to feel a little sad, ‘maybe it is not such a good thing to wish what I have been wanting, I mean I do still like him a lot, its just want to have a family so badly…’ Suddenly a new tab popped up reading Fantasy Fulfilled, Emily grinned.

“Hmm that’s weird it just popped out of nowhere” Jim said looking at the spontaneously appearing tab. “I think its the new mode I heard about, I heard that if you can beat someone in like three rounds you can change all the character outfits and even make your own characters!” Emily grinned as she looked at the game mode. It was real, she just wanted now to see it work. Emily giggled as she scooted even closer to Jim “So you wanna play Jim Jim?!” Jim smiled as he looked at the new mode in front of him. “I have not even heard of this mode, it must of just come out but I would love to play it with you! Then you can see me in my epic tights!” Emily smiled deviously as she pressed the start button, “Absolutely Baby!”

She started the game and a character select screen came up, she looked through the roaster and the saw the usual big buff men and erotically dressed women who wore little to no armor. She was always confused about that in fighting games, if a woman knew she was going to battle would they not also wear at least some armor? She continued to choose when suddenly a busty woman with a giant sword, armor plating near her boobs, arms and stomach and very short skirt for running fast. ‘I think this one is the best of both worlds’ she thought to herself as she selected the character. ‘It looks like she could be a mom, but a really badass one!’ Emily thought as she compared the busty fighter to herself. It was then Jim’s turn to select, he did not take much time selecting he just chose the biggest most muscle character that was on there, Emily grinned ‘Typical boy, wants to pretend to be something big when he is really so little on the inside.’

“You ready baby?” Emily said in a seductive voice, when Jim heard her voice and what she said it caused him to shiver slightly and have his face start to turn red.“Yes I am Emily Chan!” She giggled as she saw his face grow more crimson with what she said, “Was there something that you liked about what I said baby?” Emily asked in a syrupy tone. Jim recovered and changed the subject, “No its nothing, let’s see what this mode is all about.” Emily smiled, ‘He’s trying to hide the fact that he likes it, so cute!’ she giggled, she once again spoke in a sensual voice, “Okay little my Jimmy!” After this they started the battle and their characters appeared in a large medieval stadium with a castle in the background. Both characters appeared on the screen ready to fight, Jim’s Titan made the first move knocking Emily’s Busty Knight down with his massive hammer. Before he was about to make another move, she quickly got up and sliced his leg with her sword and proceeded to grapple the much larger character. She climbed on top of his shoulders and smashed the hilt of her sword into the Titan’s face and wrapped her thick thigh around his head and snapped his neck with a twist of her hips causing him to keel over and take out a ½ of his health bar. ‘Just a little bit more and I will win this round’ suddenly Jim’s Titan quickly got up and grabbed Emily’s character with one hand and slammed her into the ground taking away more than half of her health bar. The shock dazed her character which was just enough time for the Titan to grab her and give her three bone crushing head butts ending the match.

At the end of the first round Jim was victorious, the stage narrator announced “You Win!” as the Titan paraded across the screen. Emily could not believe it he beat her in the first round but before she was about to say something to Jim, she felt a strange pressure in her chest. Her already big breasts began to swell and expand from a D cup to a borderline F while a few small blue veins became present. She could feel milk filling her boobs and her mostly loose fitting silky red clothes tightened around her new larger bosom. Jim saw this instantaneously got up while his face turned lobster red, his breathing became heavier as he looked at the enlarged tits before him. “Emily what happened to you, you’re bigger!” Emily blushed as she looked at Jim glaring at her breast, “I think it must be the game it must make your secret desires come true!” Jim furred his brow and stared into her eyes, “How do you know so much about this game?” Emily could not lie anymore, she said in a somewhat sad voice,” I saw on the back that this game had a secret mode that said that it brought fantasies to life, I had no idea what it did but I wanted to see it. I wanted to see what I should really do for your birthday.”

