PhotoSeries end, New Before & After Slider!

The day has come, we reached the end of our latest series! I hope you enjoyed it due to the graphical & text mistakes here and there. Sorry for that, the option to correct those were not possible. And thank you for all the comment, if you have an idea for a series like this don’t hesitate to share it with us in the Forum!

What’s next? Well the Hypno – Alternate Ending  is now out and I also happy that you’ve enjoyed that! It was a great fun to create someone else’s idea for a possible ending! I’m gonna give you a few slides what was requested our Contest winner: Planet ! Our new Premium comics will be available for Christmas! You can expect some Christmas themed stuff, a post-card or something. 🙂

The rest of the month will focus on the patreon stuff and some other… suprises? Well let’s see how it works out! Until that, please enjoy all the stuff and have a great holiday! 😉