New story by Planet!

So today we have something great here in my opinion!

Remember Planet? One of the best writer in the Age Progression community if you ask me. Planet is a long time follower of my work, just like I’m a big fan of Planet’s work. We had a few collaboration in the past what was always a pleasure. Working with someone who built a whole universe around the stories what were published back in the day, is thing what I will be always proud. If you new or just don’t know Planet works I suggest to visit Planet’s blog page to see the older works!

And this is where we arrive to today’s story. Planet decided to close the blog and won’t be post anything new there, you can read the latest entry where she tells everyhting about the reasons. But to see a positive thing in her blog’s end, Planet honored me, you so all of us that, her future works will be published here on AgeArts! I think it is a great honor to have someone here with us who had years of experience in this scene! I’m sure that Planet’s presence will add more to this site and it’s community!

In case you don’t know, Planet already shared one story with us called, “An Offer” almost a year ago, so if you haven’t red it, go and check it out!

But today we got another story from Planet, called: Get the Bug” 

The time is here to read some quality Age Progression story! 🙂