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AgeArts is now online!

AgeArtsbanner (1)Hello & Welcome or just simple „Üdvözlet” in hungarian! 😉 As you can see, it is a big day for the whole community! For you, who are supporting me for a long time, and for me who would love to make your evey visit on this site comfortable and interesting! I know in the last few months there was a chaos around me and my work – no worth denying it – all the patreon and the blog are chaotic and since my DA is off I couldn’t find the best place for us, but now I can finally confirm it:

logo  is now OPEN!!!

With AgeArts my purpuse was not just a way to publish my work in a more profession way to you, but I wanted to create a scene for the whole community who works in the AR/AP etc.
I want to give the opportunity to all the artist who are creating in 3D and works in the same scenes like AR/AP/TG/TF/REALITY CHANGE/WG etc. Also who wants to share his/her story what is waiting somewhere deep in a forgatten folder somewhere on your computer, or you just didn’t find the perfect platform – so far – to publish your work. Now here is your chance to do it!! I know many of you have really good ideas and very good scripts, you just need a final push to share those ideas with the word and I would like to give this chance. 😉

But to make this whole place work, I need your feedback and help! First, to get a fully access to the site, you need to register and have an account. After that you can reach the forum, the gallery and other things as well. Second, because the site is very new, I need you help to improve it and make it as smooth as possible for the future. Any bug reports, ideas, suggestions are more than welcome!

For now, I’m slowly uploading my new and OLD stuff – whoohoooo!! – and focusing on to make the site full of content!

Until AgeArts reach it’s final form, please let me welcome you here once more, and if you think you can add a value to the page with your work, please contact me here, the forums, or by email!



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