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New comic and Twitter info!

Hi Boy & Girls!

Just a quick jump in from work! I wanted to thank Harpy and for his work with his story “Looking for Advice”! Great to see there are still some who honor us to share their ideas and talents to the site and with the community! I’m also very happy to see that your guys are actually interacting with “Bea”! 🙂 😉
As for comics, I uploaded a new one not that long ago, some of you already found it in the Gallery it’s called “It’s Negative!”. Just a short little tale to reflect on our current situation, the world we live in.

For future updates: Christmas tale, Last of us Premium Comic and some shorts will come! Those of you who are waiting for my Subscribestar page… well that page holds to its old fame: slow and bad support. Still, nothing has come since I submitted my page to them, I’m not sure they are even alive anymore so for now I let it go. Maybe next month!
Instead, I decided to use more of my Twitter account more than just report when the site is down or not. So you can see some short previews there from time to time! It’s easier to use to let you guys peek into some of the works that are going on in the background! I put a little box on the home page’s right side so you can reach and see me there! Follow me if you would like to see more! 🙂

See you soon!



  1. Age-Machine

    Twitter might not be the best place to post your stuff, because it’s ground zero for cancel culture. You could try Pixiv or fanbox.

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