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A little something from last year

A few days ago I’ve got a new comment to my old favorit comic the “PhotoBooth”  from Walter, asking if there will be a second part for one of my very first published comics. That made me think again since a lot of you asked to back in the day for a second part or a remake for this comic.
As I answered Walter’s comment it could be possible to have another one like this in the future but since I’m a little busy nowdays, I can only say a “maybe” again. Mabye next month? Maybe…

But also I found out that I still had access to one of my old library online where I found some old comics still stored! What a “luck”! Remember Selfie? It was also very popular back in the day, and last year I made a short comics what was very similiar to that. It was posted on my Patreon page but now, that I found it, it is time to publish here! So check “New Selfie” !



  1. “luck”. I think someone actually reminded you of your Mediafire, Bela ;). Anyway, glad to see you’re sharing your original work on the site for people who may not seen it before.

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