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A Bimbo Comic: The Night Shift by lostandwhatever

Happy Monday! (God, that’s sound awful!)

Here comes the update week for the site and what could be better start than a long comic? Last time I asked you, if you want to see more “bimbo” material on the site and many votes arrived what sayed Yes. I’ve seen there were numerous voters who wished not to see many comics like that! First of all, thank you for your votes, it helps me plan the upcoming comics to AgeArts. I’ll do my best to give good and qualitative comics to everyone here, just as always, if that means that not everyone of you are interested in bimbo comic than I see that too!

However this “new” fresh style of art helps me to develop my skills in 3D Arts and give me fresh ideas also what will benefit this community just like me. So there will be both material in the future, but the AR/AP stuff will dominate the site just as always!

BUT today, I’m bringing you this week’s first comic. This was made around a month ago for a compaliation what probably will never be released but I think some of you might like this new comic. It belongs to the “Tainted Sins” style and that means, this one belongs to the “dark” material. This dark theme was brought to by the great lostandwhatever , who really put his skills into this comic! I’m happy to know people like lostandwhatever  , the skills what he owes moves this community and give us more opportunity to tell a story in a differen way!

Please enjoy and see you soon!



  1. lostandwhatever

    Thank you. I am very flattered, Bela, but this is your comic. I just added some words. You deserve most of the credit for sure.

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