A Short AR sequence for ya’ all

I’m back with a short Age Regression focus comic! This has also been on my Patreon page but now I’m making it available for you! I think all of you know Dr. Harleen Quinzel even if you are not very familiar with all the DC or Marvel comics – like me – but this sexy lady is always ready for everything. Even for short or longer tales!

Today we have a simple quick Age Regression for Harley and hopefully it will make you all smile even if she is not too happy about it! 😉 Enjoy!

Pass It On (Part 11)

Pass It On (Part 11)

by Planet


It had been long since the readers of the message had lost track of how much time had passed since the chain had started, but due to the many delays that had ensued, there were only a little under two hours left when the eleventh reader, Hannah, received it, again in the form of a text on her phone.

She had just entered the bedroom she shared with her identical twin sister, Emma, and luckily, she didn’t lose much time in checking the message.

Hannah had barely time to comment “Emma, come see this strange text I’ve received”, when the changes started to take over her little body.

They had both being as identical as twins could be, and sometimes even their parents had a bit of trouble telling them apart, but now Hannah was about a head taller than her sister, and it didn’t seem as if her growth was stopping.

“What is happening to me?” she asked.

“What do you mean? Do you feel ill?” wondered the confused and worried Emma.

“No, can’t you see?” asked Hannah, looking way down at her sister’s eyes. “I’m getting like… bigger. No, no, I’m getting older!”

She had just realized that her preteen body was going through some kind of accelerated puberty. Her hips were getting wider and her legs shapely. Her small buttocks swelled like crazy, becoming round and large.

“I don’t understand. Nothing is happening to you,” pointed Emma, puzzled.

“What! How can you say that? Ahhhhhh!” Her chest inflated, bestowing her with breasts as big as her head. “Look… I just grew boobs! Huge ones!”

“But… you’ve had them for years!”

“What? No, no, they’ve just developed!” cried Hannah, as her short black pigtails grew longer and past her shoulders.

She could see her reflection. She no longer looked anything like Emma. Her features were shifting into the mature face of a sexy woman, all in top of a body that was curvy to the extreme… just as she had fantasied she could get one day.

Her clothes were about to explode, but then they morphed to match her mind blowing figure. The changes then stopped and she stood there, twice as tall as Emma.

“Are you all right now?” she asked. “You scared me.”

Hannah shook her head. With all the shrieking, she hadn’t noticed her voice had changed too, but she became aware of it once she spoke again.

“I just transformed into an adult and you didn’t even realize. We were twins!”

“Twins? Hannah, you’re so confused… you’ve always been my big sister.”

“No, I wasn’t! Oh, I know!”

She took her phone and opened the mysterious message again.

“Here, read this. This will make you understand. Though probably, it will transform you too…”

Emma took her sister’s phone with shaky hands.

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Allright! Hello again, it’s been a long time…

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Other than that, I finally got the rest I was looking for and spend some quality time which I was very in need. I’ve been working on some product which I really want to share with you in the future.
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Pass It On (Part 10)

Pass It On (Part 10)

by Planet


Little Gemma massaged her latest bruise, there where her father had punched her the previous night. This wasn’t one of the worst ones, she realized gratefully. It was very painful, but at least it wouldn’t be too visible underneath her hair.

She hated having to make excuses about why she kept getting hurt. And she was too terrified of her father to actually tell the truth. And so nobody knew he kept hitting her. Other than her old neighbors, of course, two beautiful sisters named Connie and Madison. They had tried to rescue her and denounce him, but they had never been able to gather evidence and Gemma and her father had finally moved away.

But this, Connie and Madison had a way of rescuing Gemma, and they had sent it directly to her e-mail last night. Except, of course, Gemma’s father had taken her phone away and many hours had been wasted.

It was past noon when Gemma was finally able to relax for a while, when her father went to the pub on the corner to buy one of his daily bottles. She knew she had about twenty minutes of freedom. She grabbed a quick bite from the kitchen and checked the place where she knew her Dad had hidden her phone. She was surprised to see Madison’s e-mail, especially after reading its contents.

“Yeah, right,” she said, scoffing.

But her incredulity was short-lived. Her body was actually stirring, preparing to change.

“Wh– What’s this?”

She started shooting taller immediately. Every inch counted, since Gemma had been extremely short for a girl about to turn 12. That had always made it very hard to fend away her abusive father.

Things were about to get easier, it seemed, as she felt her flesh building up with strength. She could actually feel her muscled growing, gaining power!

