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2019’s first Premium Tale: The Gift of a New Beginning

Hello boys and girls!

Let me wish a very happy new your through this blog post! Welcome 2019 Yuhuuu! I hope you had a fantastic Holiday and had some time to spend it with your loved ones. I did my best to get ready with the Christmas tale but it took me more time than I thought it would need. But better later than never! Yes it’s up, it’s new, it’s still hot!

I really hope you guys gonna love it, I put many hours to make it and give you something special! I know we’re out of the holiday season but I think it’s message is still valid! 🙂 Those of you who likes happy ending are in favor now! Head to the store to read it!

Rob invites his family, over to his new apartment to spend the christmas night together. But he didn’t know that a mysterious present from an unknown will change his family’s life forever. 



  1. Do you think you can do tg transformation (Male to Female or Female to Male) in addition?

    • bela04

      I used to be a big fan of it, basically that where I came from. But nowdays its hard to impress me with that kind of change especially since the new generations in Daz. It became hard to make TG or maybe not that hard but I not interested in it enough to look into it. But it can happen that as a side change we can see something like that in the future 🙂

  2. Wow Great comic!

    I would have preferred the boy to have ended up getting even younger but the art was fantastic.

    As for the TG option mentioned it is not bad but I feel that this site is more focused on AP/AR.

    If Bela you are ever interested into doing a TG theme I would suggest a collaboration with Sapphire fox for a new type of story design as he has been doing great things in this area.

    Cheers and Happy 2019!

    • bela04

      Thank you for the comment, I’m glad you find this comic joyful! If you think you can do feel free to leave a review on it’s store page! 😉

      I think in know his/her work from the past but I’m gonna check on it to ame sure!

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