Looking for a Writer + New Comic!

Hi Boys & Girls!

It is the last day of February so you know what that means! New content coming to AgeArts, oh yes! This week there is gonna be two or three new stuff right into your faces! The first one is a shorty what you can already check out in the Gallery, it is called “Spatula” !

Also I would like to make an announcement! I’m looking for Writers! I’m searching for one person, who would assist for me as a writer for some of my comics! What that basically means? 

  • You will become of the members of that small group who can see a few of my upcoming comics!
  • You will be able to speak with me share ideas with me or give me suggestions if you want!
  • You can be a part of AgeArts growing team and you will be able to use your skills in a great way – of course if you like this site! 😉

What do you need to do?

  • I will give you a copy of my comic and with my given instructions, you need to write the dialogues and other text for the comic.
  • You need to follow my basic guidance but other than that I give you a free hand how to tell the story.

Nothing scary isn’t it? Now if someone is interested in this, drop me a mail to belus004@gmail.com and I will give you an example with some guidance. After that, you need to do your part by writing everything what is necessary and sned me back. If we both like each other’s way of thinking we can start to work together! 😉
At the moment, I’m only thinking in one person, of course that can change if I see two or more talented writer, things can change!

Well, I hope some of you see the potential in it! See you at my mail box!

Stories what inspired my work

There were a few questions about what inspired me in my latest work. I have to say, I red a lot when I can in many different Transformation type! For example I’ve red a lot of bimbo and MC stuff in the last month and you can see the Result in Relocations!

It is hard to find good stories – or not – because as you may know I more into the AR/AP stuff what ends in a humiliation for one side. But as always I love to read other stories and ideas including what you guys share with me here! Talking about that, there will be a short User Submitted post next week in a caption form what I enjoyed! 😉

So what are the stories? Well here is some example:

These stories inspired me to create Relocations

  • DISCRIMINATION By MrGrey – This story was the the basic of the story! MrGrey’s  idea to change some highly professional women into their biggest fear, is just way too good not to made into a comic!
  • WHAT MEN LOOK FOR IN WOMEN By MrGrey – Another great one what was the second base of Relocation! I love how he shows the slow transformation, how the characters turn into bimbo sluts!

I highly recommend MrGrey’s  stories at The Changing Mirror for those who are into these kind of transformations!

Other stories what inspired me when I made the Loser:

  • Mainly this guy called Yazzer . I red one of his story on TCM and than I found his work on trumbl here. He had mainly MC comics but the way he describes all of it! That’s just wow! I love when someone’s mind is rewritten like this! So sudden without even noticing the change! Just like in a good Reality Change fun! One of his biggest work is the Money Shot!

Things what inspired me in my usual work!

  • As I mentioned it so many times before Planet’s blog here can be full of suprises! Not that Planet is a great author but you can find so many great stories/captions in here what are really quality stuff! I love captions! Not all of them but… AR/AP Caption YES! You have to put so much in a short story with a strong picture! This little ones can give so much out so much great ideas if you have the mind for it!
  • ArArchive as the Omega of the AR/AP stories! At least for me, this is where all this begin! But Just right after the TGComics where I originally started! The Archive came later probably because the visual is less there! Back in the day, when I didn’t know much English I only checked the pictures everywhere, so it was a few years later when I could see the real potentional in the Archive! Some great authors who inspired me from there: Oni, Areg5, Sumner.
  • TGComics, I don’t think I have to talk to much about this site! If you love TG you know it! Lot’s of great comic and a great site, what I can truly call a following example!

Would you like to see more stories what I red before? Leave a comment and let me know! 😉 Oh, and a little sneak peak how the ME Comics are going on!

Yes, I already started to work on a few ideas for Liara! I’m so glad to see that so many are familiar with the Mass Effect franchise!!! Keep up with the votes and the comments! You can still vote until next wednesday!! 😉

Mass Effect – Liara as a kid

Hey, hey, hey!

How you doing boys & girls? I hope very well!!!

So as I said, the Patreon site is still rocking at the moment daily new updates are coming there! But I would like to do something here on AgeArts now! How many of you know the Best Sci-fi Series – IMO – of all time? No, not Star Wars not Start Trek! It is a game and it’s called Mass Effect! Well, those of you who don’t know it, it is a trilogy with a deep universe what operates with wonderful characters all over the universe. If you are a big sci-fi fan like me you probably know it, if not check it out in Google! Trust me!

