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A Gift of Traits

While you guys waiting for the new stuff, Planet would like to share a short Christmas tale with you! I’m working in the background all day long to give something great out of my hand. In 2 days my family will be together again so I won’t have the time to work that much but I wish to post you during Christmas time! – bela04
There’s still one more entry before The Cursed Ones is over, but since there was a one-week delay with the posting, and I wanted to do something for Christmas, here’s a micro-story. – Planet

A Gift of Traits

by Planet

Coming from a family of witchcraft practitioners had its advantages. For instance, every Christmas, instead of just getting boring clothes or toys, Stacy had received a magical gift. No other kid in her class had ever obtained a flying pair of shoes, or a talking owlet.

This year, though, it was her first Christmas after turning sweet 16, and that was always a special one for kids in her family, for instead of the usual gifts, they were awarded with new traits to improve their forms and lives.

The transformation had been very pleasant. Opening gift box after gift box, she had morphed heavily, up to the point when she was almost unrecognizable as herself.

And she loved it. She almost wished the holidays would be over already, so that she could show her classmates her new and improved self. It would be hard to explain, of course. But they would be bound to think that she had a growth spurt and a major makeover over Christmas break. After all, the existence of magic wasn’t known by most people.

Stacy didn’t even appear 16 anymore. She hadn’t gained any additional years, but her other gifts gave her an air of maturity that made her look and feel like a young woman instead of a teenager.

The new face that her grandmother had given to her did most of that, but the rest of her body also helped. After opening her uncle’s present, she had grown very tall, until she hit 5’10’’, quite a difference from her usual short self.

She blushed a bit when she remembered the next box, from her mother’s, which had bestowed her with large and round breasts which now were pushing under her sweater on her formerly flat chest. A lot of presents had followed, from a sultry voice and an athletic physique to her longer blonde hair.

Stacy’s favorite gift, though, had been her brother’s: he had given her an amazing pair of long and shapely legs. She couldn’t wait until winter was over to have the chance to flaunt them in a skirt.

Then there were the many new abilities and knowledge that had flooded into her brain, and which she still needed to sort out. Some of the traits weren’t visible, but had granted her physical, intellectual and even artistic skills. Even her personality had been tweaked a little, since she had been made more confident, though she needed some time to fully embrace that new side of her.

In all, Stacy had a fit of laughter when her best friend texted her:

OMG! Can’t wait to show you! My parents got me a Nintendo Switch this Christmas! I’m sooooo lucky!



  1. BLZBub

    Well, this is a rather nice short story. Makes me eager for what’s coming next.

    • bela04

      There’s nothing else to this one. It’s just a micro-story because I wanted to do something for Christmas, but still focus in The Cursed Ones epilogue.

      • BLZBub

        I know that, but I am wondering what other treats we’ll be getting this holiday.

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