Jim looked both confused and exceedingly turned on, he went back to the couch and sat next to Emily, he reached towards Emily’s exposed G-string and gentle lifted up revealing her shaven clit. He began to rub the outside of her pussy causing Emily to become very wet, he than kissed Emily on the mouth rolling his tongue around to taste her. Whilst doing this he then began to rub Emily’s boobs and tickle the perky nipple through the clothe that separated her swollen nub from the outside world. Suddenly due to all the stimulation Emily’s nipple began to leak and form a wet spot around her clothe blouse.

Despite the immense pleasure she was feeling at the moment she broke from Jim’s kisses and spoke with him, “I bet I know why you wanted my breast so much bigger,” Jim smiled and tried to kiss her again, “Because I am a breast man, isn’t bigger breast every guys fantasy?!” Jim grabbed her breast noticing the wet spots that had started to form around her clothe blouse. “Yes but I l know any man who dreams about big boobies while wearing diapers…” Jim instantly stopped grabbing Emily’s breasts and sat next to her in disbelief, “How do you know–” Emily interrupted Jim immediately and began to speak in a seductive almost motherly voice, “I saw upstairs, you have diapers, bottles, baby wipes, baby powder and all sorts of baby toys, so…” She spoke as she raised her heavy milk laden breast, “Would you like me to “nurture you” for the weekend, baby?” He paused and shook while he looked at the sexy matronly figure before him, she was now beautiful to him in a way he could not have imagined before this moment. Jim raised his hands to caress Emily’s face “You would do that for me Emily?,” Emily gently held his hands and kissed his palms, “Absolutely Jimmy.”

Jim grinned as he gazed into Emily’s emerald green eyes, and held out his hand to Emily’s breast, “Emily I’ve never been with a lactating woman, could I have some,” Jim said in a soft voice. Emily giggled as she grabbed a hold of Jim’s hand, she had him right where she wanted him,“Aww does the big baby think I’m his Mommy?!” Jim nodded his head yes and moved his head closer to her chest to snuggle. “Well you’re still an adult and milk is only for widdle babies but if Mommy can beat you in two more rounds, maybe I can really be your Mommy and you can be my precious little bundle of joy! I can cuddle you and put a fresh diaper on your cute little bottom and play with you” She then began to lift her leaking breasts, almost bringing them up to his mouth “And Then I can feed you all the tasty milk you want! Tasty milk all for my baby Jimmy! Would you like that baby?”

Jim nodded his head and then smiled, “Yeah but I am not going to go easy on you Emily, I might win again and then I’ll fuck you while wearing diapers and sucking your titties! Besides I’ve already got one win! You’ll be my Milky Mommy Slut!” Emily grinned as she handed the one of the controllers to Jim, “You won’t have to baby, I won’t mind changing your diapers either way sweetie, but Mommy knows just what to do to make you just the right size! You ready to start? ” Emily said giving Jim a kissy face. Jim nodded his head and took a deep breathe “Mmm-hmm lets do it!” They started up the next round, as the fighters came on screen once more, Emily noticed that the Busty Knight had grown even bustier almost as if it mimicked the user. ‘I wonder if the Titan will turn into a baby when I win?’ Emily thought as she pressed start and the battle began. Just like the last time the Titan got to first hit and knocked the Busty Knight on the ground, even with the promise of being a baby, Jim was not going to make it easy for her but she had a plan. As the Titan went in for another strike Emily started to speak in a sexy maternal voice, “Your Titan may be big now, but I bet he will look so cute when he is wearing a diaper like you!” The Titan temporarily stopped as Jim had a wave of happy endorphins rush throughout his body. The Busty Knight took this opportunity to uppercut the Titan and then do a downward slash knocking the Titan off his feet and giving the Busty Knight a chance to give the Titan a massive stomp. Jim then shook his head, “Its not going to work Emily, You’ll have to do better than that!” Indeed it was working however as the Busty Knight gave the Titan another strike, taking the Titan to ¾ of its original health.

