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“Well fuck” Mary exclaimed as she shut off her laptop, “I might as well be the only person who has failed school during the pandemic”

Mary Hammonds was in no way dumb or stupid; she was just one of many people who had a deficient attention span and got distracted easily, other than that, she was quite above average in intellect. She was in her senior year and she had just failed her physics class due to not listening to the class for the whole semester therefore not being able to complete the exam she had forgotten about.

She got up from her chair and jumped on her bed to nap her emotions away. As she laid on the bed she looked at the mirror in her closet, Mary was what many would describe as a stick, she was super thin and was in shape but she had no assets such as big boobs or a big bubble butt which was what many boys found attractive.

“Mary, come down here immediately”

It was Julie, her “mother” but Julie was just the young and attractive wife of her father. After the death of her mother, both Mary and her father felt empty, both of them spent nights crying alone. While Mary continued having problems about losing her mother, her father got over it faster and met a girl named Julie. Julie was only 6 years older than Mary who was 18 at the time and half the age of her father which bothered Mary. She was understanding of her father’s choice; not everyone mourns the same way and pace, her only problem was that Julie was the human embodiment of the term “Bimbo”. She had platinum blond straight hair that reached down to her large silicone breast that Mary guessed was around triple D, her ass was so large she kept hitting and breaking vases and glasses, her waist was even thinner than Mary’s waist, who was underweight and thin by default. The only reason Mary kept up with her was that she believed Julie to be way too simple-minded to have and malicious intent for her and her father.

She got up and headed out of her room, as she was going down the stairs, her eyes slid to the photo frames of her late mother and old family photos. She remembered the day her mother took her to the village in France she grew up in, it was soo long ago that she could not even remember the name. It was a town in the middle of a forest, in many ways it looked like a medieval village with a few dozen huts, everybody knew her mom and they were all like a family. There was especially this old lady that she remembered vividly, she looked like what she always thought the grandma in the red riding hood looked like. She had given her a locket during her mother’s funeral. Now that she thought about it, she never looked at what was inside the locket.

“Mary are you coming, I don’t have much patience left,” said Julie while looking at her from the end of the stairs, “I have something urgent to tell you”

“Yes I’m coming,” said Mary, “What is it that is so important that you wanted to tell me”

Julie took a few paces before she started talking, as she moved, her boobs and ass bobbed non-stop, “So Mary, the thing is this, I have come to the decision to leave your father because he doesn’t have the things I need to be fulfilled”

Mary froze, at first, she was happy, the women who reminded her of her dead mother and also the fact that she lacked everything that would make her “sexy” in the eyes of the boys at school, would finally go but then she thought about her father, he did really like Julie for some reason and she did not think her father would be at a very good spot after Julie left.

“What’s wrong with my father, he is the nicest and the sweetest man and father ever, he even paid for your latest boob job” exclaimed Mary, “Just because we are economically struggling does not mean you have the right to just leave because he can’t pay for more surgeries”

“Oh sweet Mary, how innocent you are,” said Julie as she cupped her enormous boobs, “A woman needs to be pleased and your father’s little crayon can’t compete with my new boyfriends’ tree trunk”

Mary just stood still, she could not comprehend the fact that she was so self-absorbed that she can’t even have empathy for her father or even Mary.

“Just leave, you have no right or reason to be here anymore”


It had been 2 hours since Julie had left, as Mary sat there thinking to herself, she heard a knock on the door, it must have been her father.

“Honey, I’m home, where is Mar…….oh hi Mary, how are you?” said her father in his usual cheery tone, as he took off his coat and hanged it on the hanger.

“Dad, she left, she won’t be back,” said Mary with actual worry in her heart, a worry of how her father would react, “She said you could not fulfill her need so she left you for another man”

Mr.Hammonds was a simple man, his goal in life was to be happy and nothing more. He studied hard and met the love of his life in college. He graduated to be a lawyer in a local law firm and married his soulmate. They had a very happy marriage and it only got better when they had a daughter which became one of the most important parts of their lives. Mary was their jewel and their heart. Sadly their happiness was cut short 3 years ago when Mary’s mother died in a car crash while driving home from work. The rest of the story is what you already know.

“That’s alright, as long as I have you, I’m fine,” said Mr.Hammonds, as much as he was trying to hide it, Mary could hear his voice cracking, “I’m gonna go and lay down, had a hard day at work today”

“Ok dad, rest well,” said Mary, “see you at dinner”

As Mr.Hammonds went to his room, so did Mary. As she was got in bed again, she remembered the locket, it was probably inside her accessory drawer. As she opened the drawer, she saw that the locket was sitting inside.