But she was turning into more than just a tall young girl. She noticed she was becoming more mature, just a bit at first, as her shoulders and hips got wider, and then extremely so, as huge breasts exploded out of her gown.

“Aaaaaaaah!” she cried, covering her engorged chest.

Gemma turned around to face her reflection and she was rendered speechless.

There was nothing little about her anymore, she realized, looking down at herself, from her lofty height of 6’1”. Her robe had turned into a sheer material, and her new lacy underpants were the only other thing that covered her toned body. She finally let go of covering her chest to examine her hands: her fingernails were painted in white and had grown as long as claws.

She wished she could scratch her father’s face. Though maybe she could do much better, taking in consideration her new size and the strength of her muscles. She could probably knock him out.

The thought made her giggle. It was a deep, throaty laugh, and it escaped from her very fleshy lips. Her face wasn’t only mature, but it looked forceful and authoritative. Which was exactly how she felt.

She realized that her changes weren’t purely physical. She felt courageous, independent and strong-willed. She realized she had everything she needed to become a free woman.

Gemma went back into her room. She hadn’t much in matter of clothes, but the little she owned, had been transformed to suit her new self. She put on the first things she got and threw the rest on her bag, along with the stash of money her father had hidden under his mattress.

Her freedom was about to start. She realized that she wasn’t interested in making her dad pay any more, just in not seeing him ever again.

But before leaving his house forever, she had to be sure the transformation would stick. It still needed to get to three more people, and though she wasn’t sure how much time was left, she had a feeling that it wasn’t much.

She retyped the message and decided who should get it. The answer was clear. There was a way it could be guaranteed that it could be read by at least two people in a short amount of time.

Gemma sent it to her old classmates, the twins Emma and Hannah.

Pass It On (Part 9)

Pass It On (Part 9)

by Planet


Madison was sitting on the backyard, reading a story on her phone when she saw her Mom coming out of the house, in one of her typical skimpy blouses and high heels.

She was used to see her mother in such garments, and even though she suspected she ought to be mortified by that, she always felt very proud to have such a young and beautiful mom. None of the other girls at school had one like her, and Madison knew she was very lucky because her friends though her Mom was extremely cool.

Connie stopped in front of her daughter and looked at her. She was still small for her age, and though she looked cute in her turquoise top and shots, she could have passed by a girl of 9. Well, if things went as she suspected, that was about to change.

“Madison, dear…” she bit her lip, then decided to go through with it. “What would you say if I told you there’s a way you could become more… like me?”

“Uh… what?”

“Sorry, I… What I mean is… You’re still a young girl. But you won’t be for long. You’re almost 12, and your about to start turning into a woman. It’s a slow process, but you’re about to leave childhood behind in any case. If I told you there is a chance to skip all that… to just turn you into an adult with a higher guarantee of success at getting fitter, smarter, healthier and prettier… would you take that chance?”

It took Madison about a minute to even attempt to answer that strange question.

“Er… Yes, I guess… I mean, if it would make me better… uh…”

Her mother nodded, resigned.

“It’s only fair you get this gift too. Take this paper. Read the message. And you’ll transform.”

Madison had never known her mother to make this kind of jokes, and she looked pretty serious. But how could this be real? Had she gone mad? Or was there a chance that…? No, it couldn’t be… Well, there was one way to try.

She took the message and read it with a frown, still confused. As soon as she was finished, she felt something, though, and she knew everything was real.

“Oh, my, you were saying the truth!” she said in amazement, as the transformations started in her nails of all places. They lengthened and gained polish, as the rest of her hand also changed. A couple of rings materialized on her fingers.

“Yes, Dear, it was the truth. I hope this is for the best. Enjoy it.”

The real enjoyment started when the changed spread to Madison’s flesh. Her arms and legs grew out, as did her feet. Her jaw and nose twitched as they got longer, defined, giving her a face that looked way too womanly to her mother’s eyes in just a matter of moments.

“Thanks for this, Mom! This feels great!” Madison’s voice changed as her throat transformed, while her blonde hair got a bit fuller.

She was getting taller so quickly that she passed Connie even before she had finished talking. The girl’s turquoise shorts and blouse changed into lacy panties and a nightie of the same color. She clutched the attire in anticipation, as her body changed appropriately.

Connie tried to silence her daughter’s moans as her body developed, growing curves to match her own. Yet again, she wondered if she had made the right call. After all, her innocent little girl was turning into what looked like a busty lingerie model, and it had all been her doing.