The Titan retaliated with a barrage of fast hammer strikes knocking down the Busty Knight once more, leaving her not only with only half her health bar but open for another attack. Emily had the think fast as her Busty Knight was about to be attacked again, Emily then looked down and saw Jim’s pants and the huge bulge that was sticking up fully erect. ‘Maybe I can excite him just a little bit more’ Emily said as she squeezed her breast causing larger spots of milk to appear, releasing the pressure from her breasts made her moan in ecstasy. ‘This feels so good….” Emily said to herself as she continued to milk her breasts through her silky wet blouse. Jim noticing this accidentally moved his controller in the wrong direction, missing the Busty Knight in an intended attack. “What are you doing?” Jim said as his member swelled more. Emily cupped her now soaking blouse and began to rub his penis through his pants. “Does baby like Mommy’s big milky titties?” As she said this she quickly grabbed the controller and made the Busty Knight do a spinning back kick into the Titans face.

Jim’s face turned red once more as he began to feel himself build towards orgasm. Emily continued to rub Jim’s shlong through his pants, she managed to get another hit on the Titan with her big sword and readied herself to do another grapple attack. Jim’s eyes rolled back as he felt his orgasm nearing, “You’re cheating Emily, you’re not gonna win,” Jim said as he picked up the controller again ready to counter the upcoming grapple. Emily in response, pinched her nipple once more making her hand covered in milk, she then guided her dripping fingers toward Jim’s mouth. “Taste my milk baby,” Jim opened his mouth and began to suckle her finger tip, “Its sweet isn’t it baby!” Jim nodded as he felt himself ready to explode. Emily used this moment to have the Busty Knight slide between the Titans legs and slash his groin, and then stab it in the back. She continued to strategically strike the Titan between teasing Jim with her sexy words. “It will be even better when you’re smaller. Then Mommy can put a diaper on you and she can cradle you in her arms while you drink her sweet milk!” She squeezes her breast once more and gives him more milk from her finger tip, she then has Busty Knight charge up her blade and with a flash of electricity from the weapon gives a near finishing blow to the Titan.

The Titan only has a small amount of health left, Jim begins to whimper as he feels himself about to orgasm. Emily sees this and quickly unzips Jim’s which cause his trouser snake to launch out of his pants as the veins on his quivering member pulsate. Emily bends over and begins to lick the tip of Jim’s penis, “Mommy will take care of this” Emily says as she wraps her lips around his 9 inch cock. She sucks the swollen member and moves her tongue around the cylindrical cock, sliding it down her throat as far as she can. Whilst sucking Jim’s monstrous cock she uses one hand to massage his balls and the other hand to randomly press any button she can. The Busty Knight makes three more strikes and just as she is about to make the finishing strike, Jim yells “Emily, I’m gonna cum!!” Just then Emily feels the cock throb one last time as it shoots its load into her mouth, nearly filling her mouth. Being that Jim eats tons of fruit especially pineapple his cum tasted sweet and she swallowed every last drop of his thick ivory fluids. Being that it was an equally enjoyable experience Emily looks down at her pussy and sees that she too had cum leaving her G-string completely soaked in her sticky juices. She then gave the controller one last button mash causing the Busty Knight to make her finishing strike ending the round, “I win baby!”

Just as before the narrator announces “You Win!” but unlike before when Emily’s breast became nearly watermelon sized she saw a major change in Jim. Jim begins to shrink, his stubble disappears as his facial features become softer. His broad shoulders become narrower and his muscle tone becomes far less defined. His hair also becomes loose, its straightness as curls appear on his head. The pants and shirt that used to fit him tightly loosen and nearly drop and look to almost engulf him. His shrinking stops around age 6 as he glances up at the now giant sized woman in front of him. Emily looks down at the small boy dressed in oversized clothing, ‘He’s so damn cute! I could just snuggle him and cuddle him all day!’

