Summer Sale + The Gift

Just in a few days, summer is officially over for some of us but hopefully we can enjoy the nice weather for a few more weeks – at least I hope so. To close this nice summer of 2016, I bring you some sales to say Hello to Autumn more happier. From today, Aug. 27 till the end of Aug. you can get yourself a copy from some of our Premium Comic, like The Company or the Glimpses! If you always wanted to see any of them, now here is your chance!


Today I also give you a short comic called “The Gift” what was inspired me from a late night post on the beautiful World Wide Web. Please enjoy! Check back tomorrow for new fresh stuff! 😉

New Story: The Move!

When the Summer Contest was over end the winners have been announced, I was curious what will I get. I mean, what will be the ideas from the two winner? The first winner of course, was easy, If I can say, that he just have to choose a comic – what was Glimpses by the way – but for our second and third winner was a mystery. I’m always interest in you guys, because you gave me many – many ideas all the time what I can use in this or that way. So when somebody is asking for a request on Patreon or just ask for a Commision, I’m always happy to see how can I make their “imaginaion” into reality. mese1

It wasn’t differend with our second winner BLZBub ! His request was an a nice little story, which was a little bit “bit different from your usual age swaps” what I make – using BLZBub worlds.

The Move  is a cute short story about two young love bird, how they life changed in just a matter of minutes. I’m sure that some of you will be familiar with the beginning. Who didn’t have a BBF back in the day who need to leave thanks to some life changing decision? Well please welcome “The Move “

Two Girls Final Part!

Today I’m sharing with you the last part of TGTrinity’s  comic called the “Two Girls “! After his first try, his progress with DAZ take big steps I think! This is still his early work and of cousre, every one of us who would like to create in 3D has to climb the progress ladder! So here is the final part where we find out what happens with the girls after they headed to the club! Will they enjoy their stay? Will Carmens desire will be fulfilled? Or Lynn will going to find some “partner” for the rest of the night? Check it out!

The Wedding Ring

Today I’ve got something special for all of you! This week I’m in the work really deep and I try to finish some of my old works both in big and small. Some of the comics needs to be create some of them just needs a few pages to add and write the dialogus. So this whole week is about the work, that is why there wasn’t any post here. You could thought that after Glimpses I will be a little bit free but I’m already working on the next big project and we are preparing another Contest for September so be ready!

About the Summer Contest: I’m still waitning for Lostandwhatever  to ask for his/her prize! If you read this please catch me by mail!!!

Today I bring to you a new comic what was inspired from several stories by Tainted Sins. He is one of the best authors in the scene & no matter how many times, I red his/her story’s It always hit me with new ideas. This week there will be two comic what was inspired by him, so today you can see one of it. It was made in 2 days what is not special but seeing the fact that I haven’t done comics what was done under 2 day for a looooong time ago, it is an interesting information… at least for me. 😛

Wedding Ring (4)

So the “Wedding Ring” is a short comic about Samantha who is ready for her wedding and she wants to tell this good news to her neighborhood little girl. Yes, it is a Woman/Girl AR/AP comic! Have fun!

Also some of you may noticed that I updated “The Bet” with the next two pages. Sorry that it took me so long! The next ones will be come faster!


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