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Avatar Puberty – by Bubba1995

Little Korra was out playing with her Polar Bear Dog Puppy, Naga, who’d only been born a Month ago.

Korra had recently been discovored to be the next Avatar, and had already begun training. She couldn’t wait to grow up and become the most powerful Avatar in the history of the World. At least, that’s what she believed.

Right now she could only do very weak Waterbending and little puffs of Earthbending, and Fire Bending. Nothing on Airbending yet. But she was only Eight. So she had time.

That night, she slept in her bed, with Naga curled up next to her.
The poor girl was tossing and turning, she’d been having nightmares recently, about evil. Bad people doing bad things, trying to hurt people, trying to hurt Korra and the ones she loved like her parents, or Tenzin or Katara.

The little girl gasped as she sat up wide awake. She woke Naga up and the puppy licked her face.
“It’s okay girl. I’m sorry I woke you.” Korra said as she petted the pup.

Suddenly there was a bright light that flooded her room. Kora shielded her eyes until the light died down a bit. When she looked at the source, she was shocked at what she saw.

Colored blue and transparent, was an Air Nomad Man, she knew by the clothes he wore and the arrow tattoo he had on his head.
“Hello Korra.” He said in a friendly tone.
“Don’t be afraid. Do you know who I am?” He asked. His voiced sounded echoy.

Little Korra got out of bed and walked closer to the man, looking up at him she tilted her head.
It took her a moment but her eyes widened when she realized who this was. It was none other than her past life.

“Aang?” The little girl finally said.
“That’s right.” Aang replied. “It’s good to see you again Korra.”

“See me again? But…you died before I was born.’ Korra replied.
“Yes. But I am always with you…we all are.” Aang explained. He reached out and touched her forehead.

Her eyes glowed and suddenly she was somewhere else. In the clouds, surrounded by other people. Her other past lives.

Roku, Kyoshi, and all the others.

“Woah…” Korra said in childish awe.
She then turned back to Aang.

“Why did you take me here?” She asked.

“I’m sorry. But theres much evil in the world Korra.” Aang explained. “You know this because of your nightmares.”

“So…those are real then?” asked Korra.
“Yes, the World is in great danger and it needs you’re help.” Aang explained.

Korra felt a little scared. “But…I’m so little, and haven’t trained that much!” She cried.

Aang gave her a smile. “Hmm..Never stopped me. And you’re braver than you think you are.” He said while kneeling down to her.

“Plus..we’re going to help you.”

“How?” Asked Korra.
“By doing something that’s only be done in the most darkest hours.” Aang explained.
“We’re transfering our power into you. You’ll be able to master ther four elements and gain the knowledge to do so, it will also change you physically to contain such power. Only until the danger is over.”

Korra listened to every word. Feeling braver all ready.
“Are you ready?” Aang asked.
Korra’s face turned serious, she gulped as she then nodded.

“Good…We’re counting on you Korra.” Aang reached out and touched her forehead again.

Korra awoke to Naga sniffing her on the floor. She sat up and then stood up, lookng at her body, she didn’t feel any different yet.

Then it hit her, a wave of energy flooded her whole body.

“WOOOAAAHHH!” She cried as her hair started blowing in a wind that came from nowhere.
She felt funny, falling on her hands and knees, her eyes shut tight and she gritted her teeth.
“HHHHNNNNGGGGG!!” She groaned as the knowledge of the Four Elements flooded her head.

Suddenly her eyes shot open and were glowing white, she had entered the Avatar State.
Her small body was lifted into the air as the wind got more intense.
Naga backed into a corner and just watched, not understanding what was happening.

Korra’s body twitched as she was forced into an arch as her transformation began.

First it started with her feet, they shook rapidly as they both grew bigger one after the other, as each one did so, a large snow boot formed on each one.

Next came her legs, they kicked as they grew longer in several spurts, her pants grew along with them. They became fuller and muscular as well as her thighs thickened as well swelling with a stretching noise.

Up next were her hips, they widened with several cracks, growing to child bearing proportions.
Her butt pulsed a few times before swelling larger and larger, growing into a large heartshape.

Now that her bottom half was finished, her top half was next.
Her torso and arms stretched longer at the same time, her hands twitched a few times before they grew bigger, her fingers followed, each one growing long and slender like that of a young woman’s.

Her arms pulsed rapidly as they swelled bigger as well, muscles growing all the way up them as her shoulders grew bigger as well.

Her torso filled out next, her baby fat sucked away rapidly as her body became heavier and stronger by the second. Her waist curved into a hourglass shape as a six pack popped onto her stomach.
Her back arched into a womanly curve as her back muscles grew big and strong.

From under her top, which had grown as well, her dark nipples had doubled in size, the skin behind them was pulsing rapidly as two buds slowly pushed out. Those buds then began to grow into two breast.

The sensation felt good as they pushed against her skin tight top, they swelled to a rather impressive size, as her Mother was well endowered as well.

Her collarbone popped out as her neck grew longer and thicker.
Her face was next as her childish roundness was left behind. Her head grew bigger and elongated into a more oval shape. Her teeth were replaced with adult ones as her jaw widneded and her chin became more angular.

Her cheekbones rose up as her nose grew bigger. Her lips opened as they became fuller. Her eyebrows thinned and her eyes grew bigger.

Lastly her ponytails twitched as her hair grew longer, her two front pig tails grew longer down to her shoulders, while her back one went to her upper back.

The wind faded and the glowing stopped, Korra let out a soft moan as she fell to the ground.

Gone was the little girl, now a fully groan young Avatar Woman was there.

Korra woke up again to Naga sniffing her. She groaned as she pulled herself up.

“Woah!” She said in her new voice as she looked down at her much larger body. She cupped her new boobs and then felt her muscles.

“This is…amazing!” She said as she twisted to check out her butt.
“I feel so much more…smarter!”
“And stronger!” She said flexing her muscles.

She understood all of the Elements now.
So she snuck outside and practiced a little with each one.

After she got used to her older body, she got serious.
“Time to head for Republic City.” She said to herself.
“But how?”

Suddenly Naga started glowing just like she did.
Korra watched as the small Polar Bear Puppy began to grow.

Naga grew bigger and bigger by the second until she was a full grown Polar Bear Dog.

Korra gave her a smile and then walked over and petted her much larger head.
“Yeah..that’ll do! Ready girl?” Naga barked in a deeper tone.

Korra hopped up on her back and they rode off into the night.
Little 10 year old Asami Sato was walking playfully down her street in Republic City.

Suddenly a large Polar Bear dog rushed past her, knocking over the little girl in a startle.
“Ahhh!” She cried. Whered that come from?

But before she fell in the mud, a gust of air from nowhere caught her and sat her back up.
“Sorry Kid! My fault.” The voice came from a young woman on top of the Polar Bear Dog.

She gave the little girl a friendly smile. “Anyways, gotta go!” She road off as a group of Metal Benders chased her.

Asami was speechless.
“Who was that?!” She thought to herself. She blushed and giggled.
“Well…whoever she was…she was kinda cute!”


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  1. DisneyMaster

    Pretty good story. If you want to make a sequence out of this, I know a place where you could get some models of Adult Korra.

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