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A Princess’s Book

A Princess’s Book


“Mommy, can we go in the Princess Store now, please?” asked Mary. The 4-year-old girl bounced in excitement, her golden blonde hair moving with her movements. She had been waiting her entire shopping trip for this. Now that her mom had gone to all the boring stores, they can go to the one fun store.

“Ok, Mary, we can go,” said her mom. Mary gave a squeal of delight before running to the Princess Store. It was a bright and colorful store that sold everything girly and wonderful. Mary had been in there many times and never got tired of it.

Mary looked at all the princess dresses wistfully. She wished she could wear them all, but most of them were too big for her. Mary wished she wasn’t so small. She wanted to be a big girl that could wear all the dresses she could want.

But the store didn’t just sell dresses. There were plenty of toys, namely dolls and stuffed animals, for her to play with. Mary looked at the toys for anything that looked new and fun to play with. Then she noticed a pink glimmer behind some of the teddy bears. Mary reached back there and pulled out a small book. It was a book unlike anything that Mary had seen there before. The cover was made of pink leather and it was beautifully embossed in gold, with an image of a tiara on the front.

Mary had learned how to read, but the books she usually read were more full of pictures than words. She couldn’t even find a title on the cover, but it looked so appealing, she couldn’t resist opening it up. Fortunately, the pages on the book were indeed beautifully illustrated, though in a far more elaborate style than a typical children’s book. The font was also a lot fancier than most children’s books, but the words were simple and printed largely enough for Mary to understand them.

‘Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a kingdom called Florens that was blessed with happiness. Everyone who lived there led contented lives. Even the poor people like the bakers, cobblers, and woodcutters were happy to do their work each day.

“Marie, could you come out here and give us a hand?” Marie looked up from her little book. There were not many books in this house, but at least her family could read. There were quite a lot of families who never bothered to with so much work to be done.

“I’m coming, mother,” called Marie as she set her little book aside. The 7-year-old girl headed out the door to where her parents were working. She could see that her father had cut down a good-sized tree, but there were still too many branches on it. But Marie had been helping with those ever since she was strong enough to snap the branches. Her smaller hands could get into tighter spaces than her parents’ could.

After quite a bit of work, the tree was stripped of most of its branches, the larger branches could be used to carved into tools while the smaller branches will make good kindling. Marie’s hands felt rather sore and she had to pick out a few splinters. She also had to pick several twigs and leaves out of her hair. She was glad it was short so she wouldn’t spend so much time untangling them. There was plenty of debris clinging to her dress, but she can pick it off later. She didn’t have many dresses and they were all of simple make, but she could afford to not clean one as soon as it needed it.

Once her parents no longer needed her, Marie headed back inside and back to her book. Once she found her place, she started reading from it again.

‘Florens was also a land where trade flowed through regularly. Caravans from many kingdoms used Florens as a crossroads to more kingdoms. The merchants could set up shops and receive goods from many lands to sell to their neighbors.’

“Marianne, where are you hiding, girl?” Marianne gave an annoyed sigh. She had just settled down to enjoy her book. Like a charm, she could only get so far before she could hear one of the working girls call for her. She could just ignore her and continue with her book, but her father would be very annoyed if he heard she had been shirking her chores again.

“Just a minute,” she called as she set the book aside. She hopped off the crate and brushed the wrinkles out of her dress. It was a fine dress; the tailor her father could afford was gifted with his work. She sometimes wondered what it would be like to wear silk instead of linen, but her father wasn’t that rich. Marianne walked over to the working girl and asked, “What is it?”

“You’re supposed to be helping us move the new boxes in,” said the working girl, “You’re 10 years old, you should be helping out more.”

Marianne gave an annoyed sigh and said, “Ok, I’m coming.” She checked to see if her blonde hair was still tied up in its bun to keep it out of the way. After that, she followed the working girl out the back door where a few boxes were stacked up. It wasn’t a large amount of boxes so Marianne briefly wondered why she had to help with them. But as long as she was here, she might as well help.