Suddenly Jim’s face begins to scrunch up as tears begin to form around his eyes, he starts bawling as tears roll down his face. Emily feels her maternal instincts racing, as she bends over and begins to stroke the preschooler’s face. “Aww what’s da matter Jimmy wimmy?” Little Jim looked up at Emily and began to cry harder,“Emiwy I thought I was gonna win,” Jim said as tears poured down his cheeks. “And how did you get so big Emily” Jim said looking up at her with his head only coming up to her chest. He blushed as he looked at her tits only slightly covered by her scarlet blouse, it was as if he had never seen them before and at this age he may not have. Emily giggled as she bent over the milk and juices stained couch and lifted Jim and his old clothes which barely covered him in her arms. She brought him closer to her ample bosom and sat in the recliner next to the couch. While this did not make it so that he won the game, it did make him stop crying. “Don’t worry my little Jimmy-wimmy, Mommy will make everything all better.”

Emily cuddled Jim in her arms and cooed in his ear which seemed to calm him down even more she rocked him back and forth in the recliner. She then kissed his forehead and picked up both controllers, “So is my little man ready for round two?” she said with a distinct motherly tone. Jim pouted and crossed his arms, “I don’t wanna lose again, I wanna win!” Emily giggled as she glanced at the small boy in her arms, ‘He is so cute when he is angry, but I can only imagine how cute he will be when he is a baby.’ She then put her hand under her jiggling constricted boobies and began to tease Jim by rubbing her finger on the top of her breast. “Does Jim Jim like Mommy Emily’s big boobies?” He started breathing heavily as he stared at the massive milk filled orbs before him. She then took his hand and began to rub the top of her supple breasts with his fingers and began to rub circles around the top of her soft skin. “They’re soft aren’t they, baby?” Jim nodded as he was entranced by the vanilla mountains before him, he gently rubbed the fatty sweet smelling flesh as Emily ran her fingers through his hair. Emily then grinned as she continued to tease the little boy in her arms, “Does baby know what is inside these big boobies, delicious sweet milk for a little baby,” she said teaching her new son about her body, Jim smiled as he looked into Emily’s eyes with his hand still comfortably placed on the top of her bosom.

“Can I have some Emiwy?” Emily readjusted Jim in her arms as she continued to speak to Jim, “Well boobies are for adults and babies and you are too young to be an adult but too old to be a baby. But if you let Mommy beat you one last time then she can make you a widdle baby and she can hold you in her arms and give you all the titty you want. Doesn’t that sound fun?” Jim began to cry, as he tried to pull away from Emily, “But I don’t wanna lose Emiwy!” He started trying to hit her to make her let him go (which she did) as he continued to throw a tantrum while only wearing the t-shirt from before. Jim scrunched up his face, screaming and crying louder with each passing second, which strangely enough made Emily’s boobs begin to swell more in response to the crying. ‘Oh they hurt a little bit now, I better make him into a baby soon or I’m gonna explode,’ she said to herself as she felt herself beginning to leak once more. Jim stomped up and down and in his anger he knocked over the game controller and stepped on it causing the game to start. Emily smiled as he looked at the controller, “Ready for a spanking little boy” she said as she picked up the controller.

Emily and Jimmy both pressed the start button to officially begin the battle, as with the last battle both the Busty Knight and the Titan appeared on screen but this time Titan looked completely different. Titan for the prior battles stood around 8 feet tall with tremendous sculpted muscles and was completely covered in armor from head to toe. At the start of this fight however he had age regressed considerably, he stood around 4 feet and barely he only had on the heavily over-sized chest plate from before and his helmet completely covered his head and appeared to wobble when he walked. The Titan also did not have his large hammer from before, but a hammer that looked to be more of the size of a sledgehammer. Emily laughed as she looked at the “Mini Titan” on the screen, ‘Aww that’s so cute, his character shrunk with him, I wonder what he’ll look like when I win?’ Jim looked at the character in confusion, “What happened to Titan?” Emily smiled as she spoke to the little boy Jim who sat on the floor, with is shirt almost looking like a tent on him. “I think that he became younger like you, everything is smaller on him, are you sure you don’t want to just give up little Jimmy?!” Emily said as she looked down at the defiant boy below her. “No I’m gonna win and still get milk, but as a big boy!” Emily sighed and pressed the start button to begin the round, “You asked for it baby!”

