Neither Girl, Nor Woman

Another mini-story. I'll try to do something longer eventually.


Neither Girl, Nor Woman

by Planet

Only two weeks ago, if anyone had told little Janie that she was about to be transformed into a grown woman –the most beautiful woman in town, no less-, she would have thought that she would be happier than ever. And she was… at first.

It all started on a Tuesday like any other. 10-years-old Janie was paying attention in class when their teacher, Miss Manderling suddenly dropped to her knees. Janie yelled along with a few classmates, but then she realized that she was feeling something odd too and also fell to the floor.

Nobody around them seemed to share their sensations, but Janie and her teacher moaned and contorted over the floor. Then, to everyone’s surprise, their bodies slowly started to change. It didn’t take Janie long to realize that Miss Manderling was shrinking, while her own physique was enlarging, her school uniform terribly tight. She contained a scream as her derriere ballooned impressively, and she tried to stay calm during the rest of her metamorphosis.

The other kids were startled, both at their regressing teacher and at Janie, now a teenager and still maturing. The girl’s flat chest exploded into two large breasts, and the green eyes on her now adult face widened in surprise as her hair cascaded longer down her back. She could feel dozens of tiny differences all over her body as it became fully developed.

It felt longer than it had actually been. In just a couple of minutes, the two of them had thoroughly switched ages, leaving the teacher as a scared 10-years-old, while the shivering Janie had been turned into a comely and curvy woman of 22, barely clad in torn and ill-fitting clothes.

What had followed had been so dazing that Janie barely remembered it. She had been steered to see the principal, then her hysterical father, then a series of very confused doctors. None of them were able to understand what had caused a spontaneous age swap between girl and woman, but it looked like they were stuck that way.

When the inquiries were over, it seemed to Janie that the time had come to finally enjoy her early journey into womanhood. And though her self-discovery had been amazing, she couldn’t help but start to feel a bit lonely as days passed.

She missed her friends, but they didn’t want to be with her any more. They were all too scared A few had tried to spend an afternoon with Janie at the park, but it was obvious that they didn’t feel at ease around her now that she looked so much older. And her best friend was obviously jealous of what had happened to Janie, so she didn’t even talk to her.

Janie then sought the company of real adults, but they weren’t welcoming either. Obviously, everyone knew what had happened to her and what her true age was, so grownups didn’t feel comfortable around her either. Not even men approached her, even though she was aware that puberty had turned her into an above-average attractive woman. But they all knew that she was a child inside, and no matter how alluring they found her, nobody was interested.

To make things worse, her new hormones had awakened adult needs in her, so Janie dressed up and took great care of her appearance, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to find a partner. To begin with, she wasn’t even sure if she was looking for a man or a younger boy.

Her own single father didn’t know how to treat her, now that she was just a bit younger than he was. Seeing her fully-grown daughter had been confusing, but so it had been discovering all the sudden changes that her personality was slowly undergoing, from the way she insisted on dressing to her panicked confession that she was curious about sex now. He had no idea how to deal with all that, much less help and guide her.

In all, things weren’t as smooth as she would have believed. She was in a no-man’s land between childhood and adulthood, and she was all alone in there.

Victoria’s Secret

This was meant to be a caption, but that format isn’t very adequate for this site. So instead, I turned it into a mini-story.


Victoria’s Secret

by Planet

“Okay, this is still very strange, but we DO look totally hot like this,” said 12-years-old Suzie in her unfamiliar Brazilian accent and deeper voice. Her very long arms moved around and kept tugging at the tight clothes she was wearing. She still wasn’t used to her new body’s feelings. After all, it had only been two hours since she had unexpectedly found herself transformed into the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

She and her four friends had been at her house playing video games when suddenly they all started to grow larger and develop into attractive grown women. Of course, they immediately realized they weren’t simply aging, but turning into exact copies of some of the most famous models in the world, the VS Angels.

Once the changes were over, the five young girls were all remarkably tall, so their clothes were torn and stretched beyond use. Confusion reigned for a while, as the new women yelled in panic and grabbed at their mature, fit figures. In just a few minutes, their horror started to give way to fascination and excitement. Suzie’s older sister had a few sundresses that would be more suitable for them, thought they were still a bit too tight and short for their supermodel physiques.

“Yeah, we do look hot. It’s so weird being a white woman, though,” commented Shauna. The girl had been turned into the very blonde Erin Heatherton, and that had proved as bizarre to her as suddenly having breasts. She wondered what her proudly black family would say, though she was glad she wasn’t overweight any more.

Lin had also changed races, but that hadn’t worried her at all. The skinny Asian girl couldn’t hide her delight since discovering that she had turned into the South African beauty Candice Swanepoel. She loved her new bright blue eyes and golden hair, and though she missed her Asian heritage, she wasn’t going to complain, not when she had gained what was considered one of the most perfect bodies and prettiest faces in the World. Her wide smile was infectious.