As Marianne brought in the boxes, she thought of what her father explained to her about his business, namely about the help he needed. He was a successful merchant so he can afford some help, but not rich enough that he can’t have servants do everything. That’s why he needed her to help out when she could. Marianne could understand this, but she often wondered what it would be like to be rich enough to pay servants do every chore for you.

Once Marianne was done, she headed back to where she left her book. She was hoping she’d be able to get a few more pages read until someone called for her again.

‘The noble families of Florens were able to enjoy luxury from the trades and the harvest. The sons and daughters of lords and ladies were taught from early age the many skills expected from them. Unlike other lands, the nobles of Florens were seldom too conceited and detached from the common folk.’

“Annie, it’s almost time for lessons,” called a voice. Annie sighed as she put her book aside. As she got up and walked out of the room, she couldn’t help but try to adjust her hemline a little. It was a custom for girls to start wearing dresses that showed their shoulders when they started their growth into womanhood. At 13, Annie was displaying plenty of signs of the woman she’ll grow into. Her face was started to become narrower and her chin more pointed. Her chest had gotten puffy and was beginning to bulge. Even her hips were starting to widen.

And yet, Annie was still being treated like a child. She had hoped that being older would allow her more time off for her own interests, but lessons were still as boring as ever. Anne doubted she ever need to know these lessons anyways. Who cares about all the customs and resources of lands that weren’t near Florens or those minute bits of etiquette that seem pointless to follow? She couldn’t even learn about the more interesting things like history of battles or alchemy because she was a lady and ladies were supposed to be ‘seen and seldom heard’.

By the time lessons were over, Annie was nearly bored out of her mind. It’s not like she’ll ever need to know this stuff since she’ll likely be married to someone she hadn’t met before to earn just a little more standing in court. Annie wondered if even the royals had to deal with all this petty power-playing. But at least she had her books to escape from this dreariness. When she got back to her room, she went straight back to the book she had been reading.

‘Florens was ruled by a royal family beloved by all. The King was wise and just, the Queen was fair and kind, and the Princess was the loveliest maiden in all the land. Many young men had journeyed from afar to make a bid for the Princess’s hand.’

Princess Anna yawned a bit before closing the book. This story so far was looking to be extremely predictable. She was hoping for a bit of a change of pace with this book, but nothing seemed to be anything more was expected.

With nothing better to do now, Anna decided to go outside and walk in the garden. It was beautiful this time of year, but it was a beauty that Anna had seen so much it had lost its charm. Always the same flowers, the same shrubs, nothing ever seemed to change. She paused a while at the pond to look at her reflection. She certainly had all the beauty that could make her qualify for ‘fairest in the land’. Long golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, thin cheekbones that still hadn’t lost all their baby fat, plump little lips, everything a princess should have. Her body was also something to admire. On the cusp of womanhood at 16, she showed great promise with her thin waist and widening hips. While her breasts and buttocks were currently at a modest size, she had every confidence they’ll be growing more. Anna wished she could wear a dress that could show off more than just her shoulders, but her mother didn’t want her daughter dressing up like a ‘harlot’.

Anna moved on from the garden and through the palace. She had walked these halls so many time she knew them by heart. And it seemed like nothing ever changed. Every day was the same old thing except when the occasional festival was held. Florens was a peaceful kingdom, but Anna wished there was something more to do. Maybe her new book had some twist in it that will break the monotony. She went back to her room and started off where she left.

‘One dark day, an evil dragon flew down into the land of Florens. The dragon attacked the castle and stole the Princess. The Princess was taken to the dragon’s mountain where she was kept in a tall enchanted tower from which she could not escape.’

A dragonfly suddenly darted in front of Princess Annabelle’s face and startled her. She waved the insect away until it flew back out the window. If only the dragon itself were as easy to deal with. Annabelle had been trapped inside this tower for months now and her initial terror had given way to boredom. There was not much to do inside the tower besides reading.