The battle started with the Mini Titan running at the Busty Knight with the hammer fully raised. He swung his hammer and missed her completely almost falling down from the force of the hammer not hitting anything. Emily smiled as she pressed a random combination and the Busty Knight began to seductively grope and jiggle her armored teats, causing slight damage to the Mini Titan. “Hmm, well that’s new! I wonder what else is different?!” Emily said as she began to test the apparent new moves and combos of each character. The Busty Knight began to shake her butt and bounce her boobs up and down, the continual teasing caused more damage as the Mini Titan appeared to have nose bleeds as a result. “Hmm, looks like even your “Tiny Titan” likes big boobies!” Emily said as she watched Jim who looked both worried and entranced by the 3D sexy fighter. The Mini Titan in response got up and looked like he was about to swing the hammer again but instead used it to position a side kick right in Busty Knights stomach. Jim clapped his hands, “I got you Emiwy!” Jim said as he started using more melee hits since his hammer was almost useless to him now. Even though the Busty Knight had been struck a few times she prepared for her own counter attack. She aimed her sword and began to charge towards the Mini Titan, just as it looked like she was about to use the sword to potentially impale the Mini Titan she quickly thrust the blade into the ground and jumped towards the Mini Titan.

She grabbed the Mini Titan and began to squeeze him into her metal armor chest multiple times causing damage with each hug. She then threw him on the ground and lifted up his enormous loose fitting armor revealing a flat tummy and a pair of clothe taped undergarments. Busty Knight began to tickle Mini Titan and blow raspberries on his belly causing the character to laugh on screen and massive damage to be done. Emily could not help but laugh at the antics happening onscreen, Jim frowns as his eyes started to moisten up with tears. “Its not funny, Emiwy! I’ll beat you yet!” As he said this the Mini Titan countered the tickle by punching the Busty Knight in the boobs, although they were armor plated it was enough to startle the Busty Knight and leave her open for an attack! The Mini Titan took off his Helmet and punched her in the face with it and kneed her in the stomach and then used all his strength to push her down on the ground, this had almost knocked Busty Knight down to half of her health bar.

Emily smiled as Busty Knight got up from the ground, Busty Knight ran towards the Mini Titan and performed another grapple. She knelt down on one knee and pulled the Mini Titan over her muscular thigh and began to spake the Mini Titan. Each hit did a small amount of damage but since he barely had any health left each smack brought Emily closer to victory. With every hit Mini Titans butt became redder, Emily could not stop hysterically laughing at what she was seeing, “See bad boys get spanked! Don’t worry it’s almost over” Jim began to cry as he saw his character slowly have all of his life drained with each painful whack. Jim tried to make the Mini Titan get out of the grapple with a punch counter but the Busty Knight blocked his fists and continued to spank Mini Titan. Jim began to fully bawl as his character saw slowly drained of his health bar, “Waaahhhhh I’m gonna lose!! I don’t wanna loose!!” Emily picked up the weepy preschooler and snuggled him close to her chest. “Aww don’t cry baby, I promise you’ll like it!”, Emily’s soothing voice and her promise seemed to calm Jim as he nuzzled closer into her chest, although Jim was losing the fight. The Busty Knight continued to smack the shrunken Mini Titan’s bum until it was down to the last few hits. Then as if in slow motion Busty Knight did one final smack and completely depleted Mini Titan’s health bar, the battle was over, Emily and her Busty Knight were victorious.

Emily got up from the recliner cuddling Jim as she looked at the shrinking boy in her arms. The years began to quickly fade from Jim as he continued to nuzzle into Emily’s ample chest. She saw his face begin to become slightly rounder and his eyes appear to grow in size in proportion to his face. Jim’s curls disappeared and sank back into his head, she patted his butt she noticed his skin getting softer. His arms and legs shortened as the shirt became much bigger around him, as he became lighter she swaddled him in his shirt that once fit him. As he shrunk from age three to two Jim turned to Emily and kissed her cheeks, “Em-em-Mommy!” Emily blushed, ‘He really thinks I’m his Mommy, it’s so cute!’ she thought to herself as she patted his bottom and cooed in his ear. She readjusted Jim in her arms so he was fully facing her breast. “That’s right little Jimmy, I’m your Mommy now, at least for the weekend” She said as she kissed his forehead. She began to rock him back and forth in her arms as he became much lighter in her arms “And you’re my widdle baby, Jimmy! Yes you are, yes you are!” She bounced him on her breasts as he shrunk from being a toddler to an infant, he giggled with a high pitched squeal as most of his teeth sunk back into his gums.