It’ll be for the best, she repeated as a mantra.

By now the magic was finishing its job, leaving a panting Madison looking down at herself in appraisal.

“Mom, this was wonderful. Thank you so much for this gift.”

“It was yours to begin with,” admitted Connie. “I hope I did the right thing.”

“Believe me, you did.”

Her mother nodded.

“But if we want to keep it, we must pass it to someone else. There aren’t many people left, if you were the ninth, but I have no idea what our timeframe is.”

“Let’s hurry, then. Who should have it?”

They considered the question for a second, then they suddenly looked at each other, sure that they had both reached the same conclusion.


And, as fast as her new long legs allowed her, Madison ran into the house in search for her phone.

Pass It On (Part 8)

Pass It On (Part 8)

by Planet


Connie was putting the laundry on her daughter Madison’s room when something entered through the window and crashed over the bed, giving her a start. Looking carefully at the object, she saw it was a small box.

She ran towards the window, trying to catch whoever had thrown the cardboard missile into the room. The street was mostly deserted, but in the distance she could see the extremely long hair and very attractive figure of their neighbor Jessie. Everybody knew who she was, not only because the twenty-something young woman was incredibly beautiful, but also because she jogged around the place every day, keeping her athletic body in shape. Yet, in the back of her mind, Connie could somewhat remember that Jessie had spent some time in a wheelchair, or something like that.

Pushing her young neighbor away from her thoughts, she centered her attention on the box again. She opened and saw a folded piece of paper that said “For Madison”.

Connie wondered if her 12-years-old daughter had a secret admirer at school. Or maybe it was a childish joke. In any case, she wondered if she should read it. On one hand, she felt like she was disrespecting Madison’s privacy, but on the other hand, this was a way to know if there was some kind of trouble with her.

But the hastily written note inside the folded paper wasn’t a love letter, nor a bullying, threatening message. Instead, it was some nonsensical chain mail about some stupid magic thing which, obviously, made no sense at…

“Hey, what’s happening?” she asked aloud, noticing her body was indeed changing, much as the note had said it would.

She felt an overpowering sensation in every cell of her being. Quivering, she sat on the floor of her daughter’s room, witnessing in shock as she swiftly transformed.

It felt great, she had to admit. She hadn’t felt this much energy in years. It was as if she was getting younger. Her skin was pulling firmer, her flesh getting stronger. Her mom-styled, slightly graying hair, grew long and deep brown again, much shiner than ever.

Connie could notice that she was getting taller too. Her legs were elongating impressively over the floor, as was her torso and arms. Her jeans ripped as she gained length, but they also became skinnier as her limbs did the same. Her shoes changed into very high stiletto heels, matching the sexy profile she was getting.

She could swear she was indeed losing age, as her hands got smoother. Her nails became crimson in a second, and jewelry popped on her wrists and collar. Her blouse transformed into a skimpy, plunging piece that barely covered her small and sagging chest.

Connie’s remaining fat vanished completely. Her deep neckline revealed her new narrow and fit stomach, and her breasts firmed up and swelled on top. Her face regained years of its youth, and then it was over.

Where a 48-years-old housewife had been, now there was a sexy woman with an impressive figure and a revealing attire. She looked to be in her early thirties at the most.

And she felt great. Perfect.

Connie allowed herself a few seconds to recover after her transformation, but after a few deep breath, she got on her feet, surprised at how limber and energetic her body was.

She looked at her reflection. She indeed appeared to be younger, but she looked nothing like she ever had. This was a much improved version of herself.

“The note… it was real.” Even her voice had changed.

With a start, she realized that this gift had been intended for her daughter Madison and not for herself. She felt ambivalent about that. On one hand, she was glad that her little girl hadn’t been the one who had suddenly been transformed into a sexed-up young woman. That would have been a disturbing notion.

But this was much more than being beautiful, Connie realized. This was health. Strength. Even intelligence (she could feel her IQ had also improved). It was, in short, perfection. And someone, maybe destiny, had intended it for Madison. And she had taken the opportunity out of her hands. It was unfair.

Then again, Connie realized Madison could still get the gift. The message had to be passed on, and her daughter was downstairs, in the backyard. The note could still make its way to her.

Connie simply erased the part that said “You’re the eight reader” and changed it by “ninth reader” before going downstairs, feeling wholly comfortable in the high heels she had never used before.

She hoped that she was being a good mother, and that, if she was about to rob Madison from her childhood, what she would gain would be worth it.