The one upside to being trapped alone in a tower was that there was no one to tell her how to dress herself. The enchanted wardrobe provided many dresses that she could wear if she chose, but after she had gotten used to the isolation, she decided she could start wearing the more scandalous dresses that would cause her mother to faint if she saw her wearing them. The dress she was wearing right now incredibly sheer and skin-tight. Every inch of her 19-year old body was practically on display. Her torso was bare from her neck to the tops of her sizeable breasts. The stitching that kept her dress closed was done loosely so that her cleavage can be easily seen as well as the middle of her stomach. The dress clung tightly to her bottom, squeezing her hips and rear for a perfect outline. Most alarmingly, this dress had no sleeves so her arms were bare and her legs could easily be seen through the slit down one side of her dress.

Annabelle looked in her mirror, admiring herself. She definitely had an attractive face with all the classic beauty. She just wished she knew how to apply her own makeup so she wouldn’t look like a clown or worse. For the same reason, she hadn’t cut her hair so now it was all the way down to her knees. If only there were someone to admire her beauty, but the only reason she was able to dress like this was because she was alone. Not even the dragon looked in on her, which was actually a relief.

Annabelle walked over to the window and looked out of her tower. She could see the dragon’s coils below. She wasn’t sure why that monster had kidnapped her, but she had a good feeling it was because she was a trophy of some kind. Or more accurately, she was bait for knights so that the dragon could get more meals. If she had any means of escaping this tower, she would have done so. But there was no way out besides a door that was locked from the outside. With a sigh of resignation, Annabelle went back to reading her book.

‘The dragon kept the Princess in its lair for many months, for the knights who tried to free her were easily defeated. Then a brave knight, who was also a Prince of his own land, challenged the dreadful dragon and slayed it. For his heroic rescue of the Princess, he was given permission to marry her.

“Your Highness, your bath is ready.” Belle looked up from the little book. Her lady-in-waiting was standing next to the bathroom door. Belle put her book aside and walked over to the bathroom. “Will you need me to scrub your back or wash your hair?” asked the lady-in-waiting.

“No, not this time. Thank you,” said Belle. She felt it was always a good point to be polite to the servants, even if they weren’t needed for something. Be good to other and they’ll be good to you as the saying goes. It will be one that she’ll need to remember when she becomes queen. Besides, Belle wasn’t completely dependent on servants to do everything for her. She was quite capable of bathing herself.

Discarding her bathing robe, she looked over her 22-year-old body in the mirror. She was definitely a very attractive woman now. Large firm breasts, a trim stomach, wide hips, cushioned rear, toned arms and legs, she had it all. The name ‘Belle’ definitely suited her. She slipped into the bathtub and sank into the warm waters with a sigh. Her golden blonde hair floated around her. She was thankful she had it cut it down to a more manageable mid-back length rather than keep the yards of hair she had when she was in the dragon’s tower.

Belle let her mind drift back to those long months of being trapped by that evil dragon. Knight after knight kept throwing themselves at the dragon, but not one of them succeeded. Belle was worried that she’d be trapped in that tower forever or until either despair or boredom-induced insanity drove her to throw herself out the window. Then came her champion, Prince Daniel. Belle could tell he was different from the other knights as his armor was a brilliant white and his sword actually glowed. He fought the dragon in an awesome battle before he finally slayed it, took the key from it, and freed Belle from her prison.

