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Anime Town Anthology: My Little Cynthia

By ARWander1600
Anime Town Chan: Konnichwa and welcome back to Anime Town, my name is Anime Chan and I’m here to tell you about this wondrous place. Anime Town is a small section of the sprawling downtown Tokyo dedicated to all things otaku. Here locals and tourist alike can escape the stress of life and enjoy their love of nerd culture from the past and present. However, unwary travelers beware, all of the shops, items and entertainment, especially in the back alleys, are meant to either bring back memories of childhood or to create a powerful nurturing instinct. We now follow Cynthia and Himari, one of them wishes to find a familiar pleasurable thrill, but what will it take for both of them to experience something new.

Picture 1:
Cynthia: Wow Himari, I’ve got to say this love hotel’s lobby is amazing! I’ve been all over Anime Town and seeing all the hentai shops made me really want to meet some sexy Japanese ladies on Tempter!
Himari: Well Cynthia, I’ve been on the site for a while but I’ve never been with an American woman! So how is my English?
Picture 2:
Cynthia: I’m actually very impressed with your English!
Himari: Subarashidesu! So what kind of room do you want to get for our “session”?
Cynthia: Whatever one you’d like cutie! I’m paying!
Picture 3:
Himari: What do you mean by cutie?
Cynthia: Well, I’ve been with ladies all over the world but I’ve never been with someone as well, “cute” as you! I mean your profile says your 22 but you look like you’re in middle school, are you sure you’re not under aged?
Picture 4:
Himari: No, I’m actually 23 and it’s okay, I’ve just never “blossomed” like you… women like you are so lucky, you’re tall, sexy and have huge…oppai…
Cynthia: Oh I’m so sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to make fun of you… and what does oppai mean?
Himari: …it means breasts…

Picture 5:
Cynthia: Well, don’t worry I’ve got more than enough “oppai” for the two of us!
Himari: Nenrei kaiki-shitsu o kashite mo yoroshīdesu ka? Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

Front Desk: Watashi wa anata no heya o sugu ni junbi shimasu.

Cynthia: So what kind of room did you choose for us?

Himari: A room very familiar to me but new to you…

Picture 6:

Cynthia: Wait this looks like…an oversized nursery!

Picture 7:

Cynthia: I thought you didn’t like being called cute… let alone have all this baby stuff!

Himari: Well…I actually do… because I’m so small I sometimes pretend to be a little girl…sometimes even a baby…

Cynthia: Aw, I bet you must look adorable wearing all of those…especially the diapers!

Picture 8:

Himari: Well…I do like them a lot but…

Cynthia: Do you want to play house? I’m so much taller than you, with all of these cute clothes I could be the sexy mommy and you could be my adult baby girl!

Himari: I’ve done that before, with other ladies… I want to try something…different…

Picture 9:

Cynthia: Well, you’ve never done that with me, I’ll make it feel really different! We could pretend you’re my baby girl…I could hold you in my arms…I bet your lips would feel so good wrapped around my nipple…

Himari: Mmm, that sounds wonderful…but I wouldn’t mind seeing you in just your underwear first…

Cynthia: Alright so tell me…

Picture 10:

Cynthia: What do you think?!

Picture 11:

Cynthia: Do you like my big boobies and I bet my ass would be more than a handful for you! I bet you want to see more, don’t cha?!

Himari: You are quite stunning but…could you lie on the bed for me?

Cynthia: Seductively?

Himari: Sure!

Picture 12:

Cynthia: Why are you taking your time, any other girl would be trying to make out with me by now!
Himari: You’ll know soon enough, please just sit on the bed for now…

Picture 13:
Cynthia: Like this? Don’t you just want to spank my big ass?!
Himari: Yes, exactly like that! Although, your ass won’t be big for long…

Picture 14:
Cynthia: Wait—why can’t I move?!
Himari: Don’t worry sweetie… I just need to adjust the bed…
Picture 15:
Cynthia: So is this like an electric BDSM bed? If so you’re kinkier than I thought!
Himari: No, but this bed does control everything in this room and can even change a person depending on the theme of the room…
Cynthia: Ah, so you want to be in control! So do you want me to wear a collar or maybe you want me to be the adult baby, hmm?!
Picture 16:
Himari: Well, I wouldn’t say adult baby…
Cynthia: What does that mean?
Himari: You’ll see…
Picture 17:
Cynthia: Whoa…I just felt a tingle up my spine!
Himari: Well that’s because I just switched the settings, so how do you feel?
Picture 18:
Cynthia: I feel great, like a weight’s been lifted off my chest!
Himari: That’s good to hear, little Cynthia…
Cynthia: Umm… Himari…