His regression ended at around 9 months, and he was the by the cutest baby that Emily had ever seen. He had small follicles of hair that felt as soft as silk, his little body had become chubby with baby fat, his eyes blue eyes gazed into Emily’s as he smiled a toothless smile, perfect for suckling Emily’s big mommy breast. Emily looked at the screen and noticed that Busty Knight was also holding a small baby Titan in her arms as she beamed down at the tiny infant. “We did good girl” Emily said as she looked at the maternal heroine on the screen. Just then the figure with one arm pointed to the top of the screen as an icon appeared which read “Fantasy Accessories” Emily smiled as she took the controller in one hand and selected the icon. When Emily clicked on the icon, a screen appeared with accessories including diapers, changing station, baby crib, stroller, wipes, toys and an assortment of other items needed to take care of a baby. She also saw that there were accessories for her as well including bathe robes, nursing bras, underwear, various clothes and even matching cosplay clothing for both mother and baby ‘this is going to be so much fun!’ Emily said as she cuddled the baby infant in her arms.

Emily started by clicking on the baby diaper, which suddenly made a disposable diaper appear on him. Emily smiled as she then chose a romper which made the shirt form around him and morph into a white onsie with a red coat similar to Terry Bogard to match Emily’s Mai cosplay. Suddenly Emily’s cosplay felt cleaner as she felt the stains on her clothe and G-string disappear, and a red and white lacy nursing bra wrapped around her breasts under her garments giving her extra support. She smiled as she patted Jim’s diapered bottom who was now sucking his thumb whilst caressing the edge of Emily’s new nursing bra. “Soon baby, Mommy is almost ready, to take care of her new baby” she said as Jim kicked his little legs. She then saw a special flashing button which said nursery, she clicked it and the room began to glow, the couch disappeared replaced by a crib, the recliner was replaced by a rocking chair and the shelves turned into toy shelves, a diaper bag materialized as the walls turned into a mural of all their favorite anime characters as babies, a changing table appeared and even a car seat for him. Emily smiled as she looked at the transformed room in front of her and the matching room which now materialized for Busty Knight and baby Titan. “Happy birthday baby, does baby Jimmy like his new room?” Emily said looking down at her new son. Jim responded by kicking his legs and smiling around his thumb.

Emily smiled as she glanced down at the baby Jim in her arms, sucking his thumb. Emily sat down in the newly created rocking chair and looked at Busty Knight doing the same. She adjusted Jim in the crutch of her arm and began to rub the top of her breast and began to speak in a low seductive maternal voice. “Is my baby ready for his first meal, you look so hungry!” Jim began to wiggle and kick in excitement as he patted Emily’s big boobies, he spit out his thumb and began kissing her clothed breasts. Emily giggled as she slid her clothe off her shoulder revealing a red and white nursing bra, “Does baby like Mommy’s nursing bra?” Jim smiled and curiously caressed the bra, gazing into her eyes with his own innocent ones. ‘It’s amazing he is so docile, so calm, he doesn’t seem impatient or selfish at all…’ As she massaged her breast making her nipple harden and become moist, she stared at the baby before her with an inquisitive look. ‘I wonder if this transformation may become permanent. Maybe I could re-raise him and teach him to be a kind caring little boy?’ She then readjusted herself so that not only was he closer to her breast but so that Jim could see her face better. “I was thinking, after I feed you, you will no longer be my boyfriend, but my little baby 100%! Mommy will be able to take you to conventions and show you to all her friends! Mommy will be able to teach her baby to be patient and how to be caring about others…” As she said this she placed Jimmy’s tiny hand on the top of her breast, allowing him to feel her soft mounds of flesh. “Mommy will teach you well, and when baby is really good, Mommy can have a blanket to cover you. She will feed her good boy in public as well! How does that sound baby?” Jim kicked his feet more and gripped Emily’s lacy nursing bra, attempting to pull it down, Emily giggled as she undid the clasp of her bra. “My little Jimmy likes the sound of that, doesn’t he?” She began to pull down the flap of her bra as a beautiful pink milk laden nipple appeared in front of Jim’s face. “Look Mommy’s dripping nipple, Jimmy…It has lots of milk, all for baby…,” She smiled as she placed her hand under his head and guided him to her swollen leaking nipple, “Drink up little one…”

