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Anime Town Anthology: Akachan Experience

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Anime Town Anthology: Akachan Experience
By ARWander1600


Anime Town Chan: Oh, you have returned to Anime Town, my name is Anime Chan and of course I’m here to tell you about this wondrous place. Anime Town, a small section of the sprawling downtown Tokyo dedicated to all things otaku. Here locals and tourist alike can escape the stress of life and enjoy their love of nerd culture from the past and present. Unfortunately, few travelers listen to my warnings… All of the shops, items and entertainment, especially in the back alleys, are meant to either bring back memories of childhood or to create a powerful nurturing instinct. Let’s see if Gregory and Yuzuki, a lovely couple on their honeymoon, will find a common interest to rekindle their desire for each other or if they will both find new purpose through the effects of Anime Town!

Picture 1:
Gregory: So where are you taking me and why am I blind folded again?
Yuzuki: Well our time at the love hotel didn’t go as planned…
Gregory: I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to perform well last night…it’s our honeymoon and I—
Yuzuki: It’s okay sweetie, I still love you and last night just wasn’t your cup of tea! But I have faith that you’ll love this place, especially with what I found out about last night
Picture 2:
Gregory: What’s that supposed to mean?
Yuzuki: Please don’t be mad at me, but when I was using your computer the other day while trying to plan the rest of our trip in Japan…I saw a link you left open…and I think I like the idea of bringing your fantasy to life! Okay, here we are, you can take off the blindfold now!
Picture 3:
Gregory: Whoa…this is a—
Yuzuki: Fetish bar? Yes it is, and to be more exact a bonyu karabu or breast milk bar! Anime Town is full of them, but this one is a little special!
Gregory: I-I don’t know what to say!
Yuzuki: A thank you would be nice.
Gregory: Oh Arigotogozaimashita!
Picture 4:
Bonyu Receptionist: Kon’nichiwa, mamamirukukurabu e yōkoso! Kore wa anata no akachandesu ka?

Yuzuki: Hai, watashi wa kare o dainashi ni shite, kare ga kare no gensō o taiken dekiru yō ni shitai! Shikashi, watashi wa itsumo doko made iku koto ga dekiru ka o mitai to omotte imasu!

Gregory: So what are you two talking about?
Yuzuki: Oh just which package we should do! I hope you like the one I chose, it’s the super deluxe set, its only $3000!
Picture 5:
Gregory: Are you sure you want to do that? Doesn’t $3000 for a “super deluxe experience” sound…expensive…? I mean, I know we’re on our honeymoon and you wanted to visit your hometown but–
Yuzuki: –Nonsense, don’t you remember the huge promotion I was given before we left? This is nothing and you’ve been paying for everything since we got here so I want to pay for something big! Besides, I’ve read most of the basics of the package and it should give us both what we want!
Bonyu Receptionist: Minasan kon’nichiwa, watashi ni shitagatte kudasai!

Yuzuki: Ah, she is saying to follow her!

Picture 6:
Bonyu Receptionist: Kanojo wa anata no dairihahadesu! Misu Yuna! She speak English, bye bye!

Yuna: Hello, I am Yuna, nice to meet you! : I prefer talk English, want learn better want to go America one day! I am your Mama today!
Gregory:Ko –kon nichiwa! I-it-its nice to m-meet you too!
Yuzuki: Hmm…I can tell by your “standing ovation” poking through your pants that you like this, Gregory!
Picture 8:
Gregory: Oh, I’m so sorry Yuzuki!
Yuzuki: Its okay Gregory, I think she’s hot too! Besides, I’m your wife and I want to learn everything that gets you going…even the way out there things…this way we can have a family eventually!
Gregory: But…some of the things I like…are impossible…
Yuzuki: They are possible here…it’s why I chose this particular Bonyu Karabu and Yuna is going to help!
Yuna: Come to room please! Everything ready!
Picture 9:
Gregory: Wow, this room is a…
Yuzuki: …nursery…yes it is…can you understand now why I want to experience your fantasy…if you’re going to dream about being breastfed and about becoming a baby…I want to experience what it is like to take care of a baby…I want you to think of me as both your wife…and mommy…
Picture 10:
Yuna: Drink this both please, taste good!
Gregory: Wait, why are you drinking too?
Yuzuki: You’ll see, cheers!
Picture 11:
Gregory: Uggh…that was horrible…Whoa, everything looks…fuzzy…Yuzuki…
Yuzuki: Wow, this works fast! You’re getting so small!
Picture 12:
Yuzuki: Mmmmm…I can feel them growing…
Gregory: Yuzuki…Yuna… you both look bigger…
Yuzuki: Well, that’s because you’ve gotten smaller and cuter! But you’re still shrinking so you’re not done yet, little akachan!
Picture 13:
Gregory: Wha akachan mean?
Yuzuki: It’s Japanese for baby…and you’re going to be one soon! You see I don’t actually know much about caring for babies, but after Yuna has me practice on you I know I’ll be ready!
Picture 14:
Yuna: Akachan ready!
Gregory: Mah Ba?
Yuzuki: Aw, kawaii!! He is so cute, I could just pinch his little cheeks! Can you still understand me Gregie?

Picture 15:
Yuzuki: Aw, you nodded your head! It’s so adorable, can you say mama?
Gregory: Mama Mama!!
Yuzuki: You’re still you! Aw, you’re so sweet, let Mama pick you up!
Picture 16:
Yuna: Wrong way pick up!
Yuzuki: Huh?
Gregory: Gah?
Yuna: If pick up that way, is wrong way! I show right way!
Picture 17:
Yuna: Best way to pick up!
Gregory: Nah Mama…
Yuzuki: Ah, so one hand under his bottom and one hand on his back…now for diaper!
Picture 18:
Gregory: Wahhhh!!!
Yuzuki: He didn’t seem to enjoy being diapered by you at all…
Yuna: He just cry, not done demonstrate! Show how breastfeed!
Picture 19:
Gregory: Waaaaahhhh!!!
Yuna: Now lower bra an—
Yuzuki: Stop it! Can’t you see he doesn’t want your tits?!
Picture 20:
Yuzuki: Come to Mommy my baby, I’ll make it all better…
Yuna: What you do?!
Picture 21:
Yuzuki: There we go, while I’ve never changed a diaper before, I saw the way that you did it and I could tell it was incorrect.
Gregory: Mama gah!
Yuzuki: That’s right I am your Mama now and I’m going to take care of you the right way and not let this hussy touch you again!
Picture 22:
Yuzuki: Much better baby, I believe your diaper is facing the right way now! It’s funny…you always like to ogle other ladies but I’m the only one you want to ever do anything with…you really are loyal…So…since my tits feel really full…may I reward your faithfulness my little prince?
Gregory: Ba ba!
Yuzuki: Okay, open wide little one!
Picture 23:
Yuna: Why be so gentle? All men want me be mean and all men deserve be mean to!
Yuzuki: That’s because he’s different from other men…and babies…
Gregory: (suckle)
Picture 24:
Yuna: Most men when baby want me spank them…most men want me mean to them when back to normal…most men suck more woman’s boobs when finish with mine…most men like my man…leave you when baby dies…Most men make me MAD!!
Yuzuki: That’s horrible, I know my Gregie would never do that! Even though he is shy and has difficulty telling me things, he is gentle…he is the most gentle man I’ve ever met! Even now as a baby, my nipple doesn’t hurt as he suckles… he’s so nice…
Gregory: (suckle)
Picture 25:
Yuna: You have good man…good baby…hope you enjoy him for 3 days!
Yuzuki: Wait three days? I thought this was just for the night?
Yuna: You got deluxe set! Usually medium set 1-2 hours! That why deluxe include three day hotel room! Also there option of having him be true baby! He grow up again, forget everything, you be true mother!
Picture 26:
Yuzuki: Hmm, well that’s what I get for just skimming over the details! Well, let me unlatch you real fast…
Gregory: Gah ba?
Yuzuki: I’m sorry to interrupt your meal, and I can tell that you’re really liking me as your mother! But would you want me to really be your mother? Like full time? I would already have the perfect gentle baby who would become the perfect gentleman but you would lose me as a wife…So do you want to be hubby or baby?
Picture 27:
Yuzuki: I’ll take that head nodding as a yes…I know now that you love me too much to lose me as a wife!
Yuna: So should I end deluxe set?
Yuzuki: Will he immediately turn back to normal?
Yuna: No, he grow back up in three days!
Picture 28:
Gregory: Ba gah?!
Yuzuki: Well, then I might as make get as much use out of him being a baby as possible! Although, I’m wondering can I add any additional people to the deluxe set?
Yuna: Yes why?
Gregory: (giggles)
Picture 29:
Yuna: Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!
Yuzuki: Now Yuna, be a good baby for mommy and let me bathe you! I thought she’d like a bath as much as you did!
Gregory: I awways wike baff! Mahbee Wuma beebee no wike baff!
Yuzuki: That’s true, she’s a different baby from you! And even though you’re still a baby, your speech is getting better! The receptionist said that you’ll grow back to normal overnight on the third day and until then we get to stay in this deluxe suite with most adorable crib for both of you!
Picture 30:
Gregory: Wuma noisy beebee buh see cute! Wan me hewp?
Yuzuki: You’re silly, you can’t really help me take care of her at your current age! I’m changing both of your diapers as we speak! Just enjoy being a baby and let Mommy take care of both of you!
Gregory: Otay Mama…
Picture 31:
Yuzuki: After everything that happened, I felt bad for her…she’s had such a rough life and the receptionist said that she had no family either. She looked happy when she took the potion… since we used the super deluxe potion she won’t remember her former life, we’ll be her family…she did say that she wanted to go to America…and I know you’ll be a great father to her…
Gregory: Yu weewee fink toe?
Yuzuki: Of course! Well, once you grow up again! Oh and there was one last part of the package, it said there is a professional photo op included and I have just the thing I want to do to remember you both as babies!
Picture 32:
(Picture is seen with Yuna and Gregory as infants suckling from Yuzuki’s breasts. She beams down at them maternally and has this written on the photo. “Hello Yuna, this is our first family photo taken during our honeymoon. When you get old enough, both me and your father will tell you who the other baby is in the picture. It’s kind of a weird story but it might make you laugh, but just know that me and your father love you very much and are so happy to have you in our life. With Love, Your Mom and Dad!”)
Yuzuki (voice): Let’s hide this until she is older, we don’t want her to see how cute you were!
Gregory: (voice) Stop it honey, we don’t want to wake her up and besides you’re embarrassing me!
Yuzuki: (voice) Well, you didn’t seem to mind breasfeeding during the photo shoot, in fact I’d say you enjoyed your Akachan Experience![/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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