Picture 19:
Cynthia: Is it just me or do you look bigger?
Himari: Well, I wouldn’t really say bigger…
Picture 20:
Cynthia: What do you mean by that?
Himari: Well that’s because you’re getting smaller…to be more exact…
Picture 21:
Himari: You’re becoming younger…
Cynthia: Really th—this bed can do that!?
Picture 22:
Himari: There are a lot of new features that Japanese beds and products can do that American beds cannot do.
Cynthia: Well, I’ve never heard of a bed that can change people’s ages!
Himari: That’s because this one is the first of its kind! The Bela Bed will allow any kind of sexual fantasy to happen that always been impossible to do! Everything from injecting temporarily injecting animal DNA in a guest’s skin turning them into true “furries”, to completely creating a guests perfect body so they can be bimbofied or even making people younger!
Picture 23:
Cynthia: That’s Crazy! So is this temporary?!
Himari: Yes it is sweetie… You see I haven’t told you everything about myself. I’m at student at Tokyo University and I noticed a rise in Love Hotels and fetish bars all throughout Japan, especially in Anime Town. I realized that just like me so many people in Japan and throughout the world wish they could make their fantasies come true. However they are not able to due to having very busy careers and living in reality.
Picture 24:
Cynthia: So you made a bed? And are my boobs gone now, I haven’t been able to move!
Himari: Yes your breasts are gone now and it’s more than just a bed, when you get young enough the Bela Bed transforms…into a crib!
Cynthia: …I’m turning into a–
Picture 25:
Himari: –a baby? Yes you are! But due to all of my trials on animals and some volunteers at my school, this is just temporary!
Cynthia: First you say that you like being an adult baby and then you want to turn me into a baby…I’m so confused… what do you want?!
Picture 26:
Himari: While I like being an adult baby nobody that I met in fetish clubs would let me try to do what I really wanted to do because of how I look…
Cynthia: So what do you want to do?
Himari: I want to feel what it’s like to be a mother…even if it’s temporary…
Picture 27:
Himari: Even though, I made this bed have a lot of other functions to be able to be used with a variety of fetishes for the Love Hotels in Anime Town… I really just wanted to experience being a mommy…
Cynthia: Okay…so then so how old am I now?
Himari: …Seven at the most…but now that I’ve made you this young I feel terrible…unlike the volunteers at the school, who the teachers all took care of… I didn’t ask your permission to turn you into a child, even if it is only for a few hours…so if you want me to turn you back now and never see me again…I would understand…
Picture 28:
Cynthia: …well, I’m already this young…I met with you because I wanted to try something new…so you know what, yeah make me a baby! I bet I’ll make those diapers look good!
Himari: Aw, of course you will, little Cynthia…thank you…you don’t know how happy you’ve just made me!
Cynthia: You’re welcome Himari or should I say Mommy?
Picture 29:
Himari: Aw, I can’t believe you called me Mommy! You’re getting so cute!
Cynthia: Hah old am me now? Eh tee bars comin up!
Himari: I would say four…and I put in a special change for myself that should start in…
Picture 30:
Himari: 3!
Picture 31:
Himari: 2!
Picture 32:
Himari: 1! So how do I look now? Do I look like I’m in middle school anymore?
Cynthia: Yu wook toe pwetty, Hemahwe!
Himari: Aw thank you akachan, you’re so kawaii my little Cynthia!
Cynthia: Do dat meme beebee? Am me beebee?
Picture 33:
Himari: It does mean baby and you almost are one now! You’re about 2 years old now, so you’re a little toddler! But you’re definitely young enough for me to hold you! Would you like Mommy to pick you up akachan?
Cynthia: Uppie Mommy! Yu weewee tawl!
Picture 34:
Himari: Yes I am I, I’ve never been this tall in my life…I must be 6 feet tall… And Mommy needs to get your cute little bum in a diaper before you have any accidents!
Cynthia: Otay Mommy!
Himari: Okay baby girl, let me set you down…
Picture 35:
Himari: Aw, you’re such a good girl for Mommy! We’re almost done…
Cynthia: Yay! I cwean me good! I fink eh will wike diapees!
Himari: Aw, thank you akachan…you’re so precious!
Picture 36:
Himari: There we go! So what do you want to do now, I’ve got so many toys you can play with!
Cynthia: Me wan oppai!
Picture 37:
Himari: Aw, you remembered! I should have known, you liked yours so much as an adult and I completely forgot to give myself new boobs in the transformation!
Cynthia: Boobies peas! I hungwy!
Picture 38:
Himari: Okay little Cynthia, my Akachan…let’s see if the bed can give me bigger oppai for you! Let me set oppai dial up to 9…
Picture 39:
Himari: Mmmm…there we go…look at how big Mommy’s oppai are…do they look delicious?
Cynthia: Goo baa gaa gee!
Himari: Oh and look at that, the machine made you even younger! You must be around 7 months old…the perfect age for breastfeeding! Let me just get you adjusted in my arms…
Picture 40:
Cynthia: (suckle)
Himari: Wow you must really like my Mommy’s milk, you’re not letting go of my breast!
Picture 41:
Himari: Aw, you’re starting to look sleepy…I’ll rock you back and forth… and then I’ll bring you back to your crib…
Picture 42:
Himari: There you go little one…thank you for helping me experience being a mother…it was truly amazing…but now I should turn you back…
Picture 43:
Himari: …Hmm…something seems to be wrong with the bed…maybe if I just recalibrate the—
Picture 44:
Himari: Chikuho!! The bed exploded! Cynthia…Cynthia, where are you?! Wait…I feel…kicking…in my belly…
Picture 45:
Himari: I…I can’t believe it… I’m really a mommy now and it’s all because of you Cynthia! Yatta! I’m sorry that the Bela Bed malfunctioned…looks like I still have some modifications to work out before I can sell them to the Love Hotel’s in Anime Town…but at least now I get to re-raise such a cute baby girl! I know you won’t look anything like me when I give birth to you but you’ll be mine…my baby…my little Cynthia…


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