The locket was made of silver, on the edges of it were small crystal-like gems that she could not discern if they were real or not. As she opened the locket, she came face to face with a black and white photo of herself but with closer inspection, she realized that it was not herself but her mother. She was like a mirror reflection of her mother with a few differences like their noses or the shapes of their eyes. She guessed that this photo was probably taken before her mother went to college and met her father. Under the photo, was engraved writing that she could not read but she was able to recognize the writing to be in Latin.

She opened a translator from the web and typed the letters she saw. The engraving was one-word “mutatio” and meant change or alteration. As Mary read the word, the amulet started to glow bright blue to a point that Mary could not see her surroundings. She closed her eyes and shielded them as a reflex and when the light got dimmer, she opened her eyes.

She saw no difference around, everything was the same and she was fine and not hurt, the locket however had disappeared and the computer screen no longer had the translation site.

On the screen with golden bold letters “THE ALTERER” was written and under it was writing that read as:

Welcome to THE ALTERER, the creation of the masters of change. The Alterer has adapted itself to the circumstances of the time it was activated, if you have a problem and would like to change it please go to the settings and change it as you please. You currently have the power to alter reality within a certain boundary and your changes will not be noticed unless you want them to be noticed. Every change you make will warp reality accordingly. The rules are;

1)You can’t create or destroy life

2)You can not bring back those who have passed away

3)You can not cause harm in any direct way.

4)You can not enslave other

5)You can not stop or speed-up time

6)You can not inform others of the existence of THE ALTERER

If you abide by the rules of change, so shall you be The Changer.

Under the writing were two buttons, one which said “I accept” and the other said, “I reject”. Mary being dumbstruck but intrigued by what was happening clicked “I accept”. When she pressed the button, the screen went black and a box appeared:

“Please enter The Changers name:”

Mary typed;

“Mary Hammonds”

As she hits enter, a new box popped up:

“Please insert target”

“Insert target?, what does that mean,” said Mary, “Umm, let’s type my name I guess”

“Mary Hammonds”

As she pressed enter, she got terrified by what she saw, on the screen there was a spinning 3D version of her, the model was wearing her current outfit of an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants. Near the model was a menu with different subheadings:

-Upper Body
-Lower Body
-Mind and History

She clicked on “Head” and the computer zoomed in on her head and more options appeared under the menu:

– Hair
– Eyes
– Nose
– Mouth
– Ears
– Facial Hair
– Facial Structure

She clicked on hair and more options came up:

– Color
– Lenght
– Type

She clicked on “Color” and a color slider appeared, she had always wanted to be a ginger so she changed her dark brown hair to a vibrant copper color, then she moved to “Length” and made it so that her hair was waist length and then she clicked on “Type” and made herself have curly hair. She looked at her 3D model and was amazed by how good she looked. Then she noticed a box at the bottom of the screen which read “Press enter to proceed with the changes”

She clicked the box and another box popped up:

“Any special requests? if any please type below and then click proceed. If no requests are present click proceed without doing anything else”

Mary thought about if she wanted to add anything and decided to make it so that her hair always stayed healthy and in peak quality and then pressed enter.

The moment she pressed it, she started feeling a slight aching from her scalp, she got up and went to her mirror if there was a tick in her hair but what she saw was more surprising, her hair was growing rapidly. She usually had her hair at shoulder length but now her hair had reached her chest area and continued growing while they starting curling up, the next thing she noticed was that the dark brown was more of a chestnut color now and was getting lighter and lighter as a little ginger hair strands started increasing in number. And with the blink of an eye, she now had luscious ginger hair in curls and reaching her waist. She could not believe it, she quickly took a photo with her phone and as she did that, memories of having ginger hair started surfacing in her mind on top of the memories of brown hair. When she opened her camera roll to see the picture, she saw that in every photo of herself she had on her phone, she had curly ginger hair. Thousands of ideas appeared in her mind, she could make herself better in her eye, and could also make her dad’s life better too, as she thought about her father, an idea popped into her mind.