Jim began to suckle the tit before him, he settled into a rhythm sucking tenderly at the nipple in his mouth, suckling but never biting down. Jim nuzzled the soft breast as she cradled him closer to her. Emily beamed down at Jim, she could feel a stirring in her chest, it was not just the feeling of milk being released from her tits, but something different, she could feel a bond forming with Jim that she could not have even dreamed of having before, ‘So this is what motherhood feels like…’ Emily said as she patted Jim’s diapered bottom, and then kissing his forehead and ran her hands through his thin hair, “Mommy loves you baby!” Breastfeeding felt better than she could have ever dreamed, even at the beginning of their relationship she had never felt so close to him or anyone before. Suddenly Jim began to suck faster making more milk come out, it the feeling made her entire body tingle.

She giggled as she cupped the base of her breast and began squeezing more milk into her new baby’s mouth, with droplets falling out of the sides of Jim’s mouth. Jim suckled harder as a result causing Emily to moan in pleasure, ‘Maybe Mommy is enjoying this as much or even more than her baby.’ “Mommy loves you sucking on her big tities!” Emily said as she bounced Jim’s tiny body with her knees causing Jim to grab her breast. Just then Jim began to massage the outside of Emily’s breast as causing her to moan and release milk faster. The way Jim massaged her breast was the same way he had done when he was an adult which felt amazing to Emily, ‘He hasn’t massaged me like this since we first started dating’ Emily thought as she brought him closer to her breast. “That feels so good baby, keep going!”

Emily felt her breast beginning to empty and Jim was still suckling, she had a devious thought go through her head. “Aww my little man is so hungry, Mommy is going to need to switch breasts.” She unlatched Jim from her breast and switched him to her other blue veined mammary, she began to undo the clasp of her scarlet and ivory nursing bra. Emily giggled as the tiny baby in her arms reached up and began to pull down her flap, “Patient baby, just let Mommy feed you!” Jim let go of her flap and began to playfully pat the flesh of her breast, causing it to jiggle as he smiled a nearly toothless smile. “I know Mommy’s boobies are the best toys too, I know you love the way they jiggle.” Jim gazed into Emily’s eyes, when Emily looked back into Jim’s eyes she could tell that he had completely accepted her as his new mother. Emily then felt a pleasurable tingle shoot into her boob, ‘What was that’ she thought to herself as she lowered the flap on her bra exposing her beautiful nipple. Emily guided her breast to him, although this time when he latched on she saw a blue glow coming from her breast.

The game screen flashed as an icon appeared, it read “Eternal Mother”, and the bare breasted Busty Knight appeared with her breastplate hanging near her hips. She smiled as she continued breastfeeding the baby Titan, who kicked his feet in enjoyment. While cradling the baby with one arm the Busty Knight pointed at the icon, Emily hesitantly clicked the button. The glow in her breast intensified as she felt Jim continue suckling her breast, the feeling illuminate glow combined with Jim’s continual suckling put Emily in ecstasy as she felt herself build towards orgasm. She felt herself growing stronger, her hair grew even longer, her muscles became more tones and she felt herself actually grow three inches, as she felt Jim become slightly lighter. The feeling she felt was more intense than any sex she had ever experienced and making her clit and breast tingle with a sensation that was indescribable. However just as soon as it had started the glowing subsided and without cumming she had experienced the best orgasm of her life.