So, one of the species in Mass Effect is the Asari. Our hero Shepard met many asari during his/her journey but there is one who is special for him/her and for every player. She is called Liara. So today I would like to play a little game with all of you! Here is she, Liara:

So what is need to known about her! She is an asari and as an asari, she can live much longer than a human! That means hundereds of years – tons of options for a good AR/AP fun! She can manipulate the space around her lifting up objects or any other living creature around her and because of that, she is a great warrior! But asaris don’t know too much about the other species! At least not Liara! That means she gather her knowledge as she ages. 100 years in her spieces means a really young and we could say she is a teenager at that time but her body is fully developed at that age!
So the basics are given! But I highly recommend if you don’t really know the series to check out her profile in the Mass Effect wikia to know more! Now that it is done, I give you a question! I’m planning to make a comic for her. The question is what kind of story she needs? I have a few in my head but I give this one to for you to decide! Use the comment section to submit your idea for her! The most voted one will be made, that’s for sure! The others? Who know? 😉

If you like an idea in the Comment section, vote it up!
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Patreon Post are coming on my Support

Hey, hey! Busy week again a lot’s of thing are going out and behind the scenes some really good stuff are cooking! Oh man, I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I’ve just finished a Commission with a classic babysitter theme! It was a such a good work – what I enjoyed so much – that I added a few more pages to it! This can happen with Commissions – more info here – and with Patreon request as well!

So if you wish to see your own idea born in my 3D Skills feel free to speak with me! 🙂

So what’s going on on Patreon? Here is a little sneak peak:

This was yesterday’s comic, where a shy boy’s wish become true! Today’s post is already out, and who knows what’s coming tomorrow? If you would like to see more exclusive stuff early than support me on Patreon! 😉

News, news, news….!

Well hello there!

Yepp, the waiting is over, here I am! Phu, a lots of things happend with me in the past month, good and bad things but I consider all those time as a positive month. First, I’ve red a lot… a lot of new stories! As you know I’ve gain a many good inspiration from storie what are on other sites like the CYOC or The Changing Mirror. And of course from your ideas what you suggest and write down the forum!

I would like to thank every single one of you for all those good ideas what you gave me in the past month! It is always good to read how many variations of AR/AP can born within our growing community! I try to answer and reply to all those ideas all the time when I’ve got the time so keep me posted!

TGTrinity  come to me almost 2 weeks ago to make some fun! We both create a comic from each others idea as a small challenge between us and you can already see his work in the gallery! My part will be up in this month here on AgeArts! I would like to thank him for this little game! 😉

So what I was doing so far? Creating comics obiviously but other than that, as I said I red a lot of stories, found new sites and new authors and new fetish what inspired me! Okay, these are not new, most of you know the bimbofication, mind control but working within styles like this was a new thing to me. I started with TG back in the day but I end up in the AR/AP community what is still far most my favourite genre. But it was a good time for me to move out a little bit out of this and find new elements what I could use in the future or in my current works! So I created new comics with elements of Bimbo, MC, and some WG. Okay, you don’t have to exepct anything big shifting! But as I said it was a fun way to create! So…

Today I present you a new Premium Comic what you can find in the Webshop right away if you click on it! It is called “Relocations”  and I’m very proud of it! I tried to mix a few elements of the fetishes what I wrote up there so if you want a see a great story with a lots of transformations, here you go! Bimbofication, Mind Control, lots of humiliation, Age Regression, TG transform! I can say, many life is going to change deeply forever in this comic! Short description:

“Somewhere in a strange city a strange Company are developing strange things. It looks like they want to own something what can control someone’s mind while it can change a person’s outlook as well! Mysterious things happen within the Company but some informations has been leak from the Company’s wall. The FBI starts an investigation to know more about this chemical weapon. They send their two best agents to find out what is going on in there and what happend with the emloyees. Will they be ready to face what’s coming or they’re gonna be just victims? Find out in “Relocations”.

I’ve tried another new thing also what I put it first, in the short comic called: “Loser”  – what you can find in the gallery now! I’ve really interested in your feedback with that one! I’ve made some animations… Yepp! You don’t have to think about some serious hard stuff, just simple short sex scenes, but as a first step it was a good lesson! So if you want to see some mixed theme with two short animation, check it out! 

Other than that, there will be a big update on my Patreon page next week! Many new comics with new ideas, so if you want to see what I was working on in the last couple of weeks check out my Patreon page! There will be a new Premium comic also this month – hopefully – what is made in the old classic Age Regression/Age Progression style! I think you gonna like those one as well! For AgeArts, captions are coming so open the Forum if you want to submit your ideas!

One more thing what was a really good thing to see for me is ARWANDER1600 ‘s Babality  story! God, it is a masterpiece if you ask me and I’m very happy and proud to have it on AgeArts! I can only hope ARWANDER1600  is gonna share more of his work with us in the future! If you haven’t red it than don’t hesitate: Babality  is something what every AgeArts user should read!

Well thats for me now, see you soon!