She sat back in her chair and went back to the first menu where she had typed the target of change, she deleted her name and typed:

“Julie Walters”

The same menus appeared and she clicked on “Location”, a map appeared on the screen which showed where Julie was, she clicked on her marker and a box appeared which had her location written on it. Mary deleted the written location and typed:

“The Changers room”

As she pressed enter, the same box which she wrote her special request in appeared, she thought about what to write, because she would have a hard time messing with her if Julie freaked out, she decided to type:

“Julie Walters is easy to faint when scared and won’t wake up for an hour”

Then she clicked proceed, she immediately turned behind to see Julie apparate from thin air, as she appeared she franticly looks around before fainting on to Mary’s bed.

“Time to make some changes,” said Mary as she returned back to the computer, “Now, let’s start by making sure you suffer within the boundaries of the system”

She clicked on mind and history to be greeted by a long text which had all of Julie’s memories written down as well as things she didn’t know such as how she had a twin brother but she ate him in the womb while both of them were still growing organisms. Mary first started by editing her memories. The new Julie Walters was not a poor college girl who married rich men to have plastic surgeries, the new Julie Walters was the daughter of a rich family who disowned her after she failed school and she started working as a maid. Mary deleted every bit of Julie’s memory about getting laid with men and using their money on her boobs, she instead replaced them with memories of learning how to clean, cook and take care of people while also having no sexual or romantic life. Mary essentially turned Julie The Golddigger into Julie The Maid. Then she wrote more new memories about how Mary and her father were the only people to hire her and therefore how grateful she was to them. Mary was fueled by anger while typing but she still had sanity and reason so she made sure to type that Julie was being paid a decent salary and that she was in no way on the edge of being broke, but she also added the fact that Julie was still paying college debt and she will continue paying for a long time. After she was done with her backstory, she clicked enter and then proceeded to see what had changed and what required more changing.

As she looked at Julie, Julie’s platinum blond hair started turning dark brown and shortened itself to shoulder length before being fashioned into a messy bun. Comically, Julie’s breasts, lips, and ass started deflating like balloons to the point that her body was close to being identical to Mary’s besides the fact that Julie was just a little curvier and taller. As Mary continued watching, she noticed that fat from Julie’s thighs started to move towards her upper body and disappear under the dress that currently looked too big for her. Her blue skin-tight dress with a large V cut to bring out her old boobs started to loosen up and divide into two pieces. The upper piece started to turn into a plain white shirt with long sleeves as buttons started appearing from the front, during this process Mary noticed that Julie was wearing very fancy lingerie which was now shrinking into a plain B cup white bra which then got covered by the shirt as it started to button up on its own. The lower part of the dress increased in length and turned to form a black pencil skirt to go with the shirt. Finally, her stilettos heels shrank as they become a pair of black kitten heel shoes. Mary was too busy looking at her clothes to notice that Julie’s face had also started to change in which her nose became larger and puffy, her eyebrows became a tad bit bushy and her lips were almost impossible to see now that all the filler had gone away.

Mary stood in shock as Julie had gone through a drastic change but she still felt like there was some space for more changes so she returned to her PC and looked through what else she could do, there were too many choices, she could make simple changes like height and weight and on top of that she could even give her a penis or make her deaf but she had a better idea. She wanted to make Julie feel what she felt when she came home with giant boobs and ass. Therefore her final edits were lowering her from B cup to AA cup and also adding a little bit of fat to her body. As she clicked to proceed and looked back at Julie, not much chained, the bump on her chest due to her boobs went down and she gained more fat in certain areas. Then she carried her outside to see that the room that they used as an office was now were their maid Julie slept, she put her on her bed and left.

Proud of what she did, she moved on to the second part of her plan, turning herself into someone which the new Julie would envy. She returned to the main menu and typed her name again to begin her evolution. She was happy with her hair so she did not do more edits on it but she had different ideas for her face, she didn’t want to change her eyes because they reminded her of her mother, so she instead changed her nose to be more slender and her lips to be more full but she made sure to not overdo it and make it look fake. As she clicked enter, once again the box popped up and she made sure to give herself dimples and freckles to go with her ginger hair. As she got up to watch the change, she saw her nose thinning as she felt a slight decrease in the amount of air she usually inhales, her lips start getting fuller and more voluptuous as memories of mastery over make-up also started flowing into her mind. Then she noticed the freckles slowly appearing on her face as she felt a weird tingling on her cheeks which she later noticed was her face adjusting to having dimples. As the changes ended, she noticed that a make-up table had appeared in her room full of makeup supplies.