Emily looked at the tiny baby still sucking on her teat, but when she looked at him something was different. She felt the Jim become lighter as he shrunk from 9 months to 4 months to a few weeks old. Within seconds Jim had disappeared, leaving her arms empty. “Jimmy?” A flash of blinding light appeared in her stomach as she saw her belly expand. She saw what appeared to be a silhouette of a fetus rotating in her belly, quickly growing larger. Suddenly the flash of light dissipated, her belly was once again normal, but now a diaper clad 6 month old baby laid in her arms. He looked like Jimmy did before but now he had her same brown hair, and when he opened his eyes, he now had her green eyes. Emily started crying as she gazed at the baby before her, “You really are my son now!” She tenderly held him to her chest as tears ran down her cheeks, “You are so beautiful to me Jimmy! Mommy loves her son more than anything else in the world…” Emily then looked at the screen caption which read “Your fantasy has been made permanent, you will never get older and he will remain your son until the worlds end, he will grow and regress as you see fit. You may raise him and re-raise him, throughout the centuries. If you desire a man to be with, you are also now able to bestow immortality to one man to be with you and your son. Immortal Battles 9 hopes you find happiness with your eternal son.” The game suddenly cut off and came out of the game consul, the room remained the same but now Emily was filled with overwhelming joy as Jim held his arms towards Emily’s face. Emily took the infants hand kissed it and cuddled the baby Jim close to her and said, “Happy birthday baby, you’ve made me your Mommy forever!”

Emily rocked her son in her arms marveling at just how cute he was, she caressed She re-hooked her nursing bra and with Jim in her arms headed upstairs to change back into the clothes she had on before. As she took off her cosplay in front of Jim she could see him kicks his feet in excitement, especially when she bent over showing her nursing bra. “Hehe, so how does baby like having a belly full Mommy’s magic milk?!” Just then she saw Jim’s diaper expand slightly and a pungent odor filled Emily’s nose. “Hmm, you’re not full anymore but your diaper sure is! Let me change you my baby…” Emily picked Jim up and brought him to the changing table, having babysat when she was in high school she quickly unfastened the soiled diaper and used baby wipes under the table to clean Jim. After cleaning the messy diaper she applied baby lotion to his bottom and swiftly fastened the diaper to Jim. “There we go, now you are nice and clean! “Jim smiled while lying on his back and excitedly kicking his feet, Emily grabbed her breasts through her nursing bra and then gave them a shimmy which made Jim clap his hands. “When we get back Mommy can feed you again, and she will never get tired on that,” Emily blushed as she put her shirt on and picked up Jim in her arms, she walked downstairs and grabbed the diaper bag and the car seat, which she sat at the door while she opened it. Emily beamed as she opened up the door allowing the light to fully illuminate the apartment which was now hers, as she picked up the diaper bag and car seat once more. “It’s time for Mommy, to show you to the world. And don’t worry I can re-raise you as many times so you want, so you can truly grow up to be the best man ever! But for now let’s see how day one goes, I can’t wait to find an awesome daddy for you! Maybe he’ll like being babied as much as you!” Emily said as she closed the door with her foot, not only shutting the door but beginning a new never ending life as mother and son.



  1. Good good, Wish I had your skill in writing!

    • ARWander1600

      Thank you very much! I wrote this about a year ago and just recently put it up on my Deviant Art! Do you think I should try to write more stories?

      • bela04

        You definitely should! I was amazed for the whole time while I red it!

        • ARWander1600

          Bela04, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy that not only did you like it but that you made the amazing post about it! I will make sure to continue writing now that I know that I have an audience! There are some shorter stories I have made but I will make sure that I can post them and maybe even have some especially made just for this site!

          I am wondering if you think that this one might potentially be one that could be made into a comic or give you an idea for something in the future? I feel like you are truly one of the best artists in the age regression genre and I would be honored if you would be able to make one for me. Thank you again for being one of the people who has inspired me to actually create my fantasies in a safe place with an amazing audience!

    • ARWander1600

      Thank you very much, I work on that story for a few months a year ago, do you think I should start writing more of them? I might just post them here so that I have an awesome audience!

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