Hello, everyone!

The eagerly awaited day is here! Chapter Three of The Drone is now live!

I’m still amazed by the overwhelming response from all of you across different forums, eagerly anticipating the next installment! Your enthusiasm for this series mirrors my own joy in creating it. Thank you for all the positive feedback! I appreciate the excitement around speculating on the ending. While I’m not giving any hints, I love seeing your guesses – keep them coming! 😉

So what Chapter 3 is about?

“We pick up from where we left off in Chapter 2. Despite David successfully disrupting Sarah’s fabricated reality, he finds himself on the run again following Dani’s unexpected return. In the big university, David, just a kid, stands out and doesn’t know what’s next for him. His only hope lies in seeking assistance from someone familiar. Turning to his friend Andrew, David reaches out, desperately hoping for help. But can Andrew truly make a difference, or does David inadvertently drag his best friend into a similar ominous destiny?”

I believe this chapter hosts the longest AP sequence, and while it might not be my best work, I’m proud of the tension I’ve crafted. I hope you all enjoy it! And for those eager to know when the next part is dropping, I’m aiming for a monthly release schedule. If any changes occur, you’ll be the first to know, especially if it hits the webshop earlier.

See you soon, on Fanbox!