She was in love with what she had done and this was just the beginning, her next step was to make her body into the body many would die to have. Her first order of business was to redistribute a portion of her fat in her waist to her chest which made her 3D model have a decent B cup but she knew she could do better so she went ahead and gave herself G cups which were 1 cup bigger than Julie’s and tripled their sensitivity. She didn’t want to have back problems so she made sure that her back muscles would be strong enough to never cause her any pain. her next step was to move on to her butt because her waist was already incredibly thin because of the redistribution she did. She made her butt bigger than what Julie’s used to be just to torture her more. Then she moved on to her thighs which she made to match her great ass. Lastly, she wanted to give herself some muscle which she did on top of making changes to her past manually so that she is the captain of her schools’ volleyball team. She pressed enter and the familiar box popped up once again, she had nothing else to add but purely for her enjoyment, she tripled her sex drive.

As she pressed proceed, her first change was the sudden burst of estrogen and the arousal and orgasm that came with it, she found herself on the floor as her body was burning up. She felt tingling on her chest as her mosquito bites called boobs started growing rapidly, she could feel them fill with fat as her nerves and nipples became more sensitive to the touch. She looked down at her sweatshirt to see that it no longer was oversized and fit her perfectly as the sweatshirts’ shoulders disappeared and it started to become a tube top as more and more of her perfectly thin waist and toned abs became visible. She saw her nipples erect like never before as her right went inside the tube top to cup one of her breasts as her other hand went down her pants and started rubbing her clit which had tightened and increased in sensitivity to accommodate her transformation. The blood and adrenaline rush did not end as her next change began, her ass started swelling up and becoming more full and round while memories of sexual encounters started filling her mind, she remembered the night she lost her virginity to Brian, the so-called sex king of the school and the captain of the basketball team who could not even make her climax, she remembered giving many blowjobs, telling her father she was over at Stacy’s studying while she was having her first of many threesomes, she remembered the night she spent discovering her sexuality while making out with Stacy, her girlfriend after volleyball practice. Flashing memories and feelings of orgasms, kisses, cocks ramming into her, her pussy stretching to its limits, her body filling with cum, having sex day after day, these only made her hornier as she started to masturbate harder and harder to the point that she felt all the muscles in her body cramp as everything came to a stop.

“Babe, are you ok?” said Stacy with genuine worry, “I don’t know what kind of genes god gave you or you inherited from your parents but your orgasms never end and I keep getting scared that you are having a heart attack”

“No, I’m ok, I’m just exhausted,” said Mary, new memories continuing to flush into her mind.

She was no longer living with her dad but with Stacy, in an apartment they had rented, this way they would always be together and always be there for each other, it also came with its sexual benefits of teasing one another during online classes and having sex afterward, it was a good thing she kept her smarts because she didn’t want to be a total bimbo and do nothing except sex. Of course, her change brought a few advantages to her future, she passed the class she had failed by giving her teacher some naughty pictures and she had also secured a job as a secretary in the firm her father worked in. She was at the balance of bombshell and genius, or so she thought.

New memories continued appearing in her mind, memories about how she came home late on many occasions due to her sexual activities and how her father got mad over and over, how she missed countless family dinners with cousins and aunts just to have more sex, how she embarrassed her father when she was caught having a foursome in a park during daylight, how she, the person her father cared about the most had broken his heart more than Julie ever did. She felt empty, the estrogen and adrenaline flowing through her veins were still at their peak but she felt nothing. She got up from the bed to go to the computer and delete everything she had written but the computer was in no shape to work. She didn’t know if she hit it while her transformation was taking place or during her sex session with Stacy but the computer was in ruins and so was her feelings

The Rise Of a New Queen

Lucian was an orphan wandering the streets of Eastern Verdermont. Being only five years old left him as weak even among the other homeless kids in the district and what little coin he could salvage was quickly beaten out of him by the older kids as soon as he found it. Nearly every night, he would look up to the sky wherever he chose to stay the night and wish he could have some type of confidence. Some type of power! Something to get him through this little nightmare of a kingdom that he had no choice but to call home. But that was all he could do. Wish…Continue reading

Checking in & some guide for the site!

Hello there!

