Late Monday Easter Present!

Happy Easter again to all my AgeArts Fan! Great to have you all!

Monday is the day in every Easter what we wait the most back in Hungary. I don’t know how many country have their own traditions for Easter – I’m sure there are a few – but for us Monday is the day when we dress elegant, grab our finest perfume and leave home in the eary morning. This day we goes to house to house to visit our dearest women friends and give them a BIG sprinkling by our perfume  – or if we like that woman very much she gets a huge bucket of water.

This tradition is very old in Hungary. The point for this nowdays is the fun and to cheer up our dearest girl friends around the town. When you visit a girl, at first, you must tell her a sprinkling poem and after that if she allows it you can sprinkle her. For exchange you got some hand-made Easter Egg and a kiss if you are lucky. 😉

Nowdays the younger ones gets some chocolate with some money while the adult generation have a chance to drink some of the finest MoonShines and other alcoholic drink with the good company! Here is a more info if you are interested: link.
So I thought what would be if your choosen one would change after the sprinkling? Typical AP situation if you ask me, so here is a short Easter comic in the Gallery!

Have fun!