“A deal” is up now!

I’m finally back in the UK! Whohoo… or not! 😉 Anyway, it was an interesting flight to the UK with 1,5 hour waitng in the plane because of the snow strom. I’m not saying it was that bad but I could imagne that time working a little bit on the upcoming comics. Now I’m here so work starts again in a more serious way. Lot’s of things ahead of me in personal life level as well but now today’s comic!

Patreon is really a great place! I can meet a lot of interesting ppl with many great idea what gave me inspiration! Just like in AA’s forums I’m happy to say to know you guys even if it is just in the Virtual World! So one of my great supporter “Sirval”  send me another great idea. You’ve seen his ideas born in a comics before and certainly you are going to see more here! Last month’s idea was the Second part of “The Gift Clock” which will be up here soon!
But for today please welcome the comic called: “A Deal” ! I’m sure you will like it! See you soon!