First let me say, how happy I’m to see that so many of you are rejoining the site! Seeing so many ppl are still interested in my work just feels good. So let me welcome everyone again to the new AgeArts!
As you might notice, I continued to build the site in the background in the past week. With so many works in the background, the most noticeable ones for you must be the Gallery, Shop, and Commission page updates. Let’s take a look at each of them one-by-one:

The Gallery:

Since there was always some problem with the old Gallery page I just decided to rebuild the whole system altogether. It took some time, of course, deleting downloading, and then uploading all the comics back. It was a mess in the backend trust me! Thankfully this new theme the site uses has a great slider option that I could use to show the newly upload albums in a nice way. I wouldn’t say the best but it gets the job done! I tried what would be the best to show the albums but making it loading all the comics at once is always troubling. So far if you would like to filter from all the comics you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to load all the albums. Then you can filter or search properly!
Some comics may show up badly or the pages are in the wrong order or even with a different comic! Just comment under the problematic comic and I’ll correct the mistake!
Unfortunately with the reupload, we lost all of the comments and critics of what you wrote in the past 5 years. 🙁  Because of that, I would like to ask each and every one of you! Let’s fire up the site a little bit and make some activity! Please, if you are in the mood write some comments and reviews under your most loves or hated comics! 🙂

The Store AKA Premium Comics:

The Store had the same problem as the Gallery. All the comments and reviews were lost so those had to be re-do again in the future! The structure of the store is the same, you can find all the comics that – in my opinion – stood the test of time. I decided to not upload some old ones I wouldn’t want you to pay for them or I think it doesn’t belong here anymore. Do not worry, new ones are coming this year! 🙂 That’s for sure! Since there aren’t “many” they all show up in one place and I couldn’t put a filter on this page so you have to check each comic individually if you want to see what changes it has! I might update this page as time goes on!


Yes, as you can see, commissions are finally OPEN again! I feel I have some time to create some private art for you guys! So from today, you can reach out and ask for your own commission! I made a page where you can find the most important Infos about the hows and whens. In time I’ll update this page with more necessary information because I’m sure you guys will have questions about stuff that doesn’t come clean from this page.
If you know what you want, you can fill out the form on the Contact page and I’ll email you back as soon as I can! Bear in mind that the contact page might have some issues so I MIGHT not get your emails so I’m not responding to your e-mail in 3 days, send me another mail to or reach me on discord! bela04 #8396

Other things I would like to draw your attention to:

  • you can see a notification menu in the right bottom corner where you can follow if someone reacted/commented or sent you a message
  • you can now send a friend request and send messages and upload your profile
  • you can write short posts – like on facebook – on the community wall
  • create groups

As for comics: I’m planning to bring you some new stuff in the coming months! Some new stories and some remakes as well! 🙂 Make sure you check back when you have the time and if you want to see some exclusive content or just want to see the comics sooner, become my patron on my Patreon page!

Welcome to the New AgeArts!

Hello, hello, and on the third time, HELLO!

Welcome back again on AgeArts! bela04 here… Pfuhh… a hell of a ride! But after months the site is back online again. Many things happened since the last time I give some sign about myself good things, bad things, even tragic things happened as well. There’s something in the air… our life is changing….

Anyway, we can talk about that in a later post. Now let’s see what we have here! If you’re browsing the site you can notice a few things. I t may resemble the old outlook but under the hood, almost everything was changed and rebuild, and as you might notice I’m still just getting my stuff inside. Many things still need to be added or edited but I did what I could so far and I thought this was the time to give it a shot and see how it goes on LIVE. What the site need is a good old testing and checking by the wider public. Which means you!

Here’s what I can say so far:

  • Introducing a new member handler system with many great features! – This will be seen if you guys might even use it – Now you get a functional profile page that looks like a Facebook page. You can add notes, comment, message to each other, get live notifications and more. Unfortunately, since everything was build up again all the users were lost including all your comments, pictures and store purchases! Now the first thing to do is to register again and then we can move on to deal with the other things.
  • The Forum also got erased so I created some topics to start again. I would like to ask all of you to use it and give me feedback and notes about glitches and errors around the site. You can add threads/topics!
  • The Gallery is still under construction I’m uploading all of the old materials and new ones one-by-one. So far the whole 2016 year – my works – is uploaded. Changes can be expected on the Gallery page as I go forward.
  • The Store is also got hit so it looks a little bit empty. Old and new Premium Comics will be uploaded as I move forward with the reupload.
  • A new about and blog page was made, thankfully all the post has been saved which means all the stories were saved! You can find and filter them on the Stories page but since it’s not fully ready I suggest using the “Search” function, you might get better results.
  • COMMISSIONS will be back soon! The Infos about it will be available in the near future on a dedicated page if you’re interested! More info soon!

This is where we are at the moment! How things will be going on from now on depends on me and of course you! The site only lives if you guys find it interesting! 🙂  I hope with the new functions you get in the mood to come back and chat with each other, or submit your own works!
Until the next post,