The Clearing: A Short Story

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Sophie sat on the rock peacefully gazing over the small clearing she had discovered on her exploration of the local forest. It was a peaceful place and she was glad to have found something so naturally beautiful. She eyed a small stream, that seemed to head underground, in the back of the clearing. Her interest peaked she jumped off the rock and approached the small stream. The grass softened the sound of her booted feet’s footsteps as you moved. Sophie was a beautiful 24 year old who was going to the local college in the town outside of the forest, she was happy with life. Her body was thin but full of curves with her D cup breasts sitting on her chest. Finally reaching the stream Sophie crouched down and examined the strange stream, it seemed to be crystal clear water the flowed down into a cavern that seemed to be below her. Fully intrigued she debated giving the water a taste as it seemed to make her more thirsty the longer she stared at the mysterious water. Going against common sense she cupped her hands beneath the water and lifted the liquid to her lips and took a deep sip. The water tasting surprisingly fresh and quenched her thirst almost immediately. Satisfied with her discovery Sophie decided to head back to her apartment to relax for the day. Continue reading

New comic: “Change at the Shop” – by Lost & Me

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We’ve got a new comic! Whuhuuu…. Of course, you could have seen this comic on my Patreon last month but now we have it here on AgeArts for the good! This story is a was made back in november, at least the first few pages. Like with most of my stories, this one grow out itself as the time went on. The end was done last year while I add the beginning and the rest for it last month! Strange behaviour, I know!Continue reading