Belle’s cheeks warmed as she thought about Daniel. She had certainly surprised him when he arrived in her tower room and she was wearing a dress that showed more bare skin than a princess ought to. However, he didn’t try to pressure her then. He helped her gather what she wanted to take back with her and brought her back to her home. Her parents were overjoyed to have their daughter back and were more than willing to let Daniel marry her. But Daniel was nobler than many would think. He did not wish to rush into a marriage before knowing his bride and her land better. That had been two years ago and Daniel has been able to familiarize himself with Florens very well. But that didn’t stop Daniel from courting Belle as well. Even if she didn’t feel like she owed Daniel from saving her from the dragon’s tower, he was just the charming sort of man she would have fallen for anyways. It certainly helped that he was very handsome and a fantastic lover. Daniel was definitely going to be a good king and husband.

Eventually, the water started to grow cold and Belle’s skin started to become wrinkly. After scrubbing herself, she arose from her bath and got back into her bathing robe. She should have gotten dressed more properly, but Daniel would be coming to her bedroom later and she wanted to have less clothes to fuss with. Walking back into her bedroom, she was pleased that her lady-in-waiting had left her alone. Good, she didn’t want anyone else coming into this room except Daniel. She laid herself across the bed and assumed what she hoped was a seductive pose. But while she was waiting for her betrothed, she may as well finish up that book she had been reading. She picked up the book and read the last few pages.

‘Eventually, the Prince and the Princess were wed and not long after, they ascended to the throne. The land of Florens had a new King and Queen, ones who will rule the land with compassion and wisdom. And they all lived Happily Ever After.’

“The End,” said Queen Belladonna as she closed the book, “Don’t you think that was such a nice little story, darling?” She only got a gurgle in reply, but Belladonna was not surprised. After all, her daughter was only a year old. Belladonna smiled and tickled little Marie who giggled in appreciation.

Belladonna was fortunate to be blessed with such a beautiful baby girl and she was just as thankful that she had a good husband. King Daniel was a natural leader and was certain to be just as loved in Florens as her own father was. Of course, her husband didn’t do all the ruling by himself. Belladonna was a fair and just queen in her own right, which was quite an accomplishment for a woman as young as 25.

Belladonna gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She certainly had the look of a queen in her regal dress and crown, golden hair and blue eyes still looking young. Having a baby didn’t really do much damage to her body. If anything, it improved it slightly by increasing the size of her breasts, something Daniel certainly appreciated in bed. And of course, it was the duty of the queen to make sure that she had enough children to take the throne should one happen to the eldest. As the old saying goes, ‘an heir and a spare’.

Then her daughter made a louder gurgling sound. “Is something wrong?” cooed Belladonna as she picked up her baby, “Does Mary need to be fed again?” At the mention of that little pet name, Belladonna paused as an odd sense of déjà vu came over her. She had a strong awareness to a vastly different time where she was a much different person. She had been a little girl, but the place she remembered was nothing like her childhood. It was a place so much more advanced than her kingdom of Florens and she hadn’t been royalty at all, only dreaming of being it. Belladonna pondered over these foreign memories for a while. Did she originally come from that world and did magic send her here, making her into what she was now? And could that same magic take her back?

The answer to that question soon became obvious: why would she want to go back? Here, she was a beautiful and wise queen, with a happy, prosperous kingdom, a handsome, loving husband, and an adorable, precious daughter. Why would she want to go back to being a little girl who dreamed of being a princess when she could live as a real queen? Belladonna smiled at her daughter, placing her memories aside. She had a wonderful life here and she’d be a fool to give it up. “Come, Marie, let’s get you something to eat,” said Queen Belladonna, walking out of the nursery, leaving the small pink book behind.



  1. Quite the wonderful story! I always have been a fan of creative reality changes and this was no exception.

    By the way, nice to see you writing on here. I was already a rather large fan of your work on Age TF Captions, so it’s a delight to see such quality work on here as well. 🙂

    • bela04

      Yes, I’m just really happy to see that quality people like BLZBUB and Planet share their ideas and stories with our community! 🙂

  2. I’ve been busy and haven’t had a lot of time to peruse the stoires, but I’m really glad that I took the time to read this one. It’s a fantastic short story that is wonderfully descriptive, making Mary’s transformation a joy to read. Well done!

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