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A Status Update from lostandwhatever

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Hello everyone,


It has been a little while since I last posted, so I thought I would share a status update or something like that. I have a few things to go over, so let me just hit them one by one.


First off, thank you to everyone for reading my stories and for all of the support you have given me. It has meant a lot more to me than you might know. I really appreciate every comment that comes in.


Second, I am sorry to have been away for so long. The past month or two has been a difficult time for me. I am overstressed at my day job from having to take on an unexpected amount of extra work. Plus, the changing seasons always negatively affect my mood. Those two factors together have made life difficult for me. Simply put, I have been pretty depressed. My depression is nothing too serious, and I have had years of experience dealing with it. Still, it is exhausting to deal with it. That is the main reason why my writing output has slowed down recently. Writing has always been an enjoyable hobby for me, but it does take some extra effort every day. When I feel depressed, that effort is sometimes more than I can manage. To make matters worse, I have been ill the past couple of weeks as well. Again, nothing too serious, but still not good. Only now am I starting to feel a bit more healthy and energetic, which leads to my third point.


I will be publishing something new in the next week. Although I have been writing less, I have still been writing. I have a new story that has been growing like some kind of monster as I wrote it, and I just want to share it soon before it gets any bigger. It is a bit outside of the regular AR work on this site, but I think some of you will enjoy it.


Besides the new story, I have been thinking about where I want to go next with my writing. I have been taking commissions over the past few months, which has been a great challenge and a nice source of extra income. I do understand that more people would like to have a say in what I write next and might want to contribute some money to me for my writing, even if they cannot afford a commission themselves. Therefore, I am considering setting up a Patreon. My thought was that I could publish new stories there first, then on AgeArts, and finally on DeviantArt. Each month I could put a list of story ideas up for a vote for most or all of my patrons. I could also take story ideas from patrons and add those to the list. There might even be tiers for a monthly writing commission, say $25 for a short story. I do not want to write Patreon exclusive stories, but I might be up for doing an exclusive vignette every month, or something like that.


This is all still in the conceptual stage of development, of course. I am not sure even if there are enough people interested in my starting a Patreon to make it worth the effort, but if you have specific ideas about how you would like me to use Patreon, then please comment here to let me know what you think. At the very least, let me know if you would be interested in contributing to my work through Patreon. Please, reply below or send me a message on Discord or through an email.


Again, thank you all for the support so far and for your patience. Just reading what I write and commenting is enough, and it is so helpful to me. I hope to keep writing more for you for a long time to come.







  1. Hey Lost, thanks for the update!

    I want to say first that i have missed your regular stories, and im glad to hear from you. This site really felt different without your contributions!

    That being said, I think its important you focused more on your own health than meeting some quota. Im sure everyone understands and sympathize with that. Depression is a dark beast.

    I hope things will look up for you soon, and I wish you to the best. Im really looking forward to your next post!

    On the Patreon note. I personally would support you in that sense, and judging by the responsen you get on your stories, so would others. But its up to you in the end. Everyone has to start somewhere, and exposure is the only way to grow! You definetely got the talent to draw a crowd!

    • lostandwhatever

      Thank you! I appreciate your responses, as always. I really miss publishing, but I will have a lot to share soon.

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