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Alternate Ending for Hypno

This morning I bring you some very interesting stuff! A few weeks back, one of our AA member searched for me – or you can say he found me in the chat room – and we started to talk. We had a really great time and while we were there he droped in a commission request for an alternate ending for Hypno. He was curious and wanted to see how else could happen if someone twist the storyline!

Well, words followed words and after that the story was born in a few pages and now I’m presenting this for you hereĀ for free!!

If you want to see the whole story, and how it ends check out the Original full comic here! Don’t forget that we still have a Christmas Sale where you can get a copy of our Premium Comics with a sale price!

Would you like to see your own end for one of my stories? OR you just want to see you own story born within my hands? Go check out the Commission Page!


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  1. Great idea for a Christmas sale. Picked up a lot of great stories at a good price. I encourage others to do the same before the sale has ended.

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