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Another Premium Comic is now up!


A quick login from me! Yes, it’s true another premium tale is up in the store. It’s a bit shorter and a quicker idea what I’ve made not that long ago so I’m pretty curious what you’ll think. I won’t lie the base idea was coming from “Unexpected Changes”. So if you liked that comic, you surely gonna enjoy this one as well.

It’s not the same but I used the same mechanics in this new comic called: “Headdress”. The idea of using “Unexpected Changes” style and using a headdress/helmet as the cause of the change was so tempting! I’ve got the inspiration from an anime that was on the air a long time ago but I find that short AP scene extended by a wonderful artist on Pixiv.

I’m sure some of you know this anime or the artist but please check out his/her works because they are so detailed and amazing! So the inspiration ended up in this new comic! I hope you gonna enjoy it as much as I did making it! Check out “The Headdress” now!


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