“Just enjoy this!” she said. “Wait until they see us at school!”

Zelda smiled, though she had to admit she was still scared. Unlike the others, she had been only 10, and she was only there because she was Victoria’s sister. She had been the only blonde in the group, though that had changed as she morphed into the raven-haired Adriana Lima. That had also made her go from being the smallest to one of the tallest –and oldest- of the group. Like Suzie, she had become Brazilian, and was surprised to find herself thinking in Portuguese. She could manage a very sultry-sounding English, but she hadn’t spoken too much, transfixed as she was by her own newfound beauty.

Victoria also remained silent, mostly because she was too afraid to accidentally reveal her secret. She also had a heavy accent -Australian, in her case-, and that took her by surprise. She hadn’t expected the transformation to be as through as that.

Just last week, she had found a few incantations that had caught her interest. One of them promised to reshape you into a perfect duplicate of another person, but you needed five subjects for it to work. That’s why she had gathered her best friends and little sister before casting the spell, but the catch was that the transformations would be random.

She had then chosen her five favorite supermodels, since she would be happy to end up as any of them. Victoria was very pleased when she realized she was transforming into the lovely Miranda Kerr, though. She had always thought she was incredibly beautiful. But her friends were no slouches either now, and Victoria felt impressed when she saw how poised her little sister looked as Adriana Lima, and how happy Lin was as Candice Swanepoel.

She had feigned ignorance with the others, and now she had to figure out when to cast a second, rejuvenating spell, which would throw them all back to their prime. As gorgeous as they looked now, Victoria knew some of them weren’t very young. Little Zelda was almost 40! She much preferred if they were all about 20 instead.

But of course, no one could ever know that this was her doing. Victoria’s Secret was one she needed to take to the grave.

New story by Planet!

So today we have something great here in my opinion!

Remember Planet? One of the best writer in the Age Progression community if you ask me. Planet is a long time follower of my work, just like I’m a big fan of Planet’s work. We had a few collaboration in the past what was always a pleasure. Working with someone who built a whole universe around the stories what were published back in the day, is thing what I will be always proud. If you new or just don’t know Planet works I suggest to visit Planet’s blog page to see the older works!

And this is where we arrive to today’s story. Planet decided to close the blog and won’t be post anything new there, you can read the latest entry where she tells everyhting about the reasons. But to see a positive thing in her blog’s end, Planet honored me, you so all of us that, her future works will be published here on AgeArts! I think it is a great honor to have someone here with us who had years of experience in this scene! I’m sure that Planet’s presence will add more to this site and it’s community!

In case you don’t know, Planet already shared one story with us called, “An Offer” almost a year ago, so if you haven’t red it, go and check it out!

But today we got another story from Planet, called: Get the Bug” 

The time is here to read some quality Age Progression story! 🙂

The Detention – New Premium Comic!

Here we go again!

New month new comic! This time something special! Remember “Detention” ? It was a commission I made one of our fellow AgeArts user and it looks like we had a case here! This is what happens when someone’s idea inspires someone else to see how could a story continue!
So one of my patreon supporter asked me to create a next chapter for the comic called “Detention” (you can find it in our gallery!) and when I started it, it was based on a few short sentence but as always, I loved the idea so it end up as a full comic!

Just to keep it short here is everything what you need to know about Detention 2 
Age Regression/Progression (Both Male & Female) a little bimbo and something what is special: UNBIRTH! A very detaield one, if you ask me! 😉


“Our “hero” is a young teen boy who somehow got himself some power. Power that can alter people… Thanks to his bad childhood, he start a little revenge on his Step-Mom and the neighbours next to him. What starts as a revenge, ends up in creating a new life but not just for himself, but the other ones around him.”

I would like to thank to lostandwhatever for the help and putting so much effort into this tale! Without him, it wouldn’t be this good!

More updates coming this week!

Get the Bug

Get the Bug

by Planet


I hate myself. I really do, and I don’t know why. It’s been like this for a couple of years now. I just can’t stand my personality, my voice, my face.

I know it’s hardly normal for a girl of 12 to have these dark thoughts, and that I really ought to seek help, but I don’t want to worry my family, so I’ve learned to hide these feeling from them.

My family, by the way, loves me. So don’t think that this is their responsibility in any way. I don’t think anyone but myself can be blamed. I get bullied at school, but no more than any other student. I suppose it’s a mental problem, then. Of course it has to be. Everything is wrong with me.

They say you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself, but that’s a lie. I love my parents, and I pity them for having such a wretched daughter. I love my 17-years-old brother, Clark. I even love Emilia, his girlfriend. She’s our neighbor and we’ve been friends with her family since she was little, so she’s like a big sister to me.

That’s why it was such a huge blow when Clark stormed into the house at dinner and announced that Emilia had The